tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 05

Fiona at Camp Ch. 05


This is one of a series best read in order.

When I arrived at Central Supply, Fiona was sitting on the porch wearing a long, blue tank top that came down to just below her magnificent ass. I smiled at her and opened the door. It was the place people came to get all kinds of linens, mattresses, cleaning equipment, hiking and camping supplies, light bulbs, toilet paper and a multitude of other things. There was a Dutch door that served as a counter and most of the storage area was in the back, behind a wooden partition. There was a back door that was bolted from the inside, for deliveries and the windows were frosted so as to discourage people from seeing what goodies were inside. Arty, who ran the place, had posters of naked women hanging all over the place and discouraged people from coming to bother him. I opened the front door and then let her inside.

"There's a back door behind the partition. Open it for me," I said as I closed the Dutch door and put the padlock back on. I walked around the shack and came in the back door. Closing it, I slid the bolt back in place. Fiona looked around the room and saw that there were piles of mattresses, piles of towels, blankets and sheets, all kinds of ropes and cables hanging from hooks on the wall and as she looked up, she saw there were several pulleys attached to the rafters of the shack. She swallowed hard as she realized that most of the things there could be used on her beautiful, young body and would make fucking her easy, if not acrobatic. I sat down on a pile of blankets and stared at her beautiful body.

"Arty doesn't seem to like you very much," I said. "Did you insult him or something?" I asked.

"He tried to pick me up during staff week but some of the girls warned me to stay away from him," she explained. "He's been pretty cold to me since then,"

"Well, he doesn't know you'll be working here and he probably won't be happy about it. I suggest that you make every effort to keep him happy," I said. "If not, he could make your life miserable around here. However, if you succeed in pleasing us, then you will also be given lots of extra privileges and presents," I explained. "If not you will be punished. Now come over here," I said. Fiona moved over to stand beside me and I reached out with my hand and slid it between her velvety thighs. I could feel the warmth between her thighs as I slid my hand up under the edge of her long tank top and rubbed the crotch of her cotton panties.

"You really get excited easily, don't you?" I taunted her as Fiona's body lurched when I rubbed her pussy and a soft moan escaped her lips. I rubbed the front of her panties with my thumb as my fingers pressed between her legs and rubbed the crack of her sculptured ass. Her beautiful body began to squirm as I teased her twin holes. I looked up at her and she closed her eyes as I fondled her sex. Slipping my finger into the leg of her panties, I curled it around the strip that ran between her soft thighs and then pulled the garment down over her hips and it fell to her knees. I left it hanging there as my fingers slid back up the inside of her thigh and then rubbed across the moist lips of her oozing twat. She gasped as she felt my fingers press between her engorged pussy lips and enter her drenched pussy.

"Do you expect me to spend the entire summer flat on my back?" she asked a bit upset.

"That's exactly the way I expect you to spend the entire summer; either flat on your back or on your knees or in any other position we decide to fuck you in. Remember, you were the one who wanted to fuck your way through the summer," I said. "I think the best way for Arty to accept you in here is to gift wrap you," I said. Fiona wasn't sure what I meant but she was pretty sure she wasn't going to like it too much.

Reaching over to a cloth sack I'd laid on the pile of blankets, I removed two wrist cuffs. They were about eight inches long and made of a strong stretch fabric, similar to knee bands only much tighter. I handed one to Fiona. She looked down at it and could see that it had a band in the middle, with several metal rings attached. She didn't mind being bound but being tied up for Arty was a bit scary but she also knew that she had no choice.

"Put it on," I said and she tried to slip it over her hand. It was very tight and she had trouble with it but did get it around her wrist. She quickly realized that she would have trouble getting it off. I handed her the other band and she put it on her other wrist. I looked up at her and could see that her nipples were rock hard as they pressed against the soft material of her tank top.

"Now turn around," I instructed and the beautiful woman turned with her back to me. Her panties slid down to her ankles and then she stepped out of them. I pulled her wrists back slightly and then attached a small chain between her wristcuffs. She'd expected to have her wrists bound tightly together and was surprised that she had some movement. My hand moved back between her soft thighs and I teased her twin holes for several minutes as the young beauty stood before me shaking, soft gasps escaping her lips from time to time.

"Over there," I said as I pointed to a pile of blankets. Fiona walked over and sat down on the edge of the pile. Her long legs barely reached the floor as she waited to see what I planned to do. Just then there was a knock at the back door and Fiona froze.

"Steve?" I said.

"Yeah," came the reply and I walked over and opened the back door. He walked in and seeing Fiona with her arms in cuffs and sitting her sitting on the blankets, smiled to me and said. "Very nice,"

"Is she ready?" he asked.

"Yep," I said and we both walked over and stood before the trembling young woman. Bending down, we each grabbed an ankle and lifting her long legs up, her body was forced to lean backwards. I'd piled the blankets in such a way, that her bound wrists were pinned to her sides with the chain held down by her ass. Her back was arched over several blankets as her ample chest was thrust upwards and her head dangled back over the edge of the pile. We each pulled her ankles in different directions and Fiona felt her legs being pried wide apart. Hanging from each of the two posts on either side of her body, were wooden pegs. Steve and I quickly lifted her ankles over the pegs and slid them into place. Her legs weren't bound but they were pinned wide apart and raised nicely. Fiona quickly realized that she was totally available and knew that Arty would fuck the shit out of her when he arrived.

"One last touch," Steve said as he walked over and picked up a magic marker and a piece of paper. "I'm here to work under you," he wrote. "Now is you first opportunity to fuck the shit out of me!" he added. Rolling the paper up, he slid it into the front of her tank top wedging it between her firm breasts so it stuck out between her tits.

Then moving around to her open thighs, he bent forward and lifting the edge of her tank top, looked down at her open quim. He envied Arty is coming opportunity. Bending forward, he kissed her mons and then slid his tongue down between her engorged pussy lips. Fiona began to squeal as he licked her most intimate flesh and her hips began to writhe as she tried to bring her pussy closer to his mouth. He sucked her clit between his lips and teased the tip with his tongue. I watched as he expertly brought her close to the edge of an orgasm and then eased off. Her body was shaking as she lifted her head up. Again he sucked her clit into his mouth and teased it, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm as her body shook uncontrollably and then he backed off.

"I want you horny when Arty arrives. You'll fuck him better that way," he said as he lifted his face from between her open thighs and let the front of her shirt fall back over her seething pussy. Fiona was dying to caress herself but her bound hands would not reach up to her pussy. She looked down at the rolled up note shoved between her full breasts and wondered what it said. She closed her eyes and laying her head back, she lay still, waiting, resigned to whatever was going to happen to her next.

To be continued...

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