tagInterracial LoveFirst BBC Experience

First BBC Experience


My name is Jeff and my girlfriend is Jenn, we've been together for about 3 years now.

I'm about 6 feet tall with sandy blonde hair and brown eyes, athletic build with a nicely above average package. Jenn is 5'4" with a petite build. She has a beautiful face with long wavy dark hair and the most amazing grey eyes. Her body is trim and chiseled like that of a professional dancer, not an ounce of fat anywhere and curves in all the right places. When she wears a skirt or dress and heels everyone takes notice of her toned calves and thighs. All my buddies talk about how hot she is and tease me about getting "a girl like that." Not to mention all their girlfriends are jealous of the attention she gets.

We first met during our sophomore year of college. Although we didn't get together right away there were definitely sparks from the moment we made eye contact. We flirted a little now and then when we would bump into each other on campus or out with friends. Finally after a semester and a half I decided to ask her out. We spent the next two months together almost every free moment we had.

Things were great; Jenn really knows how to make any time a good time. We were spending so much time together that my buddies began riding me pretty hard about being whipped and castrated and the usual stuff guys say when a buddy gets a girl and isn't around as much. So Jenn agreed to hang out with me and the guys at least every other weekend, which turned out great. All the guys loved her; she fit right in like she was just one of us. The guys really liked how she held her own when it came to downing beer and shots and even threw in the occasional dirty joke and comments about the other hotties at the bar or club.

Things were going great between Jenn and me, and the way she got along with my friends I couldn't ask for a better situation. Jenn stayed with me and my best friend Mike at our 2 bedroom house just off campus most of the summer and then on into our junior year. We took turns cooking and rotated chores, it was great. Mike and Jenn became close friends during the time she stayed with us. I would come in from work and they would be watching movies or listening to music doing house work, you couldn't tell they weren't brother and sister except that Mike is a very dark skinned black guy and he is about a foot taller than Jenn on top of that.

Near the end of our summer break between junior and senior year Jenn and Mike decided to take me out for my birthday and make it a big bash. I think we hit every bar and club in the town. We were so drunk I didn't know how we even got home, for that matter I don't even remember going home. But I do remember what was happening when I woke up. It was at the time the most troubling and arousing thing I had ever seen.

So like I said, I don't remember going home. Between going into a bar and waking up in my bed at 8:00 a.m. alone with the kind of headache that comes with blinding pain and foggy vision. I didn't think much of Jenn not being next to me, I really at particular moment didn't think about anything other than the pounding in my head. After a few minutes my mind began to clear and I heard muffled grunts and moans coming from another part of the house.

I couldn't believe that Mike had been sober enough to not only pick up a girl and get her home, but he was also sober enough to be fucking her at 8 in the morning after the night we had. After several minutes I decided to roll over and get up to see what was going on. I was kind of wondering about Jenn, it had been long enough that she should be back in bed by now. Not wanting to disturb Mike and his guest, I looked out the window for Jenn's car in the driveway. She probably had to go to work, I didn't see her car but there was a black suburban sitting there that I couldn't see past.

As I thought about it I realized that was Mike's high school friend Ty's truck. I had met him a few times, he was kind of a jerk, like he was better than everybody because he was black and had jewelry and money and whatever else he thought made him all that. Anyway, I was a little surprised he was there, especially this early after an all night party like we had.

Things were just a little too out of the ordinary for me to just stay in my room any longer. This is when my life, my relationship and me as a person changed forever. I quietly opened the door and peaked down the hall, there were no lights on but the morning sun shown through the living room window enough to see. I definitely heard grunting and groaning earlier, with the bedroom door now open I could tell there were three different tones all in sync. I immediately knew what was going on and what brought Ty over this early.

Mike had told me and the rest of our group about some of his and Ty's conquests. The stories were usually after Mike had several beers and we all thought that it was mostly exaggerated guy talk, especially about the size of his cock. I, being his roommate for several years knew that part of the story was no idle boast. He was easily 9" long and thick as a beer can soft. I had seen him many times in his underwear. I am no shrimp and I pale in comparison to the massiveness of Mike's cock. I don't think he ever caught me staring at it but I couldn't help it.

With that image in my head and the sounds of unrestrained lust flooding my ears I had to sneak down the hall and have a look. What I saw blew my mind. I had seen porn movies with 2 or 3 black guys fucking one white girl, but a video doesn't begin to portray what it's like in person.

The hallway came in between the living and dining rooms with the living room to the left on the front of the house. In the far corner there is a large cushy chair facing TV and a couch along the front wall under the window. The couch cushions were a mess, thrown all over the floor. The coffee table had been shoved out of the way. There was a pile of clothes on the dining room table, some men's jeans and boxers and on top of that a skirt, blouse and g-string.

The skirt and panties looked like some of Jenn's, I though "huh, what a coincidence." As I was taking in the scene I made sure to stay out of site. As exciting as it was I surely didn't want to be noticed. That would be an embarrassing situation to say the least.

As I stood there watching the action on the chair I thought my cock was going to explode. I had never been that hard in my life. Mike was laid back in the chair with his knees together; the girl was on her back on top of Mike with his cock in her ass. She had her legs wrapped around Ty's waist, and he was straddling Mike's legs pounding his huge black cock in the girl's sweet little pussy.

I was a beautiful sight, the way Mike and Ty rhythmically fucked this lucky little slut. I couldn't see much of her except her feet, arms and hands, and her calves wrapped around Ty pulling him in as deep as he could go with every thrust. This girl had really sexy legs and feet with a gold anklet on her left ankle. As tan as she was the contrast of her golden brown skin against the dark black skin of the two animals that were sexing her almost made me blow my load without even touching my cock.

Ty and Mike thrust in and out pulled out with such power and speed without ever losing rhythm, it was awe inspiring to see such a graceful display of passion and lust. They never said a word, just grunts and groans of passion and pleasure filled the quiet in the house. I stood silently watching every move, nothing escaped my perception.

After what seemed like an eternity of lustful voyeurism, Mike stopped sliding his giant lust hammer up the girl's ass. Then Ty began his final assault on this sexy little creatures love hole. Little did I know that for the hour or so I had been watching I was only seeing half of Ty's huge chocolate cock sliding in and out. As he now fucked her with a new found fury I could see that his dick was about a foot long and as fat as the girl's wrist.

As Ty continued to try and pound the girl, Mike and the chair through the floor, the girl started to let out animalistic screams of unbridled passion. I had never heard a woman make sounds like that, so raw and full of lust. After furiously pumping his little fuck slut for another five minutes Ty started grunting wildly and his thrusts got erratic and with one final groan he shoved the whole foot of his huge cock in the girls worn out pussy and filled her with what seemed like gallons of cum. After his big balls were empty he continued to slowly, gently thrust into her sticky cum hole.

As Ty stood up straight and turned to lie back on the couch I slid back out of site. I heard Mike say "turn around lean yo ass over the chair slut, I'm going to make sure we fill your womb with a little nigga baby." The girl didn't say a word, only grunted a little and moved into her instructed position like the good little black cock whore she was. In the midst of all the excitement and arousal I was struck by a thought of Jenn. I was glad she was gone to work and not there to see our best friend and one of his asshole thug buddies from home treat this girl like the slut she is. I would hate for her to be uncomfortable around Mike and have our friendship suffer because of it.

When I heard the sounds of the movement cease I peaked back around the corner, Mike had this girl on her knees leaned over the chair as he straddled her positioning his weapon of white girl destruction at the entrance to her stretched and swollen honey hole. In the new position they were in I could see that this was one sexy chick. Her ass and legs were tone and tan, her ass and hips were the perfect size and shape for her petite little upper body size. She also had really pretty brown hair. She made me want to go get Jenn and take her to bed for the rest of the day.

Without warning or remorse Mike slammed the full length of his dick in her. He did this repeatedly for the next several minutes, pull all but the last two or so inches out and then slam the exposed 10 inches back in until his balls slapped her clit. With each thrust the girl writhed in a mix of pain, lust and uncontrollable passion. It was the sexiest and most disturbing thing I had ever seen. She loved every second of it, couldn't get enough. As Mike continued to pump her battered pussy Ty's cum was running out around his cock. Finally after the girl had gone limp from exhaustion Mike's rhythm got erratic and then with a final heroic thrust he filled the girl's belly with his baby making goo and lay over the top of her back to get his breath.

As Mike got off of the girl and stood he said, "I can't believe Jeff missed the real fun. I'm glad he gave us the thumbs up"

The girl interrupted, "don't you mean he gave us the huge cocks up? Hahaha"

Mike, "yea I guess you're rite. Most guys wouldn't be that cool, especially hearing our stories and knowing how big my dick is."

Ty, "I didn't like that much at first, but any guy that will let me fuck his girl in his house and knock her up on his chair has got to be cool."

I couldn't believe my ears or my eyes. The black cock whore that I was lusting over while watching my best friend and his buddy destroy was my Jenn. What the fuck are they talking about giving them the thumbs or cocks or whatever up? I never agreed to this, hell I wasn't even conscious for most of the night.

Jenn, "I never thought Jeff would want me to fuck somebody else, especially black guys with elephant trunk size cocks. I love him; he's so sweet to put my pleasure over his jealousy. I'm going to go check on him."

When I heard that I quickly slipped back down the hall and into bed. Jenn came in and ran her fingers down my cheek and then gave me a little kiss before going back out the door. As I lay there I tried to remember the niter before.

Little by little I began to Piece some of the evening together. I did remember being trashed and being helped to the car, which was Ty's suburban, by a few guys. Then I remembered that Mike sat in the back with me while Jenn road up front with Ty. I couldn't remember giving any approval for these two black bastards to destroy my precious Jenn's pussy. How the hell did that even come up if it really did? Try as I did I just couldn't remember anything else.

For the next few days I made myself scarce around the house. I don't know what was going on while I was gone, maybe Mike was fucking the last bit of decency out of my Jenn every time I left but I just couldn't handle being there. I was so twisted inside because as much as it enraged and disgusted me, it also turned me on so much that I found myself thinking about it constantly and jacking off every chance I got.

Nobody mentioned anything about my birthday party or "the real fun" at home after either. I finally got up the nerve to tell Jenn I knew about it and that I don't what I missed but I knew for sure what I saw. She was a bit nervous but agreed to answer any questions I wanted to ask since I couldn't remember anything before waking and walking in on the "fun.

First I asked how Ty ended up at the bar, and why we had ridden with him.

"All three of us were way to drunk to drive, then like fait Ty was at the bar having a drink. He offered us a ride so we didn't have to pay for a cab."

That seemed a little too convenient since Ty lives almost an hour away from our house and then another 20 minutes to the bar.

I asked, "How did the conversation go where I gave the two cocks up for them to fuck you?"

Jenn, "You really don't remember?"

Me, "No, I asked didn't I?"

Jenn, "Well you know I was wearing that cute little mini skirt with my heels and a low cut top like I always do when we go out. Well, with all the alcohol and dancing I worked up a good sweat, my thin little top was completely soaked and transparent by the time we ran into Ty. You know how me and the guys joke around they make comments about my body and how I look and how I'm dressed. Mike and I were joking around and Ty started in on me."

Me, "What do you mean started in on you?"

Jenn, "You know, with the jokes and then he started commenting on my body; He told over and over how sweet my nipples look, and how he could tell how tight my ass is. Those kinds of things, Then he asked me give him one dance before we left. I said no, but he wouldn't drive us home until I agreed to a dance."

Me, "What happened after the dance?"

Jenn, "Well during the dance I couldn't keep his hands off me. He grabbed my ass and moved his hands, and then he grabbed my tits and removed them. We repeated this through the whole song. After the song I turned to leave and he grabbed my arm and apologized, he said he couldn't help it because I looked so hot and I reminded him of his ex. I agreed to dance another dance and he was totally different. He didn't grope and pinch me; he just danced close to me and had fun."

Jenn, "You sure you want to hear all this?"

Fragment (consider revising) I need to know everything that happened."

Jenn, "Ok. Well that dance was so much fun he asked for another and I wanted another too. He's a great dancer. After a couple of dances a slow song came on and he reached for my hands and I let him pull me close. As we danced he slowly slid his hands down to cup my ass in both hands. I was enjoying the dance so I let it go. As we moved with the music he used his grip on me to pull me closer and closer until I was against him, and I could feel something huge against my stomach. I didn't know what it was at first, it was his cock. Baby...it was huge! I felt a hard on against me while dancing before but nothing like that. When he saw my reaction he just kept on working the situation to get me to touch it, or brush up against it, whatever he could do to get me to notice it. I really wanted to see it and he knew that. I didn't ask him, but when we got to the car Mike got in the back with you, so I got up front with Ty."

Jenn, "When I sat down and looked at him he had a smirk on his face. I instinctively looked down and saw his dick just lying across his leg. It almost stretched over his leg to the seat. I kind of screamed and giggled in shock, you were still conscious and asked what that was about."

Me, "I think I kind of remember that."

Jenn, "That's when Ty and Mike started talking about how big of a favor it was for Ty to give us a ride when he lived so far out of the way, and he also saved us cab fare. Then they started dropping hints that Ty wanted to fuck me when we got home as a favor for the ride. I was drunk and laughing and playing along thinking it was all a joke. Then you said you watched interracial porn and that if I was willing what could be better than having your beautiful girlfriend star in a live interracial show for you."

Me, "I said that? Wow."

Jenn, "You said that, and it sealed the deal. There was no way I was going to get out of fucking either of them after you said that. We tried to wake you when we got home but you were out. I thought that I found a way out since it was a show for you and you weren't going to see it if we did it then. They agreed and we put you to bed and they asked me to hang out for a while until Ty left. I agreed and we sat at the table and had a few drinks and chatted. Then Mike asked if we wanted to play some cards, I was kind of hesitant but they both assured me it was an innocent game of cards. It was for an hour or so, then we were getting drunk again and it wasn't exciting enough. Ty suggested we bet a piece of clothing per hand and last one with clothes wins."

Me, "You mean they got you drunk and then got you to play strip poker? I bet you lost pretty quick huh?"

Jenn, "No, I won the first few hands, and they were both down to underwear and jeans, I got a good hand and thought I could put them both out at once so I asked if I could raise the stakes. I wanted both of them naked; in return I had to agree to let them each rub my cunt for 5 minutes while I rubbed their cocks for 5 minutes too. I lost, 3 of a kind to Ty's full house. That's when it started, that's when we crossed the line of no return."

Me, "What happened after the bet? How did you go from that to having two feet of black dick in you at once? Why did you let them treat you like that? Calling you slut, bitch and whore, and what about the gallon of cum the drowned your womb in? What if you get pregnant?"

Jenn, "I paid off the poker debt, but with all the liquor in me and those giant cocks all around me, I couldn't stop it from going further. It started a lot different than it ended. What you saw was the finish to a several hour affair."

Me, "So how did it start out then? What I saw was exciting but also disgraceful."

Jenn, "In the beginning they were both gentle and sweet. They ran their finger and hands all over my body, kissed me and licked me all over. They let me get used to their size, they didn't choke me with the massive size, they gently rubbed and licked my clit to get me nice and wet before they tried to mount me. Once they did climb on top of me they took their time and slowly stretched me little by little until they could go all the way. They treated me like a queen, they made me want to let them do the things they ended up doing by giving me what I wanted first. It was amazing feeling that full feeling like I never felt before. They did agree to pull out before they came, but in the heat of the moment the lust overpowered my senses and all I wanted was to have them fill me up and get me pregnant."

Me, "I guess I understand where you're coming from, I can't stop thinking about it, I beat off 10 times a day thinking about it. Are you going to do them again? Have you already?"

Jenn, "I don't know. I want to, I think about it all the time too. Mike hasn't been with me again because he was afraid it would ruin any chance to remain your friend. Ty has been here twice and fucked me four times since. I'm sorry but I can't stop myself when he takes it out. I don't want to, then I see it, smell it, then I have to have it. Can you still love me and be with me?"

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