tagBDSMFirst Master Ch. 02

First Master Ch. 02


Chapter 2: The Morning After

I would like to thank a friend of mine who proofread this and my first story. It wouldn't be quite as good grammatically, if not for her.


She had a lot of dreams, that night. Mostly chaotic, and none she could remember. So many, that the events that led to her slavery may have also been a dream, she subconsciously wondered...

That's when a tickling sensation woke her up. It took her a moment to get past her sleepiness, and then she realized where she was. She was in a bed, she was naked, and her new master was fingering her pussy. What happened last night wasn't a dream.

"Ah! You're awake," he dreamily said as his fingers ran up and down her labia, occasionally dipping his fingers in. "Good morning." A familiar feeling crept up from between her legs because of his hand and she started wiggling it.

"Good morning... Master," she sleepily replied.

He sat up and got out of bed. "Time to get up. We have a long day ahead of us, and I sure am hungry. Are you?"

At the mere mention of hunger, her stomach began to growl. She slowly sat up and gave a big stretch. She looked around the room and saw the sun shining through the curtains. "Yes I am, Master."

"Good. I will order us some food. In the meantime, you should freshen up and take a shower. The bathroom is over there."

"Thank you, Master."

The bathroom was gorgeous! Marble floor tiles, a large hot tub, a toilet with accompanying bidet, and an open shower were all designed with a Victorian theme in mind. After tending to her toilet needs, she removed her collar and placed it next to the sink.

She looked up and saw herself in the mirror. Who is this person I'm looking at, she wondered. She had seen herself in the mirror before, but at that moment, she saw she was somehow different. Body parts that were just there seemed to take a whole new meaning. She remembered her lips, used for talking and eating, around his cock. Her neck was now a place for his kisses. Her breasts were for him to fondle. She had changed. Her innocence was gone.

She absent-mindedly reached up and touched a nipple, playing with it with her fingers. It tickled, yet at the same time, that strange feeling came back. After about a minute or so, she heard her master talking in the other room. She could barely make out the word 'cantaloupe' and realized he was ordering breakfast.

She went over to the shower and turned the faucets so jets of slightly warmer than normal water splashed against her skin. She welcomed the feeling as last nights sweat and juices just melted off her body. She grabbed the liquid soap and a washcloth and gave herself a good scrub down.

Shortly after she reached her hips, she paused for a moment. He had penetrated her there. Her pussy and her asshole both felt his cock enter in. She was still a little sore from the anal intrusion. But her other part...

She remembered how he woke her a few minutes ago. Again her hand moved, almost of its own will. She placed her fingers between her lower lips. How did it go? There... Once again, the feeling, that rapturous feeling... She ran her fingers up her parted lips and exposed her clitoris. She was unable to stop herself from flicking that little nub. She felt her face flush as she continued to masturbate herself. Almost there...

Her quest for an orgasm was cut short as her attention snapped as the door opened, letting her master in. He headed straight to the toilet and tended to business. She watched him as his back was turned to her. She didn't get a good look at his butt, last night. It was kind of cute.

He flushed the toilet, turned around, and walked over to the shower to join her. He stood over her with his back to the shower head and she looked at his face. My, he was handsome! She found herself getting lost in his big brown eyes. He had very chiseled features and a bit of stubble on his chin.

Again, he brought her back to reality. "Get yourself clean?" he asked with an amused smile on his face.

"Yes, Master," she replied.

He once again turned his back to her. "Ok then, time to wash me. Start with my back."

It took her a moment register the command, but she soaped up the washcloth and went to work. She scrubbed down his back and slowed when she reached his butt cheeks, taking the time to get a closer look.

"Ok, that's enough. Time for the other side," he instructed as he turned around.

She noticed the hair on his chest as she ran the washcloth over him, and how it trailed down his stomach to another patch of hair around his cock. She wrapped her hand around his member and started to soap it up. Just like last night, it started to grow and harden in her grip.

"Stop," he commanded. "Put it between your tits."

Obediently, she raised herself so his cock rested between her tiny little breasts. She was unsure what to do next, so she waited on his instructions.

"Time for a quick lesson before breakfast," he started. "We are going to do what is called a titty fuck. Wrap your tits around my cock as best as you can and rub them up and down it. Understood?"

"Yes, Master," she replied and did his bidding. Try as she might she couldn't provide any more than a cushion for him.

"That's ok," he reassured. "Just do what I told you."

"Ok, Master." With that, she moved herself up and down his shaft. It was interesting, to say the least. His cock felt warm against her body. She stopped for a second to reaffirm her grip and continued.

The feeling of arousal returned to her. She looked up at her master, and she could see that he felt it, too. He had his eyes closed as he groaned in pleasure. Somehow, seeing this only aroused her more. This caused her to be more enthusiastic in her task.

When he reached down and started tweaking her nipples, it was almost more than she could bear! She felt flushed all over, and she couldn't stop what she was doing! She started panting heavily as her passion took her over.

After about two more minutes of this, he grunted and she could feel his cock jerk. She looked down just in time to see his cock shoot thick white semen onto her face and over her chest. After a few more squirts, he finally subsided, and his cock started going limp.

She dipped her fingers into one of the milky white pools and brought it to her nose. It had an odd smell to it. She couldn't tell if it smelled bad or good. It made her curious.

"Put it in your mouth. Have a taste," he said with a wicked grin.

Slowly and reluctantly, she inserted her finger and touched his semen on her tongue. It tasted really weird - a bit salty, but weird. She quickly spit it out, and she could hear her master laughing.

"Don't like it, eh?" His face lost some of its amusement. "You're gonna have to get used to it. Your mouth is gonna spend a lot time with that stuff."

She looked up at him uncertainty in her eyes. Just how much was he going to make her do for him? Is she really stuck with him for life? Is there no other way?

"We'll get to that part, later. For now, clean yourself up. Breakfast will be here, soon." He exited the shower, grabbed a towel, dried himself, and wrapped it around his waist. As he left he said, "Don't forget to put your collar back on, when you leave."

A few minutes later, she had dried herself and once again donned the collar that defined her as his property. In the bedroom, she saw a cart had been wheeled in. On it was all sorts of fresh fruits: grapes, oranges, peaches, etc. Her master was now wearing a white button up shirt and black slacks.

"Eat up," he told her as he was putting a tie on. We'll be going to your new home, soon. I don't want to hear you complaining about being hungry on the way."

She cautiously took a grape and put it in her mouth. It tasted better than any grape she ever had. Soon she finished the whole bunch and went on to a slice of watermelon. Mmmmm... It was delicious! He joined her at the cart and munched down on an apple. Soon, most of the fruit was gone.

The master got finished dressing and there was a knock at the door. "Come in, it's open!" He replied.

That's when she realized she was dressed only in a collar and tried to hide her nakedness behind the fruit cart. When the door opened to reveal a maid, she relaxed.

The servant was carrying a long fur coat and a pair of boots. "Here are the items you ordered, sir." She said to him in a thick European accent.

"Thank you," he told her and handed her a twenty. "Please inform the master of the house that I will be leaving, and that I am very pleased with my new 'acquisition'."

"Very well, sir," the maid replied, left the items by the door, and then quietly left the room.

He motioned to his slave, "Put those on. It's cold and snowing outside, and we're going home."

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