tagErotic CouplingsFire Danger

Fire Danger


Jared looked into the rear view mirror studying the flames. They seemed to be following him down the long, narrow country road. "Damn, if the winds change we'll be screwed," he thought as he drove deeper into the canyon. This section of the canyon had sprouted up cabins over the past 4 years for people wanting to leave the city. Forests burn, they need to burn and now this canyon was an urban interface. It hadn't burned in almost 10 years; the carrier fuels were heavy; this could get real ugly, real fast.

Helen smelled smoke on the light breeze and wondered who would have a fire this time of year. The neighborhood association had warned all the residents not to do any burning because the fire danger was extreme. It's probably one of those prescribed burns she had read about. Something about fire cleaning up the forest floor and then the trees grew better. As she started up the stairs to her log cabin the phone began ringing. Opening the door she ran and picked up the receiver just in time to hear her mother's hysterical warnings about being burnt in the worse fire in the past decade.

"Mom, slow down. What are you talking about? What fire? The canyon is on fire. Ten thousand acres have burned. No, I haven't heard the news. Ok, ok I'll turn on the television. Mom, I wanted to move to the Canyon. I'd had enough of city life; sometimes a person has to reconnect with nature and I'd trade the chance of fire to gangs any day," Helen explained as she balanced the phone in the crook of her neck and reached for the television remote.

"Yes, mom I see. It's channel 24. Let me call you back I can't concentrate on what they're saying and your constant chatter. Yes, I promise I'll call you right back. I'm NOT on fire mom; I don't see flames. I promise, I'll call back," Helen placed the phone on the cradle and sat on the futon to watch the footage of the fire that seemed to be headed her way. She had made sure her cabin was cleared to 100 feet and that all the flammable containers and the wood stack were stored at opposite sides of the land beyond the 100 foot margin. No pine needles littered the roof. A fire traveling fast and crowning might pose a threat yet she had followed the Forest Service guidelines exactly. She knew they would send fire officials to warn residents when they needed to evacuate. No one had knocked at her door so that had to be a good sign.

Picking up the phone she was relieved when her mother's answering machine clicked on. "Mom, there is a danger. I'm going to pack the truck and be ready to pull out. No one has come by to warn me so I think I'm ok for now. I'll call later." Hanging up the phone she looked around and wondered aloud, "What has to go with me? I've pared down to the bare essentials so what has to go with me?" She immediately packed the dog's food and leash; she'd also need some clothes, basic food and water just in case the pass through the canyon was closed.

The sound of a vehicle in her drive brought a reflexive gasp as she looked out to see a Forest Service green rig pulling to the front door. A man of about 40 stepped out, not bad looking and in uniform so she probably didn't have to worry about a serial killer. She opened the door and again noticed the smell of smoke in the air. "Good morning. My name is Jared Spelling. We are warning residents that an evacuation might be necessary. It would be best if you packed a few things and got ready to leave. We'll be back to give you the evacuation command should it become necessary." Helen looked at the man and smiled. She thanked him. He smiled back at her, tipped his hat and left. Jared, the Forest Service official, was gone as quickly as he had come.

Helen looked around; what next? A shower, she hadn't had a shower today best to get cleaned up and be ready to go, if needed. Walking out to the back porch, she crossed over to the outside shower. She quickly stripped out of her jeans, panties, T-shirt and bra stepping into the stream of water. She had made a great decision buying the place and setting it up to be environmentally-friendly and rustic. The water spraying over her body as she soaped felt erotic and her nipples were instantly hard. It certainly wasn't easy finding a sex partner in the boonies but her imagination and a variety of dildoes and vibrators kept her satisfied. How long had it been since she had masturbated? Soaping her body she realized she was aroused and lingered over her clit and vaginal opening. At least two weeks she mused...it had to have been at least two weeks because she had been busy canning blackberries and she had stayed up late several nights to work on her book. The familiar zing of true arousal struck her cunt; she was instantly wet and so very receptive to a hard cock... Just thinking about it was making her knees weak. A flesh and blood cock, hard, ready...ooohhh moaning she slipped two fingers into her cunt curling them so she'd hit her G-spot...deep, rhythmic pressure then withdrawing to rub her clit. Leaning against the wall of the open shower, eyes closed she felt her orgasm building quickly.

As Jared drove away he felt mildly excited. The woman at the last cabin was pretty and she had smiled at him. He'd make sure that if an evacuation order was issued he would personally go back to her place. Maybe she was single, great tits and a nice ass perhaps she was as lonely and horny as he was who knows maybe he could comfort her. His radio crackled and there it was the order to evacuate this section of the canyon. He whipped the truck around quickly and headed back to the woman's cabin.

When he drove into the driveway she didn't come to the door. As he walked across the porch he didn't see her inside and decided to walk around back she was probably packing her vehicle. As he turned the corner of the cabin, his heart almost stopped at the sight in front of him. The woman was nude, standing in an outside shower water running down her body; she was clearly masturbating. His cock was rock hard in seconds. She was dipping the fingers of her right hand in and out of her cunt and her left hand was squeezing her nipple. She was actually humping her own hand. Her head was off to one side, her mouth open, gasping and she was leaning against the wall of the shower. He thought he could hear her moaning over the sound of the water. He reached down to readjust his cock and rubbed his hand over it. Pre-come had already seeped through his pants.

Helen was deeply aroused oblivious to her surroundings so that when Zip, her terrier, started to bark she jumped not realizing he was so close to her. She looked first at Zip and then up at what he was barking at...the man, the Forest Service man was standing not 20 feet from her. She immediately saw his cock clearly outlined through his pants and the wet spot that revealed his arousal. She didn't feel frightened. Her body jerked and her cunt clenched hard at the sight of the swollen member restrained in his pants.

Jared saw the dog out of the corner of his eye just as he started barking at him. He glanced at the dog then back at the woman who was obviously staring at the bulge in his pants. He thought he saw her body move towards him and he found himself crossing the yard discarding his clothes without even thinking of what he was doing. It just seemed natural. His body wanted this woman and he knew her body wanted him. By the time he reached her, his cock was free, his pants falling down his legs, his shirt had come off he didn't remember how. When he reached for her, she jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist impaling herself on his cock in one swift movement. He thought he'd topple over yet he managed to lean her up against the shower wall and hammer into her. He could feel her feet pushing into his butt pulling him deeper and holding him inside her. Her cunt was wet and tight; it seemed to be milking the very life out of him. When her vagina started spasmodic contractions he felt his cock swell and explode. He couldn't hold back the flood of come as he pumped into her willing body. Her head was on his shoulder and she was softly moaning, her cunt continued squeezing him with tiny contractions. He honestly felt he had emptied his life into her. Her legs slid down his ass and he became aware of the shower still spraying on both of them. When her feet hit the ground his cock slid from her cunt, a gush of fluids followed. He was still leaning into her. He looked at her; she was facing him as tears ran down her cheeks both were still breathing hard. She reached over and shut off the water. Zip was standing at the woman's feet looking up at her wagging his tail.

When Jared pulled away from the woman she almost fell. He felt woozy himself and reached out and steadied himself on the shower wall. Jared felt self-conscious, now what? He had just fucked a stranger half dressed in his uniform and a fire was raging towards them. What if the crews showed up and found him bare ass naked in a shower with one of those pain-in-the-ass canyon tree huggers?

Helen saw the man walking towards her. He ripped open his shirt and threw it on the ground. He unbuckled his pants, unzipped them and his cock sprang free pointing directly at her. She wanted it; she had to have that cock deep inside her. When he reached her, she leapt into his arms grasping his waist with her legs to pull him deep into her. He slid in easily. What a great cock, a big, fat head something a girl's cunt could really suck on. And suck she did -- her cunt seemed to come to life -- grasping, pulling, and clinging to the throbbing life deep within her. She could feel the weight of his body against her as he leaned their bodies into the shower wall. Her orgasm took her violently. With the first spasms she felt his cock swell even more and knew he was going to come deep inside her. He came for what seemed like minutes. As her orgasm subsided the tiny aftershocks rocked her body she felt her cunt milking even more of his come. She felt drugged. Her legs slid down. She felt the earth and realized she had to lean against the wall and the stranger to keep from falling. Turning off the water she saw Zip at her feet and smiled at him. "Mom got fucked good, big guy," she mused. Looking at the stranger their eyes met it was then she realized she had been weeping. Deep, soul-level orgasms always left her weeping. What was his name? Why had he returned?

Jared pulled away from the woman and handed her the towel hanging over a chair. She took the towel and wrapped her body. She started walking toward the cabin. He followed her picking up his clothes and dressing as they walked. When they reached the porch he said, "You have to leave; the evacuation has been ordered. You must leave now. Are you ready? I can help you pack your truck." Helen turned dressing quickly in front of the stranger. She grabbed Zip's belongings and a few of her own and headed out the door. When she reached the truck, the stranger said, "Go to the base set up at the far end of the canyon. You can wait there. I'll meet you there. I have to get to the others quickly." Then he kissed her, a deep, passionate kiss. A kiss that told her he knew her.

Helen settled Zip in the truck and started the engine. The stranger was already pulling out of her driveway and heading deeper into the canyon. She noticed as she looked south the way the stranger was traveling that black smoke was billowing up from the tops of the forest. She headed north to the base camp. Dialing her mother's number on her cell phone she was disappointed when her mother answered. "Mom, I am evacuating to the base camp. Everything is fine. Zip and I are ok. Don't worry. I'll call you later." Hanging up as her mother began to speak she didn't think she had the energy for her mother's endless hysterics.

Driving through the canyon she had time to think about fucking the Forest Service man. What would she say when she saw him at the base camp? What must he think? Perhaps she should just keep driving to her mothers and wait for the ok to return to her cabin. As the base camp neared, she pulled in knowing she wanted to feel him deep inside her again.

When Jared got to the farthest house, the residents had already left. The fire crews were cutting line and setting up for their fight. He pulled on his gloves, grabbed his radio and headed to the fire line.

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