tagBDSMFirst Lesson

First Lesson


It was time for my slave to learn just what that word meant. She was still excited by being told what to do and by the nasty things I forced on her. But this was all in the privacy of my home where no one else knew what she was really like.

I had some of the guys over today and that would change. The four of us were sitting around the TV watching the game when I said, "Hey babe, come here a sec."

None of the guys had seen her yet. They knew my lifestyle, so they didn't ask much about the women. They just enjoyed the stories. Who knows, maybe I just wanted to prove to the guys that I wasn't full of shit with the stories. Whatever. After today, there would be no question as to how true my stories were.

All three of them stared when she walked in. All 5'3" and 120 pounds of her. Of course a good portion of that weight was in her 38DD tits. She was wearing a pair of workout pants that hugged her magnificent ass beautifully. She came up to my chair and stood between the guys and me looking at me intently with her green eyes. We'd had company over several times in the three weeks she'd been staying here so she had no reason to suspect anything.

I said, loudly enough for everyone to hear me, "Get on you knees and suck my cock, Slut."

She had exactly the reaction I expected; hoped for even. She just stared at me. She knew she was to obey anything I said, anytime I said it. She just assumed we'd be alone at those times. The shock on her face was classic. Knowing what I was putting her through right now made me almost drunk with power.

"Did you not hear me, Slut?" I said even more forcefully than before.

"I ... I ... but ..."

"But what?" I said, now having everyone's undivided attention.

I leaped out of the chair and grabbed both of her arms, pinning them behind her and holding them with my right hand while I wriggled her pants down to her knees with my left. I turned her to face the guys and let her arms go to get both hands underneath her sports bra and pop her tits out the bottom of it.

"Apparently you think you only have to obey me when you feel like it, you fucking slut. So I guess you need a lesson."

She tried to cover herself with her hands in front of these complete strangers. I grabbed a handful of her short black hair and jerked her sideways just enough to get both of her hands up grabbing my wrist.

"You remember our arrangement, don't you, Slut? You obey or you leave. Now what's it going to be?"

"I'll obey," She said in a weak little voice. "You'll obey, what?" I hissed in her face.

"I"ll obey you, Master," she said fighting back the tears.

"Good. Now take your clothes off, look at the guys and tell them what you are," I said as I let go of her hair.

She quickly got out of her clothes and shot me a scared look before turning back to our guests.

"I'm a filthy fucking cumslut who has to be told what to do by my master."

"That's a good start," I said. "Now on to your punishment."

She gave me a horrified look. "Buy why, Master?"

"Did you suck my cock when I told you to."

"No, Master."


"I deserve to be punished."


"Because I'm a disobedient slut."

I turned her around and put her on all fours in the middle of the room with her cunt on display for the guys and said to them, "All right, guys, turn this fucking whore's ass red. Use your hands or your belts, whatever makes you happy. And feel free to pinch her nipples and pull her hair, too. She's a fucking slut. Treat her like one."

The three of them looked at each other for a moment before the one in the middle hopped up and smacked her ass hard enough for her to rock forward. Then he started smacking both her cheeks with a steady rhythm. After a minute of this I told him to move around in front of her and ask her what she wanted.

"Thank you for punishing me. Can I please suck your fucking dick? Please?" she said.

I looked at the other two and said, "See how this works?"

"Fuck yeah!" was the response as one of them took off his belt and went after her ass with it and the other went straight for her tits, squeezing her nipples so hard she said "ow, ow, ow" around the cock she was sucking.

I told the guys to have fun, but not to cum yet. So the one with the belt made his way around to her mouth. She grabbed the cock she was sucking with her left hand and jerked him while she sucked the second guy. And the one that was working on her tits moved back to her ass and stuck his thumb and three fingers in her cunt. He said, "This fucking whore is actually enjoying this ... she's soaking wet!"

Then he took his fingers out of her cunt and stuck his thumb all the way up her ass. She ended up deep throating the dick in her mouth as she gasped at the sudden violation. The third guy just laughed as he jammed his fingers back in her pussy and worked them together against the thin layer between her pussy and her asshole. Finally, he moved around while she got dick number two in her right hand. Guy number three made her lick his fingers clean before he shoved his dick in her mouth, grabbed both sides of her head and forced her face up and down his cock until she had the whole thing in her mouth and he told her to stick our her tongue and lick his balls.

It was pretty obvious the guys were ready, so I told the slut to sit back on her haunches and told the guys to spray her with cum all over her face and tits. And like a good little slut, she just sat there and took it.

As the guys were getting dressed, I told her she wasn't done yet. That she was to go outside the door of the apartment, bend over, grab the rail and thank the guys, individually, as they left, for treating her like the fucking slut she is.

"And it better be loud enough for people to hear," I said.

All three of the guys gave her one last hard smack on their way out the door as she repeated what I'd told her to say.

Finally I told her she could come back in. She asked if she could take a shower.

I said, "No. I just ordered a pizza and you'll be answering the door exactly as you are now."

That should keep her from getting too complacent.

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