tagGay MaleFirst Bisexual Experience

First Bisexual Experience


This is the true story of my first bisexual experience. See I am a 30 years old bisexual male and have been that way for about 10 years. I am 5'10" 175 lbs. nice ass and tight bas athletic muscular build and go to the gym 6 times a week.

It started when I was in college when I first got a computer and was exposed to the internet. I began looking at female porn first, then discovered she males and TV's and I was strangely aroused. I then started to look into gay and bisexual sexual porn and was very aroused. I would jerk off to movies and pictures while sticking any and everything I could find in my ass. I began to experiment with cross dressing and hot erotic phone sex with guys I had met online. I began to dream, want and desire another man's cock. Don't get me wrong I love to be with women but I just had to know what it was like to have another man's cock grow inside my mouth, to feel his full erection, and to taste his sweet cum on the back of my throat.

Many years went by without ever getting the courage to be with a guy I was attracted to or in a situation I felt would be discreet. See I became a police officer in a town of about 70 thousand people and I have to be very discreet... which meant the local gay bars were off limits. So I went about my private life of phone sex, gay porn, tasting my own sperm, buying toys and dressing in heels and lingerie, which I might say I look very good in... until one night while I was at work something great happened.

I was working the midnight shift and was getting pretty tired of it after about 6 months. It was 3:15 am and I received a call reference to a B&E Larceny ( breaking and entering with theft ) in a local apartment complex near the college. At this time of night things start to really slow down and you are fighting boredom, so I was happy to get a call to wake me up.

I arrived at the apartment, gathered my reports and headed to the door where the victim had called from. I rang the bell and was pleased to see an attractive man standing in front of me wearing jeans and a white tight tee shirt. See I like those men that are on the cover of Men's Health magazines, and this guy fit the bill. He was 39 and at that time I was 26 years old. He was 6' about 190 lbs. with a killer athletic body, sandy blond hair and green eyes.

I introduced myself as Officer Smith and he said his name was Heath. He invited me into his apartment and I started my report. I could not help but keep checking this guy out while he walked around his apartment showing me what was missing. He had a very nice ass that looked great in a pair of jeans as well as a muscular upper body.

He explained that he was out with friends down at the bars and came home to discover his back sliding glass door standing wide open so he called 911. Heath had his mountain bike and sonly play station stolen but he stated that he did not see anything else missing. I called for I.D. to come out to take photos and fingerprints of the apartment.

Heath asked me if I wanted something to drink while we waited. I said sure and asked for coffee. He went into the kitchen and I positioned myself so I could see his sexy body. I thought to myself, this guy is sexy and wished I could see him naked. I knew he was either gay or bisexual because I just got that feeling that all guys are blessed with... I call it Gaydar. I was getting erect in my polyester pants just watching this guy and trust me it is very hard to disguise a hard on in uniform pants.

I was staring at Heath's ass when he caught me looking... might I add several times. He finished making the coffee and brought me a cup at the table. As he sat down he brushed my leg and said excuse me. With the thoughts I was having I nearly came in my pants at his mere touch.

We made casual conversation for about 10 minutes when Heath asked me where I worked out. I cleared my throat and I told him Gold's Gym. He complimented me on my physique and stated that he was a fitness trainer at Worlds Gym. I thanked him after an awkward moment of silence, when I.D. arrived. We both stood up from the table and I saw Heath looking at my erection in my pants. I was immediately embarrassed and turned away. I.D. began to take their photographs and check for finger prints while I covered my groin with my notebook. After I.D. was finished I told Heath good night and thanked him for the coffee. I walked out with I.D. got in my patrol car and left.

For the next 30 minutes I was consumed with thoughts of Heath. I asked myself was he flirting with me, did he notice my erection, did he see me looking at his ass, was he checking me out. I was going crazy and my cock was so fucking hard. I was angry with myself thinking about how attracted to this guy I was. Why didn't I make a move? After dwelling on it for sometime I finally wrote the experience off, telling myself I would jerk off for weeks just thinking about him.

It was about 45 minutes after I had left when I was dispatched back to the Heath's apartment because he had discovered more items stolen and needed a supplemental report. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I would not blow this chance I told myself, this guy is perfect take a chance.

I arrived in front of the door feeling nervous, anxious and scared but before I could even ring the bell Heath opened the door. I was amazed with what he was wearing. He had a pair of champion shorts on, clearly showing his bulge and a tight gray tank top. He immediately apologized for having me come back out to his place. I told him not to worry because I did not get off till 6am and things were really slow.

I asked him what else he had found that was taken. Heath stated that he was kind of embarrassed to even report it but they were worth a lot of money. I asked again what it was and reassured him that it was not a big deal. As we walked into the back bedroom I could feel the pre cum in my pants. I was very nervous and could feel my heart pounding in my chest trying to figure out how to make my move. I noticed a nice king size bed and in front of it was a Armoire with a huge TV inside it. Heath said that he was getting ready for bed and was going to watch a movie to relax from the earlier events when he opened up his draw and discovered that all his VHS tapes had be taken.

I could not help but stare at the bulge in his shorts wondering how big he was. I asked how many tapes were taken and he said approximately thirty. I documented the amount while trying not to show my hard on.

Heath said that the only tape that was not taken, thank god, was his favorite which was still in the VCR. As I asked which movie it was but he was already pushing the play button. The first thing I saw were three sexy muscular men going at it. There was a guy in the middle with a cock in his ass and another cock in his mouth. I was so aroused and nervous, my heart was racing and I did not know what to do.

Heath said do you like what you see. I stumbled not being able to say a word still staring at the screen. Heath asked again do you like what you see because I thought you would with you checking out my ass and cock every chance you got. I told him that I had never done this before and his response was what do you want to do? I said have never been with a guy before. Heath said but you want to don't you and I said yes very much so.

With that Heath walked toward me and grabbed my cock. I wanted to do this the first time I saw you at my door he said. I nearly feel to my knees with excitement. Heath then stepped back and took of his tank top and shorts to reveal a sexy pair of white thong undies with a huge bulge in them. You want this he said grabbing his bulge. I said hell yes I do, I want it in my mouth please. He said it is all yours as he laid back on the bed with his legs hanging off the side. I took my radio off as quickly as possible and laid it on the dresser. I slowly began touching his cock through the thongs. His body was perfect not a hair anywhere but his legs. My mouth found its way to his cock licking him through his undies till the head of his cock poked out the top. I pulled his thongs down to his ankles and picked his cock up with my hand. It was huge and thick I thought to myself, almost 8 inches of clean shaven cut cock. It was finally going to happen... I thought as my mouth slowly took his cock in.

I was in heaven, experiencing every emotion possible. There I was, in uniform on my knees sucking this beautiful guy's cock with the sound of three guys fucking on a porn behind me. I was licking and sucking on Heath's cock now really enjoying myself while he was moaning like crazy. Heath look down at me and said that I was a natural and I squeezed his balls while bouncing my head up and down on his beautiful cock. I milked his cock with my hands and licked the pre cum off the tip and he just moaned. His cock was perfect and was covered in my saliva.

I had been enjoying his cock for about 15 minutes when I heard my radio call me asking if I was 10-30, which means they were checking to see if I were ok. Without missing a beat, I told Heath to hit the mute button. I grabbed my radio with one had and Heath's cock still in the other and said 10-4. I put the radio down and began sucking when Heath let out a chuckle and so did I thinking about if dispatch new how ok I really was. I loved this guys cock and it felt so good in my mouth. His cock was so wet with my saliva and the sound my mouth was making working this cock in and out was about to make be cum also.

I could feel Heath's cock begin to pulsate in my mouth and I knew he was going to cum. I took my mouth off him and was stroking him wildly telling him to cum.. I want you to cum in my mouth... tell me when. With that he screamed I cumming and I sealed my mouth around his cock taking a huge load in the back of my mouth. I gladly swallowed his first shot and let the rest of his cum lay in my mouth. Heath was moaning and screaming wildly while grabbing at his bed sheets. I took my mouth off his cock still filled with a lot of cum. I wanted to savor the taste and feel of his cum in my mouth. He looked at me and only said one word WOW. I smiled and opened my mouth and showed him my prize... then I swallowed and showed him that it was gone.

He asked how was it and I told him better than I had ever hoped. He then told me that he was glad that his apartment was broken into. There I was still on my knees licking Heath's cock clean not believing that I finally did it, I felt so relieved. Heath asked how long I had been wanting a cock and I told him longer than I was willing to admit. He said that he would be glad to help with anything else I wanted to try. I told him I would love that but it would need to be discreet and he agreed. He said I have just one more question before I suck you off and I said what? Are you a top or bottom... I gladly answered bottom slut. He laughed and said this is going to be fun. With that he opened my fly pulled my cock out and sucked me off and it was an amazing blow job.

While I was walking to the door Heath said don't bother filing that last report about the VCR tapes. I looked at him and said why? Heath laughed and said because they are not stolen, I hide them in my closet. What do you mean I said. Heath continued to laugh and told me that he spent 45 minutes trying to figure out a way to get me back to his apartment and in my pants. This was the idea I came up with he said.

We both laughed and I left with his number, his sweet taste still in my mouth and a date for another movie on Friday.

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