tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona at Camp Ch. 10

Fiona at Camp Ch. 10


This is one of a series best read in order.

At 10:30, I arrived at Fiona's cabin and found the door locked. I knocked.

"Who is it?" I heard her say.

"Who do you think it is?" I asked, my voice showing a bit of annoyance. Fiona unlatched the door and let me in. The room was dark and as she closed the door, she stood before me, bare-assed naked. I smiled at her as she stepped up to me and wrapping her arms around me, rubbed her naked body against mine. My hands came down over her firm asscheeks and I pressed her naked pussy against the bulge in the front of my jeans.

"I didn't know what to wear." she said as she leaned back.

"You could go just as you are." I teased.

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" she teased back.

"Definitely, but I think you would too, judging by the way your body reacts to being fondled in public." I commented. Fiona blushed.

"Let's see what you have in here to choose from." I said as I walked over to her closet. I selected a jeans outfit that I'd seen her wear on occasion. It was a short skirt that fit snugly to her body from waist to the tops of her thighs and then flaired out loosely around her upper thighs with a line of brass snaps running down the front and a jeans vest with similar snaps. When I'd seen her wear it, it had been with a tube top under the open vest. "Here, put this on." I said as I handed her the hangar.

Fiona walked to the dresser and selected a sexy pair of panties and slipped them over her long, shapely legs. She then wrapped the skirt around her hips and closed the snaps in front. She then went to pick up her tube top, but I shook my head and she put it down in the drawer. Picking up the vest, she slid it on and then closed the snaps in front. She usually wore the vest open and with the snaps closed, her tits were pressed firmly together. She could feel the pressure of the tight denim on her massive breasts and as she looked in the mirror, she was very pleased about the way she looked.

"Let's go." I said as I held the door and she walked out as I watched her magnificent ass sway seductively as she walked. When we got to the parking lot, I let her into the car and we drove into town. Along the way, I placed my hand on her warm thigh and then opened several of the snaps on the front of her skirt. Fiona lay back as I fondled her pussy as we drove. I heard her moaning as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations.

It was a Monday night and almost none of the staff were off. I knew that we would be almost alone at the pub, except for the locals. When we arrived at the tavern, I let Fiona close the snaps on the front of her skirt, but not all of them. I then reached over to her vest and popped the top two snaps open. Fiona looked down and could see her firm tits pressed firmly together by the vest with her deep cleavage on full display. She realized that she would look very sexy as she came into the bar.

Once inside, we found a table in the back and ordered some beers. The bar was dark and the music loud. There were all kinds of strobe lights and spots on the dance floor but it would be hard to focus on any individual. One of the locals came over from the bar and asked Fiona to dance. As he led her out onto the dance floor, I watched to see her dance. She had great moves and really liked drawing attention to herself as she danced. When the song ended I cut in and danced with her. I loved watching her move as she did everything she could to show how sexy and sensual she was.

"I'll leave you to dance with anyone who asks you." I said as the music stopped. "You will dance with anyone who asks and allow them to touch you in any way they want." I instructed as my hands came down to her ass and I pinched her. I then reached between her breasts and undid one more snap. Now as she moved her arms, her vest would open enough to show everyone that she wasn't wearing a bra and that her tits were magnificent. As the evening wore on, several of the locals asked her to dance and pawed at her body as they held her. Fiona liked the attention and she ground her luscious body against them as they caressed her.

I danced with her again and then led her back to the table. I sat down in the chair against the wall. Fiona went to sit down in the chair facing me when I reached for her hand and pulled her around behind the table. Fiona leaned against the wall and picked up her beer and took a long drink. As she leaned back to down the beer, she felt my hand move around behind her leg and my fingers wrapped around her upper thigh. She gasped and almost choked on her beer. She quickly put the mug down and looked down at her legs. She was relieved that the height of the table hid the bottom of her skirt.

"Spread them." I said and Fiona swallowed hard as she slid her feet apart. She gazed around the room as she felt my fingers slide up the inside of her thigh. Her body began to tremble as my fingers began to scratch at the front of her panties. She could feel her insides begin to juice as I caressed her. She realized that I had been right about how her body responds to being fondled in public. I could see and feel her body begin to tremble as I caressed her dampening pussy. Then she felt my finger slip under the crotch of her panties and slowly I pulled them down until she felt them catch around her knees. Fiona was mortified as she stood in the back of the pub, with her panties down around her knees and my fingers sliding back up the inside of her naked thigh and back to her drenched pussy. She gasped as she felt my fingers slide between her swollen labia and I began to finger-fuck her in the middle of the somewhat crowded tavern. With my other hand I reached up to the front of her vest and tucked my finger into the front of her top. Pulling down, the snap opened and then Fiona realized that only the twin snaps at the bottom of the vest were closed. She could see that her deep cleavage was totally visible to anyone who cared to look.

"One of the men you danced with before was the man who fucked you this afternoon at work." I told Fiona as my fingers pressed deeper into her drenched pussy.

"See if you can guess which one." I said as I watched her body begin to shake as her tits heaved. Fiona glanced around the bar and looked for the different men she'd danced with. She had wondered if one of the men had been her unknown partner but wasn't sure. Just then she saw one of the guys walking in her direction. She began to shake with fear as she realized that her panties were clearly visible around her knees. I continued to finger her pussy as the man approached.

"Would you like to dance?" he said smiling at her. Fiona turned deep red. She was thankful that, in the darkness, he probably wouldn't notice. Just then, she felt my hand slide down the inside of her thigh and then drag her panties down over her knees. She felt the flimsy garment fall to her ankles and she slid her hand across the table and let a fork fall to the floor. Bending down to retrieve it, she was able to slip her panties over her shoes and left them on the floor as she placed the fork back on the table and walked around to dance with her partner.

Fiona felt unusually naked as she walked through the bar, her underwear gone and the front of both her skirt and vest revealingly open. As she danced on the floor, she felt the stranger's hands slide down over her ass and squeeze her firm globes. She wondered to herself if he was the one who'd fucked her earlier.

When the song ended, she returned to the table and found that another guy had joined me and sat in her place next to the wall. I nodded to her and reached out with my hand. I gently guided her back around the table and she once again leaned against the wall. As she looked down, she could see that the stranger held her panties in his hand. Lifting them to his face, he inhaled and then placed them on the table. Fiona swallowed hard as she realized what was about to happen.

"Don't move." I said and Fiona braced herself against the wall. She felt the stranger's hand slide around the back of her leg and then she felt his fingers slide over the smooth skin of her inner thigh. She gasped as she felt his hand slide up to her naked pussy and he began to stroke his fingers through the soft curls of her pubic thatch. She slid her feet a bit further apart as he rubbed his thumb between her moist pussy lips. Fiona bit her lip as she felt his thumb press up into her dripping quim and he began to tease her pussy with his fingers. She felt him spread her pussy lips and then rub his fingers against her erect clit. She gasped as her body stiffened and she creamed herself.

"That was quick enough." he joked. He continued to probe her dripping pussy as she looked out over the crowded room and was horrified as she stood against the wall, being brought to an orgasm by a total stranger. She felt his thumb slip from between her soaked labia and then press up against her tight sphincter. Her body jumped as he prodded her tight asshole and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. She felt his wet thumb press into her ass as his fingers slid between her enorged lips and he probed her drenched pussy. As the stranger probed her twin holes with his fingers, her body began to writhe as she leaned against the wall. She looked down at her spread legs and realized that the hand probing her pussy was not visible to anyone except when the hand pressed against the inside of her skirt from time to time and made a momentary bulge between her thighs. Two other locals came over and sat down at our table as the stranger continued to finger Fiona's drenched pussy. We all watched in fascination as her young body writhed against the wall and her long legs began to shake.

"Aghh!" she gasped as another powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful body. Then the stranger slid his hand out of her loins and from between her legs. Fiona sighed with relief as his hand abandoned her quivering body. She was totally humiliated by what had just happened but she'd never been so turned on in her life.

"Squat down." I said and Fiona slowly lowered her body. The stranger held his hand out to her lips and she smelled the powerful scent of her cum as it coated his fingers. He pressed his fingers to her lips and she licked her cum from his fingers.

"Let's dance." one of the others said to her as he helped her up and walked her onto the dance floor. The music changed to a slow song and he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her body against his. She could feel the huge lump in the front of his jeans press hard against her drenched pussy as they danced. As he rubbed her body against his, she could feel the front of her skirt begin to ride up until she felt her naked pussy press against the front of his jeans. Fiona was thankful that the room was dark as she felt the bulge in his jeans rub against her naked pussy. His fingers squeezed her firm cheeks tightly as she writhed with passion.

"Aghh!" she gasped as she felt his jeans rub across her erect clit and she creamed herself once again.

"You are easy." he joked as he pulled her arm up to his chest and then pressed the back of his hand against her panting breast. She could feel her body shaking as he caressed her and her erect clit rubbed against the coarseness of his jeans. She was relieved when the music changed and he let go of her. As her skirt slid back down over her naked pussy, she was able to dance freely. They danced for several more songs and then returned to the table.

Fiona was surprised to find the other guys had changed places around table and the table was covered with empty beer bottles. The guys were all seated and I pulled Fiona back around against the wall. I called over the barmaid and ordered another round. She cleared away the bottles and then returned with a tray full of new ones.

"This one's for you." I said as I handed Fiona the open beer bottle. She brought it to her lips and took a long pull on the bottle. She needed it for whatever else I had in mind for her. As she put down the bottle she looked at the guys sitting at the table and realized that one of them was probably her afternoon lover. But which one?

"Okay," I said. "You pleasured one of these boys this afternoon." I said as one of the guys sitting against the wall slid his hand around the back of her leg and up under her skirt. Fiona gasped as she felt his fingers slide up to her open pussy and she realized that all the men at the table were watching her and knew exactly what he was doing. His finger found her clit and he teased it as her body began to tremble. Fiona was unbelievably wet and turned on as he fondled her pussy in front of three strange men, one of whom had fucked her silly earlier in the afternoon. Then she felt another hand slide between her open thighs as the two strangers teased her naked pussy in the back of the tavern. Fiona felt her body shaking as the two hands began to probe her twin holes. Her body was out of control as she stood in the tavern with the two men finger-fucking both of her holes. Her face was a mask of passion and terror as she leaned against the wall, helpless to do anything about her situation and not sure she would have wanted to.

"Aghh!" she gasped as a powerful orgasm enveloped her trembling, young body. She then felt the two of them ease their fingers from her soaking loins and caress the insides of her open thighs. She then realized that the man to her right had very calloused hands and she realized that he had been her afternoon experience.

"Can you guess who you fucked this afternoon?" I asked as Fiona caught her breath. She nodded. "Who?" I asked and she placed her hand on Bud's shoulder. "Very good." I said.

"Time for a new contest." I said as I smiled at her. Fiona looked a bit worried. I called over the barmaid and whispered something in her ear. She returned a moment later with another bottle of beer. Bud picked up the beer and took a swig. He then moved the bottle under Fiona's skirt and touched her warm, inner thigh with the cold bottle. She jumped as she felt the coldness of the wet glass against her warm skin.

"Don't move." Bud said as she felt him slide the lip of the bottle up to her drenched pussy. We all watched her face contort as he slid the tip of the bottle across her moist lips and then eased the neck of the bottle deep into her tight pussy. Fiona gasped as she felt the cold bottle fill her seething pussy. "I'm going to let go of the bottle and I want you to try and hold it with your pussy." he said. Fiona was mortified by what she was being asked to do. She then felt Bud begin to release the bottle and she quickly tightened her powerful inner muscles and grasped the bottle. "See if you can hold it for a full minute." he said as we watched her face strain as she tightened her inner muscles around the cold neck of the beer bottle.

"It's slipping." she gasped as she felt the bottle move inside her pussy. She tightened her muscles even more but it was a losing battle. "I can't." she said as the bottle slipped out of her pussy and Bud caught it.

"I thought you were tighter than that." I taunted her.

"Yes, but do you have any idea how wet I am right now?" she asked in a loud whisper.

"Actually, I do." I teased her as Bud put the bottle on the table. Al picked it up and licking her cum from the neck, he took a long pull on the bottle. He then handed her the bottle and she also took a full swallow. As she tilted her head back to drink the beer, Fiona felt someone's hand slip into the front of her open vest. His finger hooked around the two remaining snaps and pulled them open. Her vest hung open over her firm breasts.

"Squat down." I instructed as Fiona put the bottle down on the table. She leaned against the wall and then bending her knees, she slid her body down to a squatting position. "How many times did you cum?" Bud asked. Fiona couldn't remember.

"I don't know." she said.

"Well, now it's our turn." he said to the squatting beauty. Fiona felt Al's hand slide around the back of her neck as he pulled her face forward and down towards the crotch of his jeans. Fiona couldn't believe that she was going to be forced to suck him off right there in the middle of the tavern. As she felt her body move forward, she lowered one knee to the floor. She watched as Al reached up to his fly and opened his zipper. Retrieving his ramrod, she realized that she was hidden from view as she knelt beside Al's leg. She lowered her lips to the head of his cock and almost creamed herself as she wrapped her lips around his ramrod. She was unbelievably hot as she sucked his root as dozens of people talked and danced only a few feet from where she knelt.

She could feel the hardness of his cock as it filled her mouth and her talented tongue went to work on his cock. She wanted to make him cum as quickly as possible. She was terrified that someone would see what she was being forced to do and want to join the party. She felt his hand hold her head firmly as he pressed her mouth up and down the length of his shaft. Her hand came up over his thigh and she began to squeeze his heavy balls in her hand as her mouth pleasured his cock. She felt his legs stiffen and prepared herself to swallow his explosion. She heard him grunt and then his cock erupted in her mouth as he forced her head down onto his spurting cock. Fiona gulped and swallowed as she tried to keep from being drowned by his heavy load. As she finished swallowing Al's cum, he eased his grip on her head and she lifted her face from his crotch.

Just then she felt Bud's hand on her neck as he turned her body and pulled her face down to his crotch. Fiona reached up to his crotch and retrieved his cock. "I didn't get to enjoy this pleasure this afternoon but better late than never," he joked as he looked down at her. She looked up at him and then swallowed his cock. Bud moaned as he felt her talented lips wrap around his cock. Fiona licked the sides of his ramrod as she lowered her head and felt the tip of his cock press between her tonsils and into her throat. She felt a movement behind her as she sucked on his cock and then she felt a pair of hands reach around her body and squeeze her naked tits through her open vest. Fiona could feel how hard her nipples were and how wet her pussy was as she sucked on Bud's cock. She heard him moan and then gasp as his cock exploded between her soft lips. Again she swallowed hard as she tried to keep from drowning in his hot cum.

As Fiona raised her face from Bud's crotch, she felt another hand on the back of her neck as she was pulled down between someone else's thighs. His cock was already out of his pants and she kissed the tip before feeling her head pushed down onto this new cock. Fiona had no idea whose cock it was as she felt it press deep into her mouth. Whoever it was, wrapped his fingers through her short hair and pulled and pushed her face up and down on his invading cock. Fiona licked and sucked at his root until she felt his powerful thighs tighten and she prepared herself for the next heavy load of cum. When she finished swallowing her third load of the past several minutes, I slid my hand around the back of her neck and pressed her face between my thighs.

Fiona reached up to my zipper and opening my pants, wrapped her soft lips around the head of my shaft. I released my grip on her neck and watched as the young beauty devoured my cock. Her head bobbed up and down on my ramrod and then as she teased the tip of my cock with the tip of her talented tongue. It was time to take her to the next level. I slid my hand down to Fiona's slender neck and then lifted her head from my ramrod. She was a bit surprised but slid my cock from between her soft lips. It only then occurred to her that she had no idea who the third cock she'd sucked on belonged to. I slid my hand down her arm to her wrist and helped her to stand up. I guided her body to lean against the table as her sculptured ass rested against the edge, her back to the rest of the tavern. "Sit on the table," I instructed and the young beauty slid her ass up onto the tabletop. I reached down for her ankle and lifting her leg, pulled it over mine. She braced her hands on the table and slid her ass over so that her long legs straddled my body. I lifted her feet onto the chair and her knees were raised slightly, giving me a magnificent view under her short skirt to her drenched pussy. She watched as I slid my hand between her parted thighs and up to her oozing quim. She gasped as she felt my fingers tease her seething pussy and then dropped her head back as a powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful body. I watched as her barely covered breasts heaved with passion. Sliding my chair back from the table, Fiona felt my hand slide out of her luscious body and she could see that my cock stood straight up. "Time for a lap dance," I teased as I pulled her feet off of the chair and let her legs straddle mine. I guided the young beauty to straddle my thighs and she walked her ass across the table to the edge. Bracing her feet on the floor, she leaned against the table as her skirt stretched across her thighs and her open vest showed her magnificent cleavage. Fiona looked down at the head of my ramrod as it stood straight up only inches from her parted thighs. She realized what awaited her and was terrified. "No, you can't expect me to do this," she protested/pleaded as she looked into my eyes. "It's either that or we'll take you outside to the parking lot and tie your ass over the tailgate of Bud's pick-up and let every guy in here come out and fuck you. Decide." The young beauty was terrified but amazingly excited. She could feel the wetness of her pussy oozing out and dripping down her inner thighs. She looked down at my cock and then looked into my eyes. "But only you," she demanded/pleaded. "Agreed," I said and Fiona lowered her body down onto my thighs. Her legs were spread and my cock stood up inches from her almost exposed pussy. "Very good," I assured her. "Now for a little lapdance."

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