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First Time


"That was intense," I heard her say the moment I woke up.

She lay on my chest with her head still resting in the cradle of my shoulder, her hand over my heart.

"It was amazing," I agreed, slowly wrapping my arms around her, holding her in a sleepy embrace.

We were silent for a while longer, cherishing the moment we shared in each others arms. Her breathing brushed over my chest, sending chills over my back at the delicate touch and her alabaster hair covering her back like a silk cloak. We were still joined as one, still together in intimacy and desire, our bodies too sore and tired to move and our minds too caught up in the love we felt for each other for any form of conscious thought.

I loved this ghostly girl, her pale complexion and locks of white hair were offset by the fire of life in her grey eyes. Her character was highly unsociable however, always shy and never out long enough to make any long time friends. With me however she was like the long missed sunrise after an arctic winter, forever loved and always dependable. She was always there for me, and now I will always be there for her. I know now that nothing can shake the bond we have for each other, a bond that took years to make and will be in place till the end of our days.

"I love you," She whispered happily and settling more onto my chest.

"And I you, my love," I whispered back, kissing her forehead gently and brushing the stray strands of hair that covered her face.

She smiled at me. My melodramatic character and way of speaking was what attracted her towards me when we were first introduced at a forgotten party years ago. She said it reminded her how life was too serious and she needed someone to talk to that was not so caught up in the rat race. She adored it when I lapsed into my archaic speech, drawing forth her imagination and her smile.

Sharra. She said her name was Sharra. And at that moment I knew I had to stay with this girl no matter what. Something about her had my mind entranced and I had to know what it was.

Time passed and we were almost inseparable, always seen together where we had the time and talking quietly together about life and other randomly trivial things. Through those times I withheld my urge to blurt out my affection for her, my love and loyalty. It was hard not to think about her, for she was the most attractive woman I had ever had the pleasure to meet.

It was especially hard when I was dating other girls. Every time I made love to one of them I felt like I was betraying her, going behind her back and feeling like I played her. Every girl I when out with lasted for about a month, saying that I had my mind on something else whenever they talked to me. During those times I couldn't face her without feeling ashamed and low.

She was a perfect match for me, we were perfect for each other. I knew I loved her but I was afraid if I told her she would back away, feeling uncomfortable and I may never see her again. Instead I strove to win her heart, wanting her to love me like I loved her. But during the years of friendship I had won everything but her love. She trusted me completely, depending on me on whatever task she asked of me. She looked up to me like her big brother, always wanting some sort of guidance or words of wisdom she could live by. But I couldn't see nor feel love from her. Sure she loved me as a friend but not as a partner, a mate. A lover.

Tonight, of course, was the night that changed all that.

She enters, taking my breath away with her naked form. Her young body holds beauty few rarely notice in a eighteen-year-old. But I know that Sharra was a unique girl. Her arms were folded over her chest and, even for a girl her age, she was well developed. Her long pale hair flowed down her back reaching mid thigh. I never knew how her hair could grow so quickly or so soft, but I never cared each time my fingers brushed through those locks.

I smiled then when I saw her crimson cheeks and slid myself from the bed. With the cool breeze on my bare back from the only open window I walked to her, stopping to stand before her, almost touching. The scent I picked up from her was a mixture of Oak and a gentle sea breeze that sent my head reeling and resisted the urge to just take her then and there. I knew she was as nervous as hell.

"Don't worry, I'll take care of you as if you were my very soul," and with that I slid my cool hand about her waist, drawing her closer, pressing her blushing skin against mine.

"I'm not worried," she breathed against my cheek as I hugged her "Just a bit..."

She never did finish her sentence as my lips slid against hers. It wasn't exactly a kiss, but it was enough to silence her and deepen her blush as she looked up at me with those lovely, light grey eyes. I smiled, leaning down to place my lips over hers giving the first real kiss she had ever received.

I felt her press against me as the kiss deepened, her hands gripping my shoulders where her arms pressed against my chest. Sliding my own arms about her, one about the waist and one around the shoulders, I held her close to me, our nakedness nearly as one in the dim light of the candles around the room. No moon shone through the window that night and I wanted it all to be as special and as close to the night she was born.

As the kiss lengthened into one a lover would envy, I drew back slightly, moving to bend and take her into my arms. With an arm still around her shoulders and one under her knees, I carried her to the bed.

"Let me take you through this world as, on this night, you were brought into it."

She said nothing as I laid her onto the bed, still bright red with her blush. I knelt beside the bed, watching her naked form upon the soft satin sheets and traced my eyes from her face down over her body. I reached out to trace my fingers over her breasts, lightly touching the trembling skin of the virgin before me. Sliding both eyes and touch down further I pressed my palm over the course hair of her pubic region, feeling the warmth it promised. I smiled and looked to her eyes again as she lifted her cute ass up to meet my hand, pressing herself against it.

With her blush still on her face and on my mind I slid my cool fingers down her thigh and leg, brushing against her calf and ankle. Slowly returning up her leg once more I mounted the bed and rested beside her.

"Will you allow me to take you? Will you trust your body and soul in my hands? Will you allow me to seduce and take away what you will never regain?"

I held my breath while I watched the rosy cheeks of her face, waiting for her response and permission. I had waited for this from the time I set eyes on her and had worked to win her heart and take her into my own. Tonight, I will finally get the chance to express my love for her.

I relaxed and sighed happily when she finally nodded, brushing her fingers over my cheek and tracing her thumb over my lips. She was willing to love me and gave her consent for me to love her. I reached up to place my hand over hers as it caressed my cheek and took it away to kiss her knuckles lightly.

She shivered then, clenching her fist and pulling it away. Her arms once again drew themselves around her chest, hugging herself slowly. I watched her as she did this, my dark eyes locked onto her still blushing face.

She was biting her lower lip in anticipation and nerves, her teeth threatening to break the skin. I put a stop to that by leaning down and placing my warm lips on hers, kissing her like I did before. She sighed and relaxed, her arms unfolding and wrapping themselves around my neck and shoulders, pulling me closer to her.

I felt the soft skin of her breasts against my chest as I slid myself over her, her hard nipples brushing against my own. Using one hand and arm to rest my weight and keep balance I reach up to cup my hand over her breast, gently caressing my fingers over the warmth of her skin.

Her moan was a nervous one, but full of anticipated pleasure. Closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the pillow she let me do what I pleased. Smiling I did just that.

Resting on my side on the bed beside her I used the free hand to explore her body once more, sliding my fingers down past her breasts and over her stomach. She writhed lightly under my caress, her skin shivering with the cool touch of my fingertips and palm as I slid past her naval and bordered the wedge of pale hair between her legs. I felt the texture of goose bumps on her skin slowly increase as I traced my fingers around her nether region.

"Please..." Her whispered plea was almost heartbreaking as I looked to her tortured face. With her eyes still closed and mouth open slightly, she breathed quickly as she felt her heat rise with each caress that touched her soft skin.

When a moan escaped her quivering lips as I lightly touched her warmth, I almost broke, but I kept in check closing my eyes to chase away the lust that had built up. I wanted this to be her night, not mine.

Opening my eyes again I leant down to touch my lips on her belly, kissing the soft skin and tasting what I had wanted to taste for so long. She moaned again, raising her back off the bed towards my lips as her hands gripped the bed sheets. I felt her to be almost ready as I slid a finger past the nest of hair to find the hot, wet flesh hidden there, bringing forth a gasp from her throat as I slid into her a little deeper.

Withdrawing my hand slowly and manoeuvring myself gently on the bed over her, I moved to place myself between her legs. Resting on my elbows I looked down into her eyes which were now open as they showed her anticipation and lust as well as the question: Will you take me now?

Smiling I shook my head gently and lowered my face to kiss her lips once more. Surprisingly she reached up to wrap her arms about my neck, holding my head down, but not pulling me closer as she kissed back. Her kiss was not the same as before as her lips heated my loins and her tongue sought my own. Grudgingly I decided to let her play her game just this once as I let our tongues touch, then slowly clash with each other.

She sighed and shivered when she felt my growing manhood begin to press against her nether lips, and she moved to press against it some more. Breaking the kiss I pulled away from her to place my lips on her neck and shoulders, releasing the pressure I was putting between her legs. Kissing lower I paused to brush my lips over her nipples and breasts, taking one into my mouth as I slid a hand up to cup the other. Her groan as she arched her back to me increased as I suckled at her hardened nipple while I messaged its twin between my fingers.

She wanted more though, and I could tell from the sounds she made and her movements that she was at her peak looking down over the edge into ecstasy. Pulling myself off her gorgeous breasts and sweet nipples I travelled down further over her body, kissing her stomach as I made my way down to her nether regions, the hair from my forehead touching her skin like feathers, making her muscles quiver with delight. When my head hovered between her slightly raised legs I leant in to kiss the course pale hair above her womanhood, bringing a moan from deep within her, her nails almost tearing the satin sheets.

Lowering my head ever so slightly I cast her over the brink with the most intimate kiss of all. She screamed low and bucked once, forcing my nose into the tangled blond wedge as I quickly slid my tongue into her, tasting her orgasm as it washed over my tastebuds and down my throat.

I drank my fill as my hands gripped her thighs and held them apart so as not to crush my head as I lapped up her tangy juices.

She held that pose, her back incredibly arched and her thighs squeezing my head gently as she rode the wave of pleasure to its end. Slowly she relaxed, lowering her body once more onto the bed, her breaths coming in short measured gasps.

I waited, cleaning the remains of her first wash of pleasure from her skin with my tongue. Each time I licked her abdomen would twitch slightly, reacting to the sensations she felt.

"That... was...," She began. But I silenced her quickly with my fingers over her lips.

"We haven't even started my love, that was just a..." I paused, licking my lips, "taste of what's to come."

She blushed even more at that comment, quickly hiding her embarrassed giggle with her hand. Grinning like a fool I leant down to lick her once more, slowly and deliberately, pausing long enough to circle the nub of flesh near the top of her womanhood. She almost broke her neck as she arched her body once more, a groan escaping her lips.

Still smiling I crawled back up her body, my lips touching a warm path over her belly and between her breasts. Her hands found my shoulders again, gripping them as if to save her life, closing her eyes. Her whole body flinched and cringed away slightly as my cock head pressed against her. She raised her head then, pulling me closer to her as I pressed harder and feeling her defences crumble as I slowly slid the tip inside her. Her legs first clamped my hips, preventing me from proceeding any further, then slowly relax as more of my sex entered her.

She sighed, feeling the heat of both our organs meet in the ultimate act of love. Slowly, very slowly, I pushed deeper inside her, her breaths quickening as her body anticipated the pain of her vanishing virginity. Finally I hit a barrier, a tender film of flesh that yielded slightly under my attack. Wanting nothing more then to please this girl, I took the lobe of her ear lrft between my teeth, nibbling gently and pistoning my member slowly inside her.

She reacted instantly, her hands nearly breaking my skin with her grip and her arms crushing me to her. Knowing she would not take much more I deliberately bit her ear, noting her surprised gasp as I made my final thrust. The barrier broke, tearing like wet paper and dousing my sex with the copper warmth of blood. She screamed, pulling her head away from mine and turning it to hide her pain stricken face.

I didn't move, nor did she as we were locked midway between pleasure and pain. I could feel the tightened muscles relax as her pain subsided, replacing it with a growing sense of warmth. Biting her lip for courage she turned to face me again, tears standing in the corner of her closed eyes. Quietly she opened them, locking her eyes with my own. What I saw in them I would remember for the rest of my life.

"I'm glad it was you," she whispered through her tears. I nodded.

"It's not over yet my love," I said smiling down at her, "We have a whole night ahead of us."

With that I lent down to kiss her lips again. She flinched back slightly when she tasted what I had lapped up only moments before, but she soon shared that taste with me, her tongue seeking pockets of her own juice trapped within my mouth.

As her tongue reached deeper into my mouth, so did my member find warmth deeper inside her. I began with a slow rhythm, invading her sex with my own with gentle thrusts. She took in a breath each time I entered her, exhaling every time she felt my member rub against the wet walls of her urethra on my withdraw.

I had expected her to be a little tight, it being her first time and she being small of build. But she was just perfect, almost as if we were made for each other. She moaned quietly as I pushed deeper, feeling my pelvis grind against her own. A shift of pleasure and angle indicated she had moved her legs, wrapping them around my hips and locking her ankles, effectively trapping us in our current position.

I let out a low growl, a light rumbling that came from deep within my chest. The effect was spontaneous as she quivered under me, tightening her grip with both arms and legs. She had always wondered how I could make such a sound and I enjoyed entertaining her every time she asked for a show. Each time I purred into her ear she would quiver, unconsciously leaning closer towards me.

I was correct in assuming it excited her as I purred deeper and louder with every thrust and already I was feeling the tingling sensation that begets a climax as I watched her writhe beneath me.

Gods she was beautiful! Even more them my past girlfriends put together. With her eyes closed and her forehead pressed against my own I could feel her warm breath brush against my lips and cheek. I couldn't resist and I thrust faster, wanting to climax and spill my heat deep within her, wanting to fill her to the brim. Her reaction was mind bending as she groaned loud into my ear, her legs almost crushing my hips. Her own pelvis rocking with my motions pushing herself onto my sex even more.

She was enjoying it. We both were, but she especially. Taking control over my lust I slowed my thrusts, lengthening them to their extreme. I wanted this to be her night but if I continued this way I would give in way too soon. Sliding my hand under her head and tucking my knees under her raising hips I pulled her onto my lap, sitting on my own ankles.

Her arms instantly wrapped around my shoulders, her hips and legs not moving from their embrace of my waist. Sliding my hands down over her back and shoulders I handed her complete control, my hands resting on her waist, gently supporting as she rode my member.

The sensation was overwhelming, I had never thought she would be this warm and every time she lowered herself onto me my senses would scream. Forcing my mind past the wave upon wave of pleasure I watched her face as it bobbed before my own. I knew I loved her and I had a feeling she felt the same way towards me. Brushing my hand back towards her shoulders I pulled her closer, locking my lips with hers. Her kiss was intense, almost desperate as her tongue danced with my own. She was getting better, her motions growing smoother as each minute passed. She was a complete natural. That or we were a perfect match.

"I love you," she whispered then, breathing her words into my ear between breaths, "I love you so much."

I couldn't say anything, the amount of sensations that flooded my mind was numbing, taking away both words and thought. Growling once more I renewed my attack, thrusting up into her and matching her rhythm.

I felt the walls of her urethra getting wetter as we hammered ourselves against each other. One particular thrust broke my resistance and nearly cast me over the edge. But I held on, biting my lip as I lowered myself onto my back. She had paused long enough to untangle my legs from under her before continuing her rocking motion. She now had complete control over me, my hands still on her hips as I had nowhere else to place them.

Placing her own hands on my chest and leaning her weight forward she allowed me to enter deeper inside her. The angle of entry rocked my mind and knew I wouldn't last much longer if she kept it up. Throwing aside all thought I plunged headlong into the pit of ecstasy, thrusting with a fury that rivalled a pacific storm. The resulting effect thundered through the white haired girl straddling my hips, her nails tearing the skin from my chest and her legs crushing my abdomen.

Roaring loudly into the air I gripped her hips and pulled her down onto me, drawing an equally loud moan from her lips. The sensation of the coming climax was overwhelming, whipping my body into a frenzy. And it was contagious. Groaning with each thrust Sharra's inner muscles were growing tighter, her entire body shuddering as she was assaulted from within.

It came without warning, my back arching up to meet her as my load flooded through. My mind went numb as my orgasm ripped through my body like an erupting volcano, spilling my juice deep within her. I heard her scream then, throwing back her head drenching my sex as her own climax gripped her just moments later.

Riding the dying waves of pleasure my body relaxed, the realization that I had just cum slowly filling my mind as it was flooded with hormones, a delayed reaction that knocked out my senses.

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