tagBDSMFirst Time Cuckold Ch. 04

First Time Cuckold Ch. 04


Oscar could smell her vaginal juices from his proximity kneeling between her legs. Her delicious cunt beckoned his waiting mouth.

"I do need to warn you dear that I'm a squirter!" Bea cautioned. "Once my floodgates are opened its head for the high ground!"

"Let it pour!" Oscar replied as he buried his face deep between her thighs and tasted he sweet guim.

"Oh god!" Bea responded, "Yes, yes, yes. Lick me, suck my clit, honey! It's been soooo long, oohh I think, yes I'm cumming, yes, yes Yyeeesss!!

Bea's whole body started convulsing as she shot copious amounts of pussy juice onto Oscar's face and into his mouth. Again Oscar was faced with the options, swallow or drowned. He swallowed and swallowed. It seem to go on forever!

Finally Bea released her death grip on Oscar's head and collapsed back on the couch. We all just sat there listening to Bea's heavy breathing subside. Finally Bea said, "Oh my goodness that was wonderful Oscar! Thank you Irene for allowing you husband to give me the first orgasm I have had in years!"

She looked at Oscar's soaked, make-up smeared face. "Oh my, did I do that? I warned you I was a squirter. I've always been so self-conscience about that. My husband hates it when I gush, I suppose I should say I'm sorry, but I'm not! I haven't felt this way in a long time!"

"That's quite alright Bea! Still water's run deep. My husband replied, "You're a truly a very passionate woman and it was an honor giving you that big O and your husband doesn't know what he's missing!

I felt very proud of Oscar at this minute but knew I had to reset the mood.

"Well," I interrupted, "That was very touching. Feel free to use my cucky husband's face anytime you like Bea, you have my permission. I'm sorry he can't give you vaginal orgasms but alas, nature robbed him of that honor, right cucky? Now run along, fix your make up and finish preparing our meal."

Oscar was jerked back to reality and knew his moment of success had passed. "Y-yes mistress." He replied, hanging his head. And with that our little maid scurried of to finish preparing our meal.

"Wow!" Bea said. At first I didn't believe you but now I've seen it with my own eyes and pussy. Were you really serious about me using his mouth anytime I want? I surely don't want to wear out my welcome but I could get real use to that mouth and tongue!"

"I meant it," I told her, "He is yours to use and abuse whenever you choose. I said, admiring my own clever rhyme. "I have an idea. Let's play "good cop, bad cop" with him. You can lure him into a false sense of security, then I can pull the rug out from under his feet. This will keep him off balance and very vulnerable!"

"Agreed!" exclaimed Bea. "I can't thank you enough for everything you have given me Irene!"

"Oh, but there is a way you can thank me Bea!" I replied as I took her in my arms and ran my tongue around inside her mouth.

At first Bea was startled at my advances, as was I. I think deep down I had always had a thing for Bea. Not only was she beautiful and sexy but to be in charge of a large bank with dozens of employee's at her beck n call, excited me. She was a powerful woman.

I never had any lesbian urges before but Jordi had unleased in me, a new woman. A women of passion. My sexual awakening had broken down barriers that I had locked away during my entire thirteen years of marriage. Thank you Oscar for insisting that the tiger be awoken.

Bea overcame he initial surprise and started to kiss me back. I could feel her tongue probing by mouth. He arms tightened around me and I could feel those sweet, naked breast tight against mine. I broke from our embrace and stood up. I slowly let the robe fall from my body revealing my nakedness except for my garter-belt, stockings and high heels.

Bea quickly fell to her knees before me and started kissing my stomach and thighs. I could feel my pussy starting to get wet. The thought of this powerful woman, kneeling in front of me, worshiping my cunt really turned me on!

It's strange, with a man, I preferred to be submissive, his sex slave, allowing him to do anything he wanted me to. But with a woman and my husband, I preferred to be the one in charge. Go figure.

Bea's tongue started to probe my labia. I grabbed her beautiful blond hair and pulled her head tightly against my wet cunt as I lay back on the couch. She followed my movement and kept lapping my pussy like a sweet little puppy. I spread my juices across her face as I sensed my approaching climax.

"Oh yes, my sweet little bitch, suck my clit! Make me cum, oh god, oh god, yes, like that, like that, aaaahhhhhhhhh!" I screamed as I came on her pretty face.

I looked up and there, eyes and mouth wide open, stood my cuckold husband. His tiny peepee pointed straight up in approval.

After my climax, I pulled Bea close to me and we kissed in post orgasmic embrace. We held each other close in silent bliss while my sweet hubby looked on in amazement.

After a few moments, Oscar said, "D-d-dinner is served, mistress, I mean mistresses."

Bea and I both laughed at this ridiculous situation. Oscar, dressed in full, maid drag, asking his wife and her lesbian lover's permission to serve dinner. It was just too bizarre for words. We walked naked to the dining table and talked girl talk while our little sissy serve our meal.

For the next couple of weeks, Jordi, Bea, Oscar and I played our games of cuckolding, humiliation, domination and discipline. Jordi, Bea and I were getting all the sex we needed while Oscar had to satisfy himself with masturbation. Everyone seemed content with this arrangement.

Oscar's birthday was coming up and Jordi, Bea and I came up with an idea to give him a surprise birthday party that he would never forget. We invited some of his friends from work, and some of mine to come over on a Saturday night. Oscar was told nothing about it.

He was dressed in his maid's uniform and given a complete makeover from a local beauty salon. I had him given a complete body wax, a cute feminine hair cut because his hair was long enough to be worn in a pageboy with bangs and ribbons. He had his nails polished and full make up. And to top it all off, I bought him his very own maid's uniform. It was ultra-sexy with lots of frills.

The night of the party Jordi and I were sitting on the couch making out when the guests started to arrive. Oscar, unaware of what was about to transpire, answered the door in maid drag, thinking it was Bea. To his surprise, he was faced with two of his male buddies that he works out with at the gym.

His expression was priceless. His pals were shocked to see their buddy in full French maid drag. He looked at me with a "Please have mercy" look.

I told him, "Don't forget to curtsy and show your guests in. You may introduce them to me and my lover."

Oscar was completely humiliated. Totally feminized and having to introduce his wife and her lover to his friends was almost too much to bear, but he complied.

"Y-y-yes, won't you come in? This is my wife Irene and her, ah, boyfriend Jordi. This is Ben and Mike and William." Oscar was totally mortified.

"It's a pleasure to meet you. Would you like my maid Oscar to get you a drink?" I added.

Oscar's friends started laughing, thinking this was all some sort of gag. Ben was the first to ask, "What is this, some kind of joke? Did you lose a bet or something Oscar?"

"No joke," I told them. "You see my husband and I have a special relationship. Why don't you tell them darling?"

Oscar was bright red with embarrassment and practically in tears as he fumbled for the words, "W-w-well you see, I'm not very big, down t-there I mean and well, s-she needs more, so..."

"What my sissy husband is saying is, " I interrupted, "He has a very tiny penis and cums very quickly which leave me unsatisfied so we have an arrangement where he allows me to have any man I want as long as I let him watch or give him the details. In exchange, he serves me as my maid and cleans up any messes my lover leaves between my legs, isn't that right, dear?"

Oscar was close to a breaking point but managed to reply, "Y-yes mistress."

His friends howled with laughter upon hearing this and remarked, "Boy, how pussy-whipped can you get!" and, "I wouldn't mind taking a whack at your wife myself!" and "You mean you eat their cum right out of her pussy? No wonder she has you all femmed up!"

Oscar was almost in tears when the doorbell rang again. He slowly went to answer it. This time it was Bea. When she saws how humiliated Oscar looked she said, "Poor Oscar, this must be terrible for you. I tried to talk Irene out of this, but you know her, once she gets her mind set, there's no changing it. Here use my hanky to dry those tears, you don't want to smear your makeup!"

Oscar spent the next hour, answering the door, greeting our guests and explaining his relationship with his wife. He also served drinks, hors d'oeuvres while I and my guest talked, danced and enjoyed ourselves.

My female co-workers told me how envious they were, and wished they could get their husband as under control as I had mine.

As the drinks started to take effect, the party got wilder. Some of the ladies wanted to see just how small Oscar really was so I made him lift his dress and drop his panties and put on a little show. The women laughed a teased him. One woman took his little penis in her hand and played with it until it was hard and remarked, "It doesn't get much bigger does it?"

Another woman asked how I disciplined Oscar so I gave them a demonstration. With dress up and panties down, I had Oscar lay across my lap while I spanked him with a hairbrush. I also let some of the other ladies take a turn. We finally stopped at Bea's request when Oscar started to cry.

Later that evening I noticed that Jordi and Bea were missing. I realized that they were probably off somewhere fucking which was ok with me. Bea deserved a nice big cock, but I was getting horny and needed one myself. Then I noticed two of Oscar's male friends were looking at me with lust in their eyes.

I went over to them and put my hands on both of their crotches. They seemed to enjoy this and started undressing me. Then I noticed Oscar looking at us and I smiled and said to him. "Please go to my bedroom and turn back the sheets, I think we are going to need some room."

Oscar quickly followed my instructions as Ben and Mike carried me nude to our bedroom. I explained to Oscar that he could stay and watch if he was quiet and didn't interrupt. He quickly agreed and started playing with himself as my two lovers ravished me.

They fucked my pussy, ass and face most of the night. At one point, Bea came in and started talking to Oscar.

"You see, she is really enjoying having two real cocks inside her. It's not your fault that you're so small. It's very sensible for you to be so generous with your wife. I am very proud of you Oscar!" She taunted him. "All this fucking is making me horny again. Jordi fucked me real good but I think I would like you to clean me and give me another orgasm, would you do that for me, dear?"

"Yes, Bea, I would love to!" replied Oscar.

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