As sun was setting over the tiny purple teeth of the far away Rocky Mountains, the engine of the racing car seemed to hum along to the song on the radio... as if one was made for the other. My husband beside me, was fast asleep as I speed us down the desolate freeway on the high plains of Eastern Colorado.

He had driven all day through Iowa and Nebraska and now it was my turn. It sadly was the Fourth of July. It was a sad occasion because we were traveling it instead of enjoying the celebration... and before long the hints of teeth on the horizon that told of the coming mountains were enveloped into the inky darkness that seemed only to be held at bay by the headlights of my speeding vehicle. The loneliness engulfed me.

That is when I heard them and looked about to try to see where they could be coming from. The tell tale muted pops of fireworks. He, stirring at the unaccustomed sound, hearing them too. It was a few larger fireworks on what might have been a ranch or farm. Disinterested he went to lay his head back down. This time delicately he laid his head on my shoulder, sliding down until his head rested on my breast and his hand lay in my lap.

I eyed him quizzically for a brief moment never taking my gaze completely off the road. He is not a small man by any means. 6'6" 230 pounds or a mite more, not a muscle bound titan, yet not weak either. He had always been somewhat of a soft touch, warm, and sensitive when he was not trying to be a "man". I loved him for the sensitive times.... these times.

Once again his breathing became more measured and somehow in, what looked like the most uncomfortable position in the world, with a few shifts here and there, he fell back to sleep. I had had grandiose plans for the day.... see I get somewhat excited about fucking in public places.... I could call it something nicer but it isn't nice. I want a cock inside me and a man on the other side of it that knows more than how to just pull it in and out of me like a machine could do... or I could do better with a vibrator. The thrill of getting caught, the background sounds of public places, the feel of the foreign feelings against my skin... it just gets me hot. My plan was to find a clean restroom at a not to busy gas station or truck stop and have my man there, I could almost feel the cold tiles on my back and ass while his hot hard cock moved inside of me and his hungry mouth nibbled, licked, and devoured my aching nipples.

For the event I wore a tiny matching lavender halter and skirt that was no more than an inch and a half from being a mini, a pair of seamless lace panties (they advertised as thongs but they have a bottom and don't climb straight up your ass and make themselves at home there. It is part of the the Cabernet line and I get them at Dillard's, I highly recommend them), and even a pair of sandles with 3inch heels. Yes I looked like a tramp. Unfortunately for me, my fourth of July fireworks didn't come to pass. There was only one restroom that was even close to clean and he was completely dense when I tried to get his attention and him to slip in the restroom with me. Well, I am not good at charades either....

As with age and busy schedules comes the inherent lack of special intimate moments between couples. We were not immune, those special adventurous moments we once shared, were getting to be too few as of late. I had aimed to change that this very morning when I woke up. I had a plan and I was going to bring the magic back. Well they say something about the best laid plans of mice and men.... but I am not a John Steinbeck fan so I have only a small notion what exactly it is that they do say.

However the thought of my planned naughtiness, coupled with the feel of his hand in my lap and his fingers lightly resting on the lacy material over my clit as I could feel his hot breath through the thin halter material making my nipple ache for his touch, got me going. And driving down the road, not being able to do anything about it bothered me. I placed my hand gently over his and slowly, firmly used his fingers to rub myself.... it still didn't sate me and I hoped that frustration would snap me out of this mood. Then I saw it. Distant fireworks, clear as day and miles away. Some little town was doing a big display... not in the terms of big city garishness, but big for a town that didn't seem to rate a sign on the freeway, or at least one that I had seen.

This was my chance. I would just be pulling off to watch the fireworks, a completely reasonable reason to be sitting along the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. The next exit turned out to be a dirt county road. It was narrow and likely only saw traffic from local farmers and ranchers. I stopped just out of sight of the freeway, turned off the car, managed to slide free of my sleeping sweetie. Once out of the car I went to the back and sat on the trunk to watch the fireworks....

My fingers, eager to please, moved my now damp panties aside and started making small circles over my clit, while the other hand reached into my halter and gently rolled a nipple between my fingers then giving it a quick hard pinch and tug. I moaned softly despite myself. The fireworks went off at somewhat random intervals while I sank one then another finger inside myself, working them slowly inside me pressing hard against my clit with the heel of my hand.

I started to moan to my own ministrations and the fireworks, the night, and the world seemed to fade away. I existed for the pleasure I was giving myself after such a frustrating and unfilling day. A quick cool breeze shooting over my wet labia made me shudder, reminding me what I was doing and where.... exciting me all the more....

I nearly jumped out of my skin when the flare of light from behind me emitted from the interior lights as he opened the door. I jerked my hands out of my halter and my wet pussy, not knowing what to do with them, I licked my wet fingers and tried to pull down my skirt without being noticed.

"What are you doing?" he asked quietly.

"Watching fireworks!" I replied a bit too defensively while trying to locate exactly where the fireworks had been.

"Hmmm." He said as he leaned against the trunk, "They are nice I watched them for a minute before getting out...."

'Oh God he caught me playing with myself beside the road!' I screamed in my mind in complete panic.

"You seem a little out of breath honey," he seemed genuinely concerned, "are you ok?"

'Oh thank God!' I comforted myself, 'He didn't see! The fireworks are the other direction he didn't see what I was doing...' saying to him "Oh you just startled me I thought you would sleep for awhile. They're pretty don't you think?"

"Hmmm, they are nice.... very unexpected." He seemed to be concentrating on the fireworks for a moment before carrying on, "but not as pretty as watching my wife finger fuck herself along the side of the road."

I was crushed. He had been watching me.... I didn't know what to say or do.... play it off my mind screamed at me. "Pfft!" I lied, "I'm watching the fireworks."

He moved over and started kissing my neck, his face just starting to get rough from a day's worth of growth involuntarily made me flinch away which only encouraged him. "I'm trying to watch the fireworks!" I complained.

"Oh sure you are." He mocked my indignation as he lifted me off the trunk and started for the front of the car. "But you can still watch the fireworks.... you nasty girl, you."

He set me down in front of the car, got behind me, and gently, with some authority pushed me forward until my hands rested on the warm hood of the car. "Hey!" I protested as he knelt behind me.

"You can see the fireworks" he informed me in a nonchalant manner as he pushed what little material my skirt had over my ass and pulled my panties down to my knees, exposing my bare ass to the night air, "Hmm that is better." he moaned as he buried his face into my wet pussy. I almost came right then and there.

I was detreminded to enjoy this unexpected turn of events... maybe I would get some of what I had planned after all. His tongue was magic and so much more. He was gentle and tender, then rough and urgent. He would suck me into his mouth and drink my juices. The fireworks seemed to grow closer, and the freeway that seemed so empty before sounded like it had come alive with traffic. It was if the fireworks were being shot over the freeway and we were right in the middle of it.

I moaned aloud to his attentions and made small squeaks through my heavy breathing when suddenly his strong hands grabbed my hips and his tongue traveled slowly up the crack of my ass. "Oh fuck!" I cried out.

I could almost feel his grin as he rose up from behind me. "Ok." he said with a slight lilt in his voice, as if he knew me all to well. His shirt fell on the hood beside me and his keys jingled in his shorts pocket as they hit the dirt road. His hand placed firmly on the small of my back he slowly entered me. Stretching me over his over his hot throbbing cock, probing me deeper when I would get used to what was in me.... illiciting throaty 'Oooo's from me that I can only assume was the same shape formed by my mouth when I made them.

It seemed to take an eternity but finally his cock filled me. The heat of his loins and the weight of his body rested on my upturned ass, forced inbetween my legs. One of his strong hands held my hip, while the another rubbed firmly the small of my back, making me somehow sink further onto him. I untied the halter strap behind my neck and let my nipples and breast be caressed by the cool night air, and with the anticipation of the long day of frustration I wanted him to fuck me so bad I ground myself into his hips hoping he would take the hint and give me the performance I wanted.... like the ones he gave years ago, when we were younger and so much in.... lust.

Instead he leaned over me and whispered, "Tell me what you want." was all he said and quickly straighted up.

"Oooo fuck me." I said low, knowing it was what he wanted to hear.

"Excuse me?" He said far to calm and politely, like it was just normal social interaction. "What was that again? I could barely hear you."

Despite my frustration I played along. "Fuck me baby, please fuck me." I sexed it up a bit in my normal conversation tenor.

He paused and seem to think about it as I ground my hips into wantonly trying to get him to stop this game and fuck me as I now desperately wanted. "It doesn't sound like you really want to...." he sounded a little disappointed as he began to pull out of me. I tried to push back onto him but he held me firm, the bulbous head of his swollen cock all that was still inside me, feeling vacant without him throbbing in me. I clenched him tight usually a sure turn on and I felt him rock into me but resist the urge to plunge his cock back into my aching pussy.

"I want you to say it like you mean it, you nasty girl," He said patiently, so patiently I wanted to stuff a gag in his mouth to stifle his condescending tone. "Convince me you want me to fuck you. Make me believe you want to get fucked here and now so it leaves no doubt."

I ground my teeth.... his game was control, he wanted my submission and I was not in the habit of submitting. But I was so.... into it somehow. I grit my teeth not willing to give in yet, and tried to back on to his cock twice more.... those attempts were meet by soft laughter. "I want to hear you loud and clear," he told me with some authority. "Now what do you want?"

"Damn you! I want your cock in me!" I begged him, "I want you to fuck me!"

"Are you sure?" he sounded dubious in a mock tone.

"Yes, dammit yes!" I pleaded loudly, "Fuck me, please fuck me...."

With that he drove his unrelenting cock back inside me. I let out a surprised yelp with his none to gentle thrust, finishing with a moan of pleasure as he filled me once more. He pressed against me once more, his voice growled low in my ear, "That wasn't so hard now was it?" I could almost feel the sneering grin that must have curled his lips. He was making sure I full well knew who was in charge.... and I felt my resistance fading in favor of my lust for the hard cock and rough treatment I found myself subjected to.

He started slow, varied positions, moving location, hitting all points.... feeling me out where I liked it the most.... then avoiding those areas adding to my frustration. I tried to move my hips, he held them firm, slowly fucking me, it would get me there, it would just.... I started to turn and in response he slapped my ass hard, causing me to cry out in unexpected pain. "Watch the fireworks!" He scolded me with more of a demand than request.

And because I had nothing else I could do, I did. It was really a pretty show. Very nicely done and probably quite spendy for a small town. The whole experience was very erotic. In the middle of nowhere, on a dirty road, the freeway buzzing with life, the fireworks display beautiful, and I was getting a slow lazy screw leaned over the hood of a car.. It was perfect.

I swear it seemed like I was leaning there forever, and then the finale was starting... and it was not the only one. When the finale started heating up so did my man. He started to move around abit, his cock seemed to come alive within me and his tempo started taking the up beat one of the fireworks display. Faster and harder, he started to really fuck me now.

"Yes, baby yes!" I screamed, as I noticed my halter and skirt were now bunched at my waist. Other than that, I was wearing nothing but a pair of lace panties on one ankle and a pair of high heeled sandles. One hand flew to my clit, my fingers gently felt his wet cock sliding in and out of me before I started working my clit in addition to his assault. This was going to be an orgasmic finale if I had my way.

His hand came acrossed my ass again, this time I moaned to the attention. "Come you nasty, nasty girl!" he chided me breathlessly but loud enough to be heard across the empty field, "Shake your ass!"

And as commanded, and what I wanted to do long ago, I did. I timed his rythem and added some spice to our lustful triste, and I fucked him as he fucked me. The fireworks boomed at the meter that his skin slapped against my ass, creating a concert of bangs, "Oh god, baby!" I screamed and shuddered with my rapture, "Fuck me! Fuck me!" As loud as I could to make sure he heard me over the booming white pillars of flame and our own exertion.

And he did. He bent over me and grabbed me acrossed the shoulders and my waist and lifted me upright. Impaled on his cock I wasn't even close to standing on the ground... my knees gained purchase on the hood which gave him free hand to pinch my nipple while he bite my shoulder and trust hard and deep into me. "Oooo! Oooo! OOOO!" I cried in delight. "Fuck baby cum, Oooooo god cuuuum!" I moaned out as another orgasm crashed into me with the force of a train.

The white jets of the fireworks looked like what I felt explode inside of me. He forced haltedly deep inside me and sent his own jet of white flame into my trembling body, and it seemed that he wouldn't stop.

But like the fireworks had already done, it finally came to an end... a hot sticky exasperated end, both of us laying out over the warm hood of the car. As the chill of the night air started to caress our skin he turned to me and said, "Now isn't that better than a truck stop bathroom?"

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