tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFire and Ice Ch. 02

Fire and Ice Ch. 02


Jason awoke from his drug induced slumber groggy, his head pounding. Looking around, all he could see was black, and a single spotlight illuminating only himself. Clarity came slowly, and he realised when he tried to move that his arms were chained above his head, and his legs shackled to the cement floor. He tried to follow the chains above him to their end, but they disappeared into darkness. He suddenly felt very cold and alone.

And he was naked.


His deep voice trembled.


Louder, angrier.

"Where am I!?"

his voice echoed into nothing, with only the clink of chains to break the silence.

A loud crash. A creak. A grinding of gears. Jason looked intently to the source of the sound, trying to see anything in the inky blackness. Suddenly, across what seemed an eternity, a pillar of light began to widen, and a dark silhouette skulked from it. The white rectangle closed, leaving Jason with the deafening silence, and the fear that someone was watching him, toying with him.

"Where are you!?"

Jason yelled into the dark but no response came.

"Who's there!?"


He heard footsteps, light, probably a woman's. They were coming closer. A young blonde woman with her head bowed crept into the light. She was clad in a black corset, fishnet stockings and black frilly panties. Around her neck sat a heavily spiked choker collar. Jason wrenched at his chains, trying to lash out at his captor as she continued to approach him. When she came close enough for him to smell her strawberry perfume, she raised her head, and looked at Jason with pleading eyes. He noticed a leash attached to her collar leading back into the darkness.

"Please don't yell. She doesn't like it when you yell."

Her small voice barely reached him.


The leash became taught, and the pale skinned woman slinked back into the darkness.

"Now now Chantelle, let's not be giving our new toy any hints. I want him to learn on his own."

The confident and powerful, yet seductively feminine voice resonated in the chamber. Jason began to wonder where he could be. All he knew was that it was big, and smelled of vanilla. In the distance he saw a light. It looked like a little flame, and as it grew it illuminated a large candle. Another pin prick in the distance grew, then another, and another. He was soon surrounded in a perfect circle by a row of candles, and could make out a figure slowly crossing in front of them, circling him.

"Chantelle! Oil!"

The blonde woman returned, holding a bowl of viscous liquid. Jason knew he was not in a position of strength, and that the creature before him had no bargaining power. He chose to remain silent until he could confront his true captor. Chantelle stood before him, dipping her hand into the oil and watching it drip back into the bowl. She playfully observed it as it strung threads between her fingers. She then looked Jason right in the eye and flashed a wicked smile. She stepped closer, and cupped her hand, filling it with oil.

"Mistress likes a prepared servant. You can call this your initiation ritual."

She proceeded to slap the oil on Jason's chest, mingling it with his sparse hair. She placed the bowl on the ground, her pale white breasts bunching in the corset. She filled her free hand with oil and joined her other one. Her hands rubbed the oil into his olive skin gently, almost lovingly. Chantelle traced every line on his chest, his abdominals, his ribs. She oiled his arms, his neck. She massaged a small amount into his face and hair. She completely slathered his torso, then crouched to begin work on his legs.

Despite the situation, Jason found the sensations quite pleasant, and had to fight to maintain his anger. He reasoned that his cock would be the last thing to receive any attention, the aim to tease him. He felt an oily hand on his balls that sent a shock down his shaft, and he felt blood begin to engorge it. The hand continued, spreading the oil over him, pulling back the foreskin to massage the head. He fought it every step, but Jason's cock became fully erect, seven and a half inches of European glory. Chantelle's ever eager hands stroked and held his cock, grasping for more, more. The leash around her neck cracked, and she reeled back in shock.

"No Chantelle. This is his initiation, not your playtime."

"I'm sorry mistress. Forgive me."

Footsteps echoed, the clomp of high heel on pavement. Jason could barely make out her outline against the candle behind her. He found as it got closer he became less fearful, her presence somehow calming him.

She stepped into the light. Jason gazed in wonder at her beauty. She was tall in her heels, always looking down on him through emerald dark, entrancing brown eyes. Her long brown hair flowed luxuriously over her naked shoulders. Clad in a curves-hugging red corset, and matching lingerie, her hands, gloved in red velour, tussled Jason's hair. She clasped his jaw in her hand, wrenching his head from side to side, inspecting her product. Her luscious full lips, coated in a deep red lipstick, smiled excitedly. Her breasts threatened to escape and she breathed deeply.

"Yes, yes I will keep you."

She removed her hands from him, stepping back and crossing her arms.

"Do you remember who I am, boy?"

"I do. You are my mistress."

She smiled gleefully.

"That's right! I took you in from the cold, I gave you food, drink, rest. In return you promised to give me anything I wanted."

"I recall."

Jason bowed his head, remembering his last encounter with his mistress. He remembered the beating that he deserved. He remembered how she rewarded his behaviour. He remembered her forceful touch on his cock, and it swelled just from the memory. It was an arrangement he did not regret, but did not remember fondly either. He knew he was tricked into being here, drugged, forced, and yet he felt compelled to stay, for now. The Mistress was looking very pleased.

"Good, good. Well welcome to initiation, young slave. Here is where you become mine in mind, body, and spirit. Are you ready?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Excellent, because that was the last choice you'll make in my company. Chantelle!"

Chantelle's small form crept into the light.

"A reading of the rules please!"

"Yes Mistress."

The Mistress disappeared behind Jason as Chantelle stood at attention directly in front of him.


Snap! A riding crop was brought down on Jason's bare arse, painfully reminding him that his previous wounds were still healing. He let out a loud yell, screaming his pain into infinity.

"Her name is Jessica, but she will be addressed as Mistress or Mistress Jessica. Two!"

Snap! The riding crop whipped his back, the Mistress asserting her dominance one pound of flesh at a time.

"The Mistress' word is final. You will obey without question. Three!"

Snap! Behind his left kneecap he felt the sting of the crop. The Mistress was clearly experienced at her art, choosing the most vulnerable spots to assault.

"You belong to the Mistress. She is fair, and if you are good you will have all you could want. Act poorly and bring shame upon her..."

Snap! The crop was brought to bear on his other kneecap. The sting caused his legs to buckle and he hung from the chains above him. The Mistress grasped a handful of his hair and tugged his head back. A cold voice hissed in Jason's ear.

"...And I will rend your flesh."

Chantelle chimed in again.

"Do you understand and agree to these rules?"

"I accept."

Jason weakly relinquished his power and passed out.


Jason awoke strapped to a familiar table. He was face up, and could feel a cool breeze on his arse where he knew a hole to be cut. His consciousness returning, he looked down to find Chantelle suckling on his stiff cock. He didn't know how long she'd been there, but the pleasure was welcome relief from the beatings. Her head bobbed up and down happily, while a hand gently caressed his balls. Even if Jason wanted to protest, he was tied to the table and unable to move. He relaxed, enjoying the attention, the thrill of a slippery tongue massaging his head.

"Enough Chantelle."

The familiar commanding voice rang out from the darkness. Mistress Jessica stepped out, leaning over Jason with a stern expression on her face. She grasped his cock and held it firm. Her voice hushed, but still maintained its power over him.

"Now, with your mind mine, it is time to tame your body. It is very simple. I am going to bring you to the brink of orgasm, and then I am going to match your pleasure with pain. When you are no longer close, I will repeat it until you beg me to let you finish. And then, when I choose to, you will cum for me. You will cum hard, and then you will meet your final task and relinquish your spirit to me. And so we begin."

The Mistress stepped back, Chantelle scurrying behind her. Quickly Chantelle began tugging at the laces that tied the Mistress' corset closed. As it released, falling to the ground before her, she exhaled a long sigh, her breasts finally free. Jason watched in a trance, the spotlight above them casting long shadows from her large, full breasts. He admired every curve, every smooth contour, following them over her toned stomach, tracing the 'V' down towards her waistline. He longed to know what beauty lay concealed behind them, to see every part of her, to worship her. His cock stiffened further, the mere thought of her embracing exhilarating him.

"Chantelle. It seems our new subject needs to be re-oiled. Please."

Chantelle disappeared into the darkness, returning with the familiar bowl of oil. Placing it on the ground she soaked her hands, proceeding to sensually rub Jason's body, taking great time and care when she reached his shaft. She gently squeezed, motioning her hand up and down along his length, taking care to stroke the head on each pass.

Jason lay back, closing his eyes in pleasure, moaning softly at the gentle strokes. Her strokes became harder, faster, and he met her with restrained thrusts. He could feel an orgasm building, and failed to hide it.

"Chantelle! To me!"

Jason's eyes flashed open as Chantelle's small hands left him. His head tingled with sensitivity, but his orgasm didn't come. He squirmed to face the Mistress, and watched as Chantelle loving removed Mistress Jessica's panties. Jason's eyes lit up as he saw a manicured strip of dark hair pointing to a beautiful pussy, its lips sparkling with wetness. He watched as Chantelle ran her tongue through the hair, continuing slowly to the Mistress' clit. Mistress Jessica drew a sharp breath as Chantelle's tongue ran circles around her bud.

Jason stared in agony at the beautiful sight before him, he struggled to touch himself, to give himself relief from the sexual stimulation. Mistress only stared into his eyes and smiled devilishly, Chantelle thrusting her tongue deep inside her, eager to please her master. From behind her, Mistress Jessica produced the riding crop that had so brutalised Jason on their last encounter. She gently rubbed the end up and down Chantelle's back.


She brought it down on her slave. Chantelle gripped the Mistress' buttocks firmly, driving her tongue deeper, exploring her moist depths. Her strokes increased in their ferocity, fighting to give her master what she needed.

"Chantelle. Enough."

Chantelle withdrew, kneeling in front of her, her head bowed in submission.

"I think it's time for a little pain. Chantelle, whips, clamps, now."

Once again Chantelle hurried into the darkness, returning with a tray of various toys, whips, restraints, canes, and buckles. She placed the tray at the foot of the table and handed the Mistress a pair of red and black whips. She then picked up two nipple clamps, a chain running between them, and came to Jason's side. She looked at him deeply, standing completely still. Without warning she burst forward, kissing him, trusting her tongue deep into his mouth.


Mistress Jessica brought whip down onto Chantelle's shoulder, leaving a pink welt and causing her to recoil in pain.

"Hand me the clamps!"

Chantelle did as she was bid, presenting the clamps with outstretched hands. The Mistress snatched them quickly, clearly displeased by her slave's conduct. She returned her cold gaze to Jason, a dark look burning in her eyes. She flicked each of his nipples in turn, smiling as they hardened. She fastened each clamp, and tugged on the chain, eliciting an uncomfortable grunt from her new toy.


The Mistress looked him over, her face falling as she saw his softening cock.

"No, no, no. That's a bad slave."

In one deft movement she jumped up the side of the table, swing a leg over his pelvis, her wet snatch tickling the base of his penis. Instantly, it began to harden, Jason's adrenaline as confused as he was. He felt uncomfortable at her denial of his pleasure. His skin began to burn and he strained against his bonds, the ropes cutting into his arms. His body demanded release, But the Mistress only smiled, placed her hands on his chest and began grinding on his shaft. Every time he began to slip away into pleasure the tugged at the chain between the clamps, brutally dragging him back to reality.

She slipped further forward, teasing his head with the decadent entrance to her sex. She slipped over the head, moans coming from the slave. She prodded herself softly, her breasts bouncing softly, never pushing past the tip, watching the muscles on his arms tighten and strain, bringing her immense joy. Just as his climax was imminent, she pulled away, sitting on his oily stomach. His eyes opened wide, a rage building at his temptation.


Mistress Jessica's voice boomed through the darkness.

"No? How dare you order me!"


The whip burnt into his arm.


His other arm felt the whip's full force.

Snap! Snap! Snap!

Three hits to the chest, dark red marks appearing in their wake.


Jason screamed in pain, hot tears welling in the corners of his eyes.

"You are forgiven."

The Mistress' voice was calm, docile. Jason looked down at her and saw her smiling, her luminous face glowing in the spotlight.

"That's a good boy. I tell you what. This time. This time you will finish."

Jason breathed a heavy sigh of relief.

"Thank you Mistress. Thank you."



"Ride him."

"Oh thank you Mistress! Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Chantelle's face lit up with joy as she tore off her panties and proceeded to toy with Jason's cock, it stiffening in her hands. The Mistress climbed down from the table, allowing Chantelle enough room to straddle the waiting servant. Beside the table, Mistress Jessica leaned in, kissing Jason passionately. Her tongue assaulted his mouth, unrelenting, dominating him even in this.

As his eyes closed in exhausted happiness, Jason felt a small hand grasp his cock firmly, lining it up with Chantelle's hot mound. She closed the game and he slipped inside her. She was tight, the pressure squeezing his cock inside her. He felt her muscles clench and unclench as she slid up and down, constantly increasing the speed. She needed this as much as he did.

It didn't take long before Jason was on the edge again. The constant and confusing stimulation had put him into overdrive. He thrust as hard as he could against his bindings, moaning heavily through his Mistress' kiss. Chantelle's bouncing was taking Jason to heights he had never been before. His orgasm continued to build, and he was almost ready to explode with passion.

Mistress Jessica pulled away. Confident in her nudity, she smiled the most terrifying smile Jason had ever seen. Her hand was planted firmly on her pussy and she was rubbing it frantically. Her long brown hair was matted over her face, the picture of a sexual demon.

"Oh no," thought Jason, "Please. No."


She cried out in a panting and husky voice.


Chantelle removed herself from him immediately, leaving him with a knot at the base of his cock. He thrashed against the straps that held him down, squirming almost seizure-like on the table, roaring into the spotlight with all his might.

"Mistress! Please, I beg you! Please!"

The Mistress could not hear him. she had fallen to her knees, her eyes had rolled back and she was riding the hardest orgasm she had experienced in some time. Hot lightning shot through her, waves of pure pleasure crashed over her. Her juices flowed from her down her legs, and Chantelle eagerly bent down to lap them up, licking and nibbling her master's thighs. Mistress Jessica bent over double, each throbbing shockwave more powerful then the last.

As her orgasm subsided, and she allowed Chantelle to clean her up, she stretched backward, breathing heavily, her breasts hugging the sky. Her nipples stood at attention, basking in the white glow of the spotlight, warming her soul. She calmed, she sighed, and she returned her focus to her subject, now exhausted and silent. She stood up and walked over to him. She reached down to kiss his lips, enjoying his servitude.

"You see Jason, you are mine. Your mind is mine. Your body is mine. And now, I hold all the pieces of your spirit. Stay with me, and we will do great things. I will return for you later. Chantelle!"

Chantelle leapt to attention and follows Mistress Jessica into the darkness. The pillar of light at the end of the room slid open, and two exhausted, but satisfied, figures walked into the light, the door closing behind them.

Jason looked up into the spotlight. His fears were gone. His cares were gone. He knew only of the Mistress, and that she would provide for him. He felt warm, relaxed, glowing. He smiled as he wondered what was in store for him.

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