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First Time


On September 14 I had received Christ back into my life. When doing this I had agreed to dismiss my past life and live for god, not around him. Well, my boyfriend at the time had a problem with this. That would mean: no sex, no swearing, no smoking, no drinking, and no disrespect. Since he was King of all of thee above, we began to fight. The biggest about sex.

Don't get me wrong, at the time Steve was my best lover I had ever had. He did everything and anything and with that had made everything and anything feel non commentable.. soo good I can't comment. I hadn't even begun to have orgasms before him, and with him I had multiples with in 15 seconds of him entering me. He wasn't the biggest guy in the world either.. but he knew what he was doing.

Well, when I took away the sex, his true nature began to show. All he ever wanted was sex. Then came the guilt trips; "you're not attracted to me... " If you loved me.. "

Meanwhile I had been adopted in my best friends home. And being with them gave me more courage and self love that I had ever known. But even with that I still couldn't let go of Steve. He had begun stepping over the limit with comments of my weight and what I could and couldn't wear because of my weight. The night that had changed it was when I was cleaning the bathroom.

That's right who knew that using Clorox scrub and cleaning the toilet one night a year ago could change your life.. but it did mine. I was cleaning My best friends bathroom.. don't ask why because I'm not entirely sure even now. Well I had wiped everything down, and swept the floor.. and I was returning all of the mats onto the floor from the hallway where I threw them. As I walked out, Joe had jumped back from the wall outside from the bathroom. Joe was my best friends brother. He was really sweet on me, and the more time I spent over at Marcie's house the more I began to grow attracted to him.

I always sing when I clean, and when you clean the bathroom it tends to be more prominent because of the echo. Well, Joe had been leaning up against the wall listening to me sing, and I caught him doing it.

From that day I knew he was the one I needed to be with. I broke up with Steve and started dating Joe. He was shy, and a gentlemen. He opened car doors, always let me order first and would look at me like I was the most precious thing he had ever laid eyes on. (Still does to this day) And what made it complete, was that he was a virgin. Had never looked at porn in his life and had never even masturbated. He didn't even know how to have sex.

We went to church together, and family lunch afterwards. We prayed and held hands and even once had kissed. But the nymph in me was starting to come out and I was scared of what might happen to us. I loved him, and I was not used to being treated this well. Nor' was I used to a non-sex relationship. It became to a point that he would kiss me on the cheek and my panties would get soaked.

After long deliberation I let it give in. Sunday afternoon sometime in November, a month and a half after we had started seeing each other, everyone was gone out of the house. Joe was sleeping because he was still living in Detroit but was commuting on weekends to Grand Rapids to see me.. (which a three hour drive)

I had taken a shower and walked out to go to my room. Joe was sleeping on a mattress on the floor downstairs in the den. (which was in seeing distance from the bathroom) I walked over to look at him and I smiled. Though the thought of doing what we were about to do had not occurred to me.. the fact that we were alone did. A drop of water from my hair splattered on his chest and his eyes fluttered open. I stepped back quickly because he had startled me. Then in a moment I believe we both realized he was sleeping in just his boxers, and I was wrapped up in a towel.

I straddled him and said "good morning" He just stared at me with a wide-eyed expression saying.. "Oh my goodness, what is she doing?" He said to me with hesitation "hi." From that I attacked him and started kissing him everywhere my wet hair leaving marks as I trailed up and down his neck and chest. He began to wheeze a little so I stopped. He has bad asthma so I thought me laying on him caused him to wheeze. He sat up and said "Kim we can't" I looked at him and said "Can't what? He just looked at me.

He continued to stare at me for three or four minutes, and just when he was about to speak I stood up. I felt so stupid and humiliated. I didn't know what I was doing but I knew I wanted him. I stood there and with out thinking I let my towel fall. Joe's eyes got so wide and as my towel fell I could see them change to gree to brown. I sat back onto him and cupped his face and looked him in the eyes and said "I Love You" Then it was him who was attacking me. Never in my life had I had such a reaction from someone. He was calling out my name and moaning very loudly.

The sex lasted 45 minutes and would have continued if his family hadn't showed up. When I heard them approaching the upstairs door I put on my towel and ran upstairs to answer the door. When I jumped up off of him when I heard them, I hit his forehead with my knee and then he hit his head on a nearby computer desk. I answered the door and it was Marcie, and she asked me why I was wearing a towel. I told her that I had just gotten out of the shower.

She pointed out that my hair was not wet and asked where Joe was. I told her he was still sleeping and to quiet down or he was going to wake up. I walked back down stairs with a huge smile on my face. "I just had the worst sex in my life I thought, and yet it was definitely the best and I bet no one will be able to top it" As I entered the bathroom the gather my things I looked at Joe he was laying back down pretending to sleep. There on his forehead was a red welt that was changing black and blue.

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