tagInterracial LoveFirst Row Young Asian Bride

First Row Young Asian Bride


The doors of the Japanese Airlines jumbo were about to close and I relaxed in my comfortable first class seat. No one else in first class, that's great, I thought. My week here in Tokyo had been less than impressive with many meetings but only a few small deals to bring home to headquarters in L.A. At least, I thought, I would be undisturbed during this red-eye flight back to the West coast and I would still have part of the Sunday to enjoy at home with my family before going back to work on Monday.

But then I heard steps from the front of the plane, it sounded like a woman in heels, and she clearly was in a hurry. Seconds later there she was, an Asian woman wearing a bridal outfit. I expected her to rush by me further to economy class but she stopped right in front of me, putting some of her smaller bags on the window seat in the first row. I thought that her husband would surely follow very soon but even after a minute there was nothing to be seen. Very strange, I thought, a lonely bride, taking a transcontinental flight, still wearing her dress and shoes from the wedding...

"Sir, would you mind...?" she asked me with a charming smile, pointing to her rather large carry-on bag.

"Not at all! Certainly, Ms.!" I replied, picked up the heavy bag and lifted it into the overhead bin on the right side. It barely fit, after I wiggled it a bit back and forth. She was lucky traveling first class, I thought, there would have been no room for her bag anywhere in economy, as this class was occupied to the max this Saturday.

"Thanks so much, Sir, that's too kind of you," and again, there was this charming smile. Whoever just had married this woman, was a truly lucky man, I thought. She was stunningly gorgeous and pretty, and of course wearing her bridal dress further emphasized her magnificent beauty. I estimated her to be in her early twenties, probably Korean, judging from her facial traits and her accent. She was rather tall for an Asian woman, probably 5'8" without heels and almost my size in her shiny white heels. Her skin tone was a bit darker than the usual Asian ivory; she probably liked the beach and looked beautifully tanned all over. She wore an attractive, but still modest gold necklace and her white silk dress was shoulderless and fairly tight, I guess size 4, so it was not hard to see that her breasts were also a bit larger than those of a typical Asian woman, I guessed 36B or 36C. In fact, I was pretty sure she did not wear a bra underneath her dress, quite unusual particularly for a bride, and so I could see the fabric bulge a bit where her small nipples must have been.

When she turned around, I could imagine her firm and athletic butt underneath the tight dress. I saw she wore shiny, sparkly white fashion nylons, but since her dress went just a bit below her knees, I couldn't say if those were stockings, thigh highs or tights. In addition to all that, she had beautiful shoulderlong dark brown hair and very unusual green eyes, small nose and ears with delicate pearl earrings, all of which gave her face a sense of absolute cuteness and erotic appeal. Standing so close next to her, I also smelled her fragrance which was a young, flowery, feminine and very seductive scent.

I must have blushed and stared at her beauty a bit too long because she asked me if I was alright.

"Oh, yes – um, I'm perfectly fine, Ms.," I stammered, "Do you need any more help?"

"No, thanks, I'm fine, thanks so much again," she replied and sat down in her seat, first row, aisle, right in front of me.

I was almost out of my mind by this encounter. True, I had dated one of the other Asian girl in my life, California yields plentiful, but then again, this was not "just" an Asian woman, this was, well, a goddess...

After we had taken off and were allowed to unfasten our seat belts, I visited the bathroom several times, just to be able to get a glimpse of this Asian bride in front of me. As she went to the restroom as well, I had even more opportunity to study her beauty without drawing attention or suspicion to me.

A little while later, dinner was served, and not too long into it, the bride turned around and asked me if I'd care for a second dessert. She wasn't really into sweets, she said. I thankfully accepted and she got up and brought me her very tasty raspberry chocolate tart.

"By the way my name is Yu-Jin," she said with her cute smile.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Dan," I introduced myself. "May I ask where you're from?"

"Seoul, Korea," she replied and sat down in the right aisle seat across from me. I couldn't believe how lucky I was that she was actually interested in talking to me!

"And... you just got married in Tokyo?" I asked.

"That's right, Sir." Her eyes wondered off and a shadow of sadness crossed her face.

"And your, well, husband...?"

"He's still there with his family. He is Japanese American. My dad lives in L.A. now. And... --" she hesitated for a moment. I didn't want to push her and just gave her the time to respond by herself or drop the thread if she would choose to.

"Well, just two hours into the wedding, after the formal ceremony, we got a call from a friend of mine. My dad, who had been too sick to attend the wedding, took a turn for the worse, and they recommended flying back immediately so I would be able to be with him..." Tears came out of her eyes and I handed her a tissue so she could wipe them off.

"I understand. " I said softly, although I didn't really understand what she was going through. Without having planned it, I stretched out my hand and gently put it on her left thigh. She smiled briefly and then took my hand into hers, both of us sitting in silence for a while.

"Thank you, Sir, I mean, Dan," she said eventually, releasing my hand, getting up from the seat and going back to her original seat in front of me. "I'm very sorry to bother you with my personal stories..."

"Not in the least," I said, "I'm sorry for your situation, but wish you and all involved the very best."

With that, she seemed to be getting ready for some sleep, although I thought given her emotional state it was highly unlikely she would be able to rest much. I myself was still so much turned on by this bride with her heartbreaking story that I wondered in what way it might be possible to distract her a bit and bring about other thoughts in her.

I took off my shoes, stretched out and my feet touched another pair of shoes under the seat in front of me – well, of course it were Yu-Jin's white high heels; she must have taken them off to sleep more comfortably. Surprisingly she had fallen asleep meanwhile and I could hear her regular soft breathing sounds coming from the seat in front of me.

Again, without any planning about it, I playfully pushed her heels around underneath the seat in front of me, enjoying the sensation of her sexy heels on my feet, until I had them right in front of me. Would she mind if I...? But then, how would she know... unless she woke up suddenly and wouldn't find them? But maybe she preferred moving around in the plane in her nylons anyways...?

Here was her right shoe. Size 5, I could tell, even though she had bought it in Japan, judging from the labels inside. I imagined her cute Asian feet in these shoes, either with or without nylons; they must taste so luscious and sweet... I put her right shoe to my face and rubbed the shiny white leather on my skin. I got a massive boner already. Then I stuck my nose deep inside, in the toe area, savoring the sweet, sweaty scent of this young Korean woman, then in the heel area, where the scent was a bit stronger and aroused me even more. I did the same with her left shoe and used her right one in the meantime to rub my cock through my pants. I knew that I would be coming very soon unless I stopped immediately, but the drive was too strong to go all the way and so I unzipped my pants to massage my penis with both shoes, teasing it with the toe section, the soles and then the heels, pressing them in firmly until it really hurt. Finally I could not contain myself any longer and came in big bursts of cum which I unloaded into both of Yu-Jin's shoes.

At first I was worried and even embarrassed, returning the shoes like that. What would she think of me? Would she despise me? Hate me? But then again, even if I tried my best in cleaning up the mess, there was no guarantee that she wouldn't notice anyways. And also, I was now more then ever set for experiencing Yu-Jin in a very intimate way.


Just about at this time, when I had safely returned Yu-Jin's high heels, filled with my cum, to the place where I first found them, a flight attendant entered the first class cabin with a tray of drinks.

"Anything for you at this time, Sir?" The flight attended asked.

"Well, you do have whiskey, don't you?"

"Of course, Sir. On the rocks?" She asked, and after I nodded, she poured some original Scottish whiskey over a nice glass half filled with ice cubes.

"Thanks very much!"

"Certainly, Sir. Just let me know if you need anything later. My name is Chiyo. I am here to serve you."

After this first hot spot on my trip, I truly enjoyed the cold drink. As usual, the flight attendant was young and pretty, wore a sexy uniform with a rather tight blue dress that didn't hide much of her figure, smooth black tights that revealed her shapely legs, and practical flat dress shoes. These flight attendants' English was always perfect, just with a slight Japanese accent that made them even cuter and more adorable. Were it not for Yu-Jin and my desire for her, I would have tried some of my usual tricks to screw this young Japanese bitch of a flight attendant whose only purpose was, as she stated herself. "to serve me."

In past flights with the airline I had been fairly successful in fucking these young Asian hotties who often walked around in a mask of shyness but were real sluts when doing the horizontal mambo. The easiest trick of the trade was to invite them for a drink or two, chat with them for a while, making lots of compliments and then going for the real thing, slowly, but with determination. A bit of dirty talking would occasionally also help and from a certain point on they were easy game and ready to take off their clothes.

In case other people were still awake in first class, the last steps had to be done in the bathroom, of course, but the inconvenience of the small space was outweighed but the extra suspense of being disturbed and having to move fairly quickly and silently at the same time, so as not to raise suspicion from the other passengers.

Having one of these young Japanese women sitting next to me in the nude was in itself already a wonderful and magnificent treat. Watching their beautiful white skinned bodies, their small breasts with dark nipples and small areolas, their dark bushy crotches and soft long legs, all of it truly magnificent. Touching, kissing and caressing them all over the place was then just the next logical step and needed to be savored to the fullest extent. Then, I typically asked my "escort" for a handjob, followed by a blowjob in which all of these bitches are truly skilled, no idea from where. Then I give her my full attention with a massage of her mons and vulva, inner and outer labia, some fingerfucking and finally a lot of attention to her clitoris. All of that makes them so crazy without exception that they beg me to be fucked – a wish I always grant. Sliding my boner into these tight pink cunts that are so wet and full of lusty greed is always the highest pleasure of all. Many of these Asian women are able to use their vaginal muscles to squeeze my cock firmly and give it a massage that goes way beyond of what most Western women are able to provide. I learned over time to hold back my orgasm to enjoy these fucks for a longer and more fulfilling time, sometimes for over an hour. My partners would have already orgasmed multiple times by then, shook and spasmed violently, until I finally would thrust my hard cannon as deep inside of them as I could and shoot my load into them in a wild orgasm, delivering over twenty shots or more in some cases.

Remembering all of these pleasures of the past brought me awfully close to trying it once more with Chiyo, today's young and sexy attendant, but I let it go, decided that this time it would be a Korean woman instead, my goddess Yu-Jin...


After a while, I finally did fall asleep and had several dreams. The last one was the strangest. I was in a school for flight attendants somewhere in Japan, the only guy among about a dozen cute gals. Chiyo was the instructor and at the end of the lesson she told me that there was going to be a test. I was surprised, and she explained that I would be tied to my chair in the nude, with a scarf over my eyes and I would have to satisfy every student in the class, without talking to them, and then trying to guess my partner's name. If I'd pass the test, she would be my last woman, at the very end. I didn't know whether to feel scared or excited about this strange test, but just as they were done undressing me, blindfolding me, tying me to my chair, and as I awaited the first hot encounter with anticipation, I awoke from hearing someone talking right in front of me.

It turned out that it was Yu-Jin, talking in a foreign language, I guess Korean, during her sleep. Her voice got louder and louder and took on a scared tone. Suddenly, she woke up from her nightmare and apparently tried to figure out where she was. Not long afterwards, she got up and walked over to me, checking if I would be awake.

"Sir, Dan, excuse me," she started hesitatingly. "I, well, I had a bad nightmare... and, well, I was wondering if you would mind... giving me a little company for a while...?"

"Of course," I replied, "actually, I just awoke from a dream myself minutes ago. Not a nightmare maybe, but strange anyways..."

She thanked me and returned to the first row, clearing the window seat to her left and then sitting down there, leaving me her own seat at the aisle.

I took her seat and started some small talk with Yu-Jin who still had a very sleepy look in her face. We talked a bit about our lives, our upbringing, our education, and time just flew by. I also told her a couple of jokes, "safe" ones, of course, and she lightened up quite a bit eventually, her mood improving a lot.

As we kept talking, she turned towards me, pulling her feet from the floor onto her seat in front of her and bending her knees all the way. In doing this, her dress moved up higher on her thighs and I now could see that she wore stockings with a beautiful band on the top that were attacked with garter belts. I made her a compliment on her beautiful bridal outfit and her hot stockings, and she thanked me with her typical smile that was so incredibly charming.

I decided that it was time to make the next move and asked her if she would mind if I checked out the fabric of her stockings a bit, "just curious how they feel..." It was a risky move, I was aware, she could decline, or even worse stop our conversation altogether and send me back to my seat. But somehow I felt, through these conversations and through her smiles, that there was a bit of a closeness developing between the two of us, a cautious one, possibly, but nonetheless. And also – would she have chosen to put her nylon-encased feet and legs so closely next to me and expose her knees and parts of her thighs if it weren't at least a little bit for an exploration from her side as well?

She nodded with a smile... I decided to be very gentle and slow with everything so as to not offend her in any way or go farther than what she could tolerate and feel okay with. So I started by just putting my left hand on top of her right knee and resting it there for a bit. A sensuous flash of arousal shot through my whole body, just with this touch or her skin, mediated through the shiny smooth fabric of her fashion stockings. I noticed a subtle change in her expression and was pretty sure that this signified some kind of pleasure on her part, while she would not openly admit to it. Then, my hand slowly moved down her calves, caressing the front and back of her legs, then resting on her ankle for a while again. I admired her cute round toes that were painted in dark red, and then I withdrew my hand from her.

"Feels really good", I said, not having a clue how to express my sexual excitement in appropriate ways.

"Please continue," she replied, "it feels really good to me, too." She looked shyly to the side and her face blushed in a youthful light red tone. I was more than happy, how fast and easily things were developing here. I also had the sense already that she also wanted to go all the way tonight and not stop at doing some harmless caressing...

Now I turned a bit more towards her, as well, and both my hands took her right foot and raised it just a little bit over the seat. I gave Yu-Jin a gentle massage of her sole, then her toes and heel, enjoying every bit of the sensations of this small Asian foot with its very soft skin, still encased in the smooth nylons. My penis was already hard to the max and barely fit in my pants, she must now clearly see the big bulge, I thought. After a long caressing of her right foot, I did the same for her left foot, and I must have done something right because she was biting on her lower lip and started to breathe more intensely. Whatever she might try, there was no way of hiding her arousal and excitement from me.

As I had already taken in her smells earlier, I could not help but going to the "source" and I took both of her feet in my hands and rested them firmly on my face, then rubbing them up and down and to the left and to the right in a slow motion. I inhaled all of her feminine sweaty scents that were reminiscent of the ones in her shoes but more intense and more "real" in a way, since they were directly emanating from her soft skin. I started to slowly lick her feet and increased my pleasure even more, and when I sucked on her toes, she giggled a bit out of her ticklishness, and at the same time became even more excited, judging from the expression in her eyes.

Now Yu-Jin started taking off her dress, explaining that she was "too warm", putting on a smile that had more of a lusty than a charming undertone. While she was at it, I took all my clothes off as well except for my boxer shorts. Turning back to her, I realized that I HAD met a goddess here, lucky me, so beautiful and utterly arousing was her nude, slightly tanned body; she was just wearing her silvery white thong panties, where the small pieces of fabric in the front and in the back were connected with a thin elastic band, and the garter belt holding her white stockings.

I just savored this stunning body of a young Korean woman next to me, who had taken off her clothes entirely on her own and without me doing anything about it. She had spread her legs wider and I could see a small wet spot at the bottom of her panties. I moved closer and sat right between her legs, my legs around her side, and pressing my upper body gently on hers, until her nipples touched mine. Another, now even stronger, flash of arousal went through my spine and then through all my body at the point where our skins touched in this very intimate way. Her breasts were firm already at this time from her arousal and her cute dark nipples fully erect.

We both embraced each other and started to kiss, first just on the cheeks and mouths, then slowly exploring each other's mouths with our tongues and playing a long and artful game of hide-and-seek with our tongues. It was getting so hot for both of us that we needed to continue to the next level. Yu-Jin took my manhood out of my boxers and, after gently caressing my balls, started with a firm and skillful massage of the shaft and glans, using drops from my pre-cum. All that drove me absolutely crazy. The only way of avoiding coming right then and there was to distract her in the meantime and so I started to slide my hand into her panties and gently massaged her cute soft inner and outer lips, then paying much attention to her pearl which was already hard and actually quite long. Whenever I came close to her clit, she sighed loudly in a high pitch tone, and made me even hornier by doing that. Her pussy was extremely wet by now and so I pulled down her panties all the way, while she did the same with my boxers.

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