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First Gloryhole Suck


I've been enjoying gloryhole sex since the 70's. First as a feeder getting my cock sucked off 3 to 5 times a week by a willing and hungry male mouth. After meeting a 60 plus guy in a porn theater( I was 22 at the time) going to his place and experiencing a fantastic oral workout where I deposited 3 loads in his hungry mouth, I was hooked and began seeking out cocksuckers.

At first I only wanted blow jobs, I wanted to fill hot male mouths with my hot cum but as I was sucked I couldn't help but notice how much pleasure the sucker got from giving me so much pleasure. I began to watch gay porno and was fascinated by the hard cocks and the way the men devoured them. Having been sucked by woman I knew that they never seemed to suck me with the same enthusiasm as the guys. The more I got sucked the more I hungered to suck.

I went to a place downtown one night where I had been sucked off many times determined to suck dick. The place was busy and I went into a booth. I looked through a gloryhole and saw 2 naked guys in the next booth making out. Each had the others cock in hand stroking. One of the guys dropped down and began to suck the others dick. It was so damned erotic and beautiful. The look of lust on his face was mesmerising as he nursed his partners shaft. I was filled with cocklust. I heard something and turned to see a nice cock coming through the gloryhole on the opposite wall. I turned my attention to it and attacked it like the starved man I was.

It felt so good in my mouth. Months of desire overcame me and in my raging cocklust I brought my man to a powerful orgasm quickly. His moans of pleasure thrilled and empowered my cocklust. I milked him dry and as I finished him off I felt the booth door open. I turned to see a tall guy smiling at me. His pants went to his ankles and a large 7" cock was suddenly in my face. He said " suck me off cocksucker" Like drawn to a magnet I enveloped his cock. He slammed my face fucking it like a pussy.

He talked nasty to me calling me cocksucker and I was surprised that his vulgarity only turned me even more. Soon he filled my eager mouth with cum and I loved it. While still on my knees cleaning off his cock he opened the door calling a friend. He said " get your ass in here I've got a horny cocksucker who needs more dick"

His friend entered and I soon was sucking another hard cock with my previous cockman encouraging me on. "Suck that fucking cock, cocksucker" he kept saying over and over and I eagerly did. Now watching a man stroking his bulge through a gloryhole is powerful stimulation. I like to watch as they pull down their pants revealing a throbbing shaft of male love meat to my eager eyes. My mouth begins to water anxious to do its duty, my own cock swells in anticipation. I like to watch them stroke it a bit turning to face you wanting you to give them a sign you want their cock.

Then I place a finger or two through the hole and quickly that lovely work of art is filling the hole. I caress it tenderly as that cock quivers with anticipation. You know the owner can't wait to have your mouth on his meat. Then I take the plunge, swallowing my prize deep into my mouth, my tongue flicking the head and rim as my mouth slides up and down his beauty. I tease and suck hard then gently as I want the cum to boil in his balls and desire release into my hungry mouth. I work his cock, hopefully bringing him close to climax several times then stopping, teasing him making him ache for release.

Enjoying his manly taste eagerly slurping his precum that wets my imagination for what comes next. When he cums I take him deep and fast savoring his man juice. I suck slowly draining every drop of cum as his cock becomes limp. I suck as long as they will let me savoring every drop of manjuice and every moan and groan of his pleasure.

Then I kiss the head just before they pull it back. Loving the power I had over this horny man and relishing his obvious satisfaction. Satisfied in my accomplishment. I love it when they thank you for the blow, then I wait for another knowing now why my early cocksuckers seemed so pleased.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/10/17

You describe it perfectly

Love your description as to how you started... that's exactly how I started too. I used to get my cock sucked at adult video stores thru the gloryholes, and after a few years I got curious about actuallymore...

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