tagBDSMFirst Date With Squirting Mary

First Date With Squirting Mary


It had been fours years since I had been back home from college to visit with my parents. I had just graduated college and was looking to take a month off before I decided whether to find work or to apply to graduate school. My parents had visited me at college from time to time and had decided that the second week I was home they were going to go on vacation overseas.

The night before my parents were set to leave I happened to overhear a conversation my dad was having with a friend of his over the phone. While I could only hear his side of the conversation, it was very clear that he was talking about sex.

"Mark," he said, "I can't believe that she would have been interested in that. I never would have guessed.....Yeah, I watched the DVD that you sent me of her and it is amazing. I can't believe the orgasms she had. I am going to try it with my wife during our trip."

I began to wonder what DVD he had been referring to when I caught a glimpse of what he was talking about. On the TV past my father was his friend Mark swinging his belt continuously onto the ass and back of a beautifully curvaceous woman. The woman had her wrists bound to a beam above her and her legs spread to posts mounted about 10 feet apart.

Everytime the belt slapped her ass the woman screamed loud enough to shatter glass and said, "Thank you master. May I have another." While she spoke those words it was very obvious that her legs were shaking and sweat was continuing to pour from her body. With each stroke I found myself becoming more aroused as my dick began to force itself into the front of my jeans. Mark slapped her with the belt one last time and motioned for the man holding the camera to move to her front.

What I saw next was enough to make me almost cream my pants on the spot. The woman was none other than our next door neighbor! She was weeping uncontrollably as Mark moved to her side and began to fondle her pussy. Her tits were quite large and bound with rope which was making them a deep purplish color. He was beginning to rub her hairy pussy so much that her mouth was hanging open and dropping drool down onto her tits and stomach.

He then reached around her back with his right hand and squeezed her right tit as hard as he could. She began to make a deep moaning sound which I had never heard come from a woman before. Before I knew it, she was squirting her pussy juice all over the floor. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

She was just about finished having her orgasm when I was snapped back into reality. I heard my mom call from upstairs for my father. "Jack, she said, you'd better come to bed so that we can get up on time for our flight." My father stopped the DVD and yelled back to her. "Okay hun, I'll be there in a minute."

I moved to go toward the stairs as my father finished his conversation. I said goodnight to my mother and went to bed. As I lied awake in bed I realized that this was the woman that had broken up with Mark two years ago because he was caught sleeping around with other women. I still had my raging hard on and knew that I had to find out whether she would be interested in having some kinky fun with me while my parents are away.

My parents left the next morning and told me to think long and hard about what I was going to do with my life at the end of the month. My first stupid thought was that the only thing I would want long and hard was my cock.

About thirty minutes after my parents left I decided to make my way to our neighbors house. I decided that I would test the waters a bit and strike up a conversation with this sex starved sadist named Mary Carter. As I made my way up the path to the front door I had a clear view into her upstairs room. She was the most beautiful site I had ever seen and was standing in front of a mirror combing her hair naked. Her hair was wet which meant she must had just come out of the shower.

I had finally reached her front door and began to ring the bell as I attempted to hide my rising prick with my shirt. I heard her yell, "Just a minute! I'll be there in a second!"

About one minute later she answered the door in tight fitting grey short sweat shorts and a white t-shirt. "I was just getting dressed and saw you coming up the path." "Your mother told me that you just graduated from college. Why don't you come in and catch up with me. I haven't seen you since I caught you masturbating in the rain in your backyard before you left for school."

My face became bright red. I forgot about that moment four years ago while I was going through one of those exhibitionist stages.

"Even though you ran from me I always though it was the cutest thing to watch you come like that."

"I I I'm sorry you had to see that Miss Carter," I stuttered.

"Nonsense," she said while she grabbed my hand and led me into the kitchen, "and just call me Mary."

"No problem Mary," I said, "You know, now that we're on the subject, I was so embarrassed at that moment that I never thought I'd be able to look at you again. Obviously, it must not have scarred me too much because it has always been my dream to be caught doing something like that by a woman as beautiful as yourself."

As I sat at her table I looked over to see her reaction to what I was saying. All I saw was her bent over reaching into the fridge for some water. I stared at her round ass, the grey sweat shorts making their way into her crack and the dark pubic hairs poking their way out of what must have been a two inch inseam.

She turned around and smiled at me and said, "Now how could a young man like you fantasize about a woman that is now 35 years old. A woman who can't find a good man to ravage me for over two years now."

And there it was, my perfect ticket. My answer came within seconds as I figured out that she hadn't been with anyone since Mark and that she wasn't with anyone now.

I stood up to make my move. I stepped close to the 34DD-27-36 sexual goddess and gave her a kiss. She stepped back and gave me a slap across my face. I looked into her eyes and saw pure lust pouring out of them. She licked her lips and said, "You think your man enough to tame me and put this bitch in heat to rest."

Her large dark nipples were poking from her shirt. After seeing her performance on DVD I decided to take a chance. I reached out with both hands and squeezed and twisted both her nipples as hard as I could. She let out a deep graon and began to grind her 5 foot frame against my body. I knew she was mine as I pushed her back, ripped off her shirt and slapped both breasts as hard as I could. She grabbed both of her breasts and began to squeeze them as hard as she could. A dark wet line was forming at the crotch of her shorts which meant that she had decided to forgo any panties.

I took a moment to take in her body and the way that age had taken its beautiful toll on her. Her 34DD tits sagged only slightly which made them much easier to be bound and played with. She had a smooth stomach with a slight pudgy bulge at the waste of her shorts. She had an amazing round ass which was accented by her wide hips. As she removed her shorts I noticed that her pale skin made her dark pubic hairs seem more abundant. While she kept her pussy trimmed it was very obvious that she loved to run her fingers through the thick patch that covered her entire pussy.

I reached into my back pocket to retrieve the zip ties I had brought and reached out to grasp Mary's hair. She was already beginning to sweat as I yanked her down to the floor. I straddled her while she was face down and tied her hands behind her back. She began to say, "Take me Master. I have been deprived of pleasure for so long and feel that I must be punished."

I reached between her legs to enjoy the first of many times that I would caress and torture her pussy. She was sopping wet, so I removed my hand and rubbed it all over her face. Her tongue tried to lick up her juices as I bound her legs together. I then picked her up and carried her into the basement. I immediately noticed a box full of toys including mouth gags, dildos, vibrators, bondage cuffs, and various flogging tails.

I bound her just as she had been in the video and rubbed a ball gag all over her pussy. I then placed the gag in her mouth only to have her moan in ecstasy. I found a clothespin zipper and clipped it to the front of her body including her breasts, nipples and pussy lips. She began to sweat even more like a bitch in heat while her pussy juices ran down the inside of her thighs. I pulled her pussy lips apart and gave a quick lick to the insides of her pussy. It was extremely tasteful which made it hard for me to break away and tape a vibrator directly to her clit.

Mary jumped from the vibrator and only jumped harder after I rammed a lubed vibrating butt plug into her ass. I then grabbed a nearby saw horse and placed it into her lower back. I bound her arms onto a beam further back on the ceiling forcing her to lean back. This caused the butt plug to be squeezed harder into her ass and the vibrator on her clit easier movement. She continued to moan from the shear pleasure as I tied multiple candles to the ceiling and lit each one to drip slowly onto her tits, stomach and pussy. Each drop caused her to shutter. Her saliva was collecting onto her lips which I gathered into my hands and smeared it onto her face increasing the level of humiliation.

Through her ball gag she asked me to cleanse her sweaty body. I spit on her tits as she began to say, "Yes master, just like that."

Her whole body began to shake and just as she began to squirt her juices all over the floor, I ripped the clothespin zipper off of her body. Mary screamed in pleasure from the overwhelming orgasm. I then decided that it was time to pleasure myself on this bound woman so I removed all of my clothes and pulled the vibrator from her clit. She stomped her foot in disgust which stopped immediately as I began to bury my face in the hairy pussy of this sex depraved dirty woman. I removed myself from between her legs and grabbed a large salad bowl off of a nearby shelf. I placed it onto the puddle on the floor hoping to catch her next explosion.

Mary looked at me as best she could with her dark brown eyes as I slammed my 7" dick into her pussy watching those very eyes open as wide as they could as I penetrated her. While we hadn't discussed this situation as it unfolded I was unsure if she would want me to lose my load inside of her. Just as that though passed my mind I felt that I was very close to exploding myself. At the second of no return I pulled my dick from her and began to squirt my cum all over her pussy with some of the strong stream extending to her face. Again, her whole body began to shake as her pussy stream shot directly into the bowl.

The candles had burnt themselves out leaving their sting all over her body. I told her that she needed to have a sensual cool down while I picked up the bowl full of her juices and poured it over her body as I ground my cock and balls all over her hairy pussy and clit. This dirty humiliating act was enough to make her cum again all over the floor. She was finally sexually exhausted as I untied her from her bonds and laid her down in her pussy juice. I then licked the sweat, cum and pussy fluid from her body as she rolled around in sexual bliss.

When I was done we kissed each other savoring every moment that we had together. She told me that there were very few men that could satisfy her like that which made me proud to have taken the first step in what was destined to be a very fun week.

After I got dressed she told me to stop by later in the evening for dinner and that she would be looking forward to the dessert afterwards. I was not going to let her down.

If you would like to hear what happens during the rest of the week then please let me know.

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