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First Time Adventurous


My husband and I have been married for 7 years, he has always complained that I do not give him enough oral sex, I rarely unless I am really drunk take it in the ass and that I do not have a adventurous side when it comes to sex. This is not really true as you will find out later.

Cutting the story short he was away on business and I found some files on his computer that were pictures of different blonde women getting fucked but 2 or more guys. I was angry but the more I looked through them the more I felt that I was getting aroused until my cunt was on fire. Was this what Tony meant that I was not adventurous is this is the type of thing he wanted me to do. There was only 2 ways to find out, ask him or test him; the idea of the second one excited me more.

About 2 weeks later the opportunity presented itself Tony had asked a friend of his to come over and help do something on his car and they always ended up drinking and staying up late. All through the day I wondered how this was going to turn out.

About 9pm they were good and toasty and I had just enough alcohol in me to stifle the nerves. I went and changed.

I had picked out an outfit early and had it ready if that did not get their attention nothing would. As got ready I thought about Alan, Tony's friend. He was a couple years younger than me, not bad looking, had been married about 9 years but had been separated for about 4 years and I don't think he ever went anywhere apart from here so the chances were he had not had sex in a long while. I did the final touches, let my hair down and checked myself in the mirror, I looked good. I froze for a few seconds before I walked into the lounge then just closed my eyes and walked in.

There was silence Tony and Alan just stared at me until Tony asked,

"Are you going out?" I thought for a second then replied,

"You guys had worked hard today I thought I would dress up and serve you beers." Then nervously I added "OR what I would prefer to do is be adventurous, try something new that is fun, something that I can get a lot of pleasure from." Tony's eyes lit up a little,

"How can you do that?" The words just came out,

"Well I can sit on the couch between you guys and see if you guys can persuade me out of these clothes. So what do you want a beer or me on the couch?" They both said in unison,

"The couch."

I walked over and sat down between them on the couch,

"This offer does not last for long."

Tony moved first and started rubbing my leg and kissing my neck Alan was hesitant to join in so to make him feel more comfortable I lent over and kissed him on the lips and said,

"Don't be afraid." This seemed to be the encouragement he needed. His hand landed on my thigh about 2 seconds after I backed away from him. The pair off them were kissing my neck and moving their hands further up my legs. Tony's hand raised the hem of my skirt first and it was not long until his fingers were inside my panties running up and down my lips, Alan's fingers were not to far behind at this point I could have just had my orgasm and been happy but fuck that I was going for it, EVERYTHING.

I pushed their hands away stood up and turned to face them I rolled up my skirt and got on my knees and said,

"Come here." The pair of them got up and stood over me. I first unzipped Tony's pants and pulled his dick out then I turned and did the same with Alan. Alan's dick was so much bigger than Tony's; it was at least 9 inches long and was fucking fat. I took Tony's dick in my hand and directed it into my mouth. I forced it to the back of my throat, I thought I would gag but to my surprise I took all, after a few seconds I pulled away from Tony and turned to Alan. His dick was much more of a challenge. I wrapped my lips around the tip of his cock and let him control what happened. Slowly he pushed harder and harder against my face until I felt his cock touch the back of my throat then all of a sudden he pushed really hard and his dick slid in.

I took it in turns sucking one dick and jacking off the other until I stood up still holding a dick in each off my hands still jacking them off. I kissed them both on the mouth and pulled them closer. Tony and Alan started on me first off they felt my tits through my top and bra then they got their hands inside and pushed their hands in my bra and really started groping me. It was not long until my blouse was open, my bra unclipped, my skirt rolled up to my waist and my panties were around my ankles, Tony and Alan were exploring every inch of me. I dropped my top and bra off my shoulders and kicked my panties off then unclipped my skirt and let it fall, I was totally naked. I whispered to Tony,

"How adventurous can I be? Because if you say the word everything goes." Tony kind of stuttered back,

"Be as adventurous as you want." This was my green light now nothing was going to hold me back.

I walked over to the couch and sat down and positioned myself so my crouch was hanging over the edge then beckoned them over. As they came closer they pulled at their clothes until they got them off, then sat either side of me. I rolled over on my side towards Tony and began sucking him again and spread my legs over Alan. Tony sat up and said,

"Hold on a minute." I felt for sure he was not going to let Alan fuck me and with a cock that big I wanted him more than anything. "If he is going to fuck you I want to watch everything."

"OK." I replied "How do you want me to do that?"

"Start on top then I will let you know." Alan and I repositioned ourselves he laid on his back then I straddled over him. I reached down and aimed his dick towards my pussy then slowly lowered down. The tip of his cock began parting my lips then I felt my cunt start to open as he slipped inside me. Tony was doing circles around us watching from all angles as I lowered all the way onto Alan's dick.

God did it feel good, I think he was filling the complete inside of me. I raised and lowered my body trying to make sure Tony got to see the full length of Alan's penis sliding in and out of me. Finally he stopped and came closer and come just shot out of his dick it splashed on my tits and neck it dripped off my nipples and landed on Alan's chest.

Tony's dick started to go limp so I raised up off of Alan but Tony stopped me,

"Don't stop do other stuff." Other stuff OK that's fine we me, I moved up and squatted over Alan's face. He began licking my as hard as he could although it felt good Tony was much better at it, I will remember that for later.

I climbed off and staid on all fours, Tony's come was still dripping off my tits. Alan moved around and got behind me and slid his dick in me. He was fucking me pretty hard when Tony said,

"How about in the ass." I felt Alan pull his dick out and rub it over my ass hole a couple of times. I felt the tip of his dick touch the outer part of my hole, he started pushing but his dick was so big it did not go in at first, he forced harder and harder until the head went in that felt pretty good, the pain did not start until he forced the whole thing in and began screwing me. I was nearly crying the pain was so bad at first but slowly the pain gave way to pleasure. Alan was fucking me faster and faster and I knew he was not far away from coming. He made a few really hard thrusts then pulled his cock out,

"Don't stop I shouted." I felt come shoot over my back before he pushed his dick back in my ass. Feeling him come inside me gave me my first orgasum that nearly made me fall collapse. When I finally recovered from that Alan had fallen back and was laying on his back panting.

I did not want this night to stop so I turned to Tony and said,

"I can get a whole lot more adventurous tonight, I will do everything you ask me to and a whole lot more. If you want I will be your toy tonight."

That night they shaved me, they double fucked my ass and pussy, they came in my mouth, ass and cunt, they came on my tits and face, they did everything they could think of. Finally they had come as many times as they could even though they wanted to do more, I was exhausted but completely satisfied.

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