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Fire Play


Sir has brought me to a party, and I know there will be play, and I do not mind. What I didn't know is there would be fire play. I am curious about it--I saw it once at Libertine and was completely fascinated by it. And I remember the feel of the flame from a little while ago.

False is doing the fire play. He needs a first victim. I am hesitant, but Sir asks if I want to try. I am a bit nervous, but I remember how I loved the feel of the single little flame from the lighter when Sir tried fire play on me not too long ago. I nod, and tell False I will be ready to go.

False starts by asking me to strip down--he says the best way to do fire play is when the person is completely nude. He notices that Sir drew on my chest earlier with sharpies, and says he will not go over the ink. I know the drawing Sir did is already fading, but I am glad. I love the design Sir did for me.

I strip down in front of Sir, False, and one other person. The room is freezing. I am trying to control my body to stop shivering--I cannot shiver while I am getting flames passed over my body. Sir kisses me, and hugs me, trying to help me warm up.

False wipes down the table and tells me to lie face up. I lie down, and I feel vulnerable with how exposed my body is. I do not really remember the last time I was this exposed, unless in the privacy of my own bedroom. I close my eyes--while I want to watch, I know watching might unnerve me and I also know that my other senses will take over and heighten the experience.

I do not expect the first pass of the flame until I feel something liquid on my body. Then, I feel it, the flame. The heated silky feeling that I love, but this is more intense. And with a bigger flame, not only do I feel the pleasure, but I feel minor pain. It reminds me of when Sir uses the strap on my body, though not as intense. But the feeling is exquisite. I no longer feel the cold from the room. I feel the heat. I can feel some of tiniest body hairs getting singed, but I do not mind.

False starts out along my right thigh, staying in one particular area. I feel him move to my stomach, and I try not to flinch when I feel the flame pass where my belly button is pierced. False is staying on my right side in particular, I am not sure why. It reminds me of the fact that Sir seems to have a tendency to pinch my left nipple more than my right one. I feel the flame go up and down my right side, over my stomach, down my leg. Then, he seems to focus on my right thigh, hitting it over and over again, until I feel like my skin will burn off. But I never cry out a safe word, for as soon as the flame leaves that area, it feels fine, although it feels like I am glowing from the inside.

I do not really notice the people coming in and out, although when the occasional blast of music makes its way into the room, I am jarred from my half-way meditative state. But when there is silence, and all I can hear are the occasional whispers and the flame whistling down through the air, I feel like I am in a trance. The flame is intoxicating--it reminds me of how I felt earlier when Sir was drawing on me. I don't really pay attention, except when I feel Sir's fingers caressing my face between the times False is burning me.

I feel False move higher on my body, up to my breasts, teasing my nipples with the flame. I try not to twist in agony and ecstasy. I feel like I am close to an orgasm, but I remember my orders--Sir does not want me to ever cum unless He says I can.

False tells me to flip over so I am lying on my stomach. I do so, and then I feel the flame on my ass. I flinch a little, my ass is still sensitive--it always is lately because of the spankings I get. But I love it. I feel liquid along my spine, and then heat, as False runs the fire up my spine. It is an area that I love feeling sensations. I am feeling a different kind of heat between my legs, and I moan aloud, but softly. The sensations are overwhelming.

False passes over my back, and down my arms. I love how it feels on my arms. I feel False try to hold my arms steady and pass the flame underneath them, and I try to hold my arms for him, but I know at this moment my body is beginning to wane from the pleasure. I feel the fire go up my arms and into my armpit. It both tickles and burns. I try not to squirm, but I cry out loud.

I am told to go on my back again. This time, as the flames pass, I do not feel Sir come over to me. But I am too entranced to really notice. As False goes over my body one last time, I can feel myself tremble, as if on the edge of orgasm for at least a third time during this play. I feel the flame more intensely this time on my body, even though I have had time to cool on this side. But I am enjoying it. It feels like I am glowing from the inside out, like my own passions are burning with the flame.

It is over all too soon. The cold suddenly rushes back, and I am trembling uncontrollably. Sir wraps me in a blanket and hands me some water. Sensory overload has made me a bit quiet, so I cannot speak much. My teeth are also chattering too much. But I have been through my baptism of fire, and I want to be baptized again.

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