tagErotic CouplingsFine Dining Ch. 03

Fine Dining Ch. 03


With a click of the maitre d's finger, a small army of black-clad waiters bustled around the table, clearing plates and bringing clean glasses. Within moments, the detritus of the main course was removed leaving just the candles, sparkling glassware and rich luxuriant desserts.

The Chairman took her hand and steered her firmly, but gently this time, to the edge of the table. He raised her dress hem so she could step up onto the low stool and then up onto the table. It was then that she fully understood. She was about to take centre stage amongst the desserts.

Her ripe, voluptuous body would be merged with exotic fruit, Chantilly creams and fragrant desserts to create an unparalleled dining experience for these bored and jaded men with their missionary position wives and tedious, nagging offspring.

Her body thrilled at the realisation. This was a whole new game and one which excited her beyond reason. Her cunt, which the Chairman had so unceremoniously scraped clean with the silver spoon, was moistening again. Silky wet juices building up deep insider her, flowing in velvet rivulets to wet her soft, fleshy pussy, preparing the way for these rough, exciting men.

Standing on the table, she gazed down at them. A silent conversation taking place as she began to turn slowly, locking eyes with each and every one of them before moving on to the next. Challenging them, wanting them, daring them to release themselves from their conservative lifestyles and join her on a gastronomic, sensuous tour of her ripe body.

"Stefan, call the Sommelier s'il vous plait." said the Chairman. His low-voiced commands heightened her senses, nerve endings tingling as she tried to anticipate the dance.

Drunk with heady anticipation she stood, red silk glimmering in the candlelight, and watched as the tall elegant sommelier stepped up onto the table carrying a silver ice bucket containing a dark green bottle of vintage champagne.

"Commence.", Stefan commanded.

With the easy, effortless moves of the professional vintner, the sommelier uncorked the champagne, with only a deep effervescent pop signalling its release. The heady scent of vintage grapes and sparkling summer light hit her nostrils. She breathed in deeply, relaxing her body and feeling herself melt into the moment – relishing the physicality to come.

Stefan joined them up on the table. He pressed his hard, firm body against her back and buttocks as his strong, elegant fingers slowly, ceremoniously unfastened the ties of her dress and allowed the silken material to drop down revealing her heaving breasts to the table. The snap of a silken strap as her brassiere was unclipped and there she stood, dress around her waist and naked tits on wanton display. The cooler air tightened her dark pink nipples, hardening them to tingling points as they yearned to be sucked and twisted and bitten. The sensations were nearly unbearable. Her legs were trembling and nipples pulsing with electricity down to her cunt which was burning with the exquisite pain of desire.

With a silent nod from Stefan, the sommelier approached her. The men around the table gathered closer holding out their sparkling vintage crystal champagne glasses. Rounded in shape to match the curve of her breasts, the glasses circled her. The sommelier began to tip the dark green bottle and a stream of golden liquid caught the light. The first ice cold drops hit her burning skin and she gasped in delight. The stream grew and began to splash its icy path down across her neckline and over her quivering breasts as the men held out their glasses and catching the liquid as it whirled across her tits, streamed off her nipples and coursed down her whole body in sparkling torrents.

Laughter and shouts as the glasses filled, liquid splashing over their hands and her body. The primal roar as the drinking began in earnest and then the shattering of glass as the crystal was abandoned and the seven men, inflamed with lust, began grabbing and ripping at her dress to suck the vintage juices as they gushed down her near naked body. Rough, insistent hands were everywhere, pulling at her breasts, pinching and kneading her skin, slapping her rounded buttocks harder and harder as their desire increased.

Head back, she whirled around on the table focusing on every part of her body, being abused and thrashed and sucked and pinched so divinely roughly.

Knees buckling she fell down onto the wet, white linen. She was manhandled across the table – one fat banker grasping each ankle and spreading her wider and wider apart, stretching her legs so far open she felt she would split in two.

"Let the dessert course begin.", shouted the Chairman.

A full ripe strawberry was rammed into her mouth, bruising her lips and choking her as it was pushed deep into her mouth followed by a wet probing tongue brutalising her mouth. Those flaccid wet lips were adding their juices to her own mouth, combining with the lush wet strawberry juice to slip down her throat, choking and exciting her simultaneously.

With a gasp she focused on a new sensation. Her burning pussy jumped in shock as a stream of ice cold champagne was poured over her clit and streamed across her volcanic cunt. Skin melting as a luscious mouth clamped over her sopping wet hole and began lapping and slurping at the champagne and biting her clitoris with wild abandon.

Writhing and thrusting against the powerful tonguing she was screaming through the lips clamped over her mouth. Waves of electricity were bolting though her, coming closer and closer to the ecstatic orgasm that she had been craving all night.

Harder and faster, noisier and wetter, the slurping, joyous cunt-sucking had her screaming and screaming until the divine release approached her. Body weightless, limbs filled with golden pulsing honey, she climbed and climbed until she felt the waves of pure pleasure cresting and then let herself go with wild abandon. Her tortured pussy, so stimulated and brutalised, responded violently back to the rough intruder covering his face with a gushing salty torrent of luscious, exploding juices.

The intensity was unbearable, she had never come with such wild violence and intense passion in her life. But there was to be no release. Those powerful hands were gripping her ankles still harder, wrenching her legs wider and wider apart.

A cold sensation at the entrance to her cunt; ice cold glass sizzling against her burning swollen lips. The champagne bottle was being thrust up into her, hard and fast, brutally ramming in and out of her body being driven by furious desire as another banker's mouth took his place at her soft pink cunt which had created the world's most exquisite champagne fountain.

A passion fruit was crushed in powerful fingers and smeared across her mouth, the fruit ripped apart, mirroring her own sex with its incredible ridged interior. More fruit scooped up and her legs lifted high as soft red fruits were crushed into her arsehole, lubricating her filthy hole with fresh summer fruit, preparing it for rough abuse.

Hands roughly manoeuvring her onto all fours, splaying her buttocks wide open as the hard green glass was pushed against her arse. No mercy, no respite, the pressure built and built while hands frantically rubbed her cunt, forcing her to relax and open all her holes and accept the onslaught. And then the divine, searing pain of anal penetration, her taut ring muscle has given up its fight and was opening itself wide to the exquisite filthy pleasure. Hard and brutal, deep and intense the sensations were incredible.

Mouths were still sucking away at her abused pussy and now the bottle ramming in-and-out of her arse was stimulating her body towards another pulsing, flooding orgasm.

Different this second time, slower and deeper. Waves of heat were rippling up and down her body as the bottle penetrated her more intensely and more widely than she had ever experienced. Another gasp escaped her as rigid hard cocks thrust into her mouth and cunt at the same time. The power of each thrust making it feel like their cock heads were going to meet right inside her, coated in velvet juice and salty pre-cum and penetrating her to the core.

The bottle neck carried on its anal assault – for a second she felt as if she were floating out of her own body. She was smiling down at the roaring braying men, inflamed with lust for her body, ecstatic with desire for her. And then, the next orgasms hit, so intense she felt like she was falling off a wall, weightless for a moment and then crashing down until the waves of warm thick, cream crashed over her again and again and again.

The noise levels around her hit the stratosphere as each of the men exploded with her. Some in her mouth, over her face, her tits, her cunt. Deep inside her, all around her while her own orgasm waves ebbed and flowed with theirs. They bombarded her body, spraying their luscious, thick white cream all over her, shouting and baying with joyful release – she was theirs and they were hers...

And then the quietening, the waves of desire pulsing slower, ebbing away, replaced by a sated, satisfied lull. Contented moans of pleasure and release, the sommelier pouring glasses of rich, dark Port, lighting their thick Cuban cigars and gentle sounds as they expelled aromatic smoke around her spent and aching body.

She stretched languorously on the table, limbs heavy with sated desire. Gentle fingers carried on stroking her body, caressing its curves and hollows. Crisp damp, linen wiping away the semen and sticky fruit, long elegant fingers still stroking her aching pussy lovingly, relishing the silken juices and pulsing warmth. More hands cupping her breasts, enjoying her quiet relaxed limbs, and appreciating her ripe voluptuous body stretched out on the white linen, strewn with flowers and lit by flickering candles.

Eyes closed, she floated along on these sensations, fulfilled and sated...

And the Chairman let her rest, for tonight...

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