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First Impressions


Matthew Glenshaw's heavy footsteps echoed across the courtyard of the Pacific Breeze Apartments building. Trudging along the stone walkway towards the outer stairwell, he took the opportunity to observe his new, unfamiliar surroundings. He casually noted the freshly cut grass, neatly trimmed hedges, and delicately arranged flower beds as he walked past them. Although the complex was only two miles from the ocean, and was constantly awash in the Pacific's strong offshore winds, he could still smell the vaguely acrid smell of wet paint emanating from the stucco on the building's simple, unassuming facade. Matt already felt reassured that the new apartment would be a sure step up from his last.

A tall, well built young man of twenty-three years, Matt had been a Marine for the first four years of his adult life. The demanding physical fitness regimen transformed his once scrawny physique into something any young man would be proud of. Six feet tall, Lean, well-defined and toned to near perfection. A rookie mistake on the rifle range during his basic training days had left a half-inch scar on his right cheek, giving character to an otherwise unremarkable face. He still opted to keep his naturally wavy brown hair in the standard Marine Corps fashion; barely a quarter inch long on top and clipped down the roots everywhere else. The classic high-and-tight look.

Since leaving the Corps, Matt had applied himself toward his new career as an electrician's apprentice, an endeavor sure to occupy him for at least another two years. Since apartments in this town didn't come cheap, and apprentices didn't earn much, Matt had spent the last year living with a college student that he often regretted not throwing off the roof when he had the chance. They only ever fought, it seemed, and always over the most trivial things. It got so bad that Matt gave up his security deposit just to exit his lease a month early. Combing through the "roommates wanted" section of Craigslist eventually brought him here, Pacific Breeze Apartments. The offer was perfect for him. As affordable as his old place, in a nicer neighborhood, and even closer to work. There was only one part of the deal he had yet to factor in. His potential new roommate, a girl about his age named Kelly.

Matt had never roomed with a girl before, and he wasn't sure he wanted to, since he knew it could get awkward if he wasn't careful. But the pickings for his price range and location were pretty slim. So, through a series of e-mails, they determined that they should at least meet face to face before making any decisions. Oddly enough to Matt, the ad she placed online stated that she was specifically looking for a male roommate. So he reasoned that she must know what to expect from a guy, which meant he wouldn't have to fib about his cleanliness or his online habits. He still had to figure out how to handle bringing girls over for the night, however. He didn't want a "date" with a different girl every couple of weeks to give her the wrong impression, or create unnecessary drama. He hoped she wouldn't care as long as he left her out of it, and kept the noise down as best he could. Well, that's what these meetings are for, he thought.

Matt reached the stairwell on the building's north side and jogged the two flights of stairs up to the third floor. He continued down the walkway looking for apartment 313. After a short search, he arrived at Kelly's door and knocked. Waiting for the door to open, he figured the window about three feet away from the door was probably the window for 313, and attempted to peer inside. No luck. The heavy curtains on the other side were drawn shut. After a few moments, and another couple of knocks, the door opened and Matt found himself face to face with an especially attractive young woman in a white terry cloth bathrobe. Matt was momentarily caught off guard at the sight of her. She was about half a head shorter than he was, with shoulder length red hair. A dark, fiery red that Matt adored but almost never came naturally. Her wide almond-shaped eyes sparkled a deep hazel brown, while her lips sported a fresh, glossy apricot sheen. Her face was a stunning example of feminine beauty, though it had the full cheeks and the slightest bit of neck fat that indicated she might be carrying a few extra pounds. Her bathrobe did a lot to conceal her true figure, but Matt instantly judged that he would probably enjoy it if he saw it.

Quickly regaining his composure, Matt introduced himself. "Uh, hi. I'm Matthew, are you Kelly?" he said.

"Yup, that's me. Nice to meet you." she replied cheerfully, extending her hand. Matt took it and shook gently, noticing the buttery smooth skin, short nails, and the long, tapered fingers. Much like the hands of an artist. "I hope my directions weren't too hard to follow."

"It was no problem. It's only ten minutes from where I go to work, so I know the area."

"Oh, lucky you then. Well, come on in before all the warm air gets out." she said.

Kelly stepped back to let him in, and let Matt shut the door behind him. He watched her as she turned around and led him through a narrow front entry way into the living room and kitchenette. He couldn't help staring at her ample backside swaying suggestively as she walked. Definitely some chub there, he thought.

Kelly walked up to the old, stained grey couch in the middle of the room and spun around, instantly locking eyes with Matt as she sat down on one of the arms and crossed her legs. "I'm so glad you responded to my ad. I've had no luck for the last week, and I really need someone to move in here quick so I don't lose this place." she said.

"That's what I'm here for." he replied.

"So Matthew, what made you want to leave your old place?" she inquired.

"I just needed to get out of there quick. I would have lost my mind if I had to stay there another month." he replied. "I go by Matt, by the way."

"All right then. Roommate trouble, Matt?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. The guy I roomed with before was some loser that barely held up his end of the rent, and never cleaned up after himself. We couldn't go a day without getting into a big argument over chores or money towards the end." he explained. "So why are you looking for a new roommate? Your last one give you problems, too?"

"Afraid so. My last roommate couldn't hold a job to save his life, and I always ended up covering for him when he was late on rent. It wouldn't have been so bad if he would have paid me back like he kept saying he would." she replied, leaning back to rest against the back of the couch.

"So your last roommate was a guy, too?" Matt asked.

"Yeah. My last three actually. I usually like living with guys more than girls, but he sure didn't make it easy for me. We did have a lot of fun together, though." she quickly added, one corner of her mouth curling up into small grin as she reminisced. "At least,when he wasn't draining my bank account and tap dancing on my last nerve."

"So what's wrong with living with girls?" Matt asked, hoping Kelly would highlight a pitfall or two he would make a note to avoid.

"Nothing really, until you get too many of us together. I shared a house with three other girls my freshman year in college, and sometimes things went great. Other times, things would get real catty, real fast. Four girls is definitely too much estrogen for one household. I've been living with guys ever since. It's much less hassle, even though I can't borrow their clothes to go clubbing, and they might pee on the toilet seat sometimes." she explained.

Matt had a chuckle at the joke. He was genuinely relieved at the revelation, though. So groups may be bad news, but maybe living with one girl, especially this one, might not be as dramatic as he feared.

"Well, if you know a better way to mark territory, I'd like to hear it." Matt retorted. "People ignore labels and sticky notes all the time. But you can't ignore getting piss on your hands when you touch something that ain't yours."

That earned a laugh from Kelly. "And how do you keep it from getting on yourself?"

"You really can't. But it's a small price to pay to keep someone else's hands off your shit."

Kelly laughed again. "Well don't worry. If you piss on something that can't be cleaned with a paper towel, you'll never have to fight me for it." They both had a laugh at that one.

"So what should I know about living with you?" Kelly asked.

Matt decided he could be perfectly honest with her. Their banter had done much to put him at ease and he believed he would sound like a better candidate if he was honest, perhaps jokingly so, about his flaws. "Well, let's see. I rinse and clean dishes, no problem. But I'm not so good at putting them away. I usually just take them out of the dishwasher as needed. I do my own laundry, and I don't mind you throwing yours in with it, as long as you want it washed with just anything that happens to be dirty in cold water, 'cause that's the only way I know how to do it. I don't smoke, I usually don't drink on weeknights, and I'm not a fan of people who do too much of either."

"Okay, nothing I haven't seen before then." Kelly said.

"So what about you? Anything I should know about?" Matt inquired.

"I'm much the same, with a few minor differences." she replied with a coy smile.

"Cool, it looks like we can get along. Which means I already like this place better than my old one." he said. "So, should we take the grand tour now?"

"Well, you can see most of the grand tour from here. We've got a living room and kitchenette all in one. The bathroom and bedrooms are down the hall," she added, motioning toward the hallway off to her right, "and the balcony is right out the back door behind me. That's about it. It's pretty basic, but it works."

"Works for me." Matt concurred.

"Okay then. So listen, do you think you could take a quick look around the living room by yourself while I go get out of this robe?" she asked.

"Sure, go right ahead." he answered.

"Great. Back in a jiff."

Matt watched her get up and leave, staring again at her ass while she moved quickly into the hallway towards her room. He wondered what she would be doing in a bathrobe at three o' clock in the afternoon. Maybe she was about to jump in the shower, he figured. He briefly imagined what that might look like, but soon turned his attention to the living room he might be using for the next year. He took a seat on the couch, which was firmer than it looked, and looked around the living room. The TV sat perched on top of a stand that looked like an old cabinet, minus the doors, that had been converted to the task. Inside it, a couple dozen DVDs sat stacked in neat rows next to a beat-up looking Xbox 360 with games piled on top of it. The coffee table was some build-it-yourself Ikea nightmare with dark circles stained into the wood from all the drinks that had been left on it without a coaster. The walls were decidedly austere, with only a few posters advertising old foreign films breaking the eggshell white monotony. Everything was kept neat and fairly tidy, but it all looked cheap and used. Well what did you expect? She just graduated from college, he told himself. He heard Kelly's voice speak to him from behind. "Did you want to see the view?"

That was fast, Matt thought. He turned his head and saw why. His eyes found Kelly standing in the hallway entrance. Stark naked.

He was right about Kelly being a little big, but not in a way that detracted from her beauty. It actually seemed to enhance it. Her breasts were on the larger side, nearly perfectly round and well-proportioned to her frame. A pair of terrific C cups, each crowned by a light pink half-dollar sized areola, punctuated by a pencil eraser sized nipple. She did have a thick waist for sure, but didn't appear to have an actual role of fat on it. It just looked like she had a big waist. The thickness accentuated her pubic lines, the mesmerizing V-shape nestled between two fleshy thighs that led his wandering eyes downwards. Her pubic mound was clean shaven, save for a thin strip of short hair trailing downwards to the narrow, reddish-pink shaft of her clit, which was not quite concealed by her enticingly full pussy lips.

Kelly stood with her hips tilted slightly to one side, her hands resting on their generous width. An amused grin crept onto her face as Matt remained seated, his eyes fixed on her exposed flesh. His jaw had actually dropped slightly as he drank her in with his eyes. "Uh, Kelly, you...you're..." he stammered.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked, puzzled. Looking down at herself, she gasped, one hand shooting upwards to cover her breasts, the other downwards to cover her pussy. "Oh shit!" she exclaimed in mock surprise before quickly dropping the act and laughing heartily, returning her hands to her waist.

"I'm a nudist." she explained, still chuckling as she did so. "I like the feeling of living naked, unrestrained by clothing. But I only do it behind closed doors, or on the balcony. It's a great feeling, but not worth getting arrested over, ya know?"

Matt willed himself out of his trance and commanded himself to look at her face. "Well, why didn't you tell me before, like, in your e-mails?"

"What's the difference? Whether I told you or not, you were still going to have to see me naked eventually." she replied.

"Yeah, but...I just think this is one of those things that you should let people know about beforehand. Or at least tell them before you get undressed." he said, suddenly wondering why he was protesting.

"How would that be fun?" she responded impishly. Suddenly turning serious, she added "I know you probably weren't counting on this, and I'll totally understand if you feel uncomfortable and want to leave. The truth is...I didn't tell you earlier because I really need help with the rent, and I didn't want to risk scaring you off before you even saw the place. You know, just in case you had some moral objections to nudity. I just don't think the human body is anything to be ashamed of. Everyone has one, after all. I like the way mine looks, and I don't care if the people I share a living space with see it. But like I said, I do understand if you have a problem with it, and I can wear clothes while you're around if you do. So...is this a problem?"

Matt was still shell-shocked from seeing a girl he had known for all of a few minutes suddenly appearing naked in front of him. But he did have some brainpower left. He tried to consider the possibilities involved here. He certainly had no problem with the way she looked, and a huge part of him would have liked nothing more than to have a hot roommate strutting around in the nude all the time. But he was also very aware that this could lead to some serious awkwardness for both of them if he didn't handle it right. He didn't have many options for a new home left, and he sure didn't want to screw this one up. But he was still a young, unattached man with all the likes and urges that came with it. He decided without too much deliberation that the benefits far outweighed the drawbacks. And he was sure he would eventually get used to it anyway. "I guess I'm cool with it if you are." he finally responded.

"Great." she chirped. "You don't have to wear clothes if you don't want to, either. I won't mind. Come on, let me show you the view."

Matt watched her walk into the humble kitchenette before standing up to follow her. His eyes were fixed on her gorgeously round ass cheeks bouncing up and down, her ass and legs jiggling slightly with every step.

"This is the kitchenette, by the way. I know everything in it looks old, but it all works." she said, suddenly stopping to point out the various appliances and accouterments. Detouring inside, she walked over to the refridgerator and opened it.

"Do you want something to drink?" she asked, turning her head to look at him.

"Um, no. No I'm all right, thank you." he replied.

Kelly shrugged and turned her attention to the contents of the fridge. Spotting what she was looking for, she bent down at the waist to retrieve a can of Diet Coke from the bottom shelf. As she did so, Matt was treated to a full, unencumbered view of her pussy. Her inner lips were the same reddish tint as her clit, and extended maybe an inch below her outer lips. Her tight, pink asshole sat invitingly just above them, tightening slightly as she uttered a couple of meager coughs. In the light shining in through the window over the sink, he was positive he could see a faint glimmer of moisture between the inner folds of her pussy, conjuring forth in Matt's imagination a flurry of images and scenarios of the worst kind.

Miraculously, her ass and thighs were mostly devoid of the cottage cheese texture of cellulite. So was the rest of her, for that matter. Walking and standing were somewhat more challenging now, as his cock had been stirred from it's slumber and now strained uncomfortably against the fabric of his left pant leg. He hoped she wouldn't notice, but he wasn't sure if he could keep it hidden. His jeans were a tight fit, and readjusting himself would be too obvious. What would she do if she notices? he wondered. Part of him thought a girl brazen enough to appear naked in front of a near total stranger wouldn't care, but there was also the chance that it would make her uncomfortable. Having a guy around you while you're naked, even if he's naked himself, is one thing. Being naked around a guy with a constant raging hard-on is something else.

After closing the door and cracking open her drink, she exited the kitchenette and returned her attention to the balcony door. He stood to one side with his hand on his pant leg to hide his growing member. As she passed in front of Matt, their eyes met. She gave him a slight smirk, apparently pleased at his all too obvious reaction to her little peep show. All he could do was sheepishly return the gesture.

She slid open the the back door and walked out, with Matt close behind. She appeared to shiver as the cool coastal air washed over her. The balcony was small, about three by seven feet with clean white railing, topped with a cool length of stainless steel tubing. From the third floor of the complex, one could clearly see the beach in the distance, with mostly tall trees and other apartment buildings filling in the space in between. It did make for a pleasant, if not spectacular view. Matt was only dimly aware of it, however. He was closely admiring another view, even though he tried to not make it obvious. Kelly stood with her arms folded over the railing, bent over slightly, her ass sticking out while she slowly moved it side to side, as if to taunt him.

"So here's the view. Nothing that might inspire great landscape art, but it is what it is. The balcony is great for getting a tan, though. If you put a towel down here," she said as she pantomimed laying a towel down on the balcony tile, "and lie down around ten or eleven o' clock, the sun hits you just right."

"Great. I'll keep that in mind." Matt replied.

"So, do you want to see your room now?" Kelly asked, taking a long swig of her Coke.

"Sure." he answered, trying to keep his eyes from wandering at least while she was looking at him.

"Glad to hear it. It's fucking cold out here!" she exclaimed

Kelly turned her body towards the doorway and shimmied sideways to get by Matt on the narrow walkway, her ass brushing right up against Matt's restrained, but fully hard cock. His heart jumped when she squeezed past him. He wondered if she had felt it against her ass, and decided that she must have. She made no indication that she had felt it, or at was at least offended by it as she walked through the door. Still, Matt blushed slightly as he could no longer imagine that she was unaware of his predicament.

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