First Orgasm With "Daddy"


"Okay, Daddy. Actually, I do feel a lot more relaxed now than when we started, so . . . maybe I can start just bein' around you in my panties and . . . who knows . . .."

"I love you, Rachel, and I want you to be happy with yourself. Your mother was very unhappy with herself and that's why she did what she did. I can't stand the thought of you eventually doin' anything like that."

"No, Daddy, I'll never do anything like that. I'll just take my clothes off, instead," she teased me. After her laugh subsided, she turned to me and spoke with the voice of an angel, "I love you, Daddy."

She moved down on the sofa and sat so that she was next to me and I put my arm around her. We had discussed enough for the night so we found a movie on television and watched it until we were both sleepy.

I turned off the TV and we both stood. I put my arms out and she approached me for a good night hug. "Good night, my little angel," I said.

"Good night, Daddy," she replied.

* * *

At about 3:30 AM, I woke to the sound of thunder. It was raining hard and it looked as if it would not be clearing anytime soon. I got up and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water and to check the house. I looked in the back yard to make sure nothing needed to be secured.

I then decided to check on Rachel. I was only wearing my boxers but I expected to find her asleep. As I reached her bedroom doorway, another bolt of lightning exploded across the sky and the thunder was quite loud. Rachel awoke with a startle.

"Daddy, what was that?" she said in her scared little girl voice.

"Just lightning and thunder," I said. "You'll be okay."

"You know thunderstorms always scare me, Daddy. It already woke me up once. Can I sleep in your room, Daddy?"

When a girl asks her daddy for something in that scared little girl voice, you just know that the answer will always be yes. So it was with Rachel and me.

As she stood up, I could see that she had changed into a baby doll nightie that was somewhat flimsy. "That doesn't look like anything your mom ever bought for you," I said.

"No, I bought this for myself a few months ago. And, after our talk tonight, I wanted to wear it to make me feel good about myself. Is it okay?" she asked.

"It's fine, Honey, it's fine."

She followed me into my bedroom. "I always sleep on the right side of the bed, so you can have the left side," I said. "And no snorin'!" I teased her.

"I'll try not to," she answered.

I got into bed and lay on my left side so that I was facing her. She was on her right side, facing me.

"I feel safe with you, Daddy. Thank you," she said, and then she lifted up and bent over to give me a kiss on the cheek.

I felt like I was in heaven.

* * *

When my eyes opened in the morning, Rachel and I were both in the middle of the bed, both laying on our left sides, spooned together. My right arm was draped over her side and my hand was on her chest, immediately below her left boob. My left arm was under her pillow with her head resting on top of it. All of that was okay. The difficult part was that I had a boner and it was pressed up against Rachel's backside. I had no intentions of doing anything with that boner, at least not anything that included Rachel, so I decided that I needed to extricate myself from the situation.

As I started to slide my left arm from under her head, Rachel started to wake.

"Good morning, Little Miss Sleepyhead," I said nonchalantly, hoping that she wouldn't notice anything amiss.

"Good morning, Daddy. How'd we end up like this?" she asked.

"I don't know," I answered. "I guess we just did this in our sleep."

"Well, it feels real nice to have your arms around me, Daddy. But what's that pokin' me in the butt?"

Busted! "Uh . . . I guess that would be me and that would be my body's way of reacting to having a real cute girl pressed up against me."

"I did that to you? Wow! Can I see?" she asked as if it was an entirely innocent question.

"Well, I'm not so sure that would be a good idea, because . . . uh . . .." I wasn't sure what to say.

"Daddy, when you're around the house and it's just you and me, you gotta be comfortable with people seein' your body. If somebody loves you, what if they do see you? So what?" Rachel was extremely quick witted, apparently even in the early morning.

"Okay, I'll tell you what," she continued, "the lights aren't on, so just close your eyes and I'll slowly pull down the sheets."

I didn't think this was a good idea but if I said no, I would forever create a double standard for us and that would interfere with us having strong, open communications, so I said "okay," and closed my eyes.

"Now, roll over on your back," Rachel prompted me and I followed her command.

I felt her pulling the sheets down and, within a few seconds, I knew that my boner, or at least my tented boxers, had sprang into view.

"Well, that's a lot bigger than the ones that I saw when I was babysitting and changing diapers," she offered.

"Thanks. I'll take that as a compliment," I replied.

"All the ones I saw were kinda floppy," she explained. "That one looks kinda hard and stiff."

"A guy's thing . . ."

"You mean your dick . . ." she interjected.

"Okay, my dick gets hard and stiff when I'm aroused," I explained. "All guys are that way. When you get a guy aroused, probably he'll get an erection – which is also called a hard-on or a boner."

"So what did I do to get you aroused?" she inquired.

"Well, I don't know that you did anything, Honey, except that you're beautiful, you're wearing a flimsy nightgown, you had your butt pushed up against my dick, and I almost had my hand on your boob." That explains it, I thought.

"Well, most of that happened in my sleep, so it's not like I was tryin' to make it happen, but . . . I am flattered. So, anyway, how long will it stay like that?"

This really wasn't where I had intended to go with her sex education but I also didn't think that I should be evasive in answering her questions. "Usually, when a guy gets an erection, he'll stay hard until he has sex with a girl, or he makes himself have an ejaculation . . ."

"You mean like playing with yourself 'til you cum?" she asked.

"Yeah, like playing with myself, or . . . if I wait long enough, it might go away on its own, but, if it stays hard for too long and I don't cum, I might get a condition called blue balls, which means that my balls will ache for awhile."

"So what are you gonna do?" she continued with her questions.

"Well, I don't wanna get blue balls, and there isn't a woman here for me to have sex with, so . . .."

"So you're gonna masturbate?" she said more as a statement rather than as a question.

"I don't have much choice, and, no, I'm not gonna let you watch," I retorted, trying to anticipate her next question.

"I wasn't gonna ask," she responded. After an awkward pause, she said "I tried it a few times, you know."

"You tried what," I asked, "and how would I know?"

"I tried playing with myself."

"How is it that you know this stuff if your mom never told you?" I wondered aloud.

"I have a girlfriend who I talked to about sex a few times. She was a virgin, too, but she had watched an X-rated movie once and she tried to tell me about masturbating, but it didn't make sense. I tried it when I got home but nothing happened. I tried it a couple of other times but . . . nothing ever happened so . . .."

"I wasn't gonna bring the subject up so quickly, but since you did . . . At some point, you need to spend enough time masturbating so that you know what makes you feel good and what doesn't. Then you need to be able to tell your partner what makes you feel good so that he isn't laying there just guessin' about what to do to make you feel good."

"So are you saying that at some point I'm gonna need masturbation lessons?" Rachel asked, and I didn't think that her question was serious.

"No, I don't think so. We'll just show you a couple of videos and get you a vibrator and then we'll probably have to get like a dozen batteries when you figure it out. But first . . . I think we need to go shopping and get you some new panties and other unmentionables."

"Oh, Daddy, you're bad . . ." Rachel replied. I think she was relieved to hear that I had something in mind that was really going to change her world. "Well, if you're not gonna let me watch, I guess I'll go get some breakfast fixed for us."

We went to the mall that afternoon. We went to Victoria's Secret and a few of the department stores. I convinced Rachel that she should try wearing some thong panties and we also got her some matching bra and panty sets, and we got some nighties, too. I told her, of course, that she would need to model everything we bought for her and she promised that she would, but not all at once.

We were at the mall until about 6:30 PM and then I suggested that we stop for Italian food on the way home. A friend of mine was the owner of Il Ristorante and I knew that he would treat us right. When we arrived, he seated us at a table in a fairly dark corner that was usually reserved for couples who didn't want to be disturbed; he knew our circumstances and thought that we might want some quiet time together.

I ordered a bottle of wine and the waiter brought two glasses. Two hours later, we left the restaurant both a bit tipsy. I was not too tipsy to drive but Rachel was leaning on me for support.

When we got home, I suggested that she go to her room and change into her sleepwear and then we could watch a movie together. When she returned to the living room, she saw that I was still dressed and said, "Okay. Now it's your turn to get into your sleepwear."

"That would be just my boxers," I replied.

"Okay, then, go do it," she directed.

I quickly got out of my "street" clothes and stripped down to my boxers. 'What the hell,' I thought, 'she slept with me last night and saw me with a boner in my boxers. If I wanna teach her that it's not a big deal, then I can't act like it's a big deal.'

I returned to the living room. Rachel was sitting on the sofa. Her nightgown was another baby doll that was actually partially sheer. The panties were a thong and the little triangle of fabric was just enough to cover her pussy slit. Through the top, I could see the protrusion of two little nipples. I didn't want to ogle her and make her feel uncomfortable, but . . . it was rather bold for her to be wearing this around me tonight. She had picked it out, along with some others, and I remember thinking that it was rather revealing for someone so modest, but I guess that she was listening when I told her she had to change her behavior if she wanted to change her feelings.

"What movie do you wanna see?" I asked.

"Well, you said something this morning about a masturbation lesson. I'm 18 years old and I don't know nothin' about orgasms, so I'm really kinda anxious to see what that's all about."

"You mean . . . you've never had an orgasm, Honey?" I asked.

"I don't think so," she replied.

"Okay, well . . . are you comfortable sittin' here watchin' an X-rated movie with your old dad?"

"First, you're not that old, and, second, that's why I drank so much wine. I figured it would help me to relax enough to do what you think I need to do," she said as she looked up at me with doe eyes that suggested that she'd do whatever I asked.

"Okay. The DVD's in my bedroom." I went to my bedroom and retrieved the DVD that I had bought for Sarah so many years ago, the instructional video that I thought would loosen her up but never really did.

I made sure that the house was secure and then I returned to the living room and quickly inserted the DVD in the player. The DVD had sections that could be accessed separately; anatomy, explanation of sexual arousal, male masturbation, female masturbation, kissing and foreplay, basic sexual positions, oral sex, anal sex.

When Rachel saw the index, she said "I wanna see the male masturbation first, since you wouldn't let me watch this morning."

"Okay, you get what you ask for," I said.

The "actor" on the DVD was a middle aged male who was in good physical condition. Within a minute, he was naked, laying on a bed, getting hard and then stroking his meat.

"Wow! So that's all it takes to make a guy feel good?" Rachel asked.

"Well, that's how you do it when you're alone, and sometimes it feels good when a girl does that to a guy, but usually a guy will end up wanting more."

"Wow. Watching this makes me wanna have one of those things in me," Rachel said unabashedly.

I let that comment go without a reply. I didn't want to make her feel self-conscious and I didn't want to interrupt her enjoyment of the video.

When Mr. DVD had his ejaculation, the camera zoomed in and showed the cum spurting out. "So, that's his sperm, right?" Rachel asked.

"Well, technically, that's called ejaculate, but most people call it his cum. The sperm is little cells that are in the cum, so, yes, that's right."

"And that has to get to the egg inside me, so . . . if he sticks that in me and then he squirts his cum in me, then his sperm can have tea and crumpets with my egg. What a great plan!"

I laughed. I assumed that Rachel was acting a bit more naïve than she really was, though I wasn't really sure.

"So, when he sticks that thing in his girlfriend, that makes both of them feel good?" she asked.

"It makes both of them feel like a million dollars," I responded.

"I don't understand. When Gina told me about masturbating, she said something about rubbing myself on the outside but . . . if a guy sticks something inside me, what's that do to my outsides?"

"So, I guess she didn't demonstrate for you?" I asked rhetorically. The only response I got was a look of Rachel's face that said 'you've gotta be kiddin' me.' So, I assumed there had been no demonstration (but if there had been, I sure would have liked to have been there. Gina has a body that any man would want.)

"You'll understand soon enough," I said. "Let's move on to the female part." I returned to the main menu and then selected the next segment for viewing.

The female "actress" was a drop-dead gorgeous honey who looked like she was about 25 years old. She was a hardbody and had a very cute face and, most importantly, she did not have big tits. In fact, she looked a bit like Rachel, only older.

"So," I began as I paused the DVD player, "you've probably never seen another girl naked. Do you recognize the body parts on this babe?"

"Of course I do, dopey," she retorted.

"And do you see that her tits aren't any bigger than yours? She looks just like you, and . . . me and every other guy on the planet would do this babe in an instant! So you should get over this thing about your boobs."

As we watched the video, it was obvious that it was an educational experience for Rachel. As the "actress" got closer to her orgasm, she started moaning and writhing and otherwise just being very demonstrative about the fact that she was aroused.

"Why is she actin' like that?" Rachel asked. It appeared to be a serious question and it indicated to me that she really, really hadn't ever experienced an orgasm.

"Well, Honey, when you get sexually aroused, you get kinda consumed with your arousal, like nothin' else matters, and it kinda takes over your body and you do things sorta involuntary, like moaning, or your body getting' tight. Some folks work to try to suppress that stuff but, if you do, you won't enjoy it as much. So, when you have an orgasm, you just need to let go and go with it."

"It sounds kinda scary," she said, and I imagined that it might be scary for her.

"It's not . . . not really, but I can see that you might think that if you've never had an orgasm. But trust me, once you have an orgasm, you'll want 'em again and again for the rest of your life."

"Well, then, I guess I should hurry up and have one," she managed to say, obviously summoning up some courage to be talking to her dad about having an orgasm.

"That's entirely up to you," I replied.

"Well, how about now?" she suggested.

"You mean like, here, like while you watch the video? Sure, I can just go up to my bedroom, make myself scarce, and you come and let me know when you're done." This felt really awkward for me and I'm sure it felt even more awkward for her.

"Well, you wouldn't hafta leave the room, ya know, you could just, like, not watch, ya know, but be here in case . . . ya know, in case somethin' goes wrong," she explained. I really felt a bunch of compassion for my "little" girl now.

"Well, I don't think anything will go wrong, but, if you really want me to stay, I will," I tried to say with a voice that suggested it wasn't really a burden but I also wasn't a perv looking forward to the chance to see my little girl play with herself. In reality, the idea of being in the same room with her while she did it was just overwhelmingly arousing and I had the erection to prove it.

"Okay, well, first . . . put the video on the next section, you know, the one about kissing and foreplay," she requested.

"Sure," I said and I quickly advanced to the next section. It was the same "actor" and "actress" as in the masturbation sections. They were both nude from the waist up, facing each other, French kissing, and then the guy stared playing with her boobs and sucking on her nipples.

"Okay, I'm gonna take off my panties now, so don't watch," she directed.

I turned and faced away from her. I really wasn't sure that I would be able to avoid looking at her if she got loud with her arousal.

"You might oughta take off all your clothes. Ya know, when some women masturbate, they play with their nipples or their butts or whatever else feels good. Playin' with your nipples might make it easier for you to have that orgasm." It sounded like a good suggestion to me.

On the video, I heard the guy telling the girl that he wanted to have his finger inside her. That was hot enough by itself. But knowing that Rachel was naked just a few feet away from me had me as hard as titanium steel.

"Okay, well, I'm rubbin' myself, just like before, and it feels a little wet, but . . .." Rachel was expecting too much, too soon.

"Does it feel like you're getting' aroused?" I asked.

"Well, it feels good, but I don't feel like shakin' and moanin' like the girl in the video."

"Just keep doin' what you're doin'," I encouraged her.

The only sounds that I heard were coming from the DVD. Mr. and Miss DVD were obviously having a good time, but I didn't hear anything from Rachel.

"Rachel, Honey, how you doin'?" I inquired.

"I'm not," she replied. As soon as she spoke, I could tell that she had been quietly sobbing and I reflexively turned towards her. Rachel was totally naked, sitting on the sofa, with her hands raised up to her face. Her legs were together and her pussy was hidden from view, but her boobs were exposed and just looking at them made me want to cum in my pants. My first two thoughts were: one, what a hot looking naked girl and, two, how could Sarah have screwed this girl up so badly?

I sat down beside her and placed my arms around her, pulling her face against my chest and rubbing her back like a mother trying to get a fussy baby to go to sleep. "Rachel, Honey, it's probably somethin' so simple. Sweetie, before long, you'll be havin' orgasms so strong and you'll just laugh about why didn't you start this years ago."

"Well, I'm not laughing now, am I? I'm stupid and there's just somethin' wrong with me and I'll always just be a freak!"

Holy cow, I thought, she's really freaking out about this. It really hurt me to see her hurting so badly.

"Rachel, listen to me. You are not a freak. You are a beautiful girl with a very sexy body but . . . unfortunately . . . your mom really did a number on your head and you've just got some catchin' up to do. But there's nothing wrong with you. You could easily have an orgasm tonight if you knew what to do; anybody else with a little experience could get you to have an orgasm, guaranteed!"

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