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First Meeting


[This story was inspired by events that haven't happened yet. It includes D/s, oral, anal, coitus, bondage, some pain, and lots of trust. Comments are welcome.]

Seven months prelude, lead-up, foreplay, if you will. I read her posted story. She read three of mine. An email. A week later, another. Then two in a week. More emails. I read her other stories and poem. More details shared than were in the posted profiles. I was interested from the first email.

My story was about being introduced to D/s. She surmised that I knew something about what I wrote. I did. My introduction was a lot like the one in the story, without a trip to Chicago. Things change. The women in the story are no longer in my life. When my heart stops hurting enough I may write about the ending. It only took ten years to write about the beginning.

She asked good questions right from our beginning. I answered and wondered where she was in "the lifestyle." Curious from a distance, curious from a new D/s relationship, from inside a long relationship, or curious because what I wrote about was so alien from her experience? Over time I got answers to those questions. She had been curious and now was getting ready to take another step forward.

My approach was slow and respectful. Let her tell me what she wanted me to know. I knew that, in my experience, a sub needs to establish such a high level of trust that any hurrying may end the relationship before it ever actually begins. I let her ask whatever she wanted to ask.

Over a period of years, I had read some bulletin board postings that began by answering a sub's first post with commands. How rude. I am not looking for someone who just accepts orders from anyone. First, we establish who I am and who she is, then, if we agree, we take one more step.

Opening post: "Hi. I'm looking for a f/t Dom. I'm forty-eight and divorced." First response: "You will answer the following questions and address me as Sir: (1) Give me your statistics. (2) Send me a picture of you nude. (3) Be prepared to move to the east coast."

I am not a predator. The man who posted that response was a predator, in my opinion. He was looking for a victim. Not my style.

Her writing showed me she wanted a man who would stretch her. If she could trust him she could allow him to guide and lead her toward a life more filled with excitement and joy. She saw something in my writing that said I might be someone who could do that.

We explored our beliefs about life, love, caring, sex, pain and comfort. Emails became almost daily. We wrote and I noticed that she addressed me as Sir, always. She wrote in submissive terms. "If it please you..." "If I am not intruding..."

At some point I requested her phone number. It was not a command. She was not mine to command. Even if she were I would state my commands as requests. She gave it. I requested a time when she would accept a call from me. I called at that time.

We spoke for exactly fifteen minutes. I had asked for no more than fifteen minutes. Ending on time demonstrated my willingness to abide by her limits and not push past them. The email follow-up was excited and pleased with the phone call.

I called once a week for a month. In the last call she asked if she could have more. "Please, Tell me what you want."

"I want more time with you, Sir."

"More time in emails, more time on the phone, what?"

"Whatever you are willing to give me, Sir."

Weeks of more and longer calls followed. We played during some of the calls. Not just sex play, but certainly a little of that. She asked questions that had her learn more about my preferences.

"What kinds of things to you like to eat, Sir?" "Do you prefer a woman in dresses or are pants Ok too?" "If a woman wears red do you like it or hate it?"

After a hundred of these questions she asked, "Do you want to know my favorite foods, color, music?"

"Are you willing to live a life with none of those things, if that would please your Master?" I asked, in answer.

A long pause followed my question. "If he was truly my Master, yes!"

"Who decides if he is your Master?"

Another pause. "I do, Sir."

"Any one who would want to impose a Dom relationship is not the Dom I would even want as a friend. I want any sub who is mine to come to me, willingly, offer herself freely and to love her choice."

"Sir, may I ask for something?"

"Of course. Asking does not guarantee the answer is yes."

"I would like to be with you."

"You know you must tell me exactly what you want."

"I would like to meet you somewhere for a weekend and spend the weekend with you." She spoke quickly, as if that would make me more agreeable.

"Where would you like to have this happen?"

"I am in Vermont. You are in California. Somewhere in between?"

"Can you go to Denver the first weekend of next month without being on your period?"

"Yes! Sir."

"Then we will meet there, if you agree. I will make reservations for us and will email the details to you. You agree to tell someone where you will be and to set a time to call them from Denver on Saturday and early Sunday so they know you are safe."

"Yes, I can do that."

"Are you intending that during this weekend you will be my sub?"

"Yes, if that would please you, Sir." Her voice was soft.

"I would like that very much. That means that you will come to me prepared to give me whatever pleasure I might desire from you?"

"I trust you, Sir."

I concluded the call and went to my computer. An hour later I had found a quiet B & B not far outside Denver. It had small cabins and a main house. I booked a small cabin. I booked it and sent the details to her.

The next day I sent her an email and the text said, "I arrive in Denver at 2:10pm. What time will you arrive?"

An hour later while I worked on my computer it dinged and the message was from her. "My plane arrives at 3:15pm United."

I sent an email back that said, "292 hours. I am excited."

The evening before our flights I got an email that asked, "Is there anything you want me to pack, bring, wear?"

I called her. She answered and I said, "Are you thinking about Denver?"

"Yes, Sir! I can hardly think of anything else."

"Have you a pen and paper handy?"

"Yes, I'm ready."

I want you to bring a coat. I want you to wear jeans and a sweatshirt. Do you have comfortable boots?"

"Western boots or high heeled boots?"

"Western or hiking."

"I have hiking boots."

"Wear them with wool socks. No panties. What color is your sweatshirt?"

"I have gray, navy, red and yellow, Sir."

"Are they all the same size?"

"Yes. Roomie."


"They don't fit tightly." She paused, realized what she had said and apologized. "Oh Sir, I was not calling you my roomie. I was talking about the size of my sweats."

"Accepted. Wear the navy one. In your suitcase, please bring one skirt that hits you at least five inches above your knees, leather or black if you have that. Pack a blouse that goes with the skirt, silk if possible. Bring one pair of suspendered hose, not pantyhose. Pack one pair of pumps, with a three inch heel. Your toilet kit, including two new razors. Pack a warm sweater. Any questions?"

"Bras and underwear?"

"Wear a navy or black lace bra on the plane. If the blouse you choose would show the bra then either bring another bra or change blouses. No panties."

"Yes, Sir."

"Tell me what you're thinking."

"I am soaked, excited and scared. I have started giving you control and my thoughts are conflicted."

"In what ways?"

"I'm supposed to be an independent woman. I am an independent woman and I'm letting you tell me how to dress, what to bring. You haven't said it but I think you plan to use me sexually soon after we meet."

"I am already using you sexually, my dear. If you reach into your innermost place you will find you are very wet, because that is what I want. Put a panty liner in your jeans before you get on the plane and change it at least twice during the flight. After you land, go to a restroom and change it again before meeting me."

"Yes, Sir."

"Sleep well. There may not be a lot of sleep in Denver."

"Yes, Sir."

Eight hours before my flight I called her. She answered and I said, "When you change the panty liner in the airport bathroom, dip two fingers in your juices and leave them on your fingers. Do not wash that hand. Bring me your juices and when we meet give me your fingers to suck on. When they are cleaned we will kiss. If I touch your lips with my tongue, open your mouth and invite my tongue inside."

"I'm dripping!"

"Do you have a purse to bring?"


"Inside should be your wallet, ID, cell phone and the liners. Lipstick is optional. No eyeliner, mascara, or compact. Did you plan to wear perfume?"

"Yes, Sir."


"Yes, Sir."

"I cannot remember the last time I looked forward to Denver with this much joy. Thank you, Pet. Thank you."

Never had I used the name Pet with her before. I knew she caught it.

"See you in Denver. I will be wearing jeans, a western shirt, and a denim sport coat. The shirt is Navy blue."

"Yes, Sir."

Hours later I was standing in the area where the train emptied the disembarking passengers from all the airlines. I had my carry-on bag sitting on the floor beside me. The train pulled in and the automatic doors opened. Lots of people walked out and turned toward the exit. One woman stepped off the train and stopped, looking around for something or someone.

She had a rolling carry-on bag, a jacket and a purse. She was wearing a baggy navy sweatshirt, jeans and hiking boots. The sweatshirt was baggy enough that it was impossible to tell if she was carrying "A" cup breasts in there or "D" cups. Her jeans were snug and she walked with an athletic grace. She spotted me and started walking towards me. I noticed that her jacket was draped over her rolling bag and her purse was carried on the same arm as was pulling the suitcase. The other hand was empty.

She looked at me until she was six or seven steps from me and then she looked down. When she was close, standing right in front of me, she offered her hand. She held it above her shoulder height and with two extended fingers.

I opened my mouth, grasped her wrist and inserted her fingers in my mouth. I could taste her. She was sweet, as almost all pussies are, without being too sweet. I sucked hard and ran my tongue over and around both fingers.

When I released her fingers I said, "You are a delight. Welcome to Denver."

My hand lifted her face and I kissed her. My lips against hers for a long time and then I touched her lips with my tongue. She opened herself to me, welcomed me, surrendered to me.

The kiss ended after a passing couple recommended we get a room. I smiled and said, "That's where we're headed."

We walked together to the car rental counter and then to the car. As we left the counter I said, "You walk with your head down. I think that may be an idea you have about being sub. When you walk with me I desire that you walk proudly, head held high and almost strut. You are a beautiful woman. Know that I know it." She changed within three steps.

"Smile. You know a secret that none of these people know. You know you are having such an adventure!"

At the car, I opened the trunk, stowed our bags and opened the door for her. Before she could sit I took her in my arms again and kissed her again. I pressed my growing erection against her. She sat, after the kiss ended, and I closed her door. As we left the airport I gave her the printed directions to the cabin and asked her to navigate. Just less than an hour later we arrived.

The main house was a three story log mansion sitting near the center of a mountain meadow. At irregular intervals around the main house there were three smaller log cabins. Scattered around the entire property were trees and large rocks. Our cabin was the farthest from the main house. From the large front porch the view was of the other cabins and the main house. There were two rocking chairs on the porch. I parked beside the cabin and that gave me a slight view of the back porch. It faced the Rockies in the distance and a waterfall.

After I let her out of the car we got our bags and went inside. The pictures I had seen on the internet did not show everything about the cabin. What they had shown was that the inside was one very large room, with a queen-sized, four-poster bed, a couch, two plush chairs, a fireplace and a small kitchen tucked in one corner. A door on the same wall as the kitchen led to the bathroom. The bathroom had both a huge shower and a large claw-foot tub. A shelf held a large supply of towels. Back in the great room, the fireplace was lit and the room warm. As we settled in I noticed what was not shown on the internet: hooks and rings imbedded in the walls and overhead beams, discretely. In the large closet I saw the chest I had shipped the day after making our reservations. When I opened it I saw cuffs, ropes and other toys that might be used.

"Pet, please unpack your bag and mine. Put our things in here." I said from inside the closet.

She rolled both bags to the closet and did as I asked. I sat in one of the chairs near the fire and listened. The sounds of things being put on hangers and of the suitcases being unzipped and later rezipped were easy to recognize. When I heard the chest open and her sudden intake of breath I smiled. She now knew that her adventure might go in that direction.

"When you are done, please join me by the fire."

Seconds later she stood near me. I had her sit on the rug in front of where I sat.

"Pet, please tell me what you expect our relationship to be for the next three days."

"I am not sure, Sir. I expect that I am here to learn how to please you. Perhaps to find out where my limits are. I want to see if living like this is just a fantasy or, as I suspect, the way I want to spend my life."

"Good! You know about safe words and safety. I want you to call your safety person and let them know you are here and safe. Then we will continue."

She used the phone and made the call. When she hung up the phone she came back to me, resuming her position on the floor.

"I will introduce you to life as my sub, living with me. Life as a sub is different with each Dom. I can tell you a little about others, but I can only have you experience being with me. For this weekend you will call me Nick, Honey, or Sir. Do not call me Master. I expect obedience, without question, even though I will phrase my needs as requests. Hesitation has consequences, just like obedience has consequences. Are you still willing to continue?"

"Yes, Nick."

"Good! I am very pleased with how well you have followed instructions so far. I would like to sit out on the back porch and enjoy some time with the mountains and you. It would be good to have some wine as we sit. Please get us some wine and join me out in back."

As I went outside I left the door open. My Pet got a bottle of wine, an opener and two glasses. She sat on the porch near my feet. She opened the wine and poured me a glass. As I took it I thanked her and told her to have half a glass herself. She poured herself half a glass and sipped it. We looked at the grand vista of mountains, waterfall, forest and beautiful clouds spread before us.

"Pet, please tell me about your trip here, beginning with when you asked me what to bring."

"Yes, Nick. After our call I went to my bedroom and my suitcase was already open on my bed. I started unpacking some of the things I had already packed and the thought came to me that I had already given myself to you. I sat on the bed and shivered for a while at that realization and at the realization that I loved it!"

"And then?"

"I took the things that I had packed that were new in a box that I could return when I got back."

"What things?"

"I had purchased some new panties and patterned pantyhose that I will return."

"Why will you return them? You could wear them in Vermont."

"You don't like them, Nick."

"What did you do then?"

"I finished packing. Well, I tried on six or seven skirts until I was sure I picked the right one. I packed that one. I tried on four blouses over the bra I have on and picked the one that didn't show the bra. It is silk. After I was packed I showered and went to bed."

"Did you masturbate?"

"In the shower. By the time I was packed I had spent hours thinking about this weekend and what I was doing. I was so turned on I had soaked my panties completely! When I was in the shower I touched myself and came."

"Did you sleep well?"

"No. I woke up often and had my arm stretched out to the empty side of my bed. Every time I woke I felt disappointed that you weren't there."

"In the morning?"

"I drove to the airport to be there three hours early. I wanted to wait by the gate rather than worry about getting through the security checks barely in time. Once I was inside security I had a small breakfast and bought a lunch to carry-on. I was fine until I sat down to wait. When I sat down I could hear your voice over the phone, "No panties." I changed the liner before I got on the plane. My nipples were hard and I kept thinking about pleasing you. I thought more about not disappointing you."

"Did you think about me fucking you?"

"Not really. I thought about being yours, about giving myself to you for three days. I thought a little about what we might do, what you might do to me but mostly I thought about hearing you say I pleased you."

"And, on the plane?"

"I sat next to a woman about my age that was flying back to Denver to be with her sick brother. When she asked why I was going to Denver I hesitated, then I told her I was meeting my lover in Denver for a weekend. She smiled at me and hoped we enjoyed the weekend."

"I know you followed my instructions about bringing me your fingers. Tell me how that was for you, please."

"When I went into the bathroom out by the gate I reached in and changed the soaked liner. I started to button back up and remembered you wanted my juices on my fingers. I got them wet and then had to figure out how to button my jeans without spreading my juices on them. As I walked out of the stall I wondered how many people could smell my musk as I walked. It was the sexiest walk I have ever taken. On the train I stood alone and the train stopped and more people got on. A man stood near me and I wondered if he could smell how turned on I was or smell my fingers."

"And, if he could?"

"It was Ok because I was doing what you wanted me to do. I could never have made that walk like that on my own!"

"Do you recall what I said to you? My first face to face words?"

"Yes. You are a delight! Welcome to Denver." I smiled. "You pleased me. You followed my directions. Now, Please remove your sweatshirt."

Her hands grasped the bottom of the sweatshirt and pulled it over her head. She was wearing a black lace bra, front closure, that held her breasts, barely. It was not an underwire bra but a barely there decoration that almost gave no support to her breasts. I took the sweatshirt and folded it, placing it on the porch near her.

"Are you noticing your nipples tightening?"

"Yes, Nick."

"From the touch of cool wind or the thought of me seeing you for the first time?"

"Both, Nick. The coolness would have them tighten, but they were starting before I felt the coolness."

"Do you want to take off the bra?"

She hesitated, just an extra second. "If you want me to, I want to."

"What you want is for me to decide. You want it to be my decision. I want you nude. Completely nude. Stand here and undress then take your clothes in and put them away. Get a towel from the bathroom and come back."

She stood and removed her bra. I took note of my first look at her nude breasts. They sloped down her chest then curved out to her forward pointing, dusty rose colored areola and blueberry sized nipples. They were almost big enough to be "C" cup sized breasts, slightly heavy below the nipples. Both were pale and showed some blue veins through her nearly translucent skin. It was still evident that, during the summer, she had worn a top that consisted of two triangles held to her with strings.

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