tagBDSMFirst 2 Come

First 2 Come


"The first one to cum will be the play thing for all these men."

Master gestured with his hand to show us the assembled men. There was 6 of them plus the Master. This was one of his games, his power struggles, to prove how much he controlled us by having us pit against each other. Master has not been happy with my attitude lately and he definitely needed to prove his control to the new girl.

We were tied with our hands under a flat board, balanced on a fulcrum. We were joined in a scissor formation, my right over her left and our pussies snuggly together. We were inserted with a double headed vibrator.

"Are you ready?" he was not really asking us. "Let us begin!" He reached over and turned the vibrator on to the first setting. Jill's sudden jolt away from the instant buzz sent her backwards and tilting her down just a little. She squealed out with surprise as my weight was brought forward because we were tied so securely together.

The men moved forward and around to watch, cheering on both of us. Most had very pronounced hardons pushing their trousers out.

I jerked my legs up, forcing Jill's legs up and her end of the vibrator pushed in side her. She whimpered again.

Master reached over and flicked up the tempo. There was 2 more setting to go. I closed my eyes, to concentrate.

"No, no Shannon. That's cheating. You have to keep you eyes open. That's a penalty. Men, you may touch Shannon for 5 seconds."

Eager hands slid over my body, teasing nipples, belly and over my humming sex. Damn it!


The hands withdrew but not before they did damage to my control. I could win this though and I jerked my legs again, adding a slight twist.

"Shannon!" Jill called to me. "Please, stop!"

"No way bitch, I'm not getting fucked by these horny bastards."

Master scowled at me for calling his clients bastards but his expression eased when they hooted and laughed. They began to cheer me on. "Shannon, Shannon! Fuck her Shannon, make her cum. We want her Shannon, give her to us!"

The board tilted down more, sending Jill upside down and I tried to squirm down after her, pushing and twisting. My own cunt was dripping wet but I felt I had better control than Jill and so I went for it, figuring I'd send her over the edge before I did.

"Gentlemen, why don't you show the winner what is in store for her."

The 6 men stripped naked, most stroked their already hard cocks to purple swollen erection. "You may insert your cocks into their mouths one at a time for 5 seconds."

Bastard! That's not fair! He knows I love the feel of a thick mushroom head slipping past my lips. The board was brought back level, making me lose my advantage. Our heads were turned to one side and then the other for six times. Again I decided to push the envelope and as I had each cock in my mouth, I would moan with pleasure for Jill to hear. I humped my ass up and down and twisted like I couldn't get enough.

And when the six had their turns, Master leaned over and skipped the next level on the control, pushing it all the way up. Jill began to cry. I knew why. I pushed and twisted until the board once again tilted her head down. She could not escape and she cried out loudly when she came.

The men all cheered! And with their approval ringing in my ears, I came too. There was another round of approval when they realized I had cum too.

Jill and I were untied. She tried to claw at me but the men had her securely amongst themselves. Master grabbed her hair and tilted her neck back. "You shall not fight! You will accept your fate. Be good to my guests for if you are not, I will remember this."

Master attached the small chain to my throat collar and led me from the room. I did not look back when I heard the men roar with pleasure nor as their toy began to whimper and cry out.

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