tagErotic CouplingsFirst Date Forever

First Date Forever


*In this story I have inserted, in some places, those flashes of insight (?) or asides that pop into ones mind during the course of daily intercourse.

Florida was a bad place to be during the summer and I just arrived on assignment. The heat lay like a sodden blanket keeping the whole world damp and oppressive. I was stuck here for the foreseeable future till the job I was working on was completes, probably in about a year or two. The only cool dry places in the evening were the shopping malls and the various clubs in the West Palm Beach area. The listings showed that there were dining clubs, drinking clubs, dining and drinking clubs, swingers clubs and strip clubs. If you were into it, there were also health clubs but they were a bit overboard for my tastes. As it was a Wednesday night I decided to try a singles place, The Crazy Zebra. In the listing it sounded like a nice dining and drinking establishment.

* There were some symbols after the listing that I didn't understand. I'll find out what they mean when I get there.

I got there about 7:30 and the place was jammed. No empty tables, no empty bar stools. As a singles place it looked like couples had not yet paired up. There were mostly groups of guys and gals. I sidled to the bar, next to an intriguing looking lady, and ordered a vodka rocks with a lime twist. The lady was staring at the bottles behind the bar and seemed to be in another world.

"Hi, I'm Glen. Waiting for someone?" I asked.

"Yah, but she didn't show. I've been dreaming about her all day and now she stands me up. I've got to go over her place and find out if we're still an item or not. Good hunting. Hope your luck is better than mine." I could have sworn that she pronounced hunting as if it were spelled with a 'c'. She left with a wave as she glanced back at me with a big impish grin.

*What was going on?

I wandered around the place till a table for two opened up and I decided I should probably have some supper. I was seated for about five minutes when a lady with a body that would not quit walked up to the table and said, "I'm starving and there isn't an empty table in the place. Could I sit here with you?"

Being a prefect gentlemen and being faced with two of the most perfect 36DD breasts I had seen in several decades just at eye level, how could I refuse?

"Sit, take a load off." I offered. She sat.

"Damn, I'm starving and my damn back and neck are killing me from holding up my boobs."

*I really didn't need to know that before even finding out her name.

"I'm Diane. Sorry about my bitchin'. I know guys would kill for boobs like these," she hefted one breast on each palm, "but they are no fun for me. They keep trying to pull me over on my face and my poor neck and back keep pulling them back up. I just came from the doctor. He's going to take about two pounds out of each one and make me a 36C instead of a 38DD."

*What do you know? I was wrong about the size. Must be getting rusty in my dotage.

I said, "I'm Glen and I really didn't need to know all that on our first date."

*From the look on her face that was the wrong thing to say.

She glared at me. "First date...in your dreams. I sat here because I'm hungry and needed a place to as you said 'Take a load off.' I'm meeting my girlfriend here later. By the way, look around Macho Man Glen, I think you're in the wrong place."

*I looked around. Oops, all the couples were girl / girl or boy/boy. Bad choice but now I know what those funny symbols mean.

There were a few mixed singles but they would probably sort it out as the evening progressed. I guess I was in the wrong place but I had ordered my dinner I decided to stay a while to eat and people watch.

As I was signing my credit card slip I looked up and saw my friend who left earlier saunter in, arm in arm with a lovely, petit oriental nymph. Her free hand was entwined around the hand of a tall shapely lady wearing a vivid green velvet dress with a neckline about to reach her navel. There was a small brooch holding the fabric together, at nipple level. That was all that kept her tits from falling out. My friend looked around, spotted me and made a beeline to my table. "Oh, hi Diane." she said to my table mate, "Where's Beck?"

Diane replied, "Hi, Jade. She'll be coming soon." and then musingly, "And hard I hope."

*So much for the chit chat.

Jade looked at me and said, "You must be new in town to be in here, you'll never score without help. I felt sorry for you so when we decided to come back here we brought Dusty to keep you company." She placed Dusty's hand in mine. "She's straight. What a shame to waste a built babe like her on men." With that Jade and her friend left, leaving me and Dusty holding hands.

I said, "First, I'm Glen, don't think your friend mentioned that. Pleased to meet you Ms. straight Dusty." She looked at me, rolled her eyes and laughed.

* Her boobs jiggled when she laughed. I liked that.

"Let's get out of here and find a mixed couples establishment with a dance floor. Pick one you like that has a decent dance band."

"Ok, let's see if the Breakers still has their 50's band. The season's almost over but I think there playing for a few more weeks." she said.

*I liked her voice deep and husky. A real bedroom voice.

We made it to the Breakers, very posh. We were seated at a table near the dance floor. Over drinks Dusty mentioned that she had not had supper. Her friends dragged her out to meet me before she could eat.

Well that would never do. We got the waiter back and ordered the seafood special dinner for Dusty and a shrimp cocktail for me as I had already eaten.

We chatted as she ate and I found out that she was divorced with three grown children. She was a nurse with one of the local urologists and of course I had to ask if she was a member of the local Pecker Checkers Union. That got me a punch on the arm.

*Good. Physical contact of any kind is good.

She finished dinner and we drifted to the dance floor. It was a 50's band so almost all of the tunes were slow and romantic. We started out very properly, lead hands joined, my hand on her back and her hand on my shoulder.

*Very nice, but dull.

As it is with waltzes there are many opportunities to execute turns. Left turns, right turns big turns and little turns all giving the man justification for placing his leg between his partners legs.

*Very nice and sexy.

As I continued leading her through the turns I realized there was more and more pressure on my leg during each successive turn.

*I think she liked this game so lets push it a bit.

When the music was right I did a slow dip back. She came with me sliding her crotch firmly along my leg. When we recovered from the dip she said, "Wow...That was very sexy. I hope my dress doesn't have a damp spot on it."

"I don't see any." I said, "but maybe we should get out of here and check. I think I needed to check for spots too."

We walked arm in arm through the muggy, starlight gardens to the car. I opened her door, handed her in making sure she was comfortable and went around to the drivers side. I got in and we slid close on the front seat.

*No we didn't check for damp spots. We knew they were there.

We pressed close and talked about jobs, kids, retirement, hopes and dreams. The usual phony build up to trying to get laid. I asked her out for dinner the following night but she said she had to work the two following days. She needed to get home now so she could get up early in the morning and not look a mess.

*Bad luck but one more try.

"How about the following day, that's Saturday. The Pecker Checkers Union must give Saturdays off." I said.

"I thought you'd never ask." She grinned as she leaned over to kiss me on the cheek.

*Never happen. I turned my head and caught her full on the lips.

When our lips met she slid closer, turning and pressed herself against me, her leg draped over mine. I placed her hand on mine and moved our hands to her shoulder giving her control of where my hand went next.

As we held the kiss her hand retreated leaving mine stroking the side of her neck. When I looked she had moved her hand down and opened her modesty brooch. Her plunging neckline was pulled to the side exposing a delicious looking upturned breast. She was rolling the nipple between her thumb and forefinger while pushing up and squeezing her boob up with the rest of her fingers.

*It looked like she could use a little help.

I placed my palm on her tummy and just touching her, slowly slid my hand up toward the bottom of her boob. As I reached the sensitive skin just below her breast she sighed. She squeezed my hand and placed it where hers had been.

As we broke the kiss I asked, "Well, where's this going? Your place or mine?"

"Ooooh, damn, I'm afraid it's not going anywhere tonight. I've got to get home. Oh Lord, you sure did make my titty tingle. You have a special magic touch. God, my panties haven't been this soaked in a long time."

*I'll give it one more try.

I started to reach down to see if they really were soaked but she stopped me placing her hand over my solid shaft saying, "Please stop. Let's see what happens... Saturday."

Now my 'panties' were soaked too. The touch from her hand created a torrent of pre-cum. It was flowing out of my twitching cock. If I didn't know better I'd say I'd just cum.

*It's going to be a long two days.

Finally, six jerk offs and four cold showers later, Saturday arrived. I picked Dusty up from her house at 11am. Since we had no plans she told me to, "Just go, surprise me. " I drove out Southern Blvd. toward the big Lake O. destination Lion Country.

As we entered I explained Lion Country to her, "Lion Country is a safari park with animals of the Dark Continent who love to gawk at the beings in those small metal and glass things that keep passing by them. How silly for those beings to come here to be seen by all the animals." When I completed this commentary Dusty looked at me like I was from another planet.

"You really have an interesting view of the world, don't you?" she said while moving away from me.

*I think she's wondering if this date with a nut, driving among wild animals was mistake.

"Oh, come on, everyone knows that if you stop in here the gorillas break the windows and the lions eat you." said I with a big stupid grin on my face.

That did it. She was on me with her arm around my shoulder rubbing the back of my neck with her mouth near my ear. "You are truly a nut." she said. while mouthing my ear lobe. "Speaking of eating, how long will it take to get to your place from here? I'm getting very hungry. We need to stop and get lunch and some drinks. Also I'm getting very horny and my panties are damp. I think you have a problem too. It looks to me like you've got a fishing pole in your pants."

*Maybe not a fishing pole. More like a loaded pistol.

"It will take about thirty minutes. Well stop to get some lunch and booze. What's your poison and what do you want for lunch?" I asked.

"Grapefruit juice and vodka for me and a good BLT on rye with some chips and slaw would be great." Dusty replied.

*GRAPEFRUIT JUICE and vodka!! That is a poison or at least it sounds like one.

"Ok, if that's what you want that's what you'll get," I said pulling into a mall on Military Highway in Lantana. "We can get it all here, even some Trojans if you're so inclined."

"I can't get knocked up and I know I'm clean. If I'm any judge you are too." she said looking demurely downward while placing her hand on my pole. "But get a couple of tubes and, a big bottle of KY liquid."

"My being clean is probably a bad assumption. But I was tested before this assignment and haven't scored since. I guess in my case your intuition is good...Now that we have that out of the way lets shop and go back to my place to eat and indulge ourselves."

*YES, now that that's over with, it's playtime. Let's do it.

We unloaded all the goodies into my apartment/ We mixed a couple of drinks and retired to the lanai to enjoy the libations before partaking of our sumptuous deli lunch.

Damn, as we entered the lanai an XXX magazine was on the cocktail table. Dusty spotted it before I could slip it under the pile.

She opened it and began to leaf through. It was mostly DP in every position imaginable and some that you could not imagine.

She showed no shock or disapproval. She was smiling and actually seemed to be enjoying it. Several times she went back to review a picture.

"Very interesting picture but she could have done eight guys at once if she really wanted to. I guess she'd have to shave real good to do that." said a wanton looking Dusty while rubbing her thighs together and studying the picture.

"No way. How can she do that? She's doesn't have enough orifices." I quipped.

"No. Eight at one time." she insisted.

"I'll bet you a BJ it can't be done." was my instant reply.

She had to think about this. After a while she smirked and said, "You're on but if I win you have to do me any way I want you to. Deal?"

"Deal. Now tell me how she does eight cocks with only three holes."

"Ok. Pay attention I'm only going to tell you this once. In the picture you see two. One in her pussy and one in her beautiful spread ass. Right? Remember now, I didn't say anything about each cock getting a hole."

"Yah, right. But I think you just changed the rules." I said, "Six to go."

"Now, one in her mouth, that's three. One in each hand. That's five. Here's where the shaving comes in. One clamped under each armpit. Ha. That's seven. And number eight sliding between her big floppy tits. I win. You have to do what I want." She was grinning from ear to ear.

*I think I'm going to like this whatever it is.

"Ok, you win. I'll do you any way you want. There isn't much I haven't done or at least seen so I think I can manage it." I conceded.

*I can't wait.

We finished our drinks and while refreshing them retrieved our sumptuous repast and returned to the lanai.

We savored lunch as we bantered about sex and let the anticipation of what was to come build. Then we took our drinks and moved inside to the sofa.

We petted and kissed with pull frontal attacks on lips, teeth and tongues with plenty of tongue sucking and licking. My hand stroked her braless breast and she ran her fingertips along the top of my leg where my cock lay pulsing.

"You were going to tell me what you want me to do to get you all hot and bothered," I whispered.

"I'm all hot and bothered right now." said Dusty, "But you have to figure out what I want you to do to me. That's the fun of the game. No man has ever gotten it completely right"

"Well, lets start by moving this game to the bedroom. Come with me and drop your clothes as you go."

We stretched out on the king size bed and continued kissing and petting. She left her silk thong on so her pussy was still covered. The thong clung to the lines of her pussy lips. It looked and smelled like it was a bit damp.

*More like dripping wet.

As out ministrations to each other progressed she removed the silky thong and dragged it over my very erect cock. What a sensation. Smooth silk sliding along my balls and the underside of my cock.


She reversed her position and slowly stroked my pecker and balls with her silky wet thong. Pre cum seeped out and made the thong even wetter.

My fingers were sluicing up and down her slit. Stroking to the top of her cunt. I discovered a tiny gold ring, hidden beneath her clit hood. The ring pierced her clit at its very base.

Each stroke between her inner lips made her clit harden and lengthen. Finally it was sticking out about two inches like a little cock. The clit hood looked like a miniature foreskin still partly hiding her gold ring.

After stroking me for several minutes she took her thong and stood up before me. Legs parted she rubbed it over her pussy pushing a bit of the silky material into her cunt. The thong hung down between her legs. Slowly, using her cunt muscles, she drew the thong up into her cunt till it disappeared.

*She should take this act on the road.

Fishing the strap out with her finger she very slowly teased the thong out of her cunt, dragged it up over her tummy and titties and pressed it over her nose and mouth. A shutter went through her as she took a deep breath. "Here you try it. Smell. It's me and you." Before relinquishing the thong she took a long lick. "Tastes good too."

It did smell and taste good when I took my turn but I wanted the real thing. Pushing her back on the bed I slid my head between her legs, spread her knees wide and dove in.

She lay back as I kissed and licked while adjusting my position so I was between her legs with her feet on the bed, knees spread. Her clit stood out proud like a tiny but very erect cock. Her clitty ring peeked out from under the hood.

*This is perfect. It gives me the best access and a great view.

She was sighing now and saying, "That's wonderful. Don't you dare stop...Oh, god don't ever stop. Lick the tip of my clitty."

I licked and kissed avoiding the little clit that I knew would be the trigger. "Please, do my little clitty.. Come on lick it...suck it...bite it...pull the ring...damn, do me so I can get off...make me cum."

"Is that what you wanted me to do to you?" I slurped.

"Oh, god, only part of it but I need this part so bad...I've got to cum before my clitty gets so sensitive that I can't stand it. Please now, give it to my clitty. Suck and bite it. NOW"

As I sucked her clit into my mouth the hood slid back just like a tiny foreskin. My tongue tickled it and twirled around it. By now Dusty was moaning and extolling me to make her cum. Finally, after she was sobbing and begging for release I clamped my teeth on her clitty ring and pulled hard while my tongue battered her clit. She screamed and went totally rigid. Only her head and her heels were still on the bed as she arched her back. She screamed, moaned and vibrated through one of the most spectacular orgasms I have ever seen. Cunt juices ran out of her and flowed over her ass to drip on the sheets.

After about thirty seconds she flopped down, panting, on the bed.

"My god, you are wonderful. No one has ever spent as much time to get me off. I've never ever cum like that. I had no idea it could shatter me like that. What can I do to get you off?" she asked.

"I just love making someone get off with a bang. It gets me hard as oak. But since you ask, I'd love it if you took out your dentures and sucked my cock." I quipped.

*I say this to all women. There is nothing like a BJ without teeth in the way. If they do have falsies they usually pop them out.

"How do you know I wear dentures?" she replied.

"I don't. I was just hoping you did. There's nothing better than smooth gums massaging a hard, hot cock. You can still blow me even if you have real teeth. I think that would be good too."

"Well thanks a bunch." Dusty said. She covered her mouth with a tissue and placed the tissue, and her teeth, in the bedside table draw.

She slid down and slowly inhaled my cock. She finally stopped when she got down to my balls. Without her teeth she was able to suck my cock in and blow it out without opening her mouth. "You're going to like this," she said. She opened her mouth a little at the bottom of the stroke and tongued my balls.

*Oh, my. Doesn't that feel nice. Everyone should try this.

Coming up for air she said, "If you don't cum for this one I don't think you ever will." Adjusting her position she lay between my legs, facing me. Her thumbs were beneath my balls pushing my scrotum and balls up around the base of my shaft. Gums slid down my shaft till her nose was buried in my hair. I felt her warm, wet tongue slide over my balls coating them with saliva. She began sucking on my ball sack and moving my balls upward with her thumbs. One at a time my balls were sucked up into her hot, toothless vacuum chamber. She tightened her lips sucking like she was trying to disconnect my balls and cock and swallow them. My cock must have been down her throat so she could get down to my balls.

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