tagBDSMFirst Kiss

First Kiss


Brian was at work when I left the house. I can't believe that I am doing this. I am nervous, scared, and turned on like never before. After ten months of texting and sending sexy pictures, I can't believe I am on my way to fuck you finally. I hope that I am to your liking.

I found you on Facebook and never thought it would be like this. I initiated the communication, but you took it further after seeing my pictures. You asked me to send dirty pictures to you. I got so excited at the thought of you looking at my naked body (and maybe even jacking off) so I took a bath and shaved my pussy just for your pictures. You see, you were the first boy I ever kissed.

Remembering that kiss brings back a host of feelings. We were so young and you had just found out that your dad was being transferred. You told me to meet you at the corner because you had something to tell me. After telling me you were leaving that night, you French kissed me. I had never had another person's tongue in my mouth. I was slightly grossed out and slightly excited. I wasn't sure exactly how I was supposed to feel, but you made me aroused for the first time in my life (when I wasn't doing it to myself) and that left me wanting to learn more.

After those first few pictures, you started placing orders for what you wanted me to do. I was to spread my legs wide and take a picture for you. That one was followed by a shot from behind. I used the mirror to get a great shot of my round, tan ass and lower back tattoo. I couldn't spread my ass cheeks like you requested. I hope there are repercussions for not following directions.

We spoke daily on the phone and you told me that you wanted to fuck me ever since you saw my pictures on the computer. That turned into pussy and tit shots; along with the video of me fucking myself until I squirted. You love that trick. I asked for pics of your cock; the ones you sent me made so hot. Those pics helped me get myself off many times while Brian was away.

Now I find myself driving two hours to meet you at a motel. You are working out of town for a few days and I am coming to collect the sex that you have owed me for 20 years. My husband believes that I have a workshop to attend for my job. Your wife knows you are out of town working. This is a first for us both. I am almost sick feeling about the lying and deception. But, I am wet with anticipation.

You told me to wear a low cut dress with no panties underneath. I was to have my hair pinned up with messy tendrils hanging. Your last order was for sexy heels. I followed your directions and I hope I do not disappoint you. I feel so sexy with no panties, but I am nervous. We are not spring chickens anymore; I worry about wrinkles and divots. I remind myself of your reaction to my picture from behind. You said that I "ruined" you. You will never get that picture out of your head, you said. You also told me that I was in for the fucking of my life. Damn, I am nervous.

The entire drive is filled with questions. Will I recognize you? Will you want me? You do realize that I am not thin, right? I'm curvy with the shape that childbirth game me. What will be your first reaction? How can I do this to Brian? Does this make me a bad person? But, thinking about being under your body as you hammer me furiously makes me want to finger myself. I'm going to die; this drive is taking forever.

As I see the motel sign, my heart starts pounding even more. You told me to meet you next door at the little beer joint first. You want to extend and multiply the anticipation of what the night holds in store. I still cannot believe that I am doing this! I am crazy.

I see the bar and my heart almost stops. I am going to die, right here. After parking the car, I get out and realize that my pussy is extremely wet. I can feel the wind through my dress. It cools my cunt, but only slightly. The wetness is only beginning. I am feeling faint and hesitate before walking in to the beer joint. Okay, here goes, it's now or never. I fake confidence and stride towards the door.

I step inside slowly to find about 10 people hanging out there. Most are drinking and a few are playing pool. They all notice me. I am overdressed for a little dive like this. Their eyes are pouring over my body. I wonder, can they tell I'm wet? Did they notice there is no panty line? Where are you? Did you see me and change your mind? What do I do now?

Reaching the bar, the chick behind it looks me up and down and with a slight grin; she asks me what I want. I take a few seconds and decide I DO need a drink. I am trying to relax and order a glass of cheap wine; I feel a presence slide up behind me. I feel your breath on the back of my neck. You growl into my ear, "I hope that I don't hurt you tonight." I lose my breath and try to recover. I don't want to look desperate. The truth is I AM desperate, desperate to bury your cock somewhere in my body. At this point, I really don't care where. Then you say, "You look exquisite and I am going to enjoy making you look like a whore."

You slowly wrap your arm around my curves. Your touch is sending me into overdrive. I am scared that pussy juice is going to drip on the floor. I would die if that happened before we even looked into each other's eyes. You whisper to me, "You are so beautiful; I am going to take you tonight." "You are mine to do with as I please and I intend to use you thoroughly" My knees are getting weaker by the syllable. I turn to face you and I see that you have grown into a rugged, intimidating man.

I can tell by that devilish look in those intense eyes that I just may have bitten off more that I can chew. That first glass of wine is gone and I look to you for a signal of what I should do next. You order me another glass and hand me $5. You tell me to walk slowly over to the jukebox. You want a better look at my curvy ass. Then I am to spread my legs and bend over as if I am looking for a certain song. My heart is beating faster now. I cannot do this. Not here, in front of these people. I guess I took too long to get started because you pinch my ass and tell me, "now."

As I walk across the room, I feel those same eyes inspecting my body. I am ready to fuck right now. I am dying to feel the fullness that only a cock can bring. I don't want to wait, but I do what you tell me to. I get to the machine and brace myself by leaning on it. I spread my legs and begin to lean into the machine. I can feel the cold air on my cunt lips. I am sure everyone now knows that I am going commando. There are a few loud whistles and a couple of "hell yeahs," from the guys as they noticed my exposed pouty lips and asshole. I am stressing out. I am still in shock over this whole situation, but damn I am hornier than I have ever been in my life and I can tell I am getting more wet by the second.

You walk over and slide your cold hand between my thighs and gather some of my wetness on your fingers. You hand me my wine, lick my pussy juice from your fingers and tell the bar, "and she tastes even better than she looks." Everyone there is whooping and hollering. I chug my wine and watch your eyes lower from my eyes to my tits. You look at me and tell me, "I can't wait anymore, we need to go." Fuck, I agree!

As we walk out of the little bar, everyone is telling you to have fun. I look up and tell them, "Oh, he's in for the ride of his life." The whole place erupts again with "hell yeahs." Luckily, your room is the first one you come to when leaving that little dive. I don't think I could have made it any longer. As you try to open the door, I reach both arms around you to cup your balls and get a feel of that cock I have never seen in real life. You are hard and feel so nice. My fucking mouth is starting to water. Apparently, you weren't expecting me to touch you because you suck your breath in quickly and end up fumbling with the door lock. We both chuckle and step inside.

As I step in, I feel you snatch me up roughly. The door shuts behind me and you pin me against it. I am breathing heavily already and I am scared I am going to cum before you ever get inside me. Both of my arms are over my head, making my back arch and my tits almost pop out of my dress. Your mouth comes crushing down on my mouth. I recognize that kiss. It was unforgettable, even back then. You have both my wrists with one hand and wrap the other hand around my neck. Oh my God, I am going to faint. This is wonderful. I have no control, you have me trapped. You could do anything you want to me. I couldn't fight you off, if I wanted to.

I didn't notice the tie that you had fastened to the door. Before I realize what you are doing, my wrists are bound together tightly. You are restraining my arms so that both of your hands are free to torture me. You pull my dress down and release my breasts from the bra cups that were barely supporting them. You take both nipples and begin to knead them. I am breathing so quickly and feel pressure in my cunt already. You begin sucking my neck and biting me. The biting is soft at first and then more intentional. I cry out because of the pain that I love so well.

My noises are driving you mad, you tell me and begin to pull at my nipples and grind your swollen cock into my full pussy lips; all the while, still biting my neck. I am going to cum; I can feel it. I didn't want to cum so quickly or easily, but I can't hold out any longer. You hear me begin to cum and twist my nipples. I moan your name and focus on the pleasure that I am getting. I can feel my stomach muscles tighten and my pussy begins to twitch. I hold my breath to intensify my orgasm. You release one nipple and slide two fingers inside me. Your fingers fill my hot hole and I continue to cum as you pump your fingers in and out of me. Finally, you get your prize. Cum squirts out, covering your fingers, hand, and the front of your pants. You rub your thumb over my engorged clit and make my pussy squirt more. I can feel my own juices roll down my thighs.

My whole body is jerking and I am almost crying, yet you do not let up. You look into my eyes and tell me that I am not done coming until you want me to be done. I am going crazy and try to pull away from your stimulation. You continue working my clit over. Begging you to stop, I am still twitching and coming everywhere; my hands still bound, top of my dress pulled down and the bottom hiked up—I am sure this is one hell of a sight. My nipples are hard with arousal. My naked pussy exposed. I feel so vulnerable and dirty.

All at once you stop everything and step back to admire your work. My pussy lips are parting slightly allowing my swollen clit to peak out. My neck and nipples are red from their abuse. My dress is like a tube of fabric wrapped around my waist and my hair is falling from its pins. I am completely ravished and disheveled. You look at me wantonly and tell me that you have never seen anything sexier in your whole life and you have much more in store for me.

You release my wrists and allow me to sit on the bed. Tenderly you place your hands on my face and begin to kiss me. It starts out soft but quickly becomes less gentle. Standing in front of me, you pull the pins from my hair allowing it to fall past my shoulders. The curls are begging you to touch them. Leaning down, you wrap your hands up in my messy curls; you tell me that you won't be able to hold off for very long the first time that you enter me. I laugh and tell you that it's okay; I went off before I wanted to, also. You stroke my curls and tell me that you have been fantasizing about this day for a long time. Me too.

I take your fingers into my warm mouth and begin to suck my flavor from them. I have always loved the taste of my cunt juices, especially, licking it from a man's body: his finger his face, his dick. You are mesmerized by watching me lick and suck your fingers. I look up and make eye contact with you. Again, I see that devilish smile.

You pull me to a standing position and hold me tightly as you unfasten my bra and finish removing my dress. I stand naked before you except for my heels. You tell me to turn around and put my head down on the bed. My ass is up and spread for you to see. I don't like you staring at my asshole, but I do what I am told. For what seems like an eternity, I feel nothing but cool air on my naked body. I know you are looking at me. I know that you want to fuck me. I know you want to control me. I know you want to hurt me. I DON'T know what to expect next.

Your fingers touch the delicate area between my pussy and asshole. You dip a finger into my still wet cunt. I can feel your fingers massage my panty line and knead my labia. This is an amazing sensation, so I tell you so. You remove your hands abruptly and the next thing I feel is a painful smack on my pussy lips. I bite my tongue so I don't make any noise. You smack my pussy again and I can feel the tears welling up. You walk around and show me the plastic paddle you spanked me with. You tell me that I was not instructed to speak that is why I was punished. You tell me that you are going to return to what you were doing and I was to "shut up and enjoy it."

Again you wet your finger with my juices and begin to massage my cunt. You kneel behind me and I can feel your breath on my ass cheek. I feel your nose and tongue separate my intimate halves. You begin lapping at my pussy lips and gently sucking. From time to time you reach down and run your tongue over my clit. Your fingers dart in and out of me. You are working hard to get me to squirt again, I'm sure. Our prior conversations have gotten detailed enough; I know what you want. You want my cum in your face.

Two fingers begin pounding my pussy while your thumb rubs my clit. I am beginning to feel that heavy sensation in my core. You are going to get your wish. But instead, you slow down and let off my clit. I feel your breath on my ass again and then on my asshole. You lick my hole with the gentlest touch and I feel electricity shoot through my body. You use your flat tongue to rub my asshole. I feel like I am going to explode. All at once, you force two fingers deep into my cunt, use your other hand to pinch my clit, and push your tongue deep into my ass. I immediately start coming. My pussy is gripping your fingers and twitching. Finally you get your desire. I start coming and my cunt squirts you. Your mouth is eager to catch my pussy juice, so you remove your tongue from my ass and replace it with a finger. Fingering my ass and pinching my clit is more than I can handle. My knees are buckling. You stop stimulating me long enough to bury your face into my body and suck my pussy hard. I finish squirting and you release my body, allowing me to get on my knees and chill for a second. I need your cock in me, somewhere, anywhere, just let me feel how hard you are.

I turn around and kiss your pussy soaked lips. You look at me as if to say something. I reach down and stroke your cock through your pants. I tell you that is it my turn to enjoy you and you had better shut up and enjoy it. That must be good enough, because you just smile back at me.

I tell you to sit on the bed. You rise to sit on the bed and I straddle you. Your hands automatically go to my tits and I place them back on the bed, palms down. I explain to you that you cannot touch me until I tell you it is time. You chuckle and tell me that's going to be difficult. That is the point, my dear. I cannot physically control you at this point in our play. But, I have one hell of a mental game.

I snuggle my naked pussy against your crotch, which makes you breathe deep because I grind myself onto your pants. I lean forward and softly nibble your neck; your cock jumps. I run my hands around your face and up the back of your neck. My cunt is hot and wet, so I know you can feel it through your clothes. Your eyes are closed, so I tell you to open them and look at me. I sit back and cup my breasts and start to pull my nipples. I bet you want to feel my nipples again, don't you? My pussy is waiting for you touch too. But, it's not time yet. You are watching me intently as I lay back and lean on your lap. My knees are folded under me, so you have a perfect view of my open fuckhole. I slide two fingers in and fuck myself for a quick second. Then I remove my fingers from my cunt, sit up again, and stare into your eyes as I suck the pussy juice off of my fingers.

You reach around and grab my ass and grind into my body. I remind you that I did not say it was time yet and put your hands back on the bed. You are getting impatient with me. Good! I unbutton your shirt and get it off of you. Your shoulders are strong, your arms are firm. I know you could take me anytime you were ready. You are humoring me and my little game. Again, I feel vulnerable.

I slide off of your lap and onto my knees. I am kneeling before you, naked and weak. I can tell that you like me down here. I ask you to stand up and undo your pants. You stand to unbutton your pants; I look up at you from the floor and you are smiling with that devilish look. I unzip your pants and slide your shorts down. I finally get to see your beautiful cock. I stroke it slowly and softly, memorizing the shape and imaging what you will feel like buried in my cunt.

Your cock is perfect and I nuzzle it with my face. My tongue is lapping at your sack before you know it and I feel your body tense at the sensation. I rub my face into your balls and begin to massage them with my smooth hands. Your balls are in one hand while I aim your head towards my hot mouth. I drag my nose up and down the length of your dick while taking in your manly smell. You feel my nipples softly bounce up and down on your thighs while I worship your stiff cock. My breath is on your abdomen, your dick is in my face, your balls are in my hand, and I am on my knees naked. What more could a man ask for?

I quickly force your cock deep into my mouth and I feel you jump. Your head is almost in my throat then I pull you back while I am rubbing your balls. I suck you gently then more forcefully. I want to see what you want from me. Your hands have left the bed and have found my hair. I allow you to twist your hands up in my hair. I wrap my hand around the base of your cock and work it up and down while sucking you intently. Your dick feels so good in my hot mouth; you are swollen and hard. I hear a small moan escape from your lips. I speed up the pace because I know you are almost there. You warn me that it will not take much more for you to cum, so if that is not my intention, I should stop. I back off but only to wrap my tits around your hard cock. I am rubbing my tits up and down your shaft and licking the head of your dick. You reach up grab my tits. Holding them tight against your cock you start fucking my tits. You are getting faster and faster, so I tell you to let go. I want to prolong your torture just a little bit longer, so I rub your dick across my face and continue stroking it slowly.

I return your cock to my mouth and start sucking you hard. My mouth is watering. I love your cock in my mouth. I am stroking you while I suck hard. Your moans are getting louder and more guttural. I tell you to stand up. I am sitting on the floor with nothing but my heels on. I lay my head back on the bed and tell you to climb on top of me and fuck my mouth. You waste no time dropping your pants and leaning over me to pin my head down. You shove your dick in my throat. I grip your ass while you fuck my mouth, forcing you up and down on my face. It only takes a few rough strokes and I feel your balls tense and fill my throat with your cum. As your cock pumps my throat full, I swallow your cum and continue to suck gently to make your orgasm last. I take you in as far as I can and swallow the end. Your sounds are primal, animalistic. I love that I have that kind of control over you already.

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