tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 02

Fiona the Deal Facilitator Ch. 02


Fiona had continued to dress as Francis and Bill had chatted away at the door either oblivious or aware enough not to interrupt Francis's negotiations, either way by the time he'd finished she was in the process of buttoning up her blouse thinking that her duties were over.

She was wrong.

Francis turned to her when Bill had left and said, "Did I say you could dress?"

"Erm, No Mr Mulherne," she said looking at him with her fingers on her buttons but now frozen.

"Well I suggest you undress again down to your underwear and get used to being in only your underwear Fiona because if that's what I tell you to work in come Monday, that is what you shall wear is that understood?" he asked.

"Yes, yes Mr Mulherne," she said instantly unbuttoning the two buttons she'd already done so that she could discard her blouse and quickly moved on to removing her skirt.

"That's better," Francis told her before taking his seat again and telling Fiona to get behind her desk in her chair, "Ring Mark Cross for me and tell him I need him here urgently," he told Fiona.

"Yes Mr Mulherne," she said picking up the phone and dialling a few numbers. It rang maybe three or four times and then Mark must've answered, "Hi Mark, can you come back in to work please Mr Mulherne needs an urgent meeting with you," she said and then listened as Mark spoke before she answered him again, "The meeting will be," she looked across at Francis for instruction on to the location of the meeting and he just pointed at the floor beside his chair, "The meeting will be here in my office Mark," she said again listening before hanging up the phone.

"Well how long will he be?" Francis asked Fiona.

"He'll be twenty minutes Mr Mulherne," she said.

"Good, I'll go and grab some lunch from the canteen then and I'll be back, if you eating here then stay as you are but if you need the canteen dress but come back here immediately to undress and eat," he said leaving the office.

I picked up the phone and dialled her straight away.

"Whore," I said as soon as she answered.

"Hello Owner," she said back to me as I watched her on the camera.

"Did you like Bills cock in you pussy whore?" I asked her.

"Yes owner," was her response.

"I watched him make you come you looked so sexy coming on his cock whore," I praised her.

"Thank you owner, I couldn't help myself," she confessed.

"I have a feeling you're in for more cock when Mark arrives whore are you ready for some more cock?" I asked her.

"Not really owner but it seems I have little choice," she said sounding very upset as her voice cracked a little.

"Don't worry just think of the extra money you'll make just for getting cock in you, taking cock for money will come easy for you because your such a good whore aren't you whore?" I said letting her know that I was happy with what was happening to her.

"Yes owner I'm a good whore," she said.

"Good, now remember I'm watching and I'll see you later when I pick you up," I said putting the phone down and going to make myself a quick sandwich.

When I returned to my room and the camera Fiona was still sat her desk alone sipping a bottle of water, at least twenty minutes had gone so Mark was running late and Francis was still to return from the canteen. I'd eaten a half of my sandwich when I heard the loud clunk on the screen of the door opening and closing and Fiona's head flicked up at the same time acknowledging the sound also.

It wasn't until nearer the door did I hear voices and a moment later Francis, followed by Mark Cross entered the office chatting. Both fell silent as they entered the office and a huge smirk spread across Marks face when he instantly noticed Fiona sat behind her desk in nothing but her bra with her huge cleavage on show.

Francis took his seat opposite and told mark to pull up the other armchair so that they were both sat on the side facing Fiona, she had nowhere to hide.

"Right Mark I'm going to cut to the chase," Francis began as he turned towards Mark, "Last Friday night after hours I swung by here and caught this slut on all fours taking a good fucking from yours truly," he said pointing a finger directly at Mark.

"Yeah, sorry about," Francis cut him off by holding up his hand.

"Shut up Mark I'm not interested, luckily for you Fiona her has attributes that I like and that I can put to good use, hence her new attire, but now I've seen the other side of Fiona I understand that it must've been too hard to refuse sticking your cock in her," he said again talking about her like she wasn't there making sure she knew her place.

"Exactly Mr Mulherne it was almost impossible to refuse," Mark said now more comfortable in the fact that he knew his boss wasn't about to fire him and was in fact well on his side.

"Now as of Monday Fiona will be moving upstairs in to a new purpose built office block that will be necessary for her role as the new company Deal Facilitator, her role in the company will be explained on Monday afternoon when we have a team meeting to discuss a few things ok?" he asked Mark who was now looking a little puzzled at the whole situation as he took another chance to look across at Fiona's wonderful cleavage.

"Yes, ok Mr Mulherne," he said.

"Now the reason I've got you back here is to offer you Fiona's position as manager of this department, you'll get Fiona's salary after an initial three month period as well as other perks that come with the job," he told Mark who was clearly pleased and smirking ear to ear at his new promotion that in effect I'd earned him little did he know it.

"Ok great of course I'll take it," he said.

"Now the next thing I need you to do is pick an assistant manager from the team here," he said to Mark.

"That's easy, Nick Moulton, he's the best bloke out there by a mile I'll have him please," he said to Francis still with the huge grin on his face.

"Ok good choice he's a good reliable bloke," he said to Mark before turning to Fiona, "Ring Nick Moulton and tell him its urgent and he needs to get her asap," he said before spinning back to Mark and offering him his hand to shake.

In the background Fiona was talking to Nick Moulton, "Hi Nick it's Fiona can you get to the office asap its urgent and Mr Mulherne needs to see you?" she said and listened before hanging up the phone.

Francis looked over at her waiting for her answer," He'll be five minutes Mr Mulherne he's only shopping over the road and is about to pay," she said.

"Good, I'll wait until Nick's up to speed before we celebrate properly," he said.

I knew where today was heading and I thought back to when I'd asked Fiona if she was ready for Mark's cock this afternoon, I had a feeling that she had two or three cocks on her menu this afternoon.

Nick arrived pretty much five minutes later and came bounding in to the office already asking what the fuck was going on until her saw his boss, Mark and Fiona sat in her bra, "Holy shit what the fucks going on here?" he asked everyone in the room.

"Sit down Nick and I'll quickly explain," Francis said diverting him to the sofa in the corner that Fiona had previously used to conduct informal meetings and employee performance reviews, "There is going to be some changes around her from Monday Nick," he said.

"Ok, I'm listening," he said still staring at Fiona through the gap in Francis's and Mark's chairs.

"I'm not sure if Mark has told you or not but on Friday night I caught this slut here," he said pointing back at Fiona, " on her hands and knees getting a good seeing to from Mark here," he said.

"No way," Nick said looking at them both, "You dirty fucker Mark, and Fiona I never expected," he was cut off by Francis before finishing what he was saying.

"Well because of that Fiona's other attributes have come to my attention shall I say," he said getting big grins in response as they both knew exactly what he meant, " And from Monday she'll be working upstairs in a new office area as the company Deal Facilitator," he said.

"Ok," Nick said through his big grin that never left his face.

"Now that obviously leaves me a manager down and Mark here has readily accepted that position and he chose you to be his assistant," he said.

"Sound of course I'll accept," he said.

"Like Mark after three months you'll get Mark's pay and a host of company perks," he said offering his hand to Nick who hurriedly hoped up and shook his boss's hand.

"Excellent chaps, now that the formalities are out the way we can move on to more interesting matters shall we," he said smirking at them both before turning to Fiona who was looking awfully uneasy sat behind her desk," Don't look so frightened Fiona you'll soon be used to all this," he said as she looked out at the three pairs of eyes staring at her.

There was a moment of silence in the room before Francis spoke again, "Now as Fiona her is on her induction day for her new position I need to see how she goes about situations to see if we're going to have any problems when we start on Monday, she passed the little test with flying colours so have every confidence in her attaining top marks this time around, so Fiona why don't you come round her and start by giving Mark a congratulatory blowjob," he said as if asking her to shred some paper.

"Holy shit, "Nick said flopping back against the sofa and springing back clapping his hands, "This is insane," he said excited.

From looking at nick I say he was similar age to Mark, maybe slightly younger and placed him around the 28-30 mark, he wore no visible wedding ring so given the chance I'm sure he'd be up Fiona's hole like a rat up a drain pipe.

His excitement grew yet again when he watched his ex-manager walk out from behind her desk in high heels and full stockings and suspender set with nothing but sheer thin material covering her already wet inflamed cunt lips.

"Fucking hell Fiona all these years you've been hiding a body like that from us, damn," he said slapping Mark's shoulder, "You jammy cunt," he said.

He along with Francis and myself on camera watched as Fiona was about to sink to her knees between marks legs, but a slap on her arse cheek from Francis stopped her and he told her to remain standing to do it.

She bent over and fiddled with Mark's fly for a moment and then peeled his boxer shorts waist band back enough to fish his cock out, his flaccid cock was soon in the grip off her magnificent fingers and I watched as intently as the others as she wanked him over and over until his cock began to swell.

"You know what Nick get up here I'm sure she can make use of that other hand on you dick," he said and the eager nick didn't need another invitation and was by her side in an instant.

Mark at this point stood up next to his mate in front of Fiona and she somehow managed to carry on masturbating Mark with her arm facing backwards as she faced Nick and with her free hand eventually jostled his belt undone and pushed his trousers down and pulled his boxers down just enough.

To be honest I couldn't see Nicks cock as my view was obscured but he was grinning a lot and I could see both of Fiona's arms now pumping away in unison as she worked the two cocks before her in to solid hard rods. As she went about her work on the lads cocks Francis stood up and unclasped her bra which Nick pulled from the front of her boobs and straight away grasped at her right tit and mauled it roughly, at this point she briefly allowed her hands to leave the pulsating dicks and her bra fell to the floor between them.

She was now having her nipples pulled by the two as she pleasured them harder and faster pumping their cocks as fast as she could. I then watched as Francis began removing her knickers pulling them down from her already assaulted hole and down her legs until she was told to step out of them, which she did without hesitation.

"Get your feet apart Fiona," Francis told her as he sat back in his seat watching Fiona pleasure the two men who she previously managed, "Have a good feel lads, especially you Nick that dirty fucker Mark doesn't need to get acquainted like you do," he said before chuckling to himself.

Fiona's legs were now well wider than shoulder width and access to her cunt was extremely easy for Nick who just reached his right hand forward and his hand and fingers were free to rub or probe Fiona's hole and clit however he saw fit. She didn't stop wanking either of their cocks for one second even when Nick began hammering three fingers deep inside of her hole causing her to stumble a little.

"Your cunts soaked already Fiona you really are a dirty one aren't you?" Nick said continuing to finger fuck Fiona with three of his now well lubricated fingers.

"That might have something to do with Bill fucking her this morning Nick, don't thing that you've got that much ability on women you cheeky fuck," Francis joked as the three of them laughed together.

Mark asked, "Who the fucks Bill?" looking over his shoulder at Francis pushing his groin forward in to Fiona's tight grasp.

"Bill's the bloke running the contractors sorting out Fiona's new office," Francis told Nick and Mark.

"Fucking dirty bitch," Nick said looking at Fiona who looked down at the floor clearly ashamed of her situation, but again like a good whore never stopped pulling their cocks and continued to let Nick finger her hole that was beginning to have a real good effect on her.

I thought that he was going to finger her until she'd come but Mark had other ideas and said declared that it was about time Fiona had some cock up her, and with that he turned her around and used his hand to guide her head forward on to Nicks cock whilst he shuffled in behind her.

Nick had thrown his head back as Fiona's wet mouth had engulfed his cock and let out an almighty groan and a laugh as he savoured the feel of Fiona's wet mouth now expertly bobbing up and down his solid prick. Fiona had placed a hand on each of Nicks hips for support but again Mark had other ideas for her.

"Reach back her Fiona and spread your cunt for me," he said standing behind her waiting as his cock pointed out in front of him waiting to spread her folds again.

She reached back and pulled her arse cheeks apart as close to her cunt as possible so that like Mark had requested he got a good look at where he would slide his cock, but she was now struggling to balance as she continued to suck Nick so eased her legs apart a little for better stability.

Mark than eased forward and placing both his hand s on the small of her back he held her still and fed his cock into her soaking entrance just as he'd done on Friday.

"Mmmppphh ummphh ummmmmmm uummmm," was clearly heard coming from Fiona as she moaned and groaned on Nicks dick the more mark stretched her open with his dick.

Her muffled noises were now a permanent soundtrack to the sordid display that was taking place before me on the webcam in Fiona's office. Mark really began to plough in to Fiona and now she was really struggling to stay on her feet and had to release her hands from her arse cheeks to hold Nick's hips again but Mark never said anything, he only fucked her harder now that she was able to brace herself against his thrusts.

The hard shafting that was being dished out on Fiona's pussy by Mark soon had the desired affect and within three minutes of her bracing herself on Nicks hips she pushed herself up and off nicks cock.

"ARRRGGHHHH UMMMMMMMMM MMMMMMM SHIT SHIT ARRRGGGHHHH," Fiona shouted and groaned as her body lost control and her body shook through the intense orgasm that Marks cock had forced upon her.

"Get your fucking lips back round my meat," Nick said grasping her head and pulling her mouth back towards his cock and filling her mouth with a thrust that stifled her moans in an instant back to the muffled sounds I could hear before.

Mark fucked her for another couple of minutes after her orgasm and then pulled out and stepped away leaving her cunt void momentarily, that was until Nick seized his opportunity and turned her around and bent her forcefully sending her head down between her knees so that she had to place a hand on the floor for balance. He stepped straight in behind her and drove his cock balls deep in one swift easy motion knocking her forward a little and her loud yelp confirmed he was inside.

I watched as the sixth cock since she became my whore began fucking my mother in law Fiona as her descent in to complete whoredom continued.

Nick fucked her hard and deep for a minute and then pulled her up and pulled her arms behind her back so that he could grasp them and pull them backwards causing her back to arch and head come up and backwards. In this position as he thrust up in to her he pulled back on her arms so that she could feel the full force of his dick ramming inside of her and every stroke had Fiona crying out.

I had a wonderful view of her face all screwed up and grimacing and the way her tits bounced and swung about as the pounding jolted her body was a site that had my cock bulging, Mark openly mauled her tits and pulled her nipples as his new assistant drilled Fiona for all he was worth.

I knew for a fact as I'm a man that Nick would continue to fuck Fiona until he too had made her come because no way could he of come first or relinquished her cunt until he too had that badge of honour for himself. Luckily for him as I could sense he was running out of steam Fiona suddenly declared that she was going to come again and Nick seemed to find some extra energy.

"Go on," he said, "Come all over my cock Fiona, come on, come on you slag lets have some more come shall we," he said over and over for nearly a minute as Fiona's orgasm boiled until it spilled over uncontrollably.

She came hard and nosily in front of the three men for the second time in less than twenty minutes but she didn't care, her cunt was full of cock and she had Mark's in front of her still hard and ready to fill her again, she looked at her boss Francis who was smiling as her eyes closed and screwed up as he body shook and legs buckled.

"Oh no," Nick said pulling her back even more and slamming in to her over and over again as her body lost complete control on his cock, "Sluts like you need fucking through orgasm," he said as he pounded her until her body went limp and she was just hanging forward being held at the wrists by Nick and impaled on his cock.

She looked like a well fucked doll and when Nick pushed her off she fell on to the floor, her weak legs unable to hold herself up any longer, the toll of the orgasms taking effect.

"Are you having a go boss?" Mark asked Francis.

"You know what I wasn't going to but her performance has got me horny, keep her occupied for a minute while I get undressed," he said standing up, "Get her up on the desk," he then said to Mark as he shed his shirt.

Mark lifted Fiona up and pushed her back towards her desk just she'd been made to do with Bill earlier that morning and she propped her bum on the desk and then slid backwards half way on to her desk and laid backwards immediately opening and splaying her legs in front of Mark. Her well used cunt looked wonderful and moist and the brief glance that I got at it before Mark fed her his cock again nearly made me spunk in my hand.

Nick climbed up on the desk on his knees and knelt as close to her head as possible and turned her towards him and told her to open her mouth, which she did instantly and accepted Nick's cock again and hungrily sucked his helmet and an inch or two of his cock. Mark fucked her slowly and rubbed her bullet like sensitive clit until Francis tapped his shoulder.

"Come on out the way Mark it's my turn," he said pushing Mark out the way.

Mark went and joined Nick up on the desk on the opposite side of the desk and now Fiona had to work both cocks in turn , her horribly used pussy was about to receive the fourth cock of the day and it just happened to be the biggest.

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