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Fire with Ice


Hey everyone I'm a little rusty on the story front, because I haven't written in a while, but like always comments are welcome either on here or just email me your thoughts

Everyone in this story is 18 or older


If you have been reading my stories, you would know that I like the idea of making people beg for more, I love the fact that I can make someone's pussy wet by just my words, and I don't have to lift a finger to touch them, and believe me, if you are near me when I am in the mood to write stories, you better watch out because I will take you.

I will make you beg me for an orgasm, I will make you beg me to stop cumming, and then I will bring you to the brink one last time and stop right before you are about to come just because I want to hear you whimper in frustration.

The storm is here and my best friend's little sister has curled up her 5'6" frame on the other end of the couch. She is wearing pink leggings and 80s sweatshirt that showcases her milky shoulder and collarbone, her auburn hair is swept up into a high bun. I see the slight swell of her b-cup breasts underneath her sweatshirt; I can tell that she has no bra on because when she flips the page of her book I see firm tits slightly sway. Her skin is flushing due to the fireplace burning; my skin is flushing because of something else.

I pretend to read my book but I am having trouble concentrating on the words because of the throbbing pussy between my legs. I glance up at her, and catch her big green eyes much like her sisters looking back at me, I smile slightly and she goes back to reading her book. After a few minutes I hear her teeth chattering.

"I'm gonna poke the sticks in the fire place, and hopefully get more flames out, I'm freezing" she says as she gets up from the couch bends down to poke the wood.

As she bends down her sweatshirt is gaping away from her, so I can see her flat stomach, and as I run my eyes up her stomach I can see her tits hanging down as well, I can see that her nipples are flat and peachy colored. I wanna take a bite so fucking bad.

Since I am still sitting down, her ass encased in those skin tight leggings are right in my face, I see the tiny bulge of her pussy, and I swear I can feel the warmth of her pussy on my face, if I reach out, I could touch her.

I see her small rounded butt bent in front of me, and I want to massage those ass cheeks with my hands, spread them wide, and eat out her asshole, while I stick my fingers in her tight pussy that is dripping with her essence.

I put down my book next to me on the couch, I reach out with my left hand and lightly rub up and down on the middle seam of her leggings, the one that is between her ass cheeks, she is a little startled and starts to stand up, but I push the small of her back down with my right hand. She looks at me and makes eye contact, she is staring at me shock showing in her wide green eyes.

"Where did you get these leggings?" I ask while still rubbing the seam of her leggings up and down.

"Uhhh, ummm I-I-I umm Forever 21" she stutters out nervously.

She tries to get up, but the pressure of my right hand on the small of her back is still keeping her down.

"Well they were a good choice, the leggings look nice on you...I don't see any panty lines, you aren't wearing any panties... hmm... did you wear this outfit all day today?" I say as I make longer strokes up and down the seam of her leggings almost touching her pussy.


"Do you know that when you bend down like this, I can see the outline of your pussy lips?" I ask as I rub the seam up and down with larger strokes this time.

I turn my attention away from her face, and touch the seam running straight between her pussy lips, and I hear her gasp.

"You like that baby? You like when I rub your pussy lips hmm? Now if I take my hand away from the small of your back will you try to get up again?"

"N-No," she says while breathing heavily.

"Good girl, I knew you were a dirty slut, and what's this? Is that a wet spot forming by your pussy?"

I want to suck her pussy through her leggings right now, I want to nibble each pussy lip, and then finally suck it into my mouth. I want to eat her out until she comes on my face and into my mouth. I want to feel her vaginal muscles closing around my tongue as she orgasms... but this is all in good time.

I pull her butt toward me so she has to shuffle backward. I run my hands up her sides feel the slight curves she has. I caress her torso, running my hands up and down her sides and stomach slowly, the tip of my fingertips are barely touching the sides, and the underside of her hanging tits.

"Unh please" she moans.

"'unh please' what baby?" I smile and chuckle.

"M-My nipples, p-please touch them."

I love that she is begging me.

"Stand up, take your sweatshirt off" I say sternly, I stand up from the couch, and push the couch back a little, so we have more room while she takes her shirt off.

I look at her once she has her shirt off, she is standing there peach nipples erect, the pink leggings acting as a second pair of skin, and I see the evidence of her excitement as a wet spot forming at her pussy. She is sexy, and I want to come on the spot.

"Kneel down hands and knees on the floor, in doggy-style, can you do that for me?" I look her in the eyes, she nods somewhat, she looks a little nervous.

When she gets down on her hands and knees kneel behind her, I caress her torso for a little bit.

"you wanted me to touch your nipples, do you still want that you little slut? Hmm?"

She nods her head in response. Her tits are hanging and her nipples are erect and pointing towards the floor. On the next time I run my hands up her body, my hands reach her tits fully palming them and placing my hand so that her nipples are between my middle and pointer finger, I am not touching her dark peachy stems straight on.

"p-please stop teasing me, I n-need my nipples please?" she sounds frustrated... just the way I like it.

I flick her right nipple "ow!" she squeals in shock her body flinches a little, but then I pinch her nipples between my fingers and pull her nipple down, the "ow" quickly turned into a moan... I do the same thing to her left nipple, it looks as if I am milking her.

I run my hands down her torso again so my hands are touching the waistband of her pink leggings. I yank her leggings down so that they are by her knees, I start caressing her ass, she is trying to move her knees out wider, but her leggings are restricting her movement. Her pussy is beautiful, it is a dusky pink in color, puffed up, dripping wet and her clit is engorged. It is bald, except for some hair at the top her pussy.

I lean in and smell her cunt; it smells musky and sweet at the same time, I take my mouth and suck on her pussy lips, I love the taste it tastes sweet, and when I take my lips to from one pussy lip to the other, a string of lubrication from her pussy is still hanging from my lips, I am in heaven. The hair at the top of her pussy is just long enough for me to tug, so while I am sucking on her pussy lips she is getting a little pain from the tugging on her pubic hair.

She is struggling and trying to get her legs open wider.

"You were teasing everybody all day by having no panties on, so you deserve to feel frustrated you dirty slut, I will let you open your legs up wider when I want to."

I spread her pussy lips wide, and start eating her out more, I can feel her lubrication dripping on my chin, and my nose is right by her asshole and I can smell it, it is heaven.

She is shoving her pussy in my face and moaning hard, I start tongue fucking her cunt hole and I can feel the walls contracting, I know she is about to come... I stop.

"FUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKK!" she screams in frustration.

I smack her ass cheek lightly, and see a red mark forming.

"Take off your leggings, and get back into the doggy-style position."

She stands up looking down at me, her pussy lips are puffy from me sucking on them, and her mouth is swollen from her biting on them, her pupils are enlarged, and she takes off her leggings, and gets back into doggy-style with slow movements, like she was in a sexual haze.

"Good girl, for being such a good girl, I am going to reward you," I go back in and start licking her.

I suck her pussy lips into my mouth again, I then move my mouth from her cunt to her asshole, her pink little star. I start rimming her and sucking her asshole. She grunts in pleasure. While I lick her asshole I take two of my fingers and shove them in her pussy curling down towards her clit.

"Now, when I take my fingers out of your cunt, I want you to lay down on your back on the floor," I take my hands out, and I can hear the "plopping" sound. She quickly gets on her back.

"Do you know what your asshole tastes like?" she shakes her head no.

I then slide up her body my mouth on her mouth, we start kissing. our tongues intertwine, my tongue on her tongue, she is sucking the tongue that I just used to eat her asshole, the knowledge of this makes me even hornier.

"Does your asshole taste good baby?"


"I can't hear you, does your asshole taste good?"


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, my asshole tastes good," she says shyly looking into my eyes somewhat embarrassed.

I move from kissing her mouth down her neck, and then I start sucking her nipples. She moans and grabs my hair shoving me down to taste her nipples more.

I take her hands from off of my head and hold them down by her sides. Her hips are bucking, and her arms are struggling to be freed. Her nipples are so sensitive that she is going to cum by me sucking on them. I then down between her boobs, down her stomach, and when I get to the patch of hair above her pussy, I rub my nose in it, taking in her smell.

I take her legs and put them on my shoulders and I plunge my tongue into her pussy once more. I feel her cunt walls contract around my tongue she is dripping wet. I take the ring finger and the middle finger from my right hand and replace my tongue with my fingers; I curl them up so that they are feeling the spongy skin of her g-spot, I hear the squishing of her wetness, every time I fucked her with my fingers. I bend down and latch my mouth around her straining clit suckling her; she takes her hands, and holds my face to her cunt.

I start finger fucking and sucking her harder, her hips are thrusting into my face, and she is humping my face like an animal, riding pace with my fingers as the hit her g-spot.


When she says "cum" I take my hands out of her pussy, and she squirts all over my face and my neck, my mouth is still working on her clit.

I shove my fingers in and out of her pussy for a couple of seconds, and she squirts again. My face, and my neck was drenched.

She us quivering and shaking when she pushes my head a little away from her clit.

"P-please I'm too sensitive, n-no more," she mutters a little desperately.

I smile a little and suck her pussy lips one last time before I move up to kiss her on the mouth, her face and hair getting wet with her own cum.

We lazily kiss, I look down and see her cunt still contracting, and as well as squirting, it turns out she is a creamer as well.

I dip my poiner finger in her pussy to catch her cream, when I touch her pussy to get catch it, she shutters and moans a little from the little pussy still being sensitive from orgasm.

I put the finger full of her cream on her closed mouth, I start kissing her again, savoring the taste of her.

As we kiss, strings of cum are between us every time we break apart. I look into her green eyes still dilated, but droopy and tired looking.

I look to the side, "The fire has gone out are you gonna be cold?"

She opens up her eyes and yawns and curls into my body "No, I'm rather hot right now".

She sticks her hands down my pants so that her hand is touching my pussy, I'm wet, but I'm content. Right before my body shuts down and goes to sleep my eyes pop open and I say, "Don't tell your sister about this."

"I know...she would be soooo jealous," she replies sleepily, and she then goes to sleep with a smile on her face...

...and I'm in shock.

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I,I,I,I,I.... to many I's. I did this, I did that. Try to concentrate a little more on your sentencing construction. As an example, I smile a little and suck her pussy lips one last time before I movemore...

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