tagBDSMFine Tuned in the Dunes Ch. 02

Fine Tuned in the Dunes Ch. 02


He had said, "open your mouth and extend your tongue."

And she had. He had laid the shaft of his cock against her outstretched tongue, the head just inside her mouth. She dared not close her lips and suck him, though she was desperate to. His words were echoing in her head.

"You have a choice to make. All three places where my cock will go are open, wet and ready. I am going to enjoy only two of your wet holes right now. I want you to choose, but I want you to offer me yourself in the way that most demonstrates that you are mine to take. So, one part of you will not get my cock out here in the dunes. Decide before you close your mouth on my cock because then you will only have one hole left that I will use."

There was really very little choice, she thought. She was helpless not to slide her mouth forward down the shaft of his cock. She could feel its heat against her tongue, feel her saliva pooling in her mouth and she could feel the head throbbing on her extended tongue. She sighed and did the inevitable and closed her lips around his cockhead and gripped the head of his hot cock with her mouth.

What a picture she presented. She was naked and dripping with oil, kneeling, slave-like back among the dunes, her arms folded behind her, her head gripping, sliding and tasting its way down his cock. Little sounds escaped from her.

He looked down at her and smiled. One hole surrendered and one to go. Would she offer her pussy or her ass to him? If she were listening carefully, he had said, "in the way that most demonstrates that you are mine to take."

As her head bobbed and slid on his cock, she was thinking the same thing. Her pussy so needed fucking, she was wildly desperate to be fucked but that was not her most submissive place. She knew as soon as her mouth closed on his cockhead that her needy cunt was going to go without. She knew she was going to have to open her oiled little asshole for him, here on this beach, here in these dunes. And she knew that when she thought about it later she would find it humiliating and thrilling. The endless spiral, he called it, where her embarrassment at her submissiveness being exposed aroused her and then further embarrassed her, which in turn, aroused her and on it went. And he figured out how to most extend her in this way. All this flashed through her head as her cock slid up and down his shaft. She could feel moisture dripping down her thighs and it could have been perspiration but she was sure it was also her juices. Juices from her pussy that would not now get fucked.

Again, time stood still.

"Would it always be this way in this intense world he was leading her into," she thought.

She was conscious of the sun beating down, the sweat rolling off her oiled skin, the ocean breeze, there were gulls making their sounds and there was his cock. That was her world. She had a passing thought of the picture she presented and it made her clit throb.

"Use your mouth on me the way you will use your other hole on my cock, " he said.

"You are going to fuck back on my cock with your other hole the same way you use your mouth on me, " he continued.

She groaned. It wasn't enough that was going to force her to surrender herself on this beach. It wasn't enough that he was going to make her neglect her desperate cunt. It wasn't enough that he was going to make her spread her oiled asshole. He was going to make her fuck his still cock with her clenching asshole. She still had her mouth on him but she could almost feel her asshole on his cock and it hadn't even begun yet.

"He is going to make me his bitch in heat," she thought.

She prolonged her cocksucking. She was loving the feel of him in her mouth and was loving the erotic scene and was loving the surrender. She was also trying to think of whether she would able to be such a shameless bitch. She realized that once he had taken her ass in the dunes, that once she had spread herself and had fucked back on his cock out there, that she was doomed to be used and taken in any way he could imagine. She thought of this as she used her mouth and worked her tongue and as her thighs trembled. She thought of the loss of any pretense of dignity that she might have and she thought of his nasty imagination. It was so goddamned primal.

He read her mind.

"Think of how this will look someday when your nipples wear my rings and your pussy has my lock hanging from the rings in your cuntlips. We will need some onlookers then, don't you think? " he murmured.

The shudder and orgasm from her was instantaneous. It wracked her abruptly as she took him deep in her mouth. She took him deeper in her throat than a man had ever been.

"Omigod," she thought as she came and shook without a touch. "How does he know? How does he keep me so primed?"

She felt almost like she losing consciousness. She was deep in a place she had never been. Her nipples, her oiled nipples ached. Her clit and her soon-to-be neglected pussy throbbed. And her asshole, oiled and gleaming, clenched uncontrollably.

"Enough," he said and he reached down, gripped her oiled nipples firmly and raised her up. Her hands stayed fold behind her. He released one of her nipples and grabbed her ponytail, pulling her head back.

"Let me see all of that mouth I just used."

He captured her lip in his teeth. He kissed her hard. He produced a water bottle and filled her open mouth.

"Don't swallow," he hissed. "Like with my cum, you will not swallow without my direction."

The water overflowed her mouth and cascaded down her heated oiled body. It barely cooled the inferno that was the front of her body. Her hands never moved from behind her.

"Omigod," she thought again. I am such a bitch in heat.

"Now swallow and then it is time for you to choose the remaining hole to fuck with me with. Swallow it all. Then walk over to the overturned lifeguard chair, kneel over the chair with you ass in the air and tell me which hole you offer and which to neglect."

Too quickly, she was at the chair. Too quickly she was kneeling with her chest forward over it and her ass raised up. Too quickly she was faced with having to reach back and make the ultimate public,shameless surrender. She leaned forward and reached back. Her hands slowly spread her ass cheeks. He could see her oiled asshole begin to open.

"Please," she said.

"Please what?" was his reply.

"Please fuck me," she offered.

"Where shall I fuck you?" was his reply.

It was almost a sob when she said, "In the ass."

"What about your ass?" he said and he brushed her clenching asshole with his finger.

"Please fuck me in the ass," she managed.

"Here on this public beach, back in the dunes where the gay men ass-fuck? You want me to fuck your ass like that, my bitch in heat?" he said and slid his finger deep in her asshole.

"Please, yes. Please. Fuck your bitch in heat in the ass," she gasped out.

He finger fucked her as he smiled down. She was almost there. Only one more little humiliation was necessary.

"But there are two wet holes, my sweet bitch," he murmured. And I might be tempted to use both. So tell me which one not to fuck."

His finger sawed in and out. There was an instant of silence.

"I can't," she thought.

She was incredulous.

She thought, "He can't expect me to beg him not to fuck my pussy."

"You are keeping me waiting. Move your hands to chair you are leaning over."

As soon as she had, he slapped her ass hard. Once and then again.

"My pussy," she whined.

"What about it?" he said.

"Omigod, please. Don't make me say it."

He slapped her again, even as finger slid in and out of her oiled ass. His handprints were beginning to show.

"Omigod," she said again. "Please don't fuck my...I can't,its too cruel. Please, I want you there."

Another slap. Harder this time.

"Ok, ok. Please. I'll say it. Please don't fuck my pussy."

She whined it. "There."

"Again," he demanded.

A whining sound came first, and then the words.

"Please don't fuck my pussy."

It was almost a sob and she felt like her pussy was gaping as it ached and throbbed as the words came out of her.

"Good girl."

She felt the tip of his cock against her oiled little hole and she gripped the rail of the lifeguard chair with her hands. He prodded and lodged the tip until she was lined up, ready to be impaled.

"Now show me what a good little slut you can be and fuck back on my cock with that oiled asshole."

She pushed back onto his cock. There was just slightest resistance and his cockhead penetrated her outer ring. He held her still, gripping her asscheeks.

"What have I penetrated out here in this dunes?" he asked.

"My ass," she hissed.

"And what won't be getting fucked?" he continued.

"Omigod, my pussy," she managed.

"Now take me deep and begin to fuck me slowly. My bitch in heat fucks my cock with her ass and says 'please use my ass, not my pussy' on every stroke. Show me what a bitch in heat you are. You may cum whenever you are able."

She pushed back all the way until the her oiled asscheeks, pressed up against him.

She choked out the words "Use my ass, not my pussy."

With each stroke, she said it louder, faster. She would not have believed the transformation in herself. The strokes came faster. An orgasm clenched and unclenched within her. It came as she fucked him with her ass, even though her pussy gaped and was unattended to. He watched her work. He watched the muscles in her back and arms clench. He held her by the ponytail and pulled her head back so that she arched taut as she fucked. He struggled to contain his orgasm. Once hers had passed, he started to fuck back into her. Slowly, then harder.

"Where do bitches get fucked?" he hissed as he pounded into her.

He came all the way out. Her asshole was distended.

As the words "in the ass" came out of her, he plowed forward.

"Where don't submissive bitches get fucked in the dunes?" he said as he pulled out.

"Bitches don't get fucked in the pussy. Bitches get fucked in the ass," she responded immediately.

"Say it on every stroke," he intoned.

He fucked her steadily and hard. Another orgasm began to form, like a wave. He felt it in her. He was going to ride this one. She knew it, too.

"Fuck your bitch's ass, not her pussy, " she begged. She said it on each stroke. She felt his cock thicken. He reached forward and around her, grabbed her nipples and almost stood her up. He flattened her nipples between his fingers, leaned into and began to cum. He exploded. He spasmed and jerked. She came as she felt his cum deep in her ass. She wouldn't have thought another orgasm was possible. It was.

He held on to her and came and shuddered and she leaned back into him, their bodies molded together. It was a while before the aftershocks slowed. He finally remembered to release her flattened nipples. He nuzzled her neck. They were awash in sweat. They kissed.

When they had both caught their breath, he led her quietly to the lagoon, where they cooled and hugged neck deep in the water. After a time, he took her back to the blanket where it all began. She lay face down and was soon drifting off. She could feel him stroking her ass. She was asleep.

It was not his fingers, however, that she felt. It was her lipstick. While she dozed, he wrote on her asscheeks, in bright red lipstick: "This was fine tuned in the dunes."

What an interesting walk back to the car it will be, he thought....to be continued if readers so request...

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