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Fire and Ice


You touch my shoulder and I turn to look up at You smiling. The look in Your eyes stops me in my tracks, smile fading, eyes instantly lowering. Silently, You stand and take my hand, pulling me with You.

"Master...." I start to ask, but I feel a finger on my lips quieting me and I know, there will be no talking tonight. I follow You closely up the stairs to the bedroom. You turn to me and look down into my eyes, leaning in and whispering, "Close your eyes sweet girl and keep them closed." I nod my head and let my eyes flutter closed, placing myself in Your hands, knowing You'll keep me safe.

You lead me into the bedroom and sit me down on the edge of the bed leaning down to kiss me softly on the lips, whispering to me "Just breathe and relax lil girl, let Me take care of You tonight."

I purr softly and nod my head, trying to relax into whatever it is You want from me. A blush rises over my cheeks as I realize that all Your attention is focused on me and I squirm a bit in my seat. Suddenly I feel Your hand in my hair, grasping tightly and pulling my face up to Yours. You kiss me deeply and thoroughly, tongue slipping into my mouth playing out what I know is to come later.

You pull my head closer and kiss me deeper, slowly breathing through the kiss and gently sucking the breath from me. I gasp and lay my head back in Your hand letting You breathe for me, giving over even that most basic necessity for Your pleasure.

You pull back and I feel myself falling forward into You loosing my balance. I hear You chuckle and feel Your hands on my waist, steadying me. I shiver as the cold air hits my chest, my shirt whisked off before I even have a chance to notice. You lay me back on the bed, hand behind my shoulders and kiss me deeply again sliding my pj's down and off so I am lying completely naked before You.

I hear You suck in Your breath as You look me over and I squirm a little, feeling the heat of Your eyes traveling over my naked flesh. You lean in and kiss me again, one arm under my knees the other under my back lifting me into the center of the bed.

I take a deep breath, suddenly alone in the middle of the bed, struggling to keep my eyes closed. My head turns to the left as I hear a match striking and being lit, the acrid scent of the smoke filling my nose. I can hear You shuffling and my head follows You around the bed, trying to figure out what's going on, knowing I won't have to wait long. My body starts to shiver with anticipation and I feel Your hand on my shoulder, reassuring me.

"Be still sweet girl," You tell me, "I don't want to have to tie You down. I want You to be a good girl for me."

I whimper and nod my head in silent agreement, willing my body to stop shaking and trying to hold myself still in mental bondage to You.

Without warning I suddenly feel a warm drop land on my skin just between my breasts followed by another and then a third. The hot wax splashes a little, leaving warm trails across my flesh. You bring the candle a little closer and the heat intensifies. Each drop sending little waves of heat and a slight sting through my body.

I feel the wax traveling towards my right nipple, heat starting to sear my skin a bit as it inches closer and closer to the hardened bud. Just as the wax reaches the tip of my nipple I gasp and uncontrollably shudder as my left nipple is suddenly freezing, covered with ice. My body shakes, torn between the two sensations, mind reeling trying to process it all.

You continue to cover my right nipple in a thick hot layer of wax while the ice melts on my left, freezing cold water running down my breast and over my belly. I moan loudly and You chuckle, I can almost see the smirk on Your lips though my eyes remain closed.

You shift Your weight and the two trails start to move together down my body, down over my breasts and criss crossing over my stomach. My body is slowly winning it's war against my mind and i'm struggling to stay still, the intense sensations You're creating threaten to push me over the edge. I moan loudly as the wax hits my mound, the heat making my body pulse. The ice lands there to meet it and once again the dichotomy of sensations makes me squirm.

I feel You move between my legs and the wax gets closer to my clit, sending waves of intense heat into me. You lay down and lean on my thighs to hold me still, not even giving me a second to figure out what You're up to. At first I barely feel the cold of the ice cube being slipped inside me, I can only feel its shape as it pushes in deep, but that quickly changes. I lift my hips against You gasping and moaning deeply as i'm filled with a second freezing cold ice cube.

"Hold them there lil girl, I don't want them slipping out," You say to me sliding Your fingers out. I nod and whimper, squeezing my muscles gently to keep the ice cubes in place. At that same moment You inch the candle closer to me wax getting even hotter on my mound, dripping hot trails onto my clit en-casing it in a wax cocoon. I squirm and groan, the heat almost too intense and You push down harder, holding me there making me take it.

I can feel the ice melting and the cold water spilling out of me mixing with the hot wax covering the outside of my pussy and my head spins sending me floating off into subspace.

You blow out the candle and lean in to kiss me deeply, Your arms wrapping around me, picking me up and settling me in Your lap facing You. Pulling me close I feel Your skin warm against mine heating the cool spots and soothing the hot spots and I moan softly into the kiss. Your hands travel up my back and dig into my hair, pulling me closer to You for another deep consuming kiss.

I wrap my legs around You trying to get closer. Pussy aching and throbbing with need I grind my hips against You feeling You press back just as aroused as I am. Your lips travel down to kiss my neck and You whisper in my ear "Open your eyes little girl, I want to see the look in them as I take you hard."

My eyes flutter open and I blink a few times to get adjusted to the light. Looking up I see You staring down intently and I know that within a matter of seconds You will be buried deep inside me, once again claiming me as Your own. I wrap my arms and legs around You tightly and feel Your hands lifting my ass a bit, Your cock just resting against the opening of my pussy. I whimper and squirm trying to get You inside me anyway that I can.

"Is there something you want little girl?" You ask me.

Blushing I look up into Your eyes, "Yes Master......pleeease," I beg.

"Please what girl?" You ask me, smirking.

"Pleeeeeease Master, please fuck me....i need You inside me"

You smile at me and without saying a word push Yourself deep into me with one thrust. I moan loudly and buck against You. You're hot inside me in sharp contrast with the freezing cold of the last bit of the ice still hidden there. The cold has made me very tight and it feels like You're splitting me open.

You hold my hips firmly down against Yours looking into my eyes. Feeling me so close to the edge You hold perfectly still, not letting me move an inch, just keeping Yourself deep inside me. Leaning in close You whisper to me in a soft encouraging voice, "Wait pet, hold on....not yet....wait for Master, be a good girl for me," and then a little harsher, "don't you dare cum yet."

I moan loudly and nod my head, breathing deep and doing my best to obey. You start to move and the twitching of Your cock inside me is nearly my undoing. You fuck me deep and slow at first melting the last of the ice inside me and I can feel the cold water rushing out of me as You push back in deep. I wrap my legs around You tighter thrusting back, starting to pick up the pace a little bit.

You feel me grinding against You and hold my hips tight, controlling the pace, making me wait. I suddenly feel one of Your hands between us, flicking at the wax covering my clit and I moan loudly pushing hard against You.

You look down into my eyes watching for that moment, still peeling the wax from my pussy, rubbing a little harder on my clit. I squirm and whimper on Your cock, breathing deep to try and control my response to You. You start to fuck me a little faster, nails digging into my hips as You grab me firmly.

I moan louder and look up into Your eyes begging for release. Your cock twitches as You see the look in my eyes and know that i'm close. You growl and lean in close, nipping at my neck. "Cum for me sweet girl, now."

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