tagLoving WivesFirst Swing Experience

First Swing Experience


I left work early that day to meet my wife, Amy, before we headed out for a night of fun and debauchery. It was Mardi Gras weekend, a time to have a great deal of fun. The kids were at their grand parents for the weekend, wine, beer and vodka all ready to go, and my whole body was aching for the total attention I was going to get.

Never gonna stop
Give it up
Such a dirty mind
Always get it up...

The knack's My Sharona played in the background and I had almost missed it. Instinctively, I started to sing to it and all the memories rushed back in. The memories of a night such a long time ago, yet so vividly clear in my mind. It happened on my last year in college, shortly after I met Amy, and shortly before I understood what was in store for me.

Frank, Diane and Amy came by the bowling alley where we always bowled on Tuesday nights. Frank had the ability to drink beer to improve his game. Me, it was very different. If I drank any beer while playing my average plummeted from a healthy 190 something to a barely acceptable 130. Frank also had the ability to get any woman he wanted. He was medium height, blond hair and what most women called "charming" looks. I don't know, I never saw it! But, then again guys don't do anything for me. Amy on the other hand, Amy thought he was a hunk. Yeah, a hunk alright, a hunk of shit! But, he was my best friend.

Amy was dressed in a hot pair of cut off shorts that showed a healthy portion of her lovely rear end. She had a very covetous figure juxtaposed on the musculature of an otherwise very athletic build. Amy's face was sweet with a natural pout on her prominent lips. Her hair was reddish blond that cascaded down onto her shoulders. As you can tell I think she's a very hot baby.

I grabbed by bowling ball, wiped the oil from it, and looked over at Amy to make sure her luck would flow from her fiery blue eyes to me. Our eyes locked for a moment, her mind talking straight to mine in a language only our bodies understood. I spun the ball on the towel and dried my hands on the blower to make sure I would have the perfect grip on the ball. I walked to my mark, froze there for a moment seeing in my mind the perfect approach, release, roll and strike. All I had to do now was deliver the ball on the eighth board from the right gutter and then to shake hands with the head pin. This smooth motion would deliver a perfect ball, the rest was up to the pins. As I moved forward I could feel Amy's eyes on my back, and I kept wondering who was that tall statuesque woman walking towards Frank and Diane. In that moment of distraction was the dooming of my game. I released the ball right over my mark, my wrist rotated; I shook hands with the head pin, and came to a smooth stop – just over the foul line. Too bad, too, because I had a perfect strike with the pins being pushed back neatly out of the way, as though they had exploded.

I turned and looked back at Amy and shrugged my shoulders, smiling at my support group and my own personal cheerleader.

"Did you see that?" I asked Amy

"Yes, that was a beautiful strike! You had a great game going there." She smiled sweetly at me.

"Hey Frank. How come you didn't get here in time to play?" I asked

"These three beautiful women asked me to take them out to dinner – so what's a man to do?" he asked, adding... "Did you meet Tammy?" and he pointed to the woman I had noticed earlier. Wow, what a looker! She made all my collegial hormones roar. It was not love; it was nothing but primal lust. This was very unusual, especially since I met Amy who satisfied me in ways that I had not expected a non-professional (read prostitute) to be able to do for me. We were both supercharged sexually and had taken every opportunity to explore the far extremes of what we would accept from each other, and had not even come close to finding it. Tammy on the other hand, was not a college girl with raging hormones; she was a sophisticated woman some 8 years older than I was, and a body that craved attention.

"Hi," I said as I reached to shake her hand.

"Hello," she said shaking my hand, "so, you are Amy's boyfriend. I've been hearing a lot about you tonight." She said.

I looked over at Amy to see her reaction. She smiled and gave me a very knowing wink. The problem was, I did not understand what she meant and this was not the time to stop everything to ask a silly question.

"Oh, what have they been saying about me?" I asked as I put my arm around Amy pulling her close to me.

"We've been telling her how good of a bowler you were, and how committed to the team you were. And, that's why you couldn't take us girls out to dinner." Amy said, kissing me softly on my cheek.

"Well," I said, "at least you told the truth"

We all talked for a while, while I finished the last game and then we moved to Azars Big Boy for the traditional breakfast at midnight. There were a lot of people walking around in what at some point in the night had been costumes. I kept looking around and tuning in and out of the conversation, and occasionally catching myself staring at Tammy.

In the background I could hear one of the new songs from a group called The Knack,

...Running down the length of my thighs sharona

The lyrics to the song were very provocative and seemed to fit my mood. As I looked around I noticed that I wasn't the only one that was captivated by Tammy and her conversation. She had the ability to draw you into her orbit, like a moon circling its parent planet. Captured without hope of release, at least without damaging both. I looked from Tammy to Frank and Diane. They were both captivated by her. I looked at Amy and I noticed a chemistry there that I hadn't expected. Tammy flirted with me, right in front of my girlfriend and no one minded.

I had not felt such a rush of hormones and adrenaline as the moment when I was openly flirting with Tammy and Amy softly caressed my hand. At first I didn't notice. It was like the time I cheated on my last girlfriend, except that there was a more powerful rush. The rush was driven by the fact that I was completely caught. Amy knew my every move. I had used them on her; the soft caressing with my words followed by the caressing of my fingers lightly touching her back and her neck. The lingering caresses that she had felt earlier in the morning before we headed to class. All of those feelings, those emotions, those explorations that were reserved for the first conquest were right there for my girlfriend to see. She watched as though in a trance and softly encouraged my exploration.

Someone made the suggestion that we move the conversation to Tammy's house where we could all relax. Amy and I walked to the car; arm in arm cuddled together like it was our first date.

"Hi!" I whispered in her ear.

"Hi back at you young man." Amy whispered back looking up at me. Her lips so inviting that I kissed her. Our bodies joined at our lips and every cell of our bodies enjoyed the feeling of togetherness that came from the kiss. There it was, a perfect moment. Amy's kisses were often like that, but tonight it had a little warmer feeling. There was a devilish look to her eyes just before they closed as we kissed. She had seen me flirting with a woman and felt completely confident in her hold on me. She understood that there was a difference between the love we had for each other and the animal magnetism we were both experiencing with Tammy.

"Wow," she said, "nice kiss. I like it when you get so turned on." She said caressing the bulge in my inner thigh, and then she kissed me again. I could feel her forcefulness as I opened my mouth to allow her to fully explore my mouth the way she wanted. The kiss was the thing! You know what I mean. There is nothing that brings you closer to your lover than that one kiss that no one else will ever get from you, or give to you. Amy could do that to me, and take me to a different world all together.

I walked to her side of the car and opened the door. We go into the Impala and we followed Tammy in her brand new white Torino. We drove to one of the nicer part of town and parked in front of Tammy's house. She got out of her car and led us in.

Her house was nicely furnished. It showed she cared about it and that she had good taste. We walked through an old fashioned foyer and then to a very cozy living room with two love seats flanking a very comfortable dark leather couch. The centerpiece of the living room was an entertainment center.

She turned on the stereo and there it was again,

...Ooo my little pretty one, my pretty one...

The Knack. That song was so erotic to me. I kept realizing how Tammy had my motor running. I had trouble walking but was not embarrassed.

"Wine anyone?" she asked from the kitchen.

"Sure!" Said Amy and walked into the kitchen. She squeezed past Tammy to the refrigerator looking to get me a beer. She bent at the waist and showed off her marvelous behind. Her shorts were cut at the side to give her plenty of flex and at times like this – when she bent at the waist – it gave her plenty of rear end exposure. What a marvelous site. I love to watch Amy's ass cheeks. They are so tender and so soft.

"Hon, do you want a Michelob?" she asked me

"Sure," I said and walked towards her. Catching a glimpse of Tammy looking at her ass. I walked behind her as she reached for the beer and I caressed that smooth flesh and softly hiked her shorts so more of her as would show. I gently caressed the inside of her cheeks, all the while knowing that Tammy was standing a few feet from us, watching me touch her.

"That's a very nice ass, don't you think Tom?" asked Tammy

Before I could answer, Amy responded, "He's such an ass man! He can't keep his eyes of any woman's ass, nor can he keep his hands off of mine. That's why I wear this short – just for him to fondle me like this."

I was stunned at the openness of the conversation. But, I have to admit that it turned me on, and at 3 o'clock in the morning all I could think of was the ache between my legs, the classes I was going to miss in the morning and what my father always said 'if you can't have her in bed by eleven – go home!' somehow tonight that didn't apply.

"You can't tell how fine of an ass it is, until you experience it." I said trying to sound smart-ass like. The next thing shocked me – really shocked me. It was one of those things you imagine, something you have fantasies about or masturbate to at the Blue Cinema but you never expect to happen right in front of your eyes.

Tammy was softly caressing Amy's round buttocks, laying soft circles that were closing in on the inner warmth of her thighs. Amy simply leaned onto the refrigerator and allowed the caressing to take place. Her eyes locked on mine, and completely on fire. She had the look she always gets when I'm entering her body; the welcoming relief of sexual release and an awareness that her body was truly in control.

"Oh, god! Tammy that feels so good" Amy said without regard to who could hear her. I felt the rush of blood to my face that showed everyone how I was feeling. The thought of my girlfriend succumbing to the whiles of such a spectacularly beautiful and sultry woman was completely intoxicating and somewhat embarrassing. Amy was melting in her hands. She arched her back in such a way to push her ass out into the caressing hand. I had seen her do that to me so many times, but this was so much more erotic. My body was reacting very positively.

I looked around to see if anyone was noticing and I saw Frank and Diane on the couch in the middle of a long-lasting kiss. Watching them made me feel more at home with the current situation. They certainly had gotten into the spirit and the shock was starting to ware out and to enjoy the view. I looked deep into Amy's eyes and kissed her as Tammy's lips softly caressed the softness of her buttocks with her lips. In a moment the three of us began to explore Amy's body. Her kisses were white fire in my mouth. I could not take enough of my lover, my girlfriend and in the not so distant future – my wife to be.

Tammy kissed deeper and deeper between Amy's cheeks and you could tell she was enjoying the attention her rear end was getting.

"Wait!" Amy said all out of breath.

"I need to be more comfortable for this. Oh, god this is feeling good." Amy said

I lifted her in my arms; her face nuzzled onto the crook of my neck and softly kissed me. Tammy followed us to the couch, right in front of the entertainment center. Amy pulled Tammy to her face and gave her a very deep kiss – her first real kiss with a woman. Tammy's experience faded as soon as her lips caressed Amy's. They danced around each other's lips, testing the acceptance of the other, allowing time for all the sensations to drift through their bodies. It was a beautiful dance to watch, especially from my vantage point. Their kiss was long and passionate.

"Amy," I asked softly, "come lay in my arms as you and Tammy make love to each other."

Amy slowly moved around on the couch, her shorts coming off on the way and her whole lovely bottom was exposed to Tammy and her attentions. Amy cuddled up to me, leaned backwards and kissed my softly. I could feel her catch her breath and I could tell that Tammy's lovely tongue had found the softness of Amy's lips. I pulled her tongue into my mouth and allowed her to enjoy the feelings rushing through her body, and to feel the sudden hardening of my cock against her back.

I cupped her breast and kissed her neck as I watched Diane's head bob up and down on Frank's lap; her blonde hair cascading all over his lap. The smile on his face showed that her abilities had not declined any due to our presence in the room. Amy continued to squirm on my body making herself very available for Tammy.

"I love you," I whispered in her ear, "you enjoy this as much as you want."

"I love you too," she whispered back as her breathing allowed, " do you mind this?" she asked

"No babe, not at all." I said, and then added, "You know if you start to feel uncomfortable we don't have to do this"

Amy pulled her legs up and I reached for them so she could give herself more fully to the loving caresses of Tammy's tongue

"I'm really loving the feel of her down there, Tom. Oh, oh god that feels so good." Amy whispered; her mouth opening, inviting my kiss. I obliged and kissed her very forcefully, letting her know the hunger and the lust that had taken over my body.

"Go do Diane, and watch me and Tammy." Amy said and moved to let me get up. Her hands wrapped around Tammy's head not to lose one bit of that lovely tongue.

I moved behind Diane and she wiggled out of her pants, giving me easy access into her body. I took that as meaning she was very open to the sexual attentions she was getting from both Frank and I.

I stroked my cock for a while and get the pre-cum all over the head. I pushed my cock into her body finding a very wet welcome. Diane pushed back to feel me deep inside her, and then plunged forward to take Frank deep in her mouth. She moved back and forth allowing herself to feel every sensation, letting us all know – through her muffled moans – just how good she was feeling.

I watched Amy rotate on the couch, her legs over the back of the couch and her head resting on the floor. Amy's arms wrapped around Tammy's hips pulling herself up to feed on Tammy's wetness, every once in a while she let her head fall and watched me mounting Diane and smiled warmly at me, as though she was watching something that touched her deeply. She was making me understand something very special was happening to us. Her face started to change, the first signs of an orgasm flashed over her eyes and she buried her face deep into Tammy.

"Oh, that's it Tom, fuck me harder... yeah, like that" came the encouragement from Diane. My pumping started to be harder, and faster. My body only felt the stiffness between my legs, and I enjoyed the warm wetness of Diane's inside. The harder I pumped, the louder Diane got, the more she swallowed Frank, till he started to have his own problems keeping quiet. He grabbed Diane's head and pulled her hard onto him. She became quiet, and very focused. Her hands helping her mouth milk Frank for all he and she was worth. I could feel her vagina start to tighten, to grab me and to squeeze me. Her breathing stopped, but not her motion – if anything her movement intensified and so did her focus.

Frank started to loose control and I could tell, from the way he was holding her that he was getting ready to explode.

You have to understand something, I had seen men cum in women's mouths but it was only in the movies. I had cum in my girlfriend's mouth, but I had never truly watched it. Let's be real, when you are having an orgasm you don't notice anything other than the fireworks happening in my brain. I watched Frank's face and I could tell the instant when his load exploded into Diane's eager mouth. She paused for a fraction of a second. I imagined the feel of his cum hitting the roof of her mouth, and Diane being ripped from her focus into the reality that she had achieved her goal. Then her strokes became gentler, more of a milking motion rather than the race she had been in. Her hands caressed more than stroked his cock, and her mouth would not disconnect from him. She took every drop, and was very happy to have given him such pleasure.

I continued to pump her, but softer, slower more to her rhythm and I continued to watch both her and Frank, and Amy and Tammy. I had that wonderful feeling start at the base of my balls, drive up to my stomach and then there was fire on each of my cells. I realized that I was going to have a huge orgasm, and I have was not going to rush it.

"Mmmm, did you like that baby?" Diane asked Frank.

"Yeah!" replied Frank, "is he fucking you the way you like it?" he added.

"Oh, yes. He is so deep in me. He's in where you came this afternoon, and I'm so wet." Diane said as she reached back and caressed my balls.

"My goodness! Frank, I think you're going to have very sloppy seconds – no thirds!" she pushed back hard against my pumping.

I looked at Amy who was recovering from her own orgasm and she blew a kiss my way.

"Fuck her good, Tommy, fuck her good and hard." I heard my baby call to me. She was still being caressed by Tammy's tongue.

"Diane, I'm going to cum..." I said

"Cum in me, Ok?" she looked at Amy for approval.

"Go Tommy, give her all your cum baby!" Amy said.

I found the right words from my lover, who was excited at the prospect of my cum entering another woman, right in front of her. I pumped harder and the fire in my body grew, like the fire that spreads from young embers during the early moments of a campfire. I felt the fire turn to the indescribable tingling that race all over my body, starting at the base of my balls, racing up to my brain, and down to my toes. I could feel my explosion building and my ability to keep my body moving to hammer into such a welcoming and strange pussy. I began to feel the spasms that push the cum out of my cock. I could feel the paralyzing tingle between my legs that just gripped me tightly to allow all my energy to go straight to my cock and blast my cum into that eager cunt.

"Oh!!!" came a deep guttural sound from my throat. I just could not believe that I was fucking my friend's girl, in front of my own girl – who was getting eaten by a beautiful woman we didn't know 12 hours ago. "Ah!!!" came the next sound as my body emptied itself of all the cum I had been building up in my body. I was depositing all my jism, all my sperm into this lovely cunt that was so willingly giving me a receptacle for all that I could give it.

My vision got blurry as my body had spasm after spasm, and I looked over at Amy so I could see her as I came. Amy was busy with her own orgasm, she was in the throws of her own spasms, but just as if responding to a cue deep in her mind, she looked over at me, and she let me watch her eyes on fire catch me cumming into another woman. Fire fed fire and the spasms kept me moving under remote control.

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