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Finishing School Handbook


Please note: this is an official copy of the handbook actually used at Dr. Deucel's famous finishing school which was in existence in Wayward on the Tool in Lower Suckexx during the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. Dr. Deucel's school was known for taking ladies in their twenties and older that everyone else had given up on and helping them become happy and well-adjusted. The original document can be viewed at the Headmaster's Museum located in Annus County just down the road from the birthplace of reknown disciplinarian Professor Bottomzup.




(Revised Edition)

By Doctor Deucel K. LaBrew, Master Headmaster

Version 3.8

All rights reserved

Copyright 2010

Welcome to Doctor Deucel's Finishing School for Naughty Ladies in Need of Correction. We are pleased that you have decided to matriculate. Now that you are officially a registered pupil, you are required to familiarize yourself with the rules as follows:

1) All pupils will be polite and circumspect in their behavior at all times. Backtalk, sass and misbehavior will be punished with one demerit. A sassy tone of voice will be considered the same as sass. The Headmaster will be the sole judge of what constitutes a sassy tone of voice. A bad attitude will not be tolerated.

2) Students will respond to the Doctor by saying "Yes Sir" or "No Sir" when questioned. They will refer to him as "Doctor Deucel, sir" or "Headmaster, sir". Failure to respond in this manner will result in one demerit.

3) It is understood that the Doctor may call a surprise inspection at any time. Less than a passing grade during inspection will result in one demerit.

4) The pupils will be expected to wear clean white cotton panties at all times except during exercise sessions or with the permission of the doctor. Failure to pass a panty check will result in two demerits.

5) All assigned homework will be completed on time and in a neat, workladylike manner. Assigned homework is assumed to be due at the next class. Late homework will be assessed a penalty of one demerit per class that the assignment is late. Sloppy or unfinished work will be cause for the assignment of one demerit.

6) The young ladies will learn their dance routines and be prepared to perform them as instructed. A poorly performed routine will result in one demerit.

7) Loss, destruction of or defacement of the handbook will be cause for the assignment of two demerits.

8) Pupils will at all times have access to a proper outfit including pleated plaid skirt, frilly white blouse and patent leather shoes polished to a shine. All matriculees will also possess and have ready in a neat, clean and pressed manner, an approved Headmistress outfit, a French maid uniform and a nurse's uniform. Advanced classes may require additional supplies.

9) Pupils who wish to try out for the cheer leading squad will be properly attired and have a thorough knowledge of the cheers they plan on performing. Sloppy routines will be punished with one demerit.

10) All matriculatees will learn the school song and the school salute. Failure to be able to perform either with competence will result in one demerit.

11) Proper hygiene is empathized. Less than perfect hygiene will be punished with one demerit.

12) The pupils will do their best to follow all instructions during classroom periods. Failure to do so will result in one demerit.

13) Pupils will be responsible for knowing at all times the location of their panties. Loss of panties will result in two demerits.

14) Tardiness will be punished with one demerit and an immediate stroke to the buttocks.

15) All pupils will purchase brassieres that unhook easily. Wearing a brassier that does not unhook easily will result in two demerits.

16) The matron will conduct periodic spot checks of bed linen and used panties. Unexplained stains will result in one demerit per stain.

17) Pupils will familiarize themselves with the positions outlined in Appendix A and be prepared to assume them on command. Failure to assume the proper position will be punished with one demerit.

18) All ladies who wish a passing grade will practice the removal both their clothes and the Headmaster's clothes until they can perform these tasks in an efficient, graceful matter. Demerits will be assigned as required.

19) Classroom aids will be kept clean, neat and organized. . Demerits will be assigned as required.

20) The Headmaster, at his discretion, may require photographic documentation to be put in your permanent record.

21) Each student will be responsible for making sure her private area is in a presentable condition at all times. Demerits will accrue at the Headmaster's discretion.

22) Ladies will have an adequate supply of lubricant on hand at all times! Demerits will be assigned as required.

23) Underwear lying on the floor overnight will be subject to confiscation.

24) Lacy or crotchless panties are specifically prohibited and will be removed by the Headmaster personally! Such panties are subject to confiscation.

25) Each pupil will learn proper manipulation of the male organ and be prepared to demonstrate her technique on command. Demerits or gold stars will be awarded at the Doctor's discretion.

26) Each pupil will be responsible for providing adequate lighting. The Headmaster will be the sole judge of what constitutes adequate lighting.

27) Any pupil caught playing with her private area w/o permission will receive three strokes to the buttocks while continuing to masturbate. This will be performed in front of the entire class so that all may see what a naughty young lady she is.

28) Pupils will ask permission before touching the Headmaster's male organ. Demerits will be assigned as required if this is done incorrectly.

29) The trimming of pubic hair into "cute" shapes such as, butt not limited to the poodle tail, the landing strip and the question mark, is severely frowned on. Students caught with such trimmings may be required to clean the Headmaster's office in the nude.

30) Pupils will be able to grip and hold devices as required by the Headmaster.

31) Pupils will practice on a banana until they can unroll a condom with their mouths. Failure to learn this lesson will result in one stroke to each cheek with the cupped side of a wooden spoon.

32) All pupils will be responsible for keeping track of then number of demerits they have accumulated. Failure to respond correctly when queried about the number of demerits accumulated AT THAT MOMENT will be cause for one stroke to the buttock. The "Demerits Chart" will be filled out completely and correctly at all times.

33) Attempts at revenge by stealing the Headmaster's underwear will be punished severely.

34) It is a good idea to begin all sentences with the phrase: "Headmaster sir, may I please sir."

35) The pupil shall not interfere with the Headmaster's stance or area of intended swing. A student who positions herself so as to limit either the Headmaster's stance or his area of intended swing shall be subject to additional strokes.)

36) Matriculatees who accumulated ten or more demerits will report to the Doctor prepared to receive their punishment. Struggling or interfering with the Doctor in the performance of his duties will result in additional punishment. Punishments are outlined in Appendix B.

We hope you enjoy your stay here at Doctor Deucel's and look forward to servicing you well.



1) Position One: Feet firmly on floor. Knees straight. Bent at buttocks. Back straight. Hands on bed, desk or on forelegs.

2) Supine: Stomach flat on bed, desk or floor. Buttocks up. Legs together.

3) Supine Vee: As above except legs apart.

4) Recline: Flat on bed, desk or floor. Face up. Legs together.

5) Recline Vee: As Above except legs apart.

6) Bottom Presented: Feet firmly on floor a shoulder's width apart. Forearms and shoulders flat on bed or desk. Head down. Buttocks raised.

7) The Dog (Doggie): Forelegs flat on bed, desk or floor. Knees at 45 degree angle. Buttocks presented. Head up or down at Headmaster's discretion.

8) Up Doggie: Same as above except knees at 90 degree angle.

9) Down Doggie: Same as #2 except knees bent and thighs resting on calves.

10) Kitty: As in number five but with knees bent.

11) The Submissive Kitty: Resting on back. Head up or down. Legs spread. Hands holding legs in back of knees or at ankles. The Headmaster may, at his discretion call for the legs to be together.

12) Pillowed: pillows will be placed under the hips. Note: the Headmaster may require one or more pillow to be used with many of the positions.

13) The Colossus: Standing with feet spread slightly more than one Headmaster's shoulder length apart.

14) The Squatting Colossus: As above but with knees bent as proscribed by Headmaster.

15) Squat: Feet one head width apart. Knees bent.

16) The Stork: One foot on floor and one leg raised. May be combined with one or more of above positions.

17) Arms Raised: In standard position, fingers will be locked behind head. May be combined with one or more of above positions.

18) Spread Bottom: The pupil will use both hands to spread her buttock cheeks apart. May be combined with one or more of above positions.

19) Spread Kitty: The pupil will use both hands to spread the area between her legs. May be combined with one or more of above positions.

20) the OTK: see punishments in Appendix B.


1) The basic punishment will be the Hand Spanking in the Over the Knee (or OTK) position. The Headmaster (or his designated helper) will be seated. The offending pupil will stand to the right of the Headmaster's legs and then bend forward over the Headmaster's thigh area so as to present the pupil's buttocks in a raised and open manner. The pupil's hands may be on the floor or they may be used to respond to the "spread" command as the Headmaster indicates. The pupil will then receive strokes to the bottom and will count them out in the following fashion: "One, Headmaster, sir. Two, Headmaster, sir."

2) The Hand Spanking may also be administered in any of the other above positions as the Headmaster indicates. Frequently, position 1 is used for the second punishment session.

3) The Hairbrush (or the Wooden Spoon.) The offending pupil will be expected to know the location of these devices and procure them on command. The pupil will then assume the position as above and will count the strokes as above.

4) The Handle: the Headmaster may, at his discretion, determine that the pupil is squirming too much and feel that the session will benefit from the insertion of either a finger or an approved device into one of the pupil's orifices so as to aid in stabilization as the strokes are administered.

5) Nippling: the Headmaster may, at his discretion, determine that the pupil will benefit from the application of a device to one or more of the nipples or from a simple tweaking.

6) The Crawl: the Headmaster may, at his discretion, determine that a very naughty pupil will benefit from being required to locomote across the floor on all fours while the Headmaster reminds her of how she has been naughty. A device or finger may or may not be insert while this action is performed.

7) The Worst: the naughtiest of little girls, when nothing else has worked, may be required to insert the Headmaster's male member into one or more of her orifices while receiving strokes to the buttocks. In this situation, the pupil may, at the Headmaster discretion, be required to count strokes of the Headmaster's member instead of strokes to her buttocks.

8) If the stroke count exceeds one hundred, the pupil may, at the Headmaster's discretion, start over again at "one" and not be required to say "one hundred and one." This will be employed primarily when time does not permit the pupil to keep up with a full count.

9) At the end of each session, the pupil will be required to stand facing the corner with her arms raised as in position 17 and buttocks displaced so that the Headmaster may determine if the punishment has been adequate.

10) Students will report to the Headmaster to receive their punishment with the skirt rolled up and tucked into the back of the waist band and the panties lowered to the knees.

11) There will be no talking amongst pupils who are waiting in line to receive their punishment.

12) The number of strokes administered will be determined solely by the Headmaster.

About Doctor Deucel K. LaBrew

Doctor LaBrew has been to some of the finest Headmaster schools both in America and on the Continent including but not limited to: The Institute for Student Education in Amsterdam and The Headmaster's Academy in Las Vegas. He has studied with such greats as Doctor B. G. Bottomzzup and Headmistress Katarina. He is a certified Spankologist. In 2007 he was awarded the distinction of the title "Master Headmaster."

Doctor LaBrew believes that firm but fair discipline is the key to educating ladies in need of correction so that they can be happy and well adjusted.

Doctor Deucel K. LaBrew

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