tagErotic CouplingsFirst Lay on the Job

First Lay on the Job


"Sarge, to discovery room 13 please, Sarge to discovery room 13!"

The voice boomed over the intercom directing Sarge to his screening room. Sarge was a big black man; sexy and handsome, with an enormously healthy appetite for sex. He just started a new job at the airport. It was his first day and he was nervous. Sarge was given a wand and told to search inner cavities by the human resources person who seemed in a hurry to get somewhere.

"Okay," he said, shaking his head.

This wasn't really the security job he had in mind, but making some extra cash was exactly what he needed right now.

Sarge heard the door snap shut behind him when he entered the room. He walked around the partition to see a beautiful dark haired beauty, with long legs, a gorgeous rack and lots of sex appeal.

"You won't hurt me, will you," she asked tentatively, looking vulnerable.

He could see her nervousness; it excited him and made him feel powerful. He looked at the long wand he was just given and asked her some preliminary questions.

Sarge asked Silver to strip while admiring her sexy curves as each piece of clothing was shed. When she was down to nothing he eyed the beautiful creature in front of him with appreciation. Her breasts were a 36 C and perky, with hard as rock nipples. He forced his mind to stop looking at her gorgeous tits and glanced at the triangle between her legs noticing she had a Brazilian wax. Nice, he thought feeling his huge cock begin to move in his pants. She watched him adjust his package and realized she might just have a chance to save herself.

"New on the job?" she asked sweetly, in an unmistakably sexy voice.

"Yes, I just started," he replied blushing, noticing her observe him adjust his manhood.

She wondered why they would let a man strip search a woman. Is he ever handsome, and so shy and sexy she thought with a glimmer of hope.

"Maybe I'll be okay," she told herself.

Silver sat down in front of him, her beautiful round tits begging for his tongue; her pussy begging to be fucked. Silver wanted to give off those vibes and she did. He could smell her sex. Her pussy aroma was rich and heady. He couldn't help self. He wanted her in the worst possible way.

"Would you rather I use a wand, or my fingers," he asked.

"Your fingers," purred out of her mouth in her smooth as silk voice.

He could feel himself get harder. Looking into her eyes he asked her to sit on the counter. All he could think about was fucking this hot sexy vixen. He slid his long middle finger inside her and swirled it. She was so wet and tight. Her pussy tightened and grabbed his big finger. A moan escaped her lips. He inserted two fingers, feeling deeply aroused at how wet her pussy was. She started gyrating and fucking his fingers.

"Oh, no," he thought, "I'm so hard, I better take my fingers out of her hot wet pussy."

"I'll try a wand," he said stiffly, not wanting to be fired.

As she leaned back her tits bounced, making him harder. He watched her arch her back seductively. With his hand on the wand he slowly slid it into her tight pussy while trying to be professional. The smell from her sex aroused him again. She moaned slightly as he inserted the wand, turning him on even more. He pulled it out and inserted it deeper, while watching her; totally turned on now, and well past the point of no return. He went faster, fucking her wet pussy with his big stick over and over again. Her breath shortened and he could tell she was very turned on and ready to climax. Ten more strokes in he felt her orgasm and saw the wetness on his stick. He pulled out and asked her to turn over. Now for that hot ass of yours he thought. She shook her head slightly, indicating no.

Swiftly Silver undid his pants letting Sarge's engorged cock escape. Quickly, without any hesitation, she took him into her mouth til he could feel the back of her throat. Her mouth was silky and creamy smooth. Her tongue darted this way and that around his big hard cock. Holding his balls, she deep throated him making him moan. His big cock started disappearing into her pretty little mouth over and over again, forcefully. He fucked her mouth for all it was worth, then poured hot salty juice down her throat. She swallowed every delicious drop and licked her lips smiling.

"Are we finished here now," she asked apprehensively, trying to look confident.

Confused and vulnerable, Sarge nodded yes and guided her to the door and out into the freedom of the airport. Silver walked slowly towards the exit of the airport, trying not to look scared.

In the background she heard the words over the intercom, "Sarge to Discovery Rm 14 for training,".

He looked up when he heard the announcement. Fourteen, he asked himself. Opening the door he went into room 14 where 10 other new security employees were standing. He was obviously late. The instructor was right in the middle of his teaching lesson saying how only males can strip search males and females search females. They did say room 13 the first time, didn't they, he asked himself. Sarge smiled, thinking of Silver's warm mouth swallowing his hot liquid.

Silver opened the door to her luxury apartment looking at her fine antiques; smiling. She went into the washroom and positioned herself so she could see her bare ass in the mirror. Taking a very long wooden spoon, with a curve on the end, she inserted it between her sexy cheeks. A few moments later she found the baggie she was looking for. Holding up her stash while smiling she licked her lips, still thinking of the taste of the good looking security guard. This last stash was worth 100,000 dollars.

The phone rang, "Yes, I had a great flight and landing; it couldn't have been better," was her response; her tongue capturing a lingering drop of salty cum.

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