tagSci-Fi & FantasyFirst Immortals Ch. 01

First Immortals Ch. 01


Hi Folks, my name is Josh Scabbard, but people call me Commander Scabbard if they're talking to my face and Old Scabies if they're talking behind my back. Personally I don't really give a fuck what people call me, I've already lived longer than all of them, and I'll most likely just keep on doing that. They don't worry me.

Now this is a sort of journal, the story of the original immortals, the group of astronauts who made the first contact with the race that we came to call the YW's. The YW's were the people or creatures from a planet in the galaxy known to the astronomers of the day as YW4597. Those of us in that first ship quickly christened them the 'Yorta Watchits', but more about that later. Now because this is meant to be read by people in the future I'm going to explain all sorts of shit that people around right now already know. That means if I scratched my balls and it affected the course of history, them I'm going to say I scratched my balls. Its also a bit of a personal record, so there's going to be a few highlights from my life that didn't have stuff all impact on history too. It aint a secret that I've fucked a couple of YW's over the years, and I am going to describe what that was like. If you aint fucked a YW yourself, and face it most people haven't, then this could be pretty interesting reading.

Back in the year 2054, that is four hundred and thirty eight years ago, I was twenty-three years old, and I was the first new pilot in the Australian Air Force to get my wings in the brand new Chinese designed and built Steller aircraft. The Steller wasn't like anything that had ever existed before. The thermal propulsion unit was first released in the Steller, and that gave it the first ever lifetime drive. The lifetime of an aircraft back then was about thirty years and the thermal propulsion units of the day were supposed to be good for about five years more than that. But that wasn't always the case and from the first and only production run there were exactly eighteen melt downs. A pilot in a Stellar experiencing a meltdown only had about two or three seconds warning, and there was no way to get to the safety distance of twenty four thousand kilometres in that time. Most guys just drew out a long 'oh, fuuuuuuck,' before they fried, but Johnny Travers, who was a good mate of mine and a really funny bastard, just announced 'look in quadrant four seven echo, I'm lighting a fart...' We got totally fucking pissed that night, and made up a perpetual 'Fartlighter award' that was given to the craziest pilot of the year every September the twenty first, on the anniversary of the day he copped it. The pilots all got together and chose who got the award. At first it was just the Aussies, but then all the Steller pilots around the world got involved. I'm proud to say I won it four point five times, and that was the record when the brass pulled it.

So anyway, I finally had my wings, and I had got them in the first aircraft capable of taking off from an airfield, flying to the moon, then turning around, flying back, and then landing back on the same airfield. I was going out with a girl called Ella Furness at the time, and she was real hot one. Ella was only about one-sixty tall, and that put me a full head above her. She was skinny too, and there were four things that made her stand out when she walked home from work among the giggling schoolgirls. First, she wore her short bobbed yellow hair in a much more adult style. Second she was dressed in designer clothes and made up to look well over her twenty years of age. The third and fourth things were both in her bra. I still swear that I've never seen a natural pair of tits so fucking huge, and didn't she like to show them off!

I had to do the graduation parade and the formal dinner and stuff, all totally boring to a young man who had the hottest girlfriend in the state, but I got through them and managed to meet Ella outside the base at one o'clock in the morning. She had one of those posh European fusion cars back then, and we only drove as far as was needed to make sure that any stray drunks heading back to the base wouldn't catch us in the act. Back then in the early two thousands sex was totally without danger. They had eliminated AIDS and herpes, they had created the male pill, not actually a pill at all, but a magnetic treatment that just took three minutes and guaranteed that the guy would shoot blanks for six months. Anyway we climbed into the tiny back seat and I went for Ella's tits while she just rubbed the shiny new wings on the chest of my uniform. Back then, in my early twenties, I was a bit of a stud even if I do say so myself. I'd first had sex on my eighteenth birthday, which was the norm at that time. They had another version of the magnetic pill thing that all kids were put through, and it stopped the sex drive totally. When you turned eighteen there was another treatment and suddenly years of adolescent sexual energy was demanding release. I got to fuck this girl called Wahley on my own bed during my party, but the act lasted all of thirty seconds and I damn near drove her head through the wall when I unleashed the torrent. I did have to change the sheets afterward, because the used ones ended up stiff enough to stand up on their edges.

But by the time I got to Ella I had learned the art of patience and control. I didn't just grope those magnificent tits, I caressed them, and I knew how to get her off with just my hands and mouth. I made her cum a couple of times playing with her tits and then a couple more by going down on her. Not an easy task in that little back seat, but well worth it. Plenty of guys tried to hit on Ella, but they didn't get anywhere because I kept her satisfied in all sorts of ways. Eventually I slipped my almost always hard cock into her tight, warm hole, and then I slowly started to fuck her. I had worked out how to make intercourse last a long time, I thought of non-sexy things, like senior officers, but I also changed position, angle and pace regularly. We would have fucked for close to three hours in that cramped little car, kissing, moaning and grunting to the rhythm of my thrusts and the sound of my balls slapping against her ass. I had the incredible physical stamina of an elite athlete, which is what a top line pilot is, and I loved it when Ella screamed loudly as her pussy pulsated around my cock from yet another orgasm. I managed to hold back myself until she was so tired and on such a sexual high that she really couldn't talk, and then I timed my orgasm to coincide with one of hers. I wanted to go again, but she had to work the next day and she would just have enough time to get home, washed and changed as it was.

As a pilot I was sort of like one of those disposable sports stars of the day. While I was fit and my reactions were sharp enough I would have a job, but the real security was still in computers back then. Robots were starting to replace tradesmen and computer teachers were starting to run the classrooms. While there had always been people who were happy enough to just sit around doing nothing all day, this was starting to be forced on more and more people as the traditional vocations disappeared up computers asses. It was in the later half of that century that the 'grey nomads', the old retired people driving around the country in their mobile homes or towing caravans, turned into the 'bored nomads', the youngsters with no job and plenty of money, who toured around in a similar manner looking for excitement and fulfilment. That was the when the mind altering drug and ultra alcohol industries had a real big surge. But eventually most people got used to not working, and they used their time to travel, to establish large social networks and to write bad poetry. After the initial defeat of terrorism the same mental tracking system was used to stamp out all crime serious enough to warrant jail sentences, so it was really safe to do damn near anything back then.

But pilots were still needed. The boffins were working on computer-controlled aircraft for both commercial and military use, but they still hadn't got them right. So being the big 'stars' of the day we got to do damn near anything we wanted. The older generation of pilots at the time were mostly scared of the Steller. They didn't like the ultra-responsive handling, and they didn't like the implications of the thermal propulsion drive. Because the whole thing is heat based you have to enter the atmosphere at least once a month to charge the thing up, and that of course means you also have to leave it first. I had already been into space twenty times by the time I got my wings, and it didn't mean that much to me, but I was suddenly one of the elite. We had just two older pilots who made the transition, the rest stuck with the old quad jets or retired to their caravans and poetry. Nope, I don't like poetry and I am not at all sorry about that. There were fifteen more kids of about my age who also qualified on the Steller in the next few years, so the eighteen of us were the ones who took travel out of this world, well as far as Australia was concerned anyway. While our bored and unemployable schoolmates tried to work out different ways to fuck each other silly, to alter their reality and to rhyme something with 'orange' we were out there amongst the stars. It doesn't sound like much these days, but it was a massive thing back then, and we were in all the newscasts.

But it wasn't just work. Three of the other pilots were girls, and one of them was Bira. She wasn't just gorgeous; she was also smart, funny and daring. The end for Ella and the start for Bira happened on one space run. We had taken our Steller out and were orbiting Earth and she looked at me funny.

"What?" I asked.

"Do you know what my grandparents called going around the world?" she asked mischievously, as we went around the world.


"Fucking a girl in every hole, mouth, pussy and ass." I looked at her for a moment, and then I undid my G-suit. My cock stuck up proudly, and her eyes lit up. I don't know how, but she slipped out of her harness and then she wriggled across the centre console without bumping anything and sending us spinning off to Mars. There was a basic gravity system in the Steller, so it was almost like Earth in that regard. But, regardless of the danger of gravity in our positions, as she slipped her warm mouth over the head of my cock I didn't really care. She sucked my cock for a while as I kept half an eye on what the ship was doing, and then she pulled her mouth back and looked up at me.

"Fuck me," she said and then slipped her mouth down my shaft again, her tongue working the underside of my cock as she did. I don't know why I had never tried to hit on any of the female pilots before, they were all pretty good looking, but now I was going to make up for lost time. I twisted her bright blue hair around my fingers and pulled her down hard, feeling the resistance and hearing her splutter, but she gave me the OK sign as it happened, so I used her mouth as a fuck toy, and I wasn't too gentle about it. We were in a slow orbit, and had about six hours before returning to the point of re-entry, so I made sure to make it last. Bira's hands were active. She played with my balls a bit, but mostly she twisted and turned until her G-suit was totally off, and then she played with her tits and in between her legs. She was lithe, long legs and arms on a slim athletic body. I didn't get a good look at the front of her for a while, but I didn't care. After about an hour and forty-five I stepped up the pace as her throat opened around my saliva-coated cock. I face fucked her to my orgasm and we writhed together as I shot streams of cum deep into her body. She didn't miss a drop.

"That was good", she moaned. She had wriggled back into her seat and her tits were rising and falling as she gasped for air. They were great tits, not as spectacularly huge as Ella's, but very firm and proud. Her nipples rose abruptly from the dark circles of her areola and pointed off somewhere into the future. I smiled, and I pointed to my still hard cock.

"It aint over yet sweetheart." She looked at me quizzically.

"How?" She was on my right side, and I reached my arm across carefully.

"Roll onto this," I said, and she rolled so my hand was on her firm stomach. I lifted, and as she realised what I was doing she tightened up her limbs. She steadied herself against her seat as I lifted her up and I slowly drew her across, telling her when to move her arms and legs to avoid the Steller's controls. I found out later that Bira weighed in at forty eight kilo's not a lot, but plenty when you are holding it up with one hand and a single wrong move could kill you. It took a few minutes, but finally she was above me, between my body and the roof controls and I slowly lowered her onto my cock. Her eyes opened wide as her pussy stretched around my cock head.

"Huge', she gasped, and I smiled. I found out later that I was just the second guy to fuck Bira, and the first had a tiny cock, making my two hundred and a bit millimetres look and feel massive to her. It took us about five minutes of wriggling and twisting to get my cock all the way into her pussy, and by then her eyes were already glazed over in orgasm. Then I started fucking her properly.

Damn she was tight, and I had to go real slow so as not to blow my load in the first five minutes. That was something I hadn't done for years, but it was turning into a real risk. Bira was straddled over me, and I saw the curtains matched the carpet, which is an old phrase my grandfather used. It meant that a girl's pubic hair matched the hair on her head, and apparently before they invented pigmentation treatments girls used to dye their hair, but some had really light hair on the head and really dark downstairs. Then they all started shaving or waxing their pubes to make their pussies smooth. By the time I was interested in girls the idea of a plain skin coloured pussy was a real turn off, and there were all the colours of the rainbow to explore. I never found a pot of gold down there at the end of the rainbow, but quite often there was a golden pot of honey. Bira's eyes were closed, and she had her head thrown back, and those nipples looked ready to poke holes into my chest when we hugged. We both kept it slow as our bodies got used to each other, and the firm grip she had on me felt like I was squeezing my cock through the neck of a tiny bottle into hot syrup. All right, I don't know that for sure, I haven't actually done that, but that was what I imagined when I closed my eyes and concentrated on the sensation. After half an hour I picked up the pace a bit, and Bira had her first orgasm on my cock. She said later it had taken that long just to adapt to my size. Soon she had taken over control, riding my cock like a pro, and grinding her clit into by body as she came over and over, but I could see she was building up to a really big one, and I bucked up to meet her on each down stroke, bringing her closer each time. When it hit it was massive. She shouted and shuddered, still grinding her body into mine, and the movement in her pussy was spectacular. My cock was inside a human shaped milking machine, and within a minute of her starting her orgasm I was shooting another load into Bira. The experience was incredible, and this time I did lose my erection, well at least partly, but she kept on coming her pussy clenching tightly around the base of my cock, holding it firmly inside her. She had an orgasm that lasted almost fifteen minutes, it was amazing, and when she finally collapsed onto me her pussy had sucked my cock back into hardness again.

We just cuddled together for a while, both of us gasping for air and her pussy still wrapped around my cock.

"I have never had an orgasm like that before," she said quietly.

"And I've never seen one like that," I agreed. Ten minutes later she looked at me with a regretful smile.

"I'm going to have to go back to my side, do you have the strength?"

"I thought you wanted to go around the world?" Her eyes widened in surprise, and she clenched her pussy around my cock, I think to test if it was actually hard.

"It would hurt," she said timidly, "I've never tried..." Back then, before today's zone relaxants, I wasn't a big fan of anal virgins. Usually they tensed right up and it was almost impossible to get in. Then if you did they would moan or scream about the pain, and you just couldn't have a good fuck. I thought seriously about just returning to her seat, but the temptation was also great. Everything about Bira so far had been fantastic.

"I could be very gentle," I said as reassuringly as possible, "and don't you want to be the first to go around the world while going around the world?" It was her concept, but I quite liked the idea. She nodded very slowly.

"If I say 'stop'..."

"I'll stop. I promise." She still looked doubtful, but I drew her to me and we kissed. We had kissed earlier, but this was a loving kiss, not a fucking kiss. Our hands explored as our tongues danced and slowly she lifted her hips until my cock popped out of her cum filled pussy. Bira pulled her head away too and looked at me with determination.

"Let's try."

We wriggled and giggled like two children playing in a single sleeping bag at Christmas, but where our hands went was nothing at all childlike. Finally Bira was lying at the end of the seat, her anxious eyes looking up at me, and I was poised above her, my feet tucked in behind the pedals and my weight mostly supported by my arms. My cock was gently brushing her pubic mound as we wriggled. Way back then I was pretty damn arrogant, so instead of asking her if she was sure and giving her a chance to back out I held myself up with my left arm and stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy. She gasped in surprise. Then I pulled my fingers back out and they were coated in her juices and my cum. I rubbed the slippery mixture on the tight little bud of her asshole and she whimpered.

"I'm not sure..." she whispered.

"Shhh," I said. I was so horny now, and I didn't want her changing her mind. I slipped a finger into the tight ring and she groaned.

"I ..."

"Relax." I fingered her ass slowly, and let it expand, and then I carefully added another finger. Bira's fearful eyes were wide but at least her nipples still looked as hard as my cock. Her hands were behind her knees as she held her legs up out of the way. I was sweating with the strain of supporting myself in the awkward position on one arm, so instead of adding another finger to stretch her more I just pushed my cock into her pussy. Bira looked confused until I took it out, took my fingers out her ass and rubbed the slippery wetness together onto my cock head. I positioned my cock against her virgin asshole and pressed slightly, returning my hand to the seat.

"Oh, fuck," she gasped, as I slowly pressed against her ring. I would have loved to, but I knew I had to take it slower than that.

"Relax," I told her again.

"How?" It was damn good question, but I am a pilot, not a psychiatrist. I just thought of anything that might distract her.

"Close your eyes," I instructed, and she did. "Now describe me without peeping." Her asshole was very slowly stretching as I applied firm pressure to it.

"Tigers supporter, black and gold hair," she grunted, "Violet eyes, one with gold flecks the other with silver." I watched her face, and her eyes stayed shut. She actually remembered this stuff. "Scar on the left cheek, about ten millimetres... oh fuck, that's not going to work." I eased the pressure back a bit and watched as she panted. Her eyes were still screwed tightly shut, and there were a couple of tears running down her face. Her hands were balled into tight fists behind her legs.

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