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First Time Exhibitionist


When Jules and I first moved in together she thought it would be a good idea to throw a party and invite everyone we knew so that we could meet each others friends and work colleagues.

After a few months of settling in we held a barbecue, it was a great success with everyone hitting it off and soon became a regular thing. Both Jules and I drink very little being gym rats, if we do drink it goes straight to our heads so I am usually in charge of the music and entertainment, Jules does the food and everyone else gets wasted. Most of our friends are couples and on a typical night the Men take over the patio or sitting room discussing sports and bullshitting each other over past conquests while the Woman usually get together in the conservatory and catch up on the latest gossip, the few single people we know tend to drift between groups or hang out around the bar area comparing notes on their last date.

Our latest party had been in full swing for a few hours, Jules was in a sexy mood and had been teasing me all night by deliberately rubbing her ass against me when we passed in the kitchen, making suggestive remarks and even grabbing my cock through my trousers, she was talking to some of the girls from her office when I decided to get my own back.

Joining the conversation I stood close to Jules, slightly sideways on with my hand resting on the small of her back.

In the darkness positioned in the corner of the room next to the bar I was able to move my hand unnoticed over the curve of her cheek then up under her skirt, slipping my fingers into the top of her panties. She leant into me a little as I slowly caress her backside working my hand down slipping the soft cotton over her ass until it was bare. I cupped the bottom curve of her cheek, tickling with the tips of my fingers.

Jules shifted her weight trying to dislodge my hand moving one foot out to the side but the shift in position caused her legs to part very slightly allowing just enough of a gap so that I could slip my hand between them and lightly touch her pussy.

Slowly running my hand over her soft inner thigh I gently slipped the edge of my fingers over her moistening lips and with a little wriggling insert the tip of my index finger, not very deep, just enough to make her squirm, my thumb nestled between her buttocks.

The whole time Jules had been doing her best to keep up with the conversation and was doing fine right up until her pussy tightened around my finger.
Smiling sweetly she grabbed my hand and said, "will you excuse us a moment, I need to use the bathroom." Even before the door locked Jules was pulling off her damp panties, bending forwards over the sink with her hips thrust out, her beautiful round ass pushed back, legs apart.

Dropping my trousers and underwear and throwing her skirt over her back I slip the head of my cock over her wet swollen lips teasing her pussy, she let out a hiss and pushed back onto me, my cock head sinking easily into her. I left it there for a moment enjoying the sensation of her silky depths then grabbing her hips thrust into her hard, and fast.

She let out a gasp grinding back into me as I reached around to rub her clitoris with the tip of my fingers teasing the hard nub with rough little strokes; I could see her in the mirror biting her lip, stifling a scream as her pussy clenched my shaft, covering my cock in her cum. Feeling her pussy spasm over my shaft sent me over the edge but before I could pump my load into her she pulled away, my cock sprang free jerking and shooting its load on her buttocks and the back of her legs.

She grabbed a towel from the rail and held my cock in it until the twitching subsided.

"Sorry for pulling away but I don't want to be dripping all night" she laughed.

Cleaning ourselves up and slipping unnoticed out of the bathroom Jules poured herself a drink and we rejoined our friends.

Three of the single guys were all gathered in the sitting room, Jake and Terry I had known from a previous job, despite both having had numerous girlfriends they were now single again, Brendan was a friend of Jules whose sister rented her old flat.

She always insisted we invite them because it was an endless source of amusement between the married ladies to try and hook them up with our single female friends; I liked to joke with Jules she only insisted that they come because she had the hots for them.

Although the lads were a lot younger than both of us I knew they found Jules attractive. When they were pissed at our last party Jake and Terry had told me how much they would like to see her naked and as the night wore on with drink loosened everyone's inhibitions they flirted like mad with Jules, taking turns to grab her for a slow dance. Jules told to me later that she was flattered by the attention and it had made her feel really sexy, especially when they each became a little braver and slipped a hand from her waist to cup and caress her ass.

I told Jules what they had said to me about seeing her naked, but despite admitting to being wet and horny at the end of the night she told me that this was as adventuress as she was going to get and they would have to dream on.

That was last month and tonight Jules was once again taking turns dancing and flirting lightly with them, she was a little tipsy and I noticed as the guys hands began to roam over her ass she was actually pushing herself into them. As she danced with Jake she closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder allowing him to hold her tight, his hands squeezed her buttocks as Jules thigh rubbed against his crotch she began to grind herself against his leg as they swayed to the music.

Caught up in the party mood Jules had been drinking a little more than she normally does, concerned because I did not want her to get sick I waited for the dance to finish then gently took her to one side and asked if she felt alright, but she assured me that she was fine and just enjoying the party, with a peck on the cheek she took fresh drinks to the guys in the sitting room, tripping slightly as she joined them on the couch and giggling when she accidentally put her hand on Terry's lap as she steadied herself. The guys had obviously noticed Jules was a little drunk and unused to seeing her like this Jake looked to me and mouthed "is she OK?" I nodded yes and added "just enjoy your selves." With this the guys soon began to flirt with her and as the comments became more sexual Jules started to squirm a little in her seat, I could tell she was getting a little aroused and soon her nipples were poking through her bra and blouse, clearly visible. This got the guys attention and as the conversation drifted off Jules noticed what they were staring at and to my surprise cupped her breasts, rubbed her thumbs over her nipples and told them they were naughty boys.

Standing just out of her sight so she wouldn't see I was in the room I wondered where this was going as she had never teased them like this before.

Jake asked what I would say about her showing herself off and making horny young men lust after her breasts, she giggled again and placing her hand on his thigh just below his crotch leant into him and kissed his cheek.

As far as Jules was concerned there was just the three of them in the room, she had no idea I was watching and alcohol was having a big part to play in what was going on but even so what she did next was out of character.

Giggling she kissed them in turn, Jake, feeling a little daring, started to rub her breasts through her blouse making her gasp. It was Terry who shocked me the most though by taking advantage and running a hand up her leg, the motion pushing her short skirt over her thighs exposing her damp panties. For a few seconds Jules pushed her chest back into Jakes hand breathlessly kissing and nibbling his neck, but just before Terry's fingers found her panties she snapped her legs together, resisting the temptation. Although drunk, confused and obviously quite horny she managed to gently push them away staggering slightly as she got up from the sofa to look for me.

Unaware that I had witnessed the whole incident she confessed when she found me saying that she was ashamed at how far she had let the lads go and asked me if I was angry at her for letting them touch her up, angry? More like disappointed, watching the guys fondle breasts over her clothes had given me a huge erection and although I would not want her to have full sex with any of the guys the thought of someone seeing her naked and perhaps touching her made me hard. Try as I might dirty thoughts of my gorgeous wife exposing herself to them just wouldn't go away.

I told her not to worry about it suggesting she go to bed for a while and sleep it off.

The thing was Jules and I would often lie in bed caressing one another and sharing our fantasies, Jules loved making up little scenarios where she would either be stripping in a seedy little club rubbing up against the punters or accidentally flashing out in public, these were our favourites as the thought of Jules being exposed turned us both on.

Sometimes she hints at exhibitionist tendencies. The week before our party we were out in a pretty crowded bar and when Jules thought no one was looking she gave me a sly little wink, lifting her skirt just enough so that I could see that she had no panties on, I was so surprised I almost shot my load then and there.

The closest we have been to our fantasies was on Holiday. With much persuasion Jules had gone topless on the beach, the sight of her perfectly-formed 36c breasts glistening with sun cream and exposed for the first time had me semi hard.

When she turned onto her stomach I thought she might have become embarrassed by some of the looks she was getting but this was far from true. Reaching back she untied the thin straps of her bikini bottoms pulled the material away from her buttocks and handed them to me because, 'she did not want tanned legs and a white ass.'

Although she kept her legs squeezed tight I was rock hard knowing if she opened her legs just a little anyone passing might get a glimpse of her pussy.

As it was her bare bum was attracted a lot of attention.

When it was time to back to the hotel she put on her bikini top and pulled a pale blue sarong around her waist, but left off the bikini bottoms.

As we walked back the sun shone through the loose material making it partially transparent, the slight breeze caused it to cling to her legs, outlining the shape of her mound so that she might as well have been naked.

There were many guys doing a double take wondering what they had actually seen. Jules had another surprise for me though; when the elevator reached our floor she stepped out grinned over her shoulder at me and took off the bikini top and dropped the sarong walking along the corridor to our room naked.

All this was running through my head as I carried her upstairs and put her into bed.

Taking off the short skirt leaving her to sleep in blouse and underwear I covered her with a single sheet and crept out of the bedroom, the door left slightly open so that I would hear her from if she became unwell or needed anything.

The party was just about done and I spent a good half hour seeing everyone off, retrieving coats and ordering taxies. Jake was hanging back looking rather sheepish but I soon put him at ease by telling him no harm done, it was just Jules and her usual drunken silliness and besides she seemed to enjoy it.

I asked where Terry had gotten to. Brendan said that he had gone to take a piss but had been gone a while so they were thinking drink had gotten the better of him and he was either feeling sick or was asleep somewhere. Jake joked that we had two lightweights on our hands although truth be told both of them were pretty far gone.

When he hadn't appeared a good ten minutes later I told the guys that I really needed to take a leak and would go see if he was OK.

As I got to the top of the stairs upstairs I could see that the bathroom was open and empty, after taking care of my full bladder I decided to see if Jules was asleep and as I rounded the corner to our room found Terry standing in the bedroom doorway.

He didn't hear me approach and jumped when I tapped him on the shoulder.

"Having a good look?" I asked him in a mock angry tone.

It was obvious Jules had gotten out of bed at some point and hadn't covered herself up again. She was on her back blouse partly open and bunched up around her waist just under her tits leaving her smooth belly and panties on full show in the dim light, her legs were slightly open and she looked sexy as hell.

Terry started to apologise saying that the bathroom door had been shut and he had mistakenly walked past it, which I knew to be a lie as the door was open when I came up. My heart was racing, voyeurism was a big part of our shared fantasies but did I dare take it further and would Jules be sober enough to enjoy the situation but drunk enough so that her inhibitions would not hold her back?

Deciding to take the lead from her earlier behaviour I told him I would give both himself and Jake a treat if they kept it to themselves and did only as instructed.

He made it downstairs in record time and must have filled Jake in on the way back up because he looked straight past me into the bedroom and let out a soft whistle.

"Bloody hell mate that was worth leaving my drink for."

He and Terry made as if to go back down obviously thinking that was all there was to the show but I motioned for them to stay in the doorway walked over to Jules and knelt by the bed running my hand softly over her belly I put my mouth close to her ear and asked if she had enjoyed herself, she roused slightly and mumbled yes, only half-conscious not opening her eyes at all. Nuzzling her neck with my lips I asked if she had liked the attention from Terry and Jake, "nice" she sighed closing her legs and rolling on to her side, facing me. I beckoned them to come to the end of the bed where they could take in the sight of her pretty ass, the colour of her skin just showing through the thin cotton of her knickers.

Placing my hand on her breast and squeezing I said.

"Did you like it when the guys touched your tits?"

She moved against me and very quietly went "Mmm"

I then undid a button on her top and ran my fingers along the soft skin.

"Don't you think it was rude to tease them without giving them a little look?"

She squirmed again as I kissed her neck, "Don't know" she whispered.

From the huskiness in her voice she was getting a little turned on.

"It's not nice to tease" I replied. "So would it be ok if they had a little look now?"

My heart was pounding; there was pause then, "If they want to but only my boobs."

Nuzzling her ear lobe I whispered,

"Are you turned you by the thought of them seeing you half naked?"

Again a slight pause, her eyes fluttered open a little.

"Yes" she whispered.

The two lads were routed to the spot as I began undoing the buttons on her blouse.

They were in for a bigger treat than they thought.

Earlier when they touched her up Jules had been wearing a bra so all they would be expecting to see is little lace and cleavage, but I knew from the moment that I knelt by her side that she had taken her bra off.

They watched silently as I gently rolled Jules over onto her back and lifted the blouse open, they both gasped shocked as her bare breasts came into view, I heard Jake step closer to the side of me as he stared at my wife topless for the first time.

"Wow I thought she had a bra on, but I'm so happy she took it off"

Both of them stood at the side of the bed leaning in so close that she must have felt their breath on her smooth mounds; the nipples stood out erect, dark against her lightly tanned skin.

They stood there for a second or two silently taking in the sight of her naked tits, jumping slightly as Jules stirred a little, one arm flopped over covering her breasts and for a moment I thought that she was getting a little shy but then she let the arm slide away while trailing her fingers over her breasts as she did so, lingering over the erect nipples, tickling and teasing them.

I felt myself growing hard.
She groaned and shifted drawing one of her legs up so that her foot rested by her calf, letting the knee turn out to the side so that her thighs parted, pulling the thin material of her panties tight, the shape of her mound and slit was clearly visible.
"God, I wish she didn't have those knickers on," Terry breathed at me.

Leaving them to enjoy the view I sat on the bed, kissing my way along Jules neck until I reached her ear, nipping the soft lobe,

"You look so damn sexy I want to touch you while they watch, would you like that?"

She put her arms around my neck and pulled me close, her breath hot on my ear.

"Only if they can't see everything, leave my panties on and cover me with the sheet."

I rubbed a nipple," Cover all of you up?"

She pulled me in tighter, "No, just the bottom half I like them seeing my breasts"

"What if I make you cum with my fingers, is it ok if they see that?"

She didn't answer me instead she laid back pulling the sheet up over her belly while taking my hand in hers and placing it over the front of her panties.

The two lads were silent as I began to kiss Jules neck working my way down to her right breast, taking the hard nipple between my lips and tugging softly, at the same time I worked my fingers over the soft material of her knickers, feeling the heat and the dampness there and for the second time that night. Pushing my hand down inside the waistband, she sighed and moved her legs apart turning one knee out so that the thin sheet pulled tight across her.

Although they could not see any details it would be clear to both of the guys where my hand was and what I was doing with it by my movements.

Trailing my index finger between her pink lips I slowly rubbed my thumb over her swelling clitoris, Jules let out a hiss of air and ground her groin back at me, the constant movement pulling the sheet further down towards her hips. She was either unaware of this or past caring. I started to press my fingers against her lips, slowly increasing the pressure until a finger slipped inside, stroking the velvety wetness a while before adding a second, working them slowly in and out and as her breathing quickened, I then placed my thumb on her clitoris, making little circles with a gentle even pressure, knowing this drives her wild.

She began to moan softly and I decided to push things a little, kissing my way back up to her ear I whispered that the boys were enjoying the show but were a little left out, and as they had already touched her breasts earlier through her clothes would it be so bad if they touched them now.

As I asked her I increased the pressure on her clit making her gasp.

"It's ok with me if you would like them to do that" I said.

She turned her lips to mine kissing me softly before nodding yes, her eyes were half open, sleepy looking and sexy as hell, I manoeuvred to the bottom of the bed and motioned for Terry and Jake to kneel down either side of her.

Jake was the first to touch her reaching out his hand and cupping her breast, when Jules did not pull away he began to gently squeeze it, then ran the ball of his thumb over the stiff nipple, in response she arched her shoulders slightly pushing her breast into his hand. Terry was the more apprehensive of the two but when he saw Jules reaction to Jake he lightly cupped a breast, as he did so I could see his hand trembling as much with nerves as excitement.

Kneading and squeezing it gently He said "fuck me," under his breath.

Both of her breasts were receiving attention now and I watched as one of our fantasies played out before my eyes, my gorgeous wife half naked and being fondled by other men, my cock was rock-hard.

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