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First Group Experience


John's Story

My wife Amy and I always read Literotica stories usually Group Sex stories every night as she strokes my cock while inserting her vibrator in her cunt. After several minutes of reading she's having one orgasm after another. We usually finish it off by her sucking me off while she's fucking herself with the vibrator pretending it is one of the characters from the story we just read. While in her lusty state she always says we should do a group someday.

My wife, Amy, and I had Pam and Brian over for dinner last week.

Pam is a very tall, toned, brunette who teaches aerobics. Amy is her opposite: blonde, curvy, and average height. Pamela's husband is an Ex Marine. He's sharp, handsome, and sexy in a guy sort of way.

Amy had told me that she once came very close to being kissed by Pam. Well, I'm really into kinky fantasies and I thought I could nudge the evening into something a bit more interesting than food, wine, and chit chat.

When Pam excused herself to the bathroom, she saw Amy's two vibrators. They were hard to miss because they were tiger striped. This really warmed her up.

Amy went to the door and called to Pam. When there was no answer, Amy went in, only to see Pam running a vibrator up and down her slit. Even though everyone knew Pam never wore panties, even with short skirts, that was the last thing Amy expected to see.

Pam and Amy were total opposites in every way except sexual appetites. Long before meeting and marrying their new husbands, Pam and Amy had some fun conversations trying to decide whether they should marry for "sex or money". So, they had a raunchy, witty history, though never committing to anything other than words.

As soon as Pam saw Amy, she shut the door and put the vibrator on Amy's clit. Amy laughed and pulled away. Pam was a passionate type who went totally on impulse and feeling. Amy was a cooler, though not cold, type. But, Amy had had a long history of sexual escapades and decided, 'What the heck," grabbed the vibrator from Pam, pulled off her own panties and kicked them into the corner with her bare foot. Tina held the vibrator to her clit and then rammed the plastic dildo halfway up her own cunt. Pam loved the look on Amy's face. She had tried to break through to Amy before and now, with a few glasses of wine and John's leaving the vibrators in plain sight, something inevitable was happening. Pam grabbed the second vibrator, licked it, and held it to her own slit.

Pam could tell that Amy was about to orgasm because her breathing was harder. Pam shoved the dildo all the way into Amy's cunt, pulled Amy's arms up and slipped the dress off. Pam was kissing Amy all over and Amy was trying to be as quiet as possible, though it was difficult.

After that orgasm, Pam grabbed the vibrators and Amy's hand and they snuck into the bedroom. They were naked in bed in the 69 position. About five minutes later, this put Pam into a screaming orgasm.

I had set the whole scene. And of course, I put a webcam in the bedroom. I knew that something was up, so Brian and I were hovering over the desktop computer. Brian was shocked, but hard as a rock, as was I.

We didn't need to say a word. Brian nodded at me and we crept into the peepshow. Tina had never eaten a girl's pussy before but Pamela was good at telling her exactly what was what. She told Amy to keep going, then Pamela caught sight of us and really started to cum a second time.

Pamela flipped around, while still eating Amy, so I could put my rock-hard cock in her mouth. This was a first foursome for me. After fantasizing about it for years, it was finally a reality. I could hardly hold myself back, but I slowed down. Brian grabbed some lube from the nightstand, told Amy to roll over sideways, and shoved his cock into her ass while Pam kept licking and Amy kept sucking me. Tina had always fantasized about this scenario. She started cumming louder and longer than I ever remembered. This triggered my cum to shoot into Amy's mouth. I pulled out and it shot all over. This was too much for Brian and he groaned and came in her ass.

Pamela was ready to rock, so Amy started licking and sucking her clit again. I was so turned on, I was hard right away, and I stuck it to Pam's cunt. Brian put his half-hard cock into Pam's mouth and within two minutes we three had a sweaty, wicked simultaneous orgasm.

The four of us jumped into the shower and proceeded to have a night to remember. Amy was first as I slipped into her ass, Brian slipped into her vagina, while Pam sucked her nipples. Wow did we come. By the end of the night, I had cum in Amy's mouth, pussy, and ass, as had Brian. Pam got the same treatment.

This was Amy's first female experience, both giving and receiving, and it was her first double penetration.

We are on for next week at Pam's where a third couple will join us for pot, dinner, and extreme sex.

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Who the hell is Tina?

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