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First Experience


Journey lay on the bed, blindfolded, unable to see where she was. Her arms had been secured behind her with leather wrist cuffs attached to the headboard. Her ankles had cuffs also, spreading her legs wide, attached to the corners of the bed. Having been stripped before being bound, Journey shivered from the cold and fear. What had she gotten herself into? She was a twenty-two year old virgin from a conservative family, wondering if she was ready for what was to come. They had talked about this night many times: her fantasies and His expectations, her need to submit and His desire to control. She offered Him her submission and He had led her to this moment. She would be ready for Him; she would do whatever He asked of her. She was his.

Then she felt Him. The lightest, gentlest touch of His hand across check and all her fear melted away. The fear was replaced by nervousness and expectancy, but she was no longer afraid. She trusted Him with every part of herself, the most intimate parts of herself. In the next few hours, Journey knew He would test her, tease her, and push her limits. In fact, this was the first time she had been naked in front of a man. It was the first time she had been touched by a man. She had given herself to Him, mind and body, for His pleasure. His hands lightly brushed gently up and down the underside of her bound arms, over her sensitive nipples, down to her shaven mound, and rested just above her wet pussy. Her hips involuntarily rose up to press her clit against His hand.

“Patience little one…” he scolded, a hint of humor in his tone. Then His hands were gone. Journey had no idea what to expect next, although her senses seemed heightened due to the blindfold. She could almost feel him moving around the room. She tested the strength of her bounds, wondering if he had kept them loose due to it being her first time. She found she could barely move.

“Rest assured my pet, you are not going anywhere.” He chuckled and Journey was amazed at how he seemed to be able to read her mind. “You are mine. You belong to me. And I will do as I wish to you and your body. Remember your safe word, little one, but use it only if you cannot take any more. All you have to do tonight is trust me.”

Journey took a deep breath, letting herself relax into the bed beneath her. She felt him beside her. It excited her to know that He was staring at her naked body. She knew she didn’t have a Barbie figure. Her hips were wider than she would like and her breasts not quite firm enough. But it didn’t matter, she belonged to Him, and He found pleasure in her mind, her body, and her submission: knowing that gave her confidence in herself and her sexuality.

His hands began to roam over her body. They felt like electricity against her skin. They ran up and down her arms, tickling the sensitive skin. He was making her struggle against the bounds. Next, his hands found her breasts. Taking his time, he began to knead and massage her tits. He rolled her nipples between his fingers, painfully squeezing and pulling at them. The pain made her more aware of the other feelings in her body. She could feel her pussy growing wetter, her juices leaking onto her thighs. Her breath quickened and her heart pounded in her chest. She suddenly felt His warm breath against her skin. Taking her left nipple in his mouth, he gently sucked on it while continuing to pinch and roll her right one. It was an odd mixture of pain and pleasure she had never felt before. He took his time, slowly building the arousal in her body. It seemed like an eternity spent on her nipples, pinching, rolling and sucking.

Leaving her breasts, his hands slowly made their way down her body. The blindfold on Journey’s eyes made her imagination work overtime and made her focus on every touch, every sensation. She could feel the weight of Him on the bed beside her. His hands worked down over her mound, but passed over her pussy, settling on her inner thighs instead. He slowly continued to massage down her legs, all the way down to her ankles. She pulled at her legs, testing the binds again. She couldn’t move at all, but felt him squeeze her ankles roughly; reminding her that she was under his control.

“How does it feel, little one, to be tied to a bed, like a naughty little girl?” He asked, His hands letting go her ankles and resting on her thighs, so close to her pussy. “You’re my little slut, aren’t you? You body responding to the slightest touch of Your Master. Remember my pet, you may not cum until I give you permission. If you behave yourself, I may let you cum sooner, but I want to hear you beg me for release like the little cum slut you are.”

“Yes Sir,” she whispered back, hardly able to find her voice.

“I can’t hear you slut…” He said, roughly squeezing her thighs.

“Yes Sir,” she said again, stronger this time. “I’m Your slut Sir, please let me cum for You.” She felt His hands loosen their grip.

“Yes, you are My little slut aren’t you. I love seeing your naked body tied and open for my pleasure.” Just hearing His voice made her pussy throb. “Little one, you are so wet,” he said. “Your little pussy is leaking all over my bed. Did you know that slut? I can see my little clit peaking out. You’re such a naughty girl getting wet from being tied. Do you know what happens to naughty little girls?”

As soon as He said that, Journey felt Him slap her pussy. She was not expecting it, and was amazed at how it made her respond. Moaning, she began to thrash around in her bounds. She was so turned on. Never before had she felt so free, but at the same time, completely at the mercy of another.

“That’s right, slut,” he said as he spanked her pussy again. “You need to be spanked don’t you.” Oh, she did need to be spanked. It felt incredible, an odd mixture of pain and pleasure, shame and pride. He spanked her cunt eight more times. Journey could only imagine how red it was from the slap of His hands, and how wet it was.

She felt Him leave the bed. She heard him moving around the room, opening a drawer. What was He getting? What was He going to do next? While she was thinking about what He was doing, He startled by sliding something between her pussy lips.

“Ohhhhhh….” She moaned at the unexpected feeling. He brushed it up and down her slit, never entering her, never touching her clit. Journey tried to rotate her hips, tried to relieve some of the pressure building inside. He responded to her movement by suddenly sliding the object inside her wet pussy. As soon as it was inside, she realized it was her little vibrator, the first toy she had ever bought for herself. She had forgotten that she had brought it to show him. He turned it on the lowest setting, letting it vibrate inside her, and then He seemed to disappear again. She knew the low setting was not enough to bring her to release, but it was pushing her closer to the edge. For the next thirty minutes, he left her alone on the bed. He controlled the setting on the vibrator, and every few minutes he would turn up the power, bringing her close to the edge. The moment she thought she could not hold it any longer, he would turn it off.

“Please let me cum Sir….oh god…I need to cum,” Journey begged. She had never felt like this before. She needed to feel that release that he was denying her. She had been so close so many times, but he read her body so well and stopped it every time. He had control of the sensations caused be the vibrator, and therefore controlled her.

“No. Not yet slut. You will not cum until I let you cum,” he said forcefully. “You are here for My pleasure, not your own. You will be given the pleasure of release, but after I have taken my pleasure out of your body.” She felt his weight settle between her legs on the bed. “My little cunt looks so tasty.”

He pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. Journey felt his warm breath against her hot cunt. He slowly began to kiss her thighs and all around her pussy with light, gentle touches. She had never felt anything like it before. With her eyes blindfolded, she was forced to focus on her other senses: the smell of her own arousal, the sound of His kisses, the feel of His warm breath and wet lips against her skin. Her hips began to rotate, her body moving as much as it could within the binds. She felt His fingers getting closer to her pussy. He slowly ran His tongue up the length of her slit, never entering her, not quite reaching her clit. She shuddered and moaned, never having been touched like that before. She could have cum right then.

“Do not cum.” He sensed how close she was and slowed down. She felt a hand reach up and pinch her nipples, the pain bringing her focus to her nipples instead of her pussy. His tongue slowly worked its way into her slit, one hand spreading her pussy lips while the other continued to torture her nipples. Journey could feel his tongue pressing into her. He had her completely under his control, alternating the pleasure of Him eating her pussy and the pain of him twisting her nipples. He would bring her so close to the edge, never letting her have her release. She felt like a slut, and she knew she was his slut.

“Ohhhhh…. I need to cum Sir. Please let me cum for you…please Sir,” she begged, she didn’t think she could hold it anymore. Her body thrashed back and forth, the wrist and ankle cuffs holding tight. He didn’t answer her. “Oh god Sir… I can’t hold it any longer…”

His tongue continued to fuck her pussy. She could feel it press inside her and then pull out. He would push it inside and hold it there, then pull it out completely and lightly flick it across her clit. Journey thought she would burst, but she knew she couldn’t. She would wait until He told her to cum. She had to obey Him.

His hand left her tits and her tongue left her pussy. Journey breathed so heavily she could feel her chest rising and falling. She could feel her clit throbbing and the muscles in her legs shaking. The freedom she felt under the control of her Master was incredible. He was using her for His pleasure and yet gave her more pleasure than she had ever felt before.

“I am going to count to 10, little one,” He told her as he touched her clit with the tip of the vibrator, “you may cum when I say 10, not before. You have made me proud tonight; do not disappoint me by cumming early. One…” he turned the vibrator on low and held it right below her clit.

“Two…” He increased the speed on the vibrator and slipped a finger inside her.





“Seven…” With each number, He increased the speed of the vibrator, brought it closer to her clit, or used His fingers to fuck her pussy.

“Ohhhh…god…. yes…. please Sir…. I need to cum Sir…” She fought against the binds that held her tight, taking deep breaths and focusing hard on not cumming.

“That’s right…beg me like the slut you are. Do you need to cum for your Master?” His voice alone made Journey crazy.

“Ohh…yes Master…I need to cum….” She begged between breaths. “Please let me cum for you Sir…please…ohhhh god…I need to…”

“Eight…. Nine…” By this time, He was touching her clit with the vibrator. “Who am I slut?” he asked.

“You’re my Master…. oh Sir…please…let me…cummm….”

“That’s right, you’re my little slut, begging her Master to cum.” He pressed the vibrator to her clit.

“Ohhhh yes Sir…ohhh yes…” she knew He would say ten soon. Her body was so tense from holding back. Every muscle in her body contracted, from her toes to her hands tied to the headboard.

“…Ten…” As soon as she heard Him say it, her body exploded in the most intense orgasm of her life. Journey screamed and thrashed back and forth. He held the vibrator against her clit as the spasms racked through her. Before the first one was over, she felt another one building inside her from the vibrator still on her clit. Her clit was so sensitive it hurt, but she still pressed up against it as much as her bondage would let her.

“Oh god Sir…I am going to cum again…may I please cum again…” she begged for her second orgasm.

“Of course little one, you may cum.” With His words another orgasm swept over her body. She continued to scream and moan, thrashing around on the bed. This time, he pulled the vibrator away and just let her feel the sensations. For at least five minutes, she just laid there, her breathing slowly returning to normal, her juices leaking out of her pussy.

“Thank you, Sir, for letting me cum,” Journey said softly, relaxing back into the bed. He climbed on the bed next to her and lowered his face to hers.

“Good girl,” he said simply as His lips met hers. She could still taste herself in His mouth as he softly kissed her. He reached behind her head and untied the blindfold, never breaking the seal of His lips and hers. His tongue searched her mouth, slowly and gently.

When He pulled away, Journey opened her eyes, the light blinding her after being blindfolded for so long. After her eyes adjusted to sunlight in the room, she turned her head to see her Master sitting on the bed next to her, smiling.

“You did well my pet,” he said, gently brushing the hair back from her face. Journey arms and legs ached from being tied to the bedposts. The leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles snuggly secured her into position, reminding her to whom she belonged, the One sitting beside her and she longed to make Him proud of her.

“Thank you Sir,” she said smiling back at Him. She closed her eyes again, exhausted from the last few hours. Within minutes, Journey fell asleep, still tied to the bed, her Master sitting beside her. When she woke, she was cuddled next to him under the covers, unbound but still naked. She felt complete. Closing her eyes, she fell back to sleep.

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