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First Time Gloryhole


It's been a while since my wife and I have been away from the kids overnight, so needless to say we were both eager for an "adults" night out. We setup grandma to stay and watch the kids and drove to the city around 4pm to check in to our hotel. We both knew that there would be a LOT of sex that night and morning.

We checked into the hotel and had sex right off the bat. It was good, but I think we were both ready for something a little more adventurous. We washed up and then headed out to dinner. During dinner my wife Lisa and I talked about visiting an adult book store to buy some new toys. We had a couple at home, but Lisa really wanted to get something new. The sexual tension was high, and I know she (and I) just wanted to do something new and kinky - yes, for us just going into an adult book store was new and exciting...boring as it may be.

There was an adult store close by our hotel, so after dinner we decided to stop by before heading out for drinks. I suppose it was your typical adult book store with movies, toys and games and viewing booths in the back of the store. There were two other guys in the store and they kept looking at Lisa and I know she was feeling a bit nervous and uncomfortable. Lisa was wearing a type of sundress that showed her figure off very nicely. At 34 years old, 5'6" and 125lbs, Lisa was familiar to guys staring, but not in such a setting. We looked around a little and Lisa did see a vibrator that she liked, so we bought it before leaving.

We drove to a nearby popular bar. It was a bit early in the evening so we sat at a table and had a few drinks. As the evening drew later, more people started crowding into the bar. At one point we lost our table after both visiting the restroom, so we ended up on the edge of the crowded dance floor watching everyone move to the beat of the music.

I had gone to the restroom at one point and came back to see Lisa dancing with another guy. I found it exciting watching her dance with a stranger, but when I approached she moved away from the guy and came up to me with a look on her face like she was guilty of doing something wrong. I told her that I wasn't mad at all and that I was a bit turned on in fact. She kissed me and then said that she had to use the restroom. She returned from the restroom and we began moving to the beat of the music (mostly her as I'm not big on dancing).

After a while I went to get us another drink and when I came back Lisa was again dancing with that same guy. This time when she saw me she only smiled and continued moving with him on the dance floor. It was a HUGE turn-on watching her out there rubbing up against and getting close with this strange guy. She continued dancing with him and I could see he was leaning into her saying something as often as he could just to get close to her. As I was sitting there watching them get close, I saw them talking into each others ears. Lisa had her hand on his shoulder and I could see his hand begin holding her waist. Then they both looked in my direction and we all smiled at each other. I then saw the guy walk away and Lisa made her way back to me. When she reached me she gave me a big kiss and I could tell she was excited.

I asked her if she was having fun and where her "friend" went. She said that when they were dancing he was asking her the average questions about her name, where she lives and that he started telling her that she was pretty and had a nice body and smelled good etc. She said that he was getting very "friendly" with her, rubbing up against her and holding her hand and putting his arm on her waste and butt. She said that she was enjoying it but felt a little strange with me just sitting there watching. He asked her where her friends were and she told him that she was there with her "husband" and that's when they looked in my directions. After he saw me, she said he got really nervous and apologized before walking away without letting her say much back to him.

I could tell that she was a bit buzzed from the drinks and quite turned on from her flirting. I asked her if she enjoyed having a strange guy dancing and touching her and she said "yes", and then said "I'm so wet. I want to fuck you so bad right now". I wanted to stay and maybe find somebody else for her to dance with since we both enjoyed it, and don't often get nights out to have fun, but it was getting late and we both were ready to get back to our hotel room.

We left the club and started to drive back to our hotel, which was fortunately a very short drive. I reached over and ran my hand under Lisa's dress and felt her pussy. She was already very wet. She surprised me by saying that she felt like stopping at the adult book store again before going back to our hotel. I wanted to get back to the hotel and attack her, but I thought that these kind of nights don't happen often so we made the stop at the book store. It was late and I was surprised to see the place was even more crowded now than earlier.

There were maybe 6 guys in the place, including a couple (guy and girl). As we were looking around, Lisa was again getting some looks from the other guys in there, but this time she was quite buzzed and I think she was more receptive of the looks or didn't care. As we were looking around we passed the hall to the viewing booths in the back of the store. I asked Lisa half joking if she wanted to go back and just see what they looked like - neither of us had ever been in one. To my surprise she gave me a look like I was crazy but then agreed.

We purchased some tokens from the front desk and then ventured down the hallway and walked into the very last booth. Inside the booth was very creepy. It was dark and consisted of a single chair and TV on the one wall with a hole in one of the walls. Lisa commented about how "gross" it was in there but we both decided to make the most of it. I put coins into the slot on the TV and a movie popped up on the screen. I put my arms around her and asked if she wanted to just watch a bit of the movie since we were already there.

We watched the screen as some girl was being fucked by two guys. I wrapped my arms around Lisa and started kissing her neck as we both stared at the screen. I could tell she was very horny, as was I. She said to me "I want to do it", and I was all ready to pull her skirt up and fuck her right there.

As she said that, some guy had stuck his cock right through the hole (glory hole) in the wall. Lisa jumped and said something about it being "gross". I laughed and told her to touch it. She said "no way". I leaned into her and started kissing her again and she melted as I did. As we kissed I pushed her to the wall so that she was next to the guys cock. Grabbing her hand I guided it to the guys cock. I think she was embarrassed but she did grab it. We stopped kissing and she looked at it a little while, still holding it and slowly jacking him off. She looked at me and mouthed "it's so big". I then started kissing her again, hoping that things might get interesting.

As we were kissing Lisa jumped again. We both looked down and instead of the guys dick, his hand was sticking through the hole trying to feel her ass. I guided Lisa back against the hole telling her to let the poor guy get a feel. I lifted the front of her skirt up and watched as the guy's hand began feeling her pussy through her panties. There was something about seeing this stranger feel my conservative wife's body as I watched that turned me on like crazy.

I watched his fingers rub the length of her pussy, circling her clit. He then moved her panties aside and was trying to feel her bare pussy. I told her to take her panties off so that he could get better access and to my surprise, she reached down and pealed them off.

She looked so sexy at that moment. I started kissing her again, knowing that another man's fingers were in her pussy. She kissed me back hard, and I knew she was horny as hell. I was squeezing her tits as this stranger was fingering her pussy. She began to moan, obviously enjoying the attention. She then jumped again and moved away from the wall and we both looked down to see the guy had stuck is cock through the wall again, but this time he had a condom on. Lisa's eyes got really big as though she was shocked. I shook my shoulder telling her "who cares" and continued kissing her. I knew she was horny as hell, as was I.

As we kissed, she began rubbing my cock through my pants. She then pulled my cock out and continued jerking it while my hand went down and began rubbing her wet pussy. We continued kissing and I slowly guided her back against the hole where the guys cock was poking through. She didn't resist. As I continued rubbing her pussy, I felt the guys cock hitting my hand. I found this, a strangers cock just inches from my wife's pussy, to be a very strange and erotic feeling.

As we continued to kiss, I removed my hand from her pussy and grabbed the guys cock. I've never touched another guys cock in my life, so that in of itself was VERY different. I then pressed the guys cock against her pussy, and again she surprised me by not stopping or saying anything. I could feel him begin to pump his cock back and forth against her pussy lips and my hand. She kept kissing me while jerking my cock with her hand while this stranger was rubbing his cock against her clit. I could tell by her soft moans, that she was enjoying herself.

Knowing she was lost in the moment I began to push at the guys cock, putting pressure trying to maneuver it so that he would enter her. It didn't take long before I felt the tip of his cock push into her wet hole. As he entered her, she let out a gasp and buried her head in my chest and pushed back against his cock. I kept my hand down by her pussy and could feel as he pushed deeper into her pussy until I felt his balls pressing against her clit.

He began fucking her with more of a rhythm and she again started kissing me and moaning louder as she rocked back-and-forth meeting his cock with each move. Within a matter of minutes her body shook with an orgasm as she kept saying "..oh yes..oh..yes..". I couldn't hold back any longer and shot my cum into her hand as she jerked me off. She then bent down and took my cock into her mouth and sucked the remaining cum from my cock. It was incredible seeing her still backed up to the wall, knowing that some strange cock was still buried deep in her while she sucked me.

Lisa leaned up and kissed me and said "this is fun". She moved away from the wall and the guys cock plopped from her pussy. We could see that the tip of the condom was full of his cum.

She put her panties back on and as we exited the booth, we ran right into the guy that was next to us. Lisa instinctively said "hi" and the guy smiled and said "thanks". In my head I was thinking of asking the guy back to our room for more fun, but unfortunately he wasn't the best looking guy (average looking I suppose) and I could tell that Lisa was not going to agree to him coming back.

In the car ride back to the hotel, we talked about what had just happened and how fun it was. Lisa snuggled up next to me until we got to the hotel. When we got inside I fucked her and came so fast. We both fell fast asleep.

We still talk about that night and I'm really hoping to get her to visit that book store again.

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