tagBDSMFirst Impressions

First Impressions

bypanama trick©

The girl was bound face down on the table. Her hands were cuffed to the legs and her ankles were tied wide apart with nylon cord. The Man stood over her, a large candle in hand, watching the pool of wax building up in the recess on top then slowly dripping the wax down her back ... her body arched at the heat, but the moan that came from her mouth was anything but pained.

He chuckled as He got lower and lower with the wax until He had dribbled it up over her tailbone. Her rosebud quivered as He stared at it, she could feel His eyes on her and wished she could hide from the hunger in them.

As the wax poured and pooled on her rosebud she shrieked. The residue running down between her thighs and collecting on the fine fuzz around her cunt. Her ass rose as she struggled to escape the burning sensation and made an easier target for the Man. He was not one to pass up such opportunity and tipped the candle completely coating her.

His mind filled with memories of the first time they had met. A small nightclub on the outside of town had been a playground He frequented. There was a stripper there that had somewhat captured His fancy, but she was moody and not always available to satiate His lusts. He'd noticed the girl sitting in the shadows by herself, watching and occasionally cheering on the men as they slipped money into the stripper's stocking.

She caught Him looking at her a few times, and her eyes went down in the classic sign of submission. He found Himself turning more and more often in her direction, and when the stripper came over after her dance and told Him she was busy that night, He decided to hunt.

He approached the table and noticed her nervousness, "Mind if I join you?"

"Errr, I thought you were with the stripper," she said.

"Well, it appears she's going to be busy tonight and you were so interesting that I just had to meet you. My name is Tantrick Questor but most people call Me TQ, and yours?"

"Sir, I don't know why you would be interested in a girl like me, but my name is fireinnereyes."

He smiled, "and it certainly fits you girl. I could see the fire clear across the room."

She blushed and looked down, obviously overwhelmed by His nearness. She knew who He was, she'd seen Him before. There were always women around Him, she felt nervous just talking to Him and wondered why He was wasting His time on her.

He could sense that she was unsure and moved a little closer. His scent washed over her and a small moan escaped her lips. His hand moved on the table and pressed against hers, she gasped and snatched hers back from Him and looked at Him with a mixture of dread and fascination. "What, what can I do for you Sir?" she managed to gasp out.

"Well fireinnereyes, for starters, I'm starved. Would you like to join Me for a cup of coffee and a piece of pie or something?"

She giggled at the thought of this Man having coffee and pie with her. He watched her face as it lit up and knew that there was something special about this one.

"Very well then, coffee and pie little one," He said. He grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet before she could protest. They were out the door and in His Audi in a flash and He reached over her to pull the seatbelt tight. His nose filled with the smell of her and His eyes began a disturbing transition from green to blue that she would not notice immediately. As He drew back to His seat His face was inches from her breasts, He stopped for a moment looking into her cleavage and then lifted His eyes to hers. A small smile curled His lips as her cunt suddenly went liquid and the smell of her arousal filled the car.

They pulled into the parking lot of the diner and He walked quickly to her door, opening it and taking her by the hand to pull her out of her seat. A cup of coffee, a piece of meringue pie and soon they were back in the car driving through the night.

She watched Him drive, He was a good driver, fast but not reckless. The powerful motor of the Audi pushing them along at high speeds, His eyes on the road watching and gauging distances and opportunities. Suddenly He took a quick turn off the highway and headed down a dark road. She sat upright in her seat and watched the road trying to remember the twists and turns He was taking.

"Where are we going Sir?" she whispered.

He smiled, "to a very special place girl, I think you'll find it quite interesting."

She was afraid, she'd heard of Men like Him, charming, smooth, yet oddly dangerous. Girls got in cars with Men like that and never reappeared. He paid no heed to her trepidation, even though He could feel it wash over Him like a warm stream. He was in charge and her fears were not His concern.

They pulled into the driveway of the large farmhouse; she looked around through the windows and noticed that there were no lights anywhere that she could see. As He left the driver's seat and came around the car He pressed a button on His remote and the lights in the house came on, giving it an appealing façade. She could hear music playing and there was a sense of a homecoming about the whole place.

He took her hand and led her into the house, showing her the living room He suggested she have a seat on the couch while He grabbed something to drink for them. Obviously, He had done this before as He reappeared almost immediately with a pitcher of iced tea and some snacks which He set on the table. She expected Him to join her on the couch, but He sat in a big easy chair where He could see her clearly and then lifted the remote to the TV.

The show that came on was apparently shot on a home video camera and she was startled about 5 minutes into it to recognize the stripper. She had been tied hands and ankles together with a gag in her mouth and the Man was lifting her onto a table with a machine at the end. fireinnereyes gasped as she saw the penile shaped attachment pressed against the stripper's cunt and then the Man pulled her back to it, the metal slowly sliding inside her. A flip of a switch and the Man stepped away as the hydraulic cock slid in and out of her at a slow steady speed.

She watched, fascinated, repelled and extremely aroused all at the same time. When the Man began spanking the girl with the large wooden paddle, she moaned. He was saying things like, "so you naughty little slut, is this what you were hoping for?"

Her mind was twisting as she watched the video, suddenly wishing that she was the girl on the screen, wanting more than anything to be used and taken in that fashion. All the Men she knew treated her like a piece of crystal, she wanted to be used roughly and made to scream in ecstasy like the stripper on the screen. She wanted to be that naughty, nasty, bawdy girl that lived deep in the recesses of her mind and she suddenly found her self, hand in lap digging at herself like a common slut.

He laughed from His chair, she looked up blushing. What had she been thinking? She didn't know this Man, look at the things He did to girls. She should get out of here.

He watched the thought run across her mind then spoke, "girl, get over here right now." When she hesitated, He repeated Himself, "NOW!! I don't like waiting!"

Her feet reluctantly lifted her and led her over in front of the Man. He looked at her appraisingly, "remove your clothing girl, I want to see what you look like under those dowdy clothes."

She blushed and thought about running, but it was too late. Something was happening here and she wanted to follow it through. Her hands unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off, she lowered her skirt to the floor and stepped out of it, and stood there in her bra and panties.

"I said remove your clothing slut," He growled. "All of it."

In a moment she stood naked in front of Him, her hands sliding from her nipples to her pussy in a futile attempt to block His eyes. Then He growled, He actually growled ... a long deep rumbling sound that shook her to her spine. Her hands dropped to her side and He filled His eyes with her.

She was stunning, her breasts full and yet still proudly jutting, the nipples hard as rocks under His eyes. Her waist narrowed and then curved to a set of full hips which framed her flat belly and the slight whisp of hair tracking down to her moist cunt. Her legs were long and strong, she'd done some dancing somewhere He thought and the overall impression was of a girl, as yet only played lightly with ... certainly not used in the way that He had in mind for her. Her innocence and shyness were attractive, but so was the light in her eye as she suddenly glanced up and locked with His vision. They stared into each others eyes a moment, she noticing a shift in the color of His to a startling blue that seemed to fill His entire eye, then she lowered her eyes again.

His hand suddenly lunged out and grabbed her hair, dragging her to her knees between His legs and pressing her face into His groin. His hardness rubbing against her face through His slacks made her head spin, and when He spoke and told her to take it out she stammered, "Sir? Take what out?"

He growled again, "My cock you little slut, My cock that you feel pressing against you, that your mouth is watering for even as We discuss it. Don't play dumb with Me girl, you'll regret it."

Her hands lifted into His lap and undid His belt, flipped the snap on His trousers and reached into to wrap her small hand around His hard tool. She gasped when she felt it in her hand, it was hot, and hard, and throbbing and when she released it the purple head waved in front of her face, covered with a thin slime from His precum.

His hand in her hair pushed her face inexorably down onto His manhood, "open your mouth girl, take it all."

She moaned and tried to resist as He pressed against her lips, but a sudden savage twist of her hair forced her to gasp and the smooth head of His cock slid over her lips and past her teeth, without even thinking her tongue traced the round bulbous head and slipped into the slit on top, lapping up the copious amount of juice that had gathered on Him.

He jabbed upward as she started to get comfortable with the cock in her mouth, tracing the vein that throbbed down the side her face pressing closer and closer to His groin. The sudden thrust drove Him into her throat, she choked but He didn't relinquish His grip and forced her to adjust to His size. As she finally caught a breath through her nose, He began stroking in and out of her face, His hands in her hair guiding the speed and depth of each stroke were demanding and on the few occasions she tried to take over He twisted her hair again and put her back on His plan.

She sucked His cock for what seemed like hours, the taste filling her mouth, the texture smooth yet firm and relished the little grunts and moans He made as she became more and more frantic with her mouth. He was pumping into her mouth hard now, and as she dove exceptionally deep on Him ... He suddenly exploded down her throat with no warning. She gagged at the hot sticky jism as it flowed over her uvula and then gulped as His cream filled her mouth with sweet, salty cum. Her tongue worked over time and she swallowed and swallowed as He continued to fuck into her face brutally, His groin pressing her nose to the side with each stab and cutting her wind off. Finally, He stopped cumming and as she moaned and sucked the cock slowly it softened and slipped past her lips to hang down on her chin.

She gasped and moaned as He withdrew from her mouth, totally obsessed with this Man by now. He rose from His chair and looked down at the naked girl on her knees. Grabbing her hair He dragged her across the room to a door ... she squealed at the pain in her hair, but followed as quickly as she could on her knees. He opened the door, reached in and flipped a switch and she saw a long staircase leading down into darkness. Lifting her to her feet by the hair He wrapped His hand around her neck and led her down the stairs. At the bottom He hit another light switch and the room burst into light.

Her eyes went wide at the way the room was set up. There was a table with cuffs attached to two of the legs, a bench with a paddle on a hook that sat in the middle of the room, rope harnesses that hung down here and there like a tack room in a stables and a wall full of cruel looking devices like whips and paddles, some very sharp looking knives and a table that sat under the display with various other instruments scattered here and there.

He dragged her to the table and threw her face down on the table, quickly securing her hands with the cuffs and even though she struggled and kicked, He managed to tie her feet to the other eyebolts on the legs of the table. She whimpered as He reached down and touched her wetness, His hand sliding between her lips to grab her hardened clitoris and twist it savagely.

He then left her on the table and went over to the shelf under the whips, humming a song and gathering the tools He planned to use on her. He paused for a second; thinking to Himself then grabbed a candle and a bucket of ice. As He left the area He turned back and grabbed a device that looked like a rib spreader only smaller ... He grinned, this would come in handy for what He had in mind.

The candle wax had pooled on her body, hardening slowly and the burn had left a yearning in her flesh for more. She was utterly shocked when He held the spreader device in front of her face. "Do you know what this if for girl?"

She shook her head no... but was afraid to utter a word. She wasn't actually sure she wanted to know, it looked dangerous and painful and she hoped He was just trying to scare her.

He bent over her ear, one hand running up and down her body where the wax had hardened, then whispered, "it's a cunt spreader slut, I'm going to insert it in your cunt, and pull your lips apart as wide as I can."

"Oh God," she cried. "Why, what did I do to You Sir? Why are you doing this to Me?"

He laughed, "because I can, because you want Me to, and because it pleases Me."

She felt the cold steel of the spreader as He placed it in her fuck hole. He twisted a knob on it and she felt her cunt open wider and wider and wider still, she imagined He could see clear through to her womb and shivered at the thought.

She wasn't expecting the ice. When He shoved the first cube into her cunt she flinched at the cold. The second cube sent her careening into madness, and the third put her over the top. An almost constant moan and whimper was trailing from her lips as He again took the candle, lighting it and then dripping the wax over her cunt to seal the ice inside. Her cunt spasmed at the cold and the heat and she came suddenly in a violent burst.

He watched the girl, He'd known that she was made for this from the moment He first spied her. Her body shook and quaked through the powerful orgasm and He held her down with His hand on the small of her back so she was unable to buck. Finally her orgasm started to subside.

He walked back over to the wall and took down a quirt. Similar to a crop but with long leather tendrils that would wrap and welt the flesh if properly applied. She was again unprepared, the quirt slashing across her ass, the tendrils snaking down to the soft inner flesh of her thigh. Wax flew from her buttocks as the quirt peeled it in large scales, again and again He slashed down on her until her ass was red and there was a criss cross of lash marks across her thighs.

He laid the quirt aside and peeled the wax from her nether region, being neither nice nor tender about it. She cried out as some of the fine hair over her pussy was yanked out with the wax but she was tied tightly and she had no option but to bear it. When the plug slid out of her cunt lips, the water from the melted ice ran down her thighs like urine, causing her to blush and squirm under His hand.

She screamed when He plunged two of His large fingers into her tight cunt and yanked the spreader from her, then plunged them back in and started a steady driving series of strokes that soon had her ass tightening and her cunt hungry for more. Over and over He plowed the fingers into her, curling them inside her and massaging the walls, finding her gspot and rubbing till she was panting then stopping to let her slide back down to some kind of normalcy.

By this time she was crazed, all she could think of was this Man, the way He used her, almost as if she were a toy for His pleasure. No man had ever treated her like this, she loved it, she wanted more. She wanted this Man to use her hard and make her feel like this always, she had become His without even the knowledge of what that meant.

Finally she managed to speak, "Sir, please Sir, oh please Sir help me."

His voice was stern yet questioning, "help you how girl?'

"Sir, I need more, I want more, please use me ... I've ... I ... I've never felt like this, I think I'm going mad, please Sir whatever you want, just use me!" He smiled, it was done. He'd transformed the shy withdrawn girl into a raging fuck slut; she would never be the same again no matter what happened. He released her legs, and then her hands. She slumped to the floor and He looked down at her. The sudden growl made her jump. "Get on your feet slut, stand up now!"

As she rose to her feet unsteadily, her body still tingling from the last orgasm, her knees shaking at the intensity of feelings that went through her, He grabbed her arm and steered her to the bench she had seen before. He bent her over it and told her to grasp the rings on the floor in front of her. She wondered what He had in mind for her now, but it really didn't matter, she was willing to do anything.

"Girl, I'm going to pleasure Myself with your body now. If you release those rings I will stop, you will get dressed and I will call you a cab back to town. Do you understand Me girl?"

"Yes Sir," she whispered, "I'll hold on, please use this girl."

He smiled as He came up behind her. His hand reached down through the slit and caressed her swollen tender lips. She pushed back to His hand moaning like a bitch cat in heat. When He placed the head of His cock against her wetness she let out a long howl like a wild animal singing to the moon, and when He plunged straight into her, her ass rose and her knees braced and she cried out, "thank you Sir, oh god thank you!'

His hips moved into a steady rhythm and He watched His cock plunge in and out of her tight cunt from behind, He loved the way the lips stuck to His cock as He pulled back, like a lover reluctant to release Him. He reveled in the sight of His cock pushing inch by inch into her amazing heat, the juices literally pouring from her, trickling down the inside of her thighs. Faster and faster He pounded into the girl until each stroke brought a grunt or a squeal as He hit bottom.

Her lust was amazing, He'd found a treasure here. It had been a long time since He had owned a little slut the way He did this one. The thought sent lightning shooting through His spine, a warning that this would not last much longer.

The girl felt Him speed up, felt the head of His cock swelling in her and sobbed out loud, "oh yes Sir, fill me, use me, make this little slut your fucktoy."

He suddenly drove forward harder than before and found Himself pinned in her from behind. The force of His orgasm made Him shudder and shake as He suddenly exploded into her clutching cunt and sprayed her walls with His jism.

She felt the shaft buck, the head expand and then contract as He pumped what seemed like endless amounts of cum into her tight hole. She suddenly was thrown into another violent orgasm, barely able to hold onto the rings, but afraid if she did He would send her home. After this, she wasn't sure she could ever go home.

He finished filling her and held tight in her for a moment, relishing the wet heat of her and the spasms that shook her body repeatedly then stepped back and watched the cum dribble out of her cunt. He reached down and grabbed her hair and pulled her up to Him, His lips meeting hers, His tongue driving into her mouth and twisting with hers in a long, delicious kiss. Finally, He released her and pointed to a room off the main dungeon, there's a shower there girl, go clean yourself and when you're done join Me in the living room. There's a robe in there that should fit you nicely.

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