tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Meeting Ch. 01

First Meeting Ch. 01


I pulled into the parking lot, looking for your truck, and my first glimpse of you. There were several trucks in the lot, but only one red Ford, and it was parked in the back as you said you would be. Pulling in next to it, I could sort of see you through the windows, but not well enough. It didn't matter though since you recognized my Jeep and got out, coming over to get your first look at me. I hurried out of my car, so eager to finally see you in person, and was momentarily taken aback at just how tall your 6'2" actually is when standing next to my 5'4". All I could think was 'wow.'

For me, it was all very awkward - I had no clue how to act around this stranger that I knew so intimately, and who knew me the same. Mentally reminding myself that you were the same wonderful person I'd been dying to meet for nearly two months, I looked up at you, smiled, and said hello, foolishly wondering if I should introduce myself. Just what is the etiquette involved in this, anyways?

You, thankfully, were not so intimidated. Or at least you were very good at letting on that you were not. You had been very self-assured about this meeting all along, and blessedly continued to be so, letting me take from your example and grow calmer. You said hi in return, and that we should go inside where it's warm, and have some coffee. Smiling, I agreed, and we walked toward the building, peeking at each other along the way.

We got in line and made small talk while waiting our turn at the counter. Later, I remembered none of what we said, it was so meaningless. It's purpose was to get us used to actually speaking out loud to each other, to turn each of us into real people and not bits of imagination. And it did it's job. Once we had our coffees and took a seat by the window, sitting across this little table from each other, I felt much more at ease around you.

Neither of us said anything for a few minutes while we took in the person across from us. I don't know what you were seeing, but I was looking at someone whose face I wasn't able to take in as a whole...I could only look first at your eyes, those eyes I'd never seen before, even in your picture. I saw the beginnings of fine lines at their edges and wanted to reach out and touch them, feel them be real under my fingertips. I saw the intensity of your gaze as you looked at me in return. And then and there, my heart did this little pit-a-pat thing, and I knew you for the person I'd come to know.

We continued with the small-talk, taking sips of our coffees during the silent moments, always searching each others faces, as if looking for...something. There was so much I wanted to say to you but couldn't find one word of it to speak out loud. Still though, we talked. Well, you mostly, but so be it. As we hit another bit of dead air, I saw a glint come into your eyes. I looked a question at you, and with a smile, you quietly asked me if I was wearing a bra. Yikes! I had forgotten all about that - I had told you I wasn't going to be wearing one, and sure enough, I wasn't.

With a small, embarrassed laugh, I shook my head, quickly looking at the people around us to see if anyone heard you. No one was leering at me or looking shocked, so I assumed it was safe. Feeling foolish for feeling embarrassed, I took a mental deep breath and looked up at you, meeting your gaze, and found myself smiling in return. I was secretly pleased you remembered, and hoped you were pleased as well for my having done as I said I would.

Smiling more, you then told me to show you. I had a moment of panic, thinking you were expecting me to take my shirt off in the middle of Dunkin Donuts, but then realized that you were just asking me to open the bulky sweater I was wearing as a jacket. With another nervous glance around, feigning a bravado I didn't feel, I smiled back at you, sat up straighter, and slowly unzipped my sweater. As I pulled the sides away from my front, I looked down and had another moment of panic. There was a reason I had kept my sweater zipped up, and it wasn't because of being braless - I had long-since forgotten about that.

It was chilly in that place.

Let me just state here for the record that I've got some good-sized nipples. When I'm cold, as I was then, they boink right out there, even when I'm wearing a bra, though admittedly not as much then. But that night, there was no mistaking me for a bra-wearing woman. There they were, in all their half-inch glory, pulling my shirt taut so that the material clung to the tops and sides of my C-cup breasts, stretching over and distinctly defining my nipples, and clinging some more to the roundness below before falling off into space. I was mortified.

You were pretty surprised too. I could tell that you weren't expecting to see that. I looked up at you and saw, for the briefest second, that you had lost some of your calm and cool composure. I looked down again and realized why - you could also see the faint, dark outline of my aureole through the ivory colored shirt. I hadn't thought about that when deciding to what shirt to put on - it simply went best with the pants I wanted to wear that night.

Taking a real deep breath this time, I sat back and stared you straight in the eyes. Or tried to...you were still staring at my chest. This made me smile, and feeling a bit naughty, I took another deep breath, this time to get a reaction. And it got a good one. I could see you tearing your eyes away while shifting a bit in your seat, and I knew you had your own bit of inappropriate hardness to deal with.

Once more our eyes met and I could see the approval in yours. All you said was 'very nice,' with a bit of a comic leer, and we carried on our conversation, picking up where we had left off. I peeked around some while we were talking, to see if anyone else had noticed, and decided that they hadn't. Unless you were directly across from me, my chest was probably still hidden from view by the sides of the sweater. I think you must have noticed this too, because during another lull, you told me to just take the sweater off.

Thinking to myself, 'in for a penny, in for a pound,' I set my coffee down and shrugged the sweater off, hanging it on the back of the chair. In turning back to look at you again, I couldn't quite summon up the same level of indifference to being so on display. It took everything in me not to pick my coffee back up in both hands and hold it up in front of me. So I left it sitting on the table, placed my hands in my lap, and hoped you couldn't see them twisting and turning in anxiety.

Sitting back, I watched you. We continued to talk, but your eyes kept roaming between my chest and the window behind me, watching everyone else, seeing others reactions in the mirrored reflection. Every so often you'd smile this devious little smile, and inside I would cringe, knowing just why you were smiling. For my part, I refused to look at anyone else. If anyone was noticing my blatant bralessness, I didn't want to know. I either looked you in your eyes when I could, or stared down at the table top while your eyes gazed elsewhere.

Eventually you finished your coffee, set the cup down, and asked if I was ready to go. Silly question, I thought. I turned to grab my sweater and purse off of the back of the chair, setting the purse on the table, and standing so I could put the sweater back on. You reached out and took the sweater from me, and I ignorantly assumed you were going to help me put it back on. Instead, you draped it over your arm and held out your hand for me to take. I just looked at you and started laughing, somewhat inappropriately, but it couldn't be helped. Not wanting you to think I was laughing at you, I took your hand, squeezing it tightly in mine, and brought it to my lips so I could give you a soft kiss, and just shook my head in answer to your questioning look...I would explain later.

Bravely suffering this final humiliation, we walked across the floor, me bouncing away as I tried to keep up with your long stride, and thinking to myself that it doesn't matter - I don't know any of these people and will likely never see any of them again. As we walked along the sidewalk outside, one of the cars was getting ready to leave. Just as we passed in front of it, it turned on it's headlights and all I could think was that anyone sitting inside and looking out just then would see a perfect silhouette of my bare breasts. I started to laugh once more and picked up my pace to catch up with you.

By the time we got to your truck, I was shivering violently. It was the middle of November, after all, and not a night for running around in just a thin shirt. We got into your truck and you started it up, telling me the heat would be up in a few minutes, and pulling me close to you for warmth. I snuggled right up against you, climbing up onto your lap so I could burrow in under your coat with you, and felt your arms wrap tightly around me. What a wonderful place to be, I thought as I closed my eyes. Warm...safe...I was completely at peace in that place and time. We stayed that way for a few minutes, with me resting my cheek against your chest, practically purring with contentment while I listened to the soft thump-thump of your heart.

You started to pet me then, slowly running one hand across my short hair. I opened my eyes and pulled back away from you, so we were looking straight at each other, just a couple of tiny inches separating us. You brought your hand around, softly rubbing my cheek and neck, never taking your eyes from mine. It was the most wonderful feeling, and as I leaned in to your touch, in turn rubbing against your hand, I knew that this was where I was meant to be.

Leaning forward, I tentatively pressed my lips to yours, and was thrilled when you kissed me back. I brought my hands out from under your coat and reached behind your head, running my fingers in your hair and pressing you harder against me. The kiss gained in intensity, swiftly moving from soft little probes to hungry takings and not too gentle bites. I felt you start to grow hard under me and ground down against you, wanting to feel you there between my legs. I was already so wet down there, and wouldn't have been surprised if you could feel it as well, dressed though we both still were.

You took both of my breasts in your hands, roughly squeezing them, rolling my still-hard nipples between your fingers, pinching them, and drawing moans of pure pleasure out of me. Feeling like an animal in heat and completely tuning out the real world around us, I began to unbutton my shirt, wanting to feel you against my skin, fumbling in my need until you reached up and simply pulled the two sides apart, sending buttons skittering across the seat. I swear I heard you growl as you took one of my breasts in your mouth, sucking hard and biting down, your need as great as mine.

I leaned forward so that I could take my shirt off completely, and while up close to you, whispered in your ear that I wanted you in my mouth. At that, you stopped and looked up at me for a moment, perhaps seeing whether or not I was joking. I reached my hands down between your legs, taking hold of you through your jeans as best I could, rubbing and squeezing your cock and balls, telling you that I was quite serious. You shifted around so that your back was to the door, gently pushed me off of you, opened the front of your jeans, and pulled your cock out.

Crawling back to kneel between your legs, I wrapped one hand around your cock, with the other cupping your balls, savoring the feel of you and loving how you looked, not quite believing that I had you here, finally, after all this time. As I leaned down to take you in my mouth, I closed my eyes, wanting to shut out all other distractions except for taste and touch. Wetting my lips, I softly kissed the head, felt a drop of moisture there, and slowly licked it off, rolling the taste around in my mouth before going back for more.

Once more I kissed you there, this time letting my lips part and glide across your head as I moved my mouth down farther, stopping when I felt your ridge beneath my lips. Slowly turning my head from side to side, I ran my tongue over you, dipping into your wet hole, tracing the valley leading down from there, and running my tongue around your ridge as I moved my lips farther down your shaft, softly sucking all the while. As I softly kneaded and rolled your balls in my one hand, I circled the base of your cock with my other, gently but firmly squeezing you there and pulling your skin taut.

I continued to rhythmically squeeze you with both hands as I started to move my head up and down your cock, slowly increasing my speed, and always letting my tongue roam where it would. After a few moments of this, you lightly placed your hands on either side of my head, not sure if I'd object to this or not. I didn't at all, and let you know with a low moan of pleasure that I wanted you to take hold and move me, that I really liked the idea of you fucking my face rather than me simply doing my thing on my own. And that's just what you proceeded to do.

Gripping my head tightly, using my hair as leverage, you started to move my mouth faster up and down your cock, pushing me down further while thrusting up into me. I started moaning at how much of a turn-on this was for me, and felt you respond to the vibrations. I heard you start moaning as well, and then heard you tell me you were going to cum. I knew you weren't sure if it was all right to cum in my mouth, that you never quite believed me when I told you that it was what I wanted, so I simply started to suck harder, trying to draw your cum out of you, letting you know that I most definitely wanted you to let go in my mouth.

With a shudder I could feel vibrating through your whole body, you started to cum. I felt the hot liquid hitting the back of my throat and started swallowing reflexively. The feel of me swallowing triggered something primal in you, and with a very guttural groan you pushed down hard on my head, letting your body continue to thrust up into my mouth as wave upon wave of pleasure pulsed through you.

It was amazing. You'll never understand just how inherently satisfying it is for me to do that to you, to cause that kind of a reaction in you; that it gives me an orgasm of sorts as well, but one that's centered in my heart, not my cunt. I kept my mouth around you as you started to calm down, softly sucking and licking up the last droplets as they trickled out, feeling you twitch and grow soft between my lips.

When your breathing slowed down some, I reluctantly took my mouth from you and crawled up so that I was once more back in your lap, wrapping my arms and legs around you, burying my face down against your neck, feeling your pulse beat a slow tattoo against my cheek. We rested like this for a few minutes, each of us needing the quiet time for our own reasons, before you gently pulled me away from your neck and softly kissed me...on my lips, and cheeks, and down my neck, before returning to my lips.

I pulled away from you, smiling what felt like a truly goofy, post-coital-bliss smile, and looked around as reality sank back in with the fact that I just blew you in what is basically a glass box in a public parking lot. And sure enough, I saw a guy sitting in his car not too far away, raising his cup of coffee in a mock toast, and grinning like the Cheshire cat. I buried my face against your neck again - this time in embarrassment - and once more I started to laugh, overwhelmed with what I'd just done, and trying to wrap my mind around the fact that there was a witness to it all.

This time you asked me what was so funny. Still giggling, I told you that it's only a nervous reaction, that sometimes I just get struck with the sheer absurdity of a situation - in this case, the fact that I was sitting half-naked in a car with a near total stranger, whom I just eagerly went down on, and with an apparent onlooker to boot - and it strikes me as funny. It's either laugh or go into a full-blown panic.

You think about this a moment and start to chuckle too, and I was relieved that you could see the humor in it. Reaching for my sweater you put it on me, covering my nakedness from further prying eyes, and saying that you hoped I hadn't noticed that guy, but was glad I was ok with it since I had. Not like I had any choice at that point, but yeah, I was ok with it. And truth be told, was surprisingly turned on at the thought of it, since it was safely over.

Wrapping your arms tightly around me, your hands on my ass, you asked if we could go to my place - it was your turn to taste me and make me cum. Feeling a tingle down between my legs at the thought of that, I slid off your lap so I could put my seat belt on, growing wet again at the thought of your tongue exploring my cunt.

As you put the truck in gear, you grinned over at me, letting me know you were up to something. Telling me that since I'd already had a stranger see my breasts and no harm came of it, would I mind terribly making the drive home with no pants on? Grinning back, I started to unbutton my pants as we pulled out of the parking lot.

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