tagBDSMFirst Date

First Date


He was so handsome.

The date had lasted for over four hours. They only left the restaurant because the server had informed them his shift was over.

Now they sat on the hood of his SUV at the prettiest mountain overlook Mikayla had ever known, flirting, laughing, and telling stupid jokes. Her heel hooked slightly in to the cuff of his jeans, rubbing suggestively as their fingers entwined and her head lay on his shoulder.

She was a hometown girl. Plenty of memories encompassed this very spot. Her first boyfriend. Her first kiss. This is the place where she'd lost her virginity, in the back of an old Chevy. The scene played through her mind and a small private smile appeared.

As the sun fell lower over the horizon, Mikayla felt a desperate pang for things not to end. Conversation had tapered off, and they had just sat quietly for a good time. Her fingers tightened in the young man's hand and she tipped her head to softly breathe in to his ear.

Colin felt a shiver down his spine as the girl's breath caressed his ear and neck. The sensation shot straight down to his groin, and a familiar tightness grew in his jeans. He shifted slightly. Several suggestive comments his date had made throughout their meeting raced through his head. She'd mentioned how long it had been since she'd had sex, and that she was sexually charged enough to power a city block. He admired how ballsy she was. And the thought of satisfying her made the Beast in him stir.

Out of the corner of his eyes he could see the ample mounds of her breasts, held in a lacy bra he'd seen snippets of all afternoon as the low v of her shirt slipped and she constantly felt the need to adjust it, pushing up her breasts as if in offer. She was at least a D cup. He liked larger, more curvy women. Especially one as intriguing as this one. He ached to wrap his lips around the pert buds of her nipples just to hear her purr.

Mikayla grew braver as her date didn't move and she pushed herself closer, sliding her fingers of her free hand over his thigh and over the bulge in his jeans. When he cleared his throat, she glanced up at him through shaded eyes. "You know you want me, Colin," she whispered against his ear, pushing her breasts against his arm.

"You have no idea," he breathed, tensing as her fingers deftly stroked him through his jeans. The Beast was wide awake now, shaking the bars of its cage to be let out. He did want her. More than anything. But he wasn't sure if she wanted what his particular tastes required. That conversation had not been had, and he wasn't willing to move forward until she knew what she was getting in to. He took a deep breath and reached to move her hand from tempting him further.

Mikayla's beautiful lips formed a perfect pout as she was denied the simple pleasure of touching him. The soft curls of her hair blew across her face in the country breeze. "You shy?" Her fingers entwined in his as she shifted herself to straddle his lap, her knees on either side of his thighs, hiking her skirt sinfully high, giving just the slightest peek of her panties beneath. They matched the bra that was now in open view, her blouse having fallen open when she moved. She pressed her body against his shamelessly, her lips finding the sweet spot just below his ear and along the chord of his neck. He groaned softly and temporarily let the sensations race through him.

That was all the invitation the Beast needed. Its cage threw open, and He gripped her by the hips, pulling her even closer. She gasped and looked in to his eyes with mild wide-eyed shock, then licked her lips and grinned.

"Not at all," he rumbled, reaching up to grip the band that held her hair in a ponytail and he pulled it free semi-roughly. He preferred a loose mane. Her hair fell to below her shoulders in soft waves. Mikayla's stilled shock wore off as his fingers worked through the curls to caress the back of her neck. She melted in to him when he drew her in to a kiss. The Beast lay barely contained beneath the surface. The kiss grew more needy, more savage. He gripped her hair and held her captive. She purred in to His lips. He could feel the heat between her legs as she ground against him.

He drew back to breathe, his heart racing, blood pumping. Mikayla looked up at him, biting her bottom lip sensually between her teeth. It was the most vulnerable she'd looked all night; her blouse pulled open, straddling his lap, her swollen lips begging him to kiss her again.

"You have no idea who I am," he ground out, very unwilling to allow this sensuous female out of his arms. He would, if she asked. But more than anything he wanted to bend her over the hood of his SUV and fuck her until she screamed. And he planned to do just that if she conceded.

She drew back slightly and tossed her head to throw her hair back over her shoulders, baring her neck and her chest. She pushed her breasts together with her upper arms and peeked up at him with a sinful smile. "No, I don't. But I want to." She sensed the Beast in him. And she wanted to feel it. She'd sensed it throughout the date. The more they talked, the more she wanted to dig beneath the surface. She knew he wasn't a run-of-the-mill man. The insistant need. The sheer dominance and take-charge in his grip and his kiss made something inside, something primal, stir awake inside of her. She ached to feel him hold her again and make her give him what he wanted. "I'm yours," she whispered as she leaned up toward his lips for another kiss. And pouted when he held back.

Colin stared at Mikayla, weighing his options. He could take her up on her offer, fuck her like he wanted to, and give the Beast everything it wanted from her, probably scare the fuck out of her, and have her run far, far away from him, and probably screw her up for any other man she may meet. Or he could take her up on her offer, and fuck her in a vanilla way, anger the Beast, and deal with the frustration of not satisfying his most primal needs. Or he could reject her and push her away. He only liked the first option.

"You have no idea what you're getting in to," he whispered. But he couldn't hold back any longer. The Beast was roaring inside. He gripped her by the hair and yanked her in to a savage kiss, raping her mouth insistantly. His free hand roamed her body as she melted in to his need, giving the Beast exactly what it wanted. She obeyed every silent command his fingers coaxed from her. His hand slid between her legs and he yanked her panties aside, sliding two fingers inside her wet cunt.

She purred into his lips as his fingers slid inside her easily and she grinded against him, pushing them deeper. Her lips hurt as he kissed her, but she didn't care. The sheer savage need between them was tangible, electric. She wanted to give him everything he desired from her. His hands demanded she obey. He wouldn't accept anything else. If she so much as went the wrong way, or pulled back when he didn't want, he'd yank her back, punishing her mouth with an even harder kiss, his tongue owning and claiming her. Her heart soared. No, Mikayla didn't know what she was getting in to, but she truly wanted to find out. She'd never felt such sureness in a man. She liked the fact that Colin knew what he wanted, and he was going to take it from her whether she obeyed or not. She knew that from his touch alone. She'd never been with a man who demanded pleasure from her before. She liked it. They were too far gone to say no. She'd said she was his. And that was all he needed. The very slight twinge of alarm arose within her gut, but she quenched it. She was going to please this man. No matter what it took.

Colin yanked himself away from the girl as she ground in to him like a wanton slut. Her body rocked in rhythm as his fingers teased a beautiful cadence inside of her. She gasped desperately for the air he'd denied her. He smiled. But it wasn't his regular charming smile. It was a smile of sheer sin. His eyes gleamed with a need he hadn't allowed himself the luxury of feeling in so long he felt it burn.

Mikayla let out a soft cry as Colin's fingers pinched and roughly pulled on her clit. Her hips obeyed and she spread further for him, pushing in to his hand as if to beg for more. He gave it to her and she cried out again. God it hurt. But it was such a good hurt. Again. She gasped and quelled a scream as her clit throbbed in his grip. "Good girl," he purred in to her ear and slid a third finger inside of her to spread her, stroking her g-spot forcefully. Her body responded beautifully to the sensations. She shook uncontrollably atop him, her breath coming in panicked short gasps. He soothed her by letting go of her clit and he just stroked it. Her eyes were wide, terrified. She'd liked the pain. Her body shook with sheer pleasure. Colin leaned in to kiss her swollen, injured lips, coaxing her softly to ease the panic. He certainly didn't want to scare her away now. He'd just gotten started.

Deftly he lifted her from him and his fingers left her. Her feet wouldn't carry her weight and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He held her steady a moment, just kissing her, loving on her softly, bringing her down a little. "I haven't even started, Mikayla," his voice rumbled deep, a promise in his tone told her he would take her.

Then all kindness and softness left him again as he let the Beast have the reigns. He gripped her hips in the vices of his hands and turned her effortlessly, shoving her hips against the grail of the front of his SUV. The metal dug unrelentingly in to the soft curve of her belly that burned with such heat she'd never felt. She was so wet. She gasped, the alarm in her belly flaring to life again. She felt like just a toy in his grip. His muscles rippled as he adjusted her in to just the pose he wanted. He kicked her feet apart and shoved her skirt up over her ass. He held her pinned helplessly against the hood of his car. One hand gripped her hair when she'd made the slightest move to fight him and he shoved her forward, bowing her over the front of the vehicle. Her thighs burned as they were stretched, the three inch heels she wore forcing her calves to tense and scream in argument of the pose he put her in. He yanked her panties down. Her pert ass was bared before him in all its glory. His coarse fingers caressed the curves and her face flared in shame when he purred his pleasure and she heard him murmur "beautiful".

She felt the length of his cock pressed against her soaking pussy and inner thigh. Somewhere in the quick shift of bending her over his vehicle, he'd unbuttoned his pants and yanked himself free. He was impressive, from what she could feel. His length was average, but he was so hard, so hot. She could feel his pulse race through the shaft.

Colin looked at the beautiful girl displayed in front of him. He so badly wanted to spank that perfect round ass until she screamed, but he reigned in the Beast. He didn't want to scare her off right away. She was already scared. He sensed it. He wanted to fuck her. The Beast reluctantly gave in. Gentle fingers found their way to her flared clit and he stroked her comfortingly. As much as he wanted to just ram her until she gave him everything she had, he took time to ease the panic he knew was racing through her mind. She'd never been with a man like him. She was so green. So perfect. And willing.. Spankings could wait. He stroked her until he felt her body shudder in pleasure and the blush and tensed fear in her face slackened and relaxed. That's it, he thought to himself. Give it to me. He continued to stroke her, sliding his fingers inside her again, easing along the top wall of her cunt to find the sweet spot. He normally didn't allow a girl to orgasm until he was sated to the brim, but he wanted to relax her, to make her feel safe with him.

Mikayla bit her bottom lip as she felt the panic ease away in to sheer pleasure. He nudged her legs slightly further apart, holding her there with his foot insistently, flaring the agony in her calves and thighs. She couldn't help but purr as his fingers stroked awake a deep and primal need in her. She shook and whimpered vulnerably. She could see Colin's grin out of the corner of her eyes. He held her pinned, helpless. She pressed her hands to the surface of the hood and pushed herself back in to him, as if begging for more. He instantly obliged and slid another finger home inside of her. She gasped and her eyes widened. Her belly tightened and she felt an insistant burn erupt and flash through her. "That's it, girl," she barely heard above her own shocked cry at the intensity of the orgasm that ripped through her. She'd orgasmed before with a man, usually by her own design, but never like this. Never had she been expected to cum. Never had a man taken the time with her to find out what made her click. Colin stroked her relentlessly through every wave. Her fingers and toes curled. Her pleasure tore through her quickly, and she lost all control as she felt her own fluids drip down the insides of her thighs.

Colin's lips quirked in to a crooked smile as the girl's body bowed before him, rocking with the intensity of her orgasm. He smoothed her cum over the lips of her swollen and oversensitive cunt and inner thighs. He moved between her thighs and she grunted when he leaned over her, laying his larger weight upon her. "Are you sure?" he whispered, kindly, his tone of pure care for her. His fingers tucked her hair back and he placed soft kisses along the base of her neck to her shoulder blades. Before she could answer he continued. "I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before." His hands coaxed her to relax, massaging the aches from being stretched and held over his car. "You're going to scream, and no one will hear you, or come to your rescue. You will be mine." His voice took on a more visceral l tone. "I will not rape a woman. This is your last chance to say no." And with that he paused, removing his touch and he stepped away with great effort.

Colin half expected the girl to get up and run away from him as far as she could. He'd pushed her further than anyone he'd had on first contact. Usually he entered relationships with more of a vanilla approach. Especially with a woman who had never met the Beast, or knew of its needs.

Mikayla took a deep breath when she felt his weight lifted, and she was freed of the pin. She felt empty. The panic in her gut told her to run away. But the new desire in her made her stay. It felt like eons as she waited, laying vulnerably on the cold surface of the vehicle, splayed and soaked through for a man she hardly knew. Colin was so quiet she didn't know for sure he was still there until she lifted her head to look back over her shoulder. There he was, in all his glory. But he was not the carefree, charming man she'd enjoyed on their date. This man was darker, more solemn, and pure untouchable power. Her belly came alive with butterflies. She licked her lips and smiled, then turned to stretch herself further across the surface of the vehicle, curling her fingers over the rim near the windshield.

Colin's brow arched as the girl shifted her position, leaving herself even more vulnerable to the Beast inside him. He moved forward and slid his hand up over the curve of her ass, squeezing her firmly, exploring the perfection. Again his hand slid between her legs and he squeezed her swollen heat. She pushed back against him to offer herself and wiggled sensually beneath his touch. The girl had made her choice, and she was still sassy. The Beast grinned.

He pressed his cock against her again, his hands spreading her beautiful ass. Before she could adjust, he rammed his cock home, deep within her. She cried out at the shock and gripped the hood tightly. God he was big. Not long. But big. Her pussy had never taken something so wide or profound. Not even her toys back home were this wide. And she liked wide. Before she could adjust to him, Colin bent over her, and gripped her shoulders, shoving her down with his weight. He slammed in to her, his cock and the grate of his vehicle punishing her. She could feel the metal gouge in to her soft flesh and she cried out.

His breath grunted near her ear with his primal tempo, forcing her to take him, her pussy stretching around his girth. His hands slid up over her arms, holding her and molding her, his soft and kind touch in sheer opposition of the events happening between her legs. "Oh yeah," he coaxed as her body submitted to the punishing rhythm. "Fuck..." he purred and pushed himself up, pinning her by the wrists above her head, pounding in to her over and over. In and out. Deeper. If he could get any deeper. God it hurt! But so good. Her pussy screamed as his cock drove in and out of her. Helplessly, relentlessly her body moved with him. She could feel her sex drip over her inner thighs. The pain seemed to make her even wetter. She found herself begging for him to take her harder. Her cheeks blushed red hot.

And he did. In and out. Harder. Slamming her viciously against the hood of the car, the grate biting its bruising mark in her beautiful soft flesh. The machine rocked with their rhythm.

Colin was all but raping her. Some of her fantasies flashed before her eyes. She'd always imagined a rape scene. She'd always wanted to feel a man's primal want and need for a woman. To be thrown over a hard surface and bent to a man's will. To have a man simply fuck her in the only way a man knew how. Deep, visceral, harsh, punishing. Her cunt throbbed. In and out. His tempo did not slow. He grunted heatedly into her ear, nuzzling in to her thick mane as if thanking her for all she was giving him. His hands were so different from his cock: kind, soft, coaxing her to give him more. Loving every inch of her. He stroked her wrists and arms, down to her shoulders and down her sides, cupping her breasts beneath, stroking her hardened nipples. She gasped with pure ecstasy. She pushed back into him, making his cock take her even deeper, punishing her harder. She could feel him answer her subtle movements to take her even harder, slamming his weight into her.

Her eyes widened and she gasped as that familiar heat boiled deep in her belly. No. No! Not yet! She'd never orgasmed from intercourse. She'd always had to have some sort of stimulation, and fantasies in her mind beyond what was happening in bed.

Colin growled low as he coaxed the wild creature beneath him. She was so hot. He was surprised and impressed at the strength of her body, how she bowed so willingly beneath him, taking everything he had to give. He had been afraid to go at her too hard, fearing he might scare her. But her body subtly begged for more, and he gave it to her, using the strength in his legs to slam in to her over and over. In and out. In and out. She soaked his cock over, the slickness making it that much easier to keep with his rhythm. He could feel her tense beneath him, the heat spreading through her loins. "That's it," he purred, sliding a hand beneath her to cup the well of the heat, just above the mound of her cunt. He heard a sharp gasp from her and he smiled, pressing the palm of his hand flat against her belly, relieving some of the pain of the grate biting in to her thighs, pulling her against the hard surface of his toned body.

Mikayla cried helplessly, feeling Colin's hands coax from her exactly what he wanted. She didn't want to cum. She hurt. His cock relentlessly pounding in to her slick cunt. She couldn't cum. Could she? Then his hand found the source of the heat and she cried out, bucking against him. He grunted and caught her, wrapping his arms around her. His fingers deftly stroked her clit. She screamed and bucked into him.

Still his cock drove in and out. His legs burned with the effort. His knees were beginning to give. He was unconditioned for this as it had been a very long time. He grunted and shoved her roughly against the car again. If she wasn't going to cum for him, he'd have to cum soon. Or not finish. And he wasn't going to not finish. He placed his palms on the surface of the hood and slammed in to her forcefully, making her take every ounce of strength. She screamed in pain and ecstasy, writhing wantonly beneath the man who took her. All hindrance was gone. He took her like he'd wanted to take her from the moment he'd laid eyes on her. And she answered him.

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