tagLoving WivesFirst Time at the Strip Club

First Time at the Strip Club


Before you start to read, let me say that we love the build-up. This story won't have a lot of detail about inserting tab A into slot B, but we find stories about how people get into, and navigate, erotic situations to be very fulfilling. We hope you enjoy.

Last Saturday night, I took my gorgeous wife to a strip club for her first time. The idea has come up from time to time, but we always just laughed it off. Either she or I thinking the other didn't have the guts to do it. That said, she's always enjoyed the form and feel of a woman and she's occasionally kissed and touched other women when the right socially lubricated situation presented itself, like Mardi Gras, and other wild parties. I've only been to strip clubs a couple of times myself, so I never pushed the idea too hard because I knew I would need to take control and I wasn't sure what to expect. Well, last Saturday, we had some happy hour cocktails at a favorite watering hole, just enough for Lori to have lowered inhibitions, but not too much for me to drive home. A construction detour forced us past a number of "gentlemen's" clubs, and Lori said, "we should check *** out." (***club name removed for our soon to be removed bashfulness)

It was a Saturday night so the club was packed. The atmosphere was overwhelming with loud music, flashing lights, smoke, and most of all sex. We took some time to just walk around the club and get the lay of the land. There were two main stages and at least 5 girls dancing. We finally found a seat at a safe distance from the stage. We ordered drinks and started whispering naughty things to each other. After just one song, there was an announcement that they were doing a $35 for two song private dances, and all the dancers went on parade. An unbelievable array of beautiful women strutted right in front of us. Tall and short, black, tan and pale, tattooed and uninked, every hair color and length, and every breast size, shape, piercing (or not) color, and size, confidently made their way onto and around the stage, then through the crowd. It was too soon, but my wife was definitely turned on by the idea.

We continued to watch the dancers. There were a few other couples and groups with women and we noticed how the dancers really gave the female patrons a lot of special attention when they tipped. So, I stared feeding Lori the tip money. She walked up to the stage and very timidly tipped. She honestly turned around so fast she missed the dancer trying to flirt. When she got back to our table I told her she should take her time and enjoy herself. The walls started coming down. Over the next several songs, she got bolder with each tip, flirting and caressing the dancers.

Finally the parade and dance special came again and I asked her if she wanted to do it. She gave me the devil eye. You know, that look that says hell yea. I asked her who was her favorite. Honestly, the girls were getting snatched up left and right and my wife was back to being bashful. It was now or never, so I grabbed a beautiful dancer with nice curves and long, straight, black hair.

She takes us to the back takes her top off and attacks my wife, next to me on the love seat. I was practically paralyzed. The expression on Lori's face was pure desire. The dancer is grinding all over my wife and Lori is so excited. I'm thrilled watching Lori, become overwhelmed with lust as the dancer seductively rubs her bare breasts against my wife's cheeks and neck. As the dance continues Lori gets more and more bold letting her hands roam over the dancers ass and tits. The dancer asks my wife if it's ok to dance for me too and Lori says yes so the dancer moves to my lap. It was overwhelming, looking at my wife's excited eyes and back to the dancers amazing body. When it was over we left the room in stunned silence.

I figured it was time to head home and fuck, but Lori was just getting warmed up. I followed her, prowling the club, looking for the best vantage points. She was in a sexual trance. Lori started talking to the girls as they went onto the stage and as they came off it. When the next parade came began, she was much more aggressive about picking out her favorite. This time, a petite short haired blonde, with huge amplified breasts. When we got back to the private area we found that this girl really knew how to move and did a much better job of crawling all over both of us at the same time. This dancer was also more forward in touching Lori's breasts and thighs.

Eventually, Lori couldn't take it anymore. After having those juicy nipples dangled in her face for too long. Lori had to stick out her tongue and lick her nipple. The dancer did not pull back. She pressed forward. Lori devoured her nipples. I leaned forward and Lori intuitively moved her attention to the dancer's left breast, leaving the right one to me. We were both sucking the largest tits we ever had the pleasure of exploring.

The second song ended and I could see on Lori's face, she wasn't ready to leave. I asked if we could stay for another dance, and of course the dancer said yes. Then, Lori said to our dancer, "is it ok if I loosen my top?" I had no idea what the rules were and I didn't care. Obviously, neither did Lori. Next thing I know, the top of Lori's dress is completely down and the dancer is rubbing her hard pointy nipples against my wife's soft creamy breasts. As we nuzzled each other and let our hands roam all over each other's body's the dancer flicked Lori's right nipple with her tongue. I moved in on Lori's left nipple and we each sucked on her beautiful breasts.

The song ended much too soon, but at this point, I needed to get Lori out of there. She was turning into a monster and I needed to get inside her immediately. The ride home was full of describing to each other how hot we were watching each other touch new bodies.

When we got home, we fucked like crazy. Continuing the dirty talk throughout the night. Strippers, sexy friends, and random strangers we imagined came into our bed that night and drove our sex to new heights. And it has continued for months. Every so often, Lori will whisper into my ear how much she liked sucking that nipple, or how much she wants to do it again. We'll hold off as long as possible, but I don't think it will be long before we head back to the club.

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