tagIncest/TabooFirst Time Ch. 1

First Time Ch. 1


I don't know if it is common for guys to have fantasies about their sister/s, but I don't think so. For the last two years I have had numerous thoughts and plans about trying to get my older sister Jackie and/or my younger sister Franky in bed with me, but none have been successful. This is why I have decided to write a story up about my fantasy and put it up on the net.

It was about 10 pm when I had almost finished off my story, when Jackie came to check what I was typing. Of course not having planned any back up plan, I saved my file quickly and then proceeded to shut down the computer.

As quick as I could, I tried to cool down, because I was as hot as hell. Jackie, realizing that the computer was off, asked what I was doing. I had told her that it had frozen so I just switched it off, with that I got and left as quick as possible, trying to hide my huge hardon.

I must have looked like I had the biggest carrot up my ass as I tried to stop my cock pulling the material of my pants to the front and exposing a spandex type pair of pants at the back.

As I was walking away I heard Jackie say that she was just going to use the computer for a bit.

I got into bed and, knowing that everybody else had gone to bed earlier, except for Jackie, I would have enough time for a quick masturbation. I was thinking about nothing else than my most common fantasy of Jackie taking my whole cock in her mouth.

As it was school holidays it was just Franky (18), myself (18) and Jackie (19). I think it would be the perfect time to describe my sisters know.

Jackie was probably my favorite, with her long golden hair, firm abs, beautiful solid breasts that her tops could hardly ever cover, legs that any man could stare at all day and ass that was so tight that I sometimes can't imagine how I am suppose to get my dick inside of her. Jackie, being 19 and out of school, decided to take the year off and just to enjoy her free time. She had a boyfriend who was built like a brick and rode a Harley-Davidson. As Jackie has a lot of free time now, she spends a lot of time at the gym, making sure her body stays in perfect condition. She has also started modeling, which she got in to so easily and quickly.

Franky looked similar to Jackie having even longer blonde hair, slightly smaller breasts, the same gorgeous abs and equally beautifully tone ass and leg muscles. Franky is somehow not as comfortable with her body as Jackie is. Franky is very quiet and tends to concentrate on her sport a lot and that is how she keeps her body in perfect condition.

As our parents work and work very hard, sometimes staying at the office all might, we had a lot of free time on ours hands, in which we mostly lay in the sun, went to the gym or just lay around in front of the T.V.

Since that night, a few weeks ago, where Jackie had come in and interrupted me writing my sex story I sure Jackie has been giving me extra looks at her perfect body: towels slipping off, dropping her cloth and bending down to pick it up when she knew I was checking her ass out, etc. She has even begun asking me to wipe cream on her when she tans.

It was in this free-time I had in the holidays that I finished off my story and even started writing two new ones.

It was 2 o'clock on a Monday afternoon, when I really had my first experience with Jackie's body. Mom and dad were at work and Franky was out practicing hockey with her friends.

Jackie called me from in side and asked " Can you come her and put some sun-cream on my back?"

"Sure" I said as I was as quick as a cheetah to get out there and start rubbing her body, but when I got out I was shocked as I saw my sister lying there wearing a thong bikini. "Wow sis, what are you wearing?"

"Oh, this old thing, I normally wear it when nobody is here, so that I can get the smallest tan line possible. I sure you don't mind!"

I saw her eyes move down to the tent in my pants. "Definitely not, you look great!"

" Well come over here and put some cream on my back and my legs."

I went and straddle myself on either side of here beautiful ass, careful not to let my know fully extended erection touch her ass. I slowly spread cream all the way over her back and down her long legs, making sure to go over every part at least ten times.

When that was finished I reluctantly got up to leave when Jackie called and asked, " Where are you going? You forget to rub some cream on my ass."

Her openness stumped me, but I was back there in a second. I was like I was in heaven as a rub every part of her ass over and over again. That enjoyment was suddenly broken when she remarked, "You are enjoying that aren't you."

I felt myself go very red in the face.

With that remark, she turned over and made another one of my dreams come turn, she left her bikini top stay behind and she showed me the most amazing pair of tits I had ever seen, be it in books, on T.V. or in my previous experiences (which, let me tell you I quite limited).

" Can you stop gawking at my breasts, it is not the first time you have seen them, you never stop staring at them when you spy on me when I am in the shower."

I had no reply to that.

"Don't worry, I kinda like it, it makes me know I must be very good looking to get a guy as handsome as yourself to stare at me the whole time."

"Thanks" I eventually said, "I didn't think you thought that."

"Almost all the girls at school spoke about you. Know stop this small talk and put some cream on this side of my body."


"Oh, don't act like you don't want to, I know your little fantasies."

I couldn't let her make a mockery of me like that, so I sat down by her and gave most of her body a good rub. I say most, because I spent half the time rubbing her tits. It was like I was in heaven.

When I was finished she said, "Thanks for rubbing my breasts! Now I suggest you go get yourself off, because those pants of yours look like they are going to pop.

With my face once again turning red I walked off and said, "I think I will."

For the next few days after that things seemed to be going very well for Jackie and myself, with us flirting with each other non-stop. I would walk past her and 'accidentally' touch her ass. She even went as far as running her hand across my penis and she how it reacted.

All these things seemed so great, but I didn't believe that it would get any further, thinking she was teasing me and to just trying to get a 'rise' out of me.

This all changed on one very hot night, when my parents were out on business and all the house were asleep.

I had thrown my blanket off earlier, because of the heat and I was have an awesome dream about a girl at school, when things seemed to get out of hand. I felt my dick (being hard as rock) being rub in the gentlest way how. Suddenly waking up, I found Jackie lying next to me with her hand on my dick.

Totally startled, I shouted, "What are you doing?"

This totally freaked Jackie and I could tell she was totally embarrassed and in a loss for words.

I said the same thing again and there was still no answer. Just as Jackie got up to run to her room (because of her embarrassment), I grabbed her and told her "Ok, ok…. Don't go, you just startled me."

"Sorry, I just could not help myself. It was just so big and hard."

I thought that was the only chance I was going to get with Jackie, so I had to put out all my cards. "You don't have to stop you know, I was enjoying that."

"Don't think I was, read your little sex story that you wrote about me. It really turned me on and know I am going to make your little dream come true."

"How did you find out?"

"Do you think I am that stupid? That night when you got up in such a rush with that bulge in your pants when I walked around the corner, I knew you were doing something. So I opened Recent Documents and I found the best Incest story I have ever read!"

"Where do we go from here?"

"Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

With that, my sister in hear sexiest silk nighty, began to once again stroke my already erect penis. She took my whole 8 inch cock into her mouth. God it felt like heaven. It was so much better than I had even thought. I don't know how many times she had did it, but she seemed like a professional. Working on every part of my cock, top to bottom.

"I am going to cum!" I thought after that it would be the end of her blowjob. But I was wrong, she now began to work harder than before on it.

About 5 seconds later I had the biggest orgasm ever. "God, yes Jackie, yes!" I shouted.

With half my cum dripping out of her mouth she told me to shout up, or I would wake Franky up.

She got up and walk to the door and slowly turned around. With that she grabbed the bottom of her nighty and pulled in up so slowly that I could get a great look at every part of her body. This thrill was even better when I saw her freshly shaven cunt that was dripping wet. She really did have the body of a model.

Now again she walked over to me, with her firm nipples straining for attention, I just couldn't wait to touch them. But I had to wait a little longer. When she got over to me, she straddle over me and instructed me to eat her pussy. This I did with joy as she once again began to work on my ever hardening dick. Her cunt lips were so firm and smooth. But what surprised me most was how tight she was. Almost as tight as the first girl that I fingered when I was in grade 8. But that didn't matter, because I was having the time of my life. I could tell that it was the same for her as her breathing was getting a lot harder and quicker. Then all of a sudden it was her turn to orgasm.

It came out with hardly any warning and her jolts were furious. She could control herself.

When it was eventually over she climbed off me and said "God you eat pussy well…. But know lets finish it off."

She got up again and walked over to my desk, where she spread her legs apart and placed her hands on the desk as she bent her back in order to give me the best view in the world of her cock waiting cunt.

I needed no invitation, as I slowly inserted the head of my once again full erect cock into her pussy. This is when I could really tell how tight she was as I had to very slowly slide my dick further into her pussy. Then in one quick movement, I push the rest of my cock in to her tight pussy.

"Oh yes Marc… Stick it in me… Ya" heard here shout.

I then began to slowly push it in and out of her, getting quicker and quicker, until I eventually was banging her so hard and fast that I almost lost my footing. Neither of us could hold out to long and soon we were both once again going in reach orgasm. The feeling of us both reaching orgasm at the same time was just too much and we both collapsed right then and there on the spot.

We woke late morning, with my now limp dick still inside of her.

The biggest shock was hearing Franky talking to mom on the phone. But she luckily said "I've just gotten up and things are fine. Yes. Yes. Okay I must go, love you, bye."

Jackie quickly got up, put her nighty on and left to get to her room quickly, but not without giving me a big kiss and saying "Your not finished yet!"

THE END (or is it?)

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