tagGroup SexFirst Time in Vegas

First Time in Vegas


"Fuck, baby, you feel so fucking good! Mmm, fuck what a good cock!"

I slammed my cock into Liz, my wife, again and again, harder and harder. Vegas was a sexy town, and it had definitely gotten to her already. We'd gotten in late last night and gone straight to bed, exhausted, but this morning I had wasted no time in throwing her down for a nice, hard fuck.

"God, fuck me!"

I leaned back and spread her legs wide. I licked my thumb and started rubbing her hard clit as I fucked her. She went wild, bucking her hips uncontrollably as she cried out.

"OOOOOH FUCK YES BABY! Oh god oh god I'm g-g-g-onna come you feel so fucking good OH FUCK FUCK FUCK HERE IT COMES I'M C-C-OMIGOD I'M COMING!"

Her face turned red as I felt her pussy squeeze me hard and flood with her come. I fucked her slowly for a few more minutes as she came down from her orgasm, until she whispered in my ear, "I want to ride you."

We switched positions, and she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. It felt amazing, this tight tunnel, slick with her juices, gently massaging my dick as she moaned into my ear. Gradually she sped up the pace, and I started to thrust into her harder, until we were fucking hard and fast again. I squeezed her big tits hard as she rode me, which only egged her on even more.

"Fuck, Liz, you ride me so good..."

"Yeah? You like that baby?"

"Mmm, yeah."

"You like the way this p-pussy feels on that big dick?"

"Fuck, you're hot," I said, and thrust deep into her.

"OOOH FUCK," she cried out. "That feels so fucking good... oh fuck, FUCK I'm getting close again!"

"Yeah? You gonna come again for me, baby?"

"Nnnh yeah I'm--OOOOH FUCK!"

She spasmed wildly on my cock, coming for all she was worth as I plunged into her, kneading and sucking on her breasts. Without hesitation, she leaned down to my ear and whispered throatily: "I want you to fuck me from behind."

I didn't need to be asked twice. I quickly got out from under her, went around back, and shoved my hard cock all the way into her pussy.

"Fuck, you feel amazing! Ram that cock into me baby! Fuck me hard!"

I slapped her ass, grabbed her hips, and pulled her back into me hard and fast.

"Mmmm, fuck me! Harder! Ooh you like that fucking hot pussy, baby?"

"Yeah, I love fucking you right after you come... I can still feel it."

"Mmmm, god you feel good. I want you to fill me up with your hot come... can you do that for me, baby?"

In answer, I reached forward and pulled her hair, which drove her crazy. She started bucking like an animal, fucking me back at least as hard as I was fucking her. I knew I wasn't going to last much longer.

"I'm gonna come, Liz, fuck, here it comes!"

"Mmmm, fuck, fill me up, god damn it, I fucking love your come so much. God you fuck me so good. Fucking come in me, fill my pussy up with that hot come!"

With one final thrust, my cock spasmed and shot blast after blast of come into my wife's hot cunt, filling her to the point of overflowing.


We spent that day doing the usual tourist-type stuff. At night, we met up with some friends who were in town, had dinner, lost some money at the table games, had maybe a little too much to drink, and eventually, someone suggested that we go to a strip club. Naturally, we all agreed.

When we got there, we immediately found a table near the front and started flashing our money to get the girls' attention. At first, Liz and I just watched, but I could tell that she was getting turned on. She had never been with a woman or, as far as I knew, had the desire to, but something about the atmosphere here, where sex hung heavy in the air and anything felt possible, seemed to be changing this.

After a few more drinks, our friend Ted decided that we should each get a lap dance, probably because he would have been embarrassed to be the only one. When it came to Liz's turn, she picked out a gorgeous redhead with medium-sized natural tits and a tight, firm ass. I sat transfixed as this beauty seduced my wife, rubbing and grinding all over her, and clearly having the desired effect. Three minutes later, it was over, but I could tell that it had made an impression on Liz.


When we got back to the hotel, we were both extremely horny, and we immediately tore each other's clothes off and started kissing and groping our way over to the bed. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and started fingering her dripping wet pussy. She moaned into my ear, but before she could get a word in, she was already coming. My wife was very multi-orgasmic, and I liked to get her off fast the first time so I could build to a big explosion the second time.

I rolled her onto her back and started to fuck her, pushing her legs high up in the air. She threw her head back and started to moan in pleasure, and that's when I surprised her. I had brought her vibrator from home unbeknownst to her, and I quickly turned it on and held it on her clit. She went crazy.


Her pussy flooded again with come, and I fucked her hard and fast as I rubber her clit with the vibrator.


Her hips were shaking wildly, and her ass was lifting off the bed as I fucked her.


She was screaming now, lost completely in the throes of one continuous orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably, and I finally let her come down a little bit a couple of minutes later, removing the vibrator and fucking her more slowly.

"Mmmm... that was the best, baby."

"Yeah? You liked that?"

"Yeah... now lay back, let me take care of you."

I flipped over onto my back, and she hovered over me and dangled her huge tits in front of my face. I licked and sucked at them, but it wasn't long before she began to slide down my body. I felt her hard nipples trace two lines down my chest, slowly, then over my stomach. She lingered for just a moment with my cock between her tits; she knew I loved this, but she had other plans. So she slid down just a bit further and took my hard dick into her mouth.

"Mmm, that feels amazing, baby."

She didn't say anything, for obvious reasons. She just slid that hot mouth of hers up and down my cock, gradually building up speed, but always gently and smoothly. My wife loved to suck cock, and she gave by far the best blowjob I'd ever had.

Suddenly, her sucking started to become a little more urgent and erratic. I looked down and saw that she was using the vibrator on herself, and judging from the way her mouth was moving on my dick, she had already started to come again.

She pulled her mouth off my cock then and looked me in the eye with pure, unadulterated lust and excitement as she pumped my shaft up and down with one hand, still fucking herself with the vibrator in the other.

"You like this, huh baby?"

I moaned in the affirmative.

"Mmm, yeah, me too. I l-love sucking your cock, and I love--UNH!--jerking you off while I fuck myself. Mmm, and you know what else I loved?"

I was beyond speech at this point.

"I loved how turned on your were watching me get that lap dance. Mmm, it was so hot, wasn't it? I know you loved watching that slut grind herself against me. Mmm... rubbing her tits in my face, grinding her ass into my lap... fuck, she got me so hot."

I groaned.

"Mmm, you like that, huh? I bet you're thinking about it right now, aren't you? Thinking about her rubbing all over me? Or are you thinking about what it might be like if we did more? If we kissed each other? If we to--oh, oh god!"

At that moment, we both went over the edge, her closing her eyes tight and convulsing as a powerful orgasm rocked her, me erupting and sending a fountain of come all over her face, hair, and chest.

Gradually, she climbed up next to me on the bed and whispered "that was amazing." I nodded. As we both drifted off to sleep, I couldn't help but think about what she had said, and how her dirty talk about being with another woman had seemingly sent her over the edge, just as it had me. I wondered if... nah. Still, it couldn't hurt to bring it up in the morning, right?


It had all been arranged by phone. We had been told that she'd be there within the hour, and we sat, silently, both of us at once excited and terrified, dividing our attention evenly between our imagined versions of what was in store for us and the incredible feeling of uneasy anxiousness growing in each of our stomachs.

After what may well have been the longest forty minutes of our lives, there came a knock at the door. Slowly, I got up and walked over to answer it. Without a word, Sasha, as I'd been told she was called, walked into our room. She was gorgeous. I'd put her at about five foot eight, with long, shapely legs, a tight, perfect ass, and tits that were just slightly on the small side, perky and fun. Her jet black hair and dark eyes made a compelling contrast to her slightly pale skin.

She looked me up and down silently for a moment, then shifted her gaze to my wife. The two women sized each other up, and it was immediately clear that both of them liked what they saw. Sasha walked over to Liz and gently slid her fingers around her sides, pulling her close. Then, as I stood transfixed and unbelieving of my own eyes, they began to kiss, gently and first, but soon enough more passionately. Sasha took the lead, gently licking at Liz's lips until they parted. Their tongues intertwined, exploring each others' mouths, and their hands started to roam. Sasha moved one hand down to my wife's ass and squeezed it, using the other to take hold of Liz's hand and move it to her hip. My wife grew bolder after this, squeezing Sasha's hip before sliding her hand up her side and cupping her breast.

Sasha moaned into my wife's mouth, and with one deft motion, began to kiss and suck on her neck and earlobe. Liz moaned her approval, and Sasha, with surprising abruptness, took the opportunity to push her free hand up my wife's skirt and began rubbing her pussy.

Liz moaned and her hips started bucking involuntarily, and I knew she was very, very excited. For that matter, so was I; even though our deal stipulated that I'd only be masturbating at first, to give Liz a chance to enjoy a woman by herself, I could barely stand the wait. Luckily, Sasha broke her kiss with Liz and brought her fingers up to her mouth. With a sly look in my direction, she slipped them into her mouth, closing her eyes to enjoy the flavor of my wife's juices. Then, taking my wife by the hand and gesturing for me to follow, she led me into the bedroom, where she and Liz laid down on the bed and I sat in the chair opposite them.

Sasha resumed her kissing, this time sliding a hand under Liz's top to squeeze her tits. My wife was moaning and gyrating now. Suddenly, Sasha stopped and stood up. She and Liz stared intently at each other as she stripped off her clothes, slowly and seductively. Her ass was even more gorgeous than it had been under her miniskirt, her perky tits were amazing, with medium-sized, pointy nipples on the ends, and her pussy was as beautiful as she was, tight, neat, and completely shaved. At this sight, I couldn't stand it anymore; I kicked off my pants and started stroking my cock, slowly at first, because I didn't want to come too quickly.

Sasha knelt on the bed, took hold of Liz's skirt and slid it off her, while Liz took the hint and removed her top. Sasha moved up the bed to lay beside my wife, kissing her on the mouth as she slid a hand down to her pussy. "ooooh, fuck!" my wife moaned as Sasha started to rub her clit again. "Oh fuck that feels good.... god, it feels so... s-so... oh, oooooooooooh, ohmygod, I'm coming. I'm COMING! FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

As Liz lay there, panting as she recovered from her orgasm, Sasha stood up and walked over to me. She wrapped her hand around my dick and pumped it gently as she whispered in my ear. "You like this?" I nodded. "You like watching me get your wife off, huh? She's really hot. I love her pussy... I want you to fuck us both later, but for now, I want you to keep watching while I fuck your wife. Would you like that?" I nodded again. "Good boy," she said, then gave my cock a squeeze and moved back over to the bed. She lay down on top of Liz, pressing their breasts together and grinding their clits against one another. Sasha and my wife moaned their ecstasy at the same time.

"Mmm," Sasha moaned. "You like this?"

"Y-Yes," my wife managed.

"Your husband likes it too. He likes watching us together. He's really getting off on it." She began to thrust her hips, driving her clit harder against my wife's and eliciting louder and louder moans. "He has a really nice cock. I really want to fuck him, Liz... is that ok? Can I fuck your husband while you watch? I promise to make it worth your while..."

"Mm hmm," my wife moaned.

"Mmm, that's what I like to hear. I want him to fuck both of us, Liz. God, it's going to feel so good, to have him pound both of our pussies. But not yet. First I want him to get himself off watching us. He's over there right now, jerking off. Look at him, Liz."

My wife looked over and made eye contact with me. She looked so sexy, completely consumed by lust. She moaned again.

"He looks so hot, doesn't he, Liz? I love the way he jerks off. So I want to give him a good show, a really good show, so he can cover us both in his come. Would you like that, Liz?"

Liz was beyond response. Her face was red, her breathing was ragged, and I could tell that it wouldn't take much to send her over the edge again. So could Sasha evidently. She slid a hand between them and flicked my wife's clit a few times, causing her to jerk and spasm as she came wildly. Before Liz had even finished coming, Sasha had her head between my wife's legs, eating her pussy with abandon. My wife moaned and yelped as though possessed, her continuous orgasm having taken away her words. Sasha was on her knees and elbows, with one hand fingering her shaved pussy. My cock spasmed. God it looked so fucking hot. It was all so hot that I didn't even know what to look at: my wife's face and upper body, crying out and mauling her tits as she came; her hot, wet cunt, thrusting off the bed to meet Sasha's lusty licking; or Sasha's amazing shave pussy, with two fingers plunging in and out of it as she expertly used her thumb to rub her clit, determined to come herself.

She sensed this too, and gestured for me to come over to the bed, but to not touch her just yet. I did as she asked, kneeling on the edge of the bed as I jerked myself ever closer to my impending orgasm. Not long after, Sasha's body tensed up, and she held two fingers deep inside of herself as she came. I could actually see her pussy contracting around them, and I announced that I was close to coming myself.

Sasha very quickly sat up and motioned form y wife to do the same. She force my wife's hand to her pussy, then grabbed my cock and started jerking me wildly. My wife started fingering herself and Sasha at the same time, and the feeling of fingering another woman's pussy for the same time got her off again. Sasha was either coming again or still coming from before, but either way it was clear that she was lost in my hot wife's fingering. I looked them both over and took in the scene. Both women were completely flush, panting and moaning as they continued to come and come and come. I felt my own come rising up from my balls into my cock, and Sasha felt my dick swell in my hand. Her eyes shot open as if she'd just remembered where she was, and she began coaxing me on.

"Come on, come for me baby. Cover us both in that hot come!"

I immediately did. As the first rope of thick, hot come shot out of my hard dick, Sasha aimed it at her tits, and it made a streak across them. She directed the second blast to my wife's stomach, then down to her pussy.

"Mmm... wow, you've got a lot of nice hot come for me, don't you? Mmm, give me more of it baby, I love it so much... oooh fuck I want to taste it!"

She quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and I filled her mouth with my seed. She swallowed, quickly, then pulled my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her lips as the last few spurts of come dribbled out and coated her lips and chin.

"Wow," she said," still stroking my cock slowly. "You made a mess!"

I chuckled awkwardly. She turned to my wife.

"What do you say we clean this up?"

"Mmm, ok..." said Liz, intuiting what she meant. The two women leaned in close to each other, and my wife began licking my come off of Sasha's face. their tongues intertwined again, passing my come back and forth until they had swallowed it all. Then they began to lick and suck on each others' tits, sucking my come off of them as though neither could get enough. They began to moan and finger each other as they did this, and when they had finally cleaned up, Sasha ate the come out of my wife's cunt, licking her to another gentle orgasm as she did so.

"Fuck, that got me so hot," moaned Sasha. "Liz, have you really not been with a woman before?"

"Never," my wife replied.

"Well you're fucking amazing," said Sasha. You get me off so good, and I just can't get enough! Baby, I need to come again, can you... do you think you can..."

"Sure," said my wife, with a sly grin. Sasha laid on her back, and my wife took the position that Sasha had been in earlier; on her knees, with her face buried in Sasha's pussy.

"Oooh, fuck baby!" Sasha cried out. "That... that's so fucking good. Oooooh shit, you're, oh fuck eat my pussy... that's it.... oooh yeah just like that baby. Fuck you feel so good..."

I was hard by now (how could I not be?) and had started to stroke my cock, but Sasha had a better idea.

"Y-y-you... n-no---I... f-f-f-f-fuck her... p-please fu-fuck her while she e-eats me..."

I got behind my wife, and before she realized what was going on, slid my dick into her steaming hot pussy in one smooth motion. She moaned into Sasha's pussy. Immediately I began fucking her, fast and hard. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back into me as my hard cock crashed into her pussy again and again.

I knew from experience that this was driving her wild, but she was too diligent a cunt-licker to take her mouth off of Sasha's hot, bald pussy long enough to tell me so. Sasha had to do the talking for her.

"Yeah, that's it... fucking fuck her! Fuck that cunt! You like fucking your slut wife while she eats out this hot pussy, don't you? Yeah, I know you do, you dirty motherfucker. Fuck, this feels so fucking good, baby. I love it. Your wife is an amazing pussy-eater. She's--Ooh fuck I'm so close--she's going to make me come again. Oooh I'm gonna come so hard, baby. I'm gonna come so hard on your wife's slutty mouth. Fuck, don't stop fucking her. Fuck her hard, harder, god, I'm fucking c-cooooomiiiiiinnnnnnnggg!"

She grabbed my wife by the hair and forced her mouth even more firmly onto her pussy as she came. Her hips shot off the bed and stayed there, and between the intense orgasm she'd just given Sasha and the pounding I was giving her with my cock, I felt my wife's pussy squeeze me tightly as she came as well.

Remarkably, I did not. Sasha and Liz both noticed this as soon as they came down a little bit, and Sasha pushed me down onto my back. Liz straddled my face and began to moan as I started to tongue her dripping wet hole. Then I felt the most amazing feeling on my cock... it was warm and wet, and I could feel a tiny opening gradually stretching to give way to the head of my dick. Sasha was lowering her hot pussy onto me, and it felt amazing. It was so different from Liz's pussy... not better, just different. It was very tight, and it had different contours from my wife's, and it squeezed me in different ways. It was fantastic. I moaned into Liz's pussy.

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