tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 06

Fiona at Camp Ch. 06


This is one of a series best read in order.

* * * * *

Fiona lay on the pile of blankets for what seemed like hours, her body arched beautifully and her long legs held wide apart by the pegs on the posts that supported the roof of the shack. She wondered what Steve had written on the note that was jammed between her pendulous tits. But most of all, she wondered what Arty was going to do to her beautiful, young body when he arrived. Well actually, she knew fully well what Arty was going to do to her, the question was how? She twisted and turned in her bindings and quickly discovered that that was useless. She lay her head back and waited as she fantasized about what was about to befall her.

Suddenly she heard footsteps on the porch and then a key in the lock. She knew it was the moment of truth. She swallowed hard as the light went on and then Arty walked into the back room. Arty was surprised to see this beautiful woman lying on the blankets with her legs raised and spread open for his pleasure. He noticed the cuffs around her wrists and he put down the things he was carrying before walking over to stand beside her. Fiona suddenly felt very vulnerable as Arty took hold of the rolled paper that stuck out between her tits. They could both see the hardness of her nipples as they stood up under the soft material of her top.

"I'm here to work under you. Now is your first opportunity to fuck the shit out of me!" he read aloud and then smiled. "You didn't seem too interested in me a few weeks ago," he said with a smile as he looked down at her as she lay bound and spread before him. "What's changed all of a sudden?" he teased her as he walked around and stood between her open thighs.

"Someone's been busy playing with your pussy," he taunted her as he leaned forward and inhaled deeply through his nose. He could smell the sweet aroma of her love juices on her open thighs. "From the looks of it, you don't even need any foreplay, do you?" he asked with a smile as he reached down and opened the front of his shorts. Holding his cock in his hand, he stepped forward and rubbed the head of his ramrod over the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. Then he guided the tip over her engorged pussy lips as her ass squirmed around on the pile of blankets and then wedged the head into the entrance of her seething pussy. Fiona closed her eyes as she felt the tip of his cock press into the entrance to her pussy. She was hornier than she could believe.

"Aaghh!" she screamed as he rammed his cock all the way into her tight pussy and her head bolted up as she stared at him. He stood fully imbedded in her tight pussy. His hands came down to her uplifted chest and he filled his hands with her firm tits. She could feel the hardness of her taut nipples against the palms of his hands as he squeezed her magnificent tits through her top.

As his cock filled her tight pussy, her back arched and her huge tits thrust upwards as he squeezed them. She felt his hands release her panting titflesh and then she felt his hands on her soft shoulders. Hooking his fingers under the neck of her top, he ran his fingers down over the firm swells of her tits and peeled the soft material from her breasts. He stretched it until is slid over her firm swells and caught below her rising mounds. Her nipples were rock hard and stood out like pencil erasers as he pulled his hands from her top. He gazed down at her dark, red nipples and then brought his hands down hard on her tits. Squeezing them tightly, he rammed his cock deep into her young body. Fiona gasped as he assaulted her bound body.

Holding her tits firmly, Arty began to whale into Fiona's spread body. As his cock pistoned deeper and deeper into her tight pussy, Fiona found her body responding as she clenched her inner muscles and then flexing her legs, she lifted and rolled her hips as she tried to get her tight pussy further onto his impaling cock. Fiona couldn't believe how turned on she was as his cock pistoned into her drenched tightness.

Arty pinched her nipples and then pulled hard on her tits as he rammed his cock all the way into her beautiful, young body. Fiona began to buck wildly as he fucked her for all he was worth. Her head began to roll from side to side and she screamed softly as her body went rigid and a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

"Fuck me!" she begged as he continued to pump his huge cock into the tightness of her pussy.

"With pleasure," he said as he braced himself and then rammed his cock all the way into her and quivering pussy. Fiona's body was electrified as he pumped his cock into her luscious body.

"I'm cumming!" she screamed softly as he rammed deeper and deeper into her tightness. He could feel her pussy creaming around his cock as he shoved it all the way into her. The sensation for his cock was beyond belief. Again he pinched her nipples and as he pulled up on her tits, he rammed his cock balls deep into her gushing quim. Fiona's inner muscles clamped down tightly around Arty's invading cock and as he rammed it back into her. He grunted loudly and his cock exploded deep in her quivering pussy. Arty watched as her body went rigid and she screamed softly as her insides let go with one of the most powerful orgasms of her life.

Arty reached down to her open thighs and then placing his hands on either side of her hips, he pulled his cock from between her spread legs. It shone with a mixture of her sweet juices and his own. He walked around her body and climbing up onto the blankets, he slapped her cheeks with his spent cock. She smelled the powerful aroma of their fucking and then he pressed his cock to her lips. Fiona parted her lips and swallowed his cock as he slid it all the way into her mouth. She sucked on him like she'd never sucked on anyone in her life. His hands came down to her panting breasts and he once again went after her taut nipples. He pinched and pulled on her tender nubs as she sucked feverishly on his cock. He began to slap her tits as her chest was thrust upwards by her position on the blankets. Cum oozed out of her pussy and now her lips were coated with cum as Arty continued to pump his spent cock into her hungry mouth.

Finally, Arty eased his grip on her aching nipples and slid his cock from between her soft lips. He climbed down off of the pile of blankets and sat down beside her. Her wrists were still bound behind her back and her ankles were still wedged over the pegs on the posts. Arty placed his hand on her panting breast and squeezed her tit firmly. Slowly he slid his hand down over the taut muscles of her stomach and then dipped it between her open thighs. She screamed softly as she felt his fingers graze over her erect clit. He dipped his fingers into her seething pussy and coated his fingers with her warm, wet flow.

"So you're going to work under me for the rest of the summer?" he said as he pulled his fingers from her oozing twat and then smeared the mixture of cum over her lips. "I like that idea," he said as she licked his fingers.

"Is it fair to assume that something happened between you and the boss?" he asked as he kept his fingers in her mouth. Fiona nodded her head. "I'll bet you offered to fuck your way through the summer," he continued. Again Fiona nodded. "And so he dumped you on me," he said and she nodded as he pressed his fingers further into her mouth.

"If you are going to work here, you are going to work. However, I also want you ready to fuck or suck at any moment," he said as he removed his fingers from her mouth and placed his hand on her panting breast. "If you're wearing a long top then you'll remove your panties when you come in. If you're wearing a short top, then I want you to take your shorts off and wrap a towel around your ass," he explained as he continued to pinch and pull on her tender nipple.

"Will you continue to tie me up?" she asked as he continued to maul her panting breast.

"When it pleases me. If you like being bound, I will be more than happy to tie you up. If you fail to please me and satisfy me, then there are lots of ways I can tie you and I have all the equipment here to do it with," he said as he teased her nipple.

"I understand," she said as she felt him lift his hand from her breast. He moved around and raised her ankle from the peg on the post and then released her other foot. As he lowered her feet to the floor, he helped her to stand up. She stood with her hands loosely bound behind her and her feet slightly apart. She could feel the cum oozing out of her twat and onto the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs.

"Turn around," he said and the young beauty turned to face the pile of blankets. "Bend over," he instructed and she bent her body over the blankets. Her magnificent ass was thrust backwards and she felt his hands on her firm cheeks. He squeezed her asscheeks and then pulled her buns apart as he gazed down at her tight asshole.

"Other than working in here and fucking me everyday, what else did the boss tell you to do?" he asked as his finger slid between her thighs and he dipped his finger into her oozing pussy and coated his fingers with her sweet flow.

"I've moved into a room next to the kitchen and I'm supposed to be available to the three of you at anytime for anything you request," she said as she felt his fingers probe deeper and deeper into her drenched pussy. Once his fingers were slick with her juices, he slid them from her twat and pressed them between her magnificent asscheeks.

"Are you going to fuck me in the ass?" she asked, her voice betraying her nervousness.

"Dumb question, but not now," he said as his finger slid through the crack of her ass and over her tight sphincter. "Tomorrow will be soon enough," he said as he shoved his sticky finger into her tight asshole.

"Aaghh!" she grunted as she felt his finger invade her sculptured ass. He probed her tight asshole for a moment or two before pulling his finger out. He helped her up off of the blankets and then held his finger to her lips. She kissed it and then as he pressed it against her lips, she opened her mouth and sucked on his finger.

"Will you untie me?" she asked as he pulled his fingers from her mouth.

"Turn around," he said and Fiona turned around and he unclipped her wrists. He helped her to peel the cuffs off and then she pulled her shirt back over her tits and let it hang down over her body.

"Let's go to dinner," he said.

"Like this?" she asked in surprise.

"Yes. Like this. I suggest you walk and sit very carefully," he teased her.

"Oh, I forgot. There is one more rule I have," she said.

"What's that?" he asked as he turned to face her.

"I'm supposed to clean myself out after every fucking, so I'll be ready for whoever is to fuck me next," she explained.

"That boy thinks of everything," Arty joked. "Go do it," he said and she walked over to the small bathroom and went inside. She was surprised to find a douche there and closing the door, used it. She had no doubt that she'd be fucked by one of us after dinner and then probably have to spend the night with whoever was left.

As she walked to dinner, Fiona was very aware of her nakedness under her tank top and she sat very still at dinner with her legs crossed. While she ate, Arty sat next to her and they talked about the job. Steve came over and sat across from her and joined the conversation. Then she felt Arty's hand on her thigh and her body jumped. She reached under the table and grabbed his wrist.

"Put your arms over the back of the chair," Arty said and the young beauty released his wrist and lifting her arms, slid them over the ladder back of the wooden chair. Her back arched and her beautiful chest thrust forward as her shirt drew tightly across her magnificent breasts. "Now spread your legs and sit very still," he whispered to her, loud enough for Steve to hear and she slowly uncrossed her legs under the table. Arty's hand slid up her naked thigh until his palm brushed the lower edge of her top. As his fingers curled over the firm muscles of her thigh and down between her legs, he drew the edge of her top back, until his fingers tickled the soft curls surrounding her naked pussy. Fiona gasped softly as his fingers caressed her most intimate flesh. Her mind flashed to last night when Steve had fingered her in public and made her cum at the campfire.

Steve watched her face as she struggled to hide what was happening to her body in the dining room where some 400 other people were sitting. Fortunately there was a lot of noise and commotion and she hoped it would cover up what was happening to her magnificent, young body. Arty turned his hand and then rubbed his fingers across the warm flesh of her pussy and then dipped his fingers into her warm, wet slit. Steve watched her face intently as Arty teased her pussy. He remembered how wet she'd been when he'd done the same thing to her the previous night at the campfire. Arty marveled at how wet she was inside as his fingers probed her tightness.

Finally Arty nodded to Steve and withdrew his hand from between her legs. Fiona sighed with relief until she felt Steve's foot touch the inside of her leg. He drew his foot up her calf and then placing his heel on the chair seat, he slid his foot up between her parted thighs, until his toes grazed through her soft curls. He began to tease her drenched pussy with his toes as she tried to maintain her composure. He watched her face intently and this only made her that much more uncomfortable.

Sitting at the senior staff table, I could see Fiona across the room. From the expression on her face, I could see that something was up. She seemed like she was fighting hard to keep her composure in the crowded dining room. I got up and wandered over. When Fiona saw me coming her way, she started to lose her control.

"Having a hard time with something?" I teased her as I stood behind Steve. Fiona did not answer but looked up at me, her eyes pleading for help. "I see the boys have been giving you some attention here. I for one, wouldn't want to be left out. When they're finished with you, I want you to meet me for my personal evening program," I said with a smile. "Shall we say, in the laundry," I suggested as I turned and left.

Steve continued to tease Fiona's pussy with his toes as she squirmed in her seat. Many people were getting up and leaving and the noise of moving chairs covered the sounds that were escaping her lips.

"After curfew you are to return to your room and then get undressed and spread yourself wide and naked on the bed. Someone will come by to fuck you tonight and you'd better be good," he said with a smile as he continued to tease her pussy with his toes. "Do you understand?" he asked. Fiona nodded silently, afraid to open her mouth for fear that she'd make some revealing noises. Finally, he slid his foot away from her pussy and slid his sandal back on.

Just as she thought she'd escape the public assault on her body, she felt Arty's hand once again on her naked thigh. Steve got up and walked away as she felt Arty's hand slide down between her trembling thighs and rub the soft fur of her pubic thatch once again. Several people walked by and said hello to her as Arty teased her pussy under the table. She was shaking as she tried to keep control of her body in front of her friends. It was exciting and scary as he kept her up on the edge.

She glanced down and saw his hand rubbing her pussy and then noticed that her nipples stood out harder than she'd ever seen them against the soft cotton of her tank top. She realized that anyone looking at her tits and that could be lots of people, would notice how aroused she was. Finally, when no one else was left in the dining room, Arty gently pinched her erect clit between his knuckles and slid his thumb, wet with her sweet juices over the tip and the combination brought her to an earth shattering climax. She gasped aloud as her body bucked and thanked her lucky stars that they were the only two people left in the dining room. His fingers released her throbbing clit and then probed inside her dripping pussy. Then he eased his hand from between her trembling thighs and held his fingers up to her face. She could smell the powerful scent of her seething pussy as her juices coated his fingers.

"Lick," he said and she slid her tongue out and licked his fingers as she saw the kitchen staff closing things up at the far end of the building.

"Don't forget to meet the boss," he said as he stood up and slid his fingers out of her mouth. "I'm going to enjoy having you 'working under me' for the rest of the summer," he said as he smiled down at her. "See you tomorrow,"

To be continued...

* * * * *

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