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First Time Nasty


I like to write about tough, wild sex, however, my last two submissions; "First Time Gay" and "First Time in Drag", were a little softer. Responses to those two stories were wonderful, my highest voting averages yet – thank you again. Its time to get back to 'basics' though.


I am a nasty fuck-whore; I love to suck cock, lick ass, get used, and eat cum. I obsess about nasty sex; I'm addicted to it and pursue it every day. I wasn't always like this though; I used to be just a normal guy ... until I met Ron.

I'd met Ron one evening at 'straight' bar in a trendy part of town. The bar was considered by most to be a 'straight' bar, but there were always several gay and 'bi' men present. I was probably one of those 'bi' men. Most of the sex in my life had been with women; I'd had sex with men before, but it was limited to a little sucking and some kissing, I'd certainly never been fucked.

It was a weeknight, but the bar was still very full. Contemporary 'lounge' music was playing at a level that allowed conversation. I recognized songs from the 'Hotel Costes', 'Buddha Bar' and 'Mezzanine de l'Alcazar' series. I was alone and not really 'cruising', just having a drink or two. I noticed a tall, very good-looking guy giving me a very direct look. I returned his look and gave him a smirk. He wasn't far from where I sat, so I approached him.

"Hi," I said, "I'm Jonathan".

"Hi ... Ron," he answered, his voice deep and modulated.

He wasn't as tall as I thought, but was still 6'1" or so. He had the look of an athlete, not much body-fat there. We seemed to be about the same age, early thirties. "Nice place here, good music too" he said.

"Yes I agree; I'm kind of a music fanatic and I've got many of these tunes at home. It's one of the reasons I come here," I went on.

We spent the next hour or so discussing music, especially the genre that was currently playing. We both really got into our dialogue. As our conversation warmed, I asked, "I know we don't know each ... yet, but would you like to come to my place and hear some more music; I've got some that's really unique, things I'm sure you've never heard of."

He thought for a moment then answered, "Sounds good, got a car?"

"Yeah, want to follow me?"

"OK, I'll be in the back of the bar, gray Lexus."

"Look for a black S-Series," I said.

We met in the lot and he followed me to my home. On the way there my thoughts weren't about music, they were about Ron. I was really attracted to this guy. He was just very comfortable to be around and he had this inner sensuality about him.

I parked my car, then indicated where he should park and waited for him. We entered my home together and I asked him if he'd like a drink. He requested 'Stoli' rocks; I matched his choice.

The conversation returned to music, the discussion getting deeper. I was playing some tunes by some 'non-mainstream' groups; mostly tunes found in musical compilations. He was showing genuine interest; I said, "I've also got some things that are more sensual, want to try?"

He laughed, "Yes, I think you've already got me hooked on this stuff, I can see my credit card balance already growing."

"Well I could probably just 'burn' a lot for you," and then surprised myself by adding, "There'll be a price though."

"Oh really, are you flirting with me?" he asked.

"Yes, I guess I am. Look, I'm not sure what your 'orientation' might be, hell, I'm not sure what 'my orientation' might be," I stated.

"Well, I'm shall we say 'open'; a person's gender isn't really important to me, just their willingness to let themselves go. I like sex, a lot of it," he finished.

"You sound a lot like me, though I don't really have much man-on-man experience."

"Come here," he said. I went to him and sat at his side. He continued, "Look, if we're going to do this, I've got to tell you something; I get very, very nasty."

Those simple words sent my pulse soaring. I shakily said, "OK, I think I'd like to try that." I went on, "I'd like to play some music that'll fit the mood. It is the most amazing music, really sensual, deep, it's by a group called 'Massive Attack', you've probably heard some of it but didn't know it, they use it all the time in high-tension scenes in the movies; I've got several CDs I can loop.

He said, "OK, you're in charge of the music, I'm in charge of the rest."

I put on the music and dimmed the lights. I lit a joint that we passed back and forth. We sipped our vodkas, enjoying the atmosphere and anticipation of things to come. That music always surprised me with its ability to elevate arousal; of course the weed and vodka might have helped too.

Ron had his eyes closed; his head back. He brought his left hand to my thigh and lightly stroked me there. My cock began to grow. Ron moved closer to me and moved his left arm around my shoulder. "Close your eyes," he said. He turned to me and moved his right hand to my jean-covered cock and balls and lightly squeezed. My hands were at my sides, my breathing heavy. I felt him use one hand to unbuckle my pants, reaching in to pull out my cock. He slid his hand to the base of my cock and gripped me tightly. He brought his face to mine and kissed me. He began to stroke my cock, with a smooth light touch. I could feel his thumb at the tip of my cock, smearing my pre-cum over the head. He moved his hand to my balls and drug his fingernails along my skin. I was wild with longing.

In a deep lust-filled voice he said, "Get naked."

I quickly took off my clothes, standing naked before him. "Touch yourself," he said.

I stroked myself as Ron removed his clothes. Once naked, he pushed me to the floor. He said, "Open your mouth and lick my balls, not too hard though." He squatted over my face, and lowered his ball-sack to my open mouth. I gently sucked and lapped at his huge shaven balls. He said, "Now my ass." With that he pulled his ass cheeks apart and lowered his hole to my mouth. This was new for me, but it excited me greatly. I licked and sucked his musky hole. As he got excited, he pushed himself further onto my face, my tongue probing his bowels. I was stroking myself as I cleaned him.

Ron got off me and knelt down to kiss me, the flavor of his ass on our tongues. He was really nasty. He pushed the coffee table to one side, giving us plenty of room on the carpeted floor. We stopped for a moment to catch our breath; then each took a slug of the cold vodka. I relit the joint, inhaling deeply. I passed the joint to Ron; he took several tokes, the smoke rolling up his face as he slowly exhaled.

He set his drink down and placed the joint in an ashtray. He sat on the floor, his chest propped up by his elbows, his knees bent. He said, "Suck me for awhile."

I lie on my stomach between his knees and took his cock into my mouth. I knew he was watching my every move, so I tried to do a good job. He said, "No, no, keep your mouth wet, never swallow your spit while sucking cock. Its hot to see the spit hang off your chin."

I heeded his direction and continued sucking him, keeping my mouth 'wet'. He bent forward and pulled the back of my head forward. He was soon so far down my throat that I began to gag. He didn't seem to care and just held me there. I had to finally pull away before I choked. He stood up and returned his cock to my mouth. I was on my knees, hands hanging loosely at my sides. Ron began to face-fuck me going deep and holding me in place. He said, "Tonight you'll eat every drop of cum that's spilled; both mine and yours too."

His words got me crazy and I reached up to play with his ass and balls as he continued raping my mouth. He was really getting into it now, fucking my face-hole with hard short strokes. I could feel the wetness of my mouth, my salivary glands at full production.

Ron pulled away and said, "Enough for now, I don't want to cum yet. Oh yeah, I haven't cum in ten days, so your timing is perfect, tonight you're going to eat a big, big load." He continued, "I'm going to fuck that ass tonight too, you cool with that?"

"Yeah, you got me really hot, I'll do anything you want, anything." I meant it.

"Man, you just 'opened the door', be ready."

I got up and added some ice and vodka to our drinks. We smoked a bit more weed as we sipped our drinks. He said, "I can really get nasty, you seem like you might like that too."

"Yeah, I'm a little surprised at it, but I like this freaky shit," I answered.

"Let's take a shower first, I want to try something," he said.

I adjusted the water and then we entered my large shower. We soaped each other up when he pressed me to the cold tile wall. He pressed himself against me, kissing me deeply. He broke free and said, "I think I might just keep you around, you learn fast."

He went on, "Rinse off, I want to try this." I rinsed the soap from my body as he did the same. He said, "I've got to piss, cup your hands." I cupped my hands and held them in front of his cock. He began to empty his bladder into my 'cup'. The hot water was pouring over our shoulders, so his urine began to get diluted. He said, "Drink."

I brought the diluted mixture to my mouth and sucked it into my mouth. The taste was much, much better than I'd imagined, salty and bright. He was jacking himself as he watched, "Man that is too hot," he said and bent to kiss me.

We got out of the shower, but stayed naked. He went to my bed and sat with his back to the headboard. He said, "Suck my toes." I went to the bottom of the bed and brought one foot to my mouth. My eyes never left his as I sucked one toe then another. His eyes got large as I cleaned his feet, my actions exciting him. He began to stroke himself as he watched me. I switched feet, cleaning and sucking the other.

"Time for some ass play, get on your stomach," he said. He pushed my legs apart and began to lick my ass. I spread my legs apart as far as I could, wanting him to probe further. He said, "Got any lube?"

I reached into the nightstand and handed him a bottle of 'Super-Glide'. He applied some to his fingers and began to ease them into my virgin hole. He entered me with one finger, then two, then three, then four. He fucked me like that with his wedge-shaped hand. I could feel my asshole widen and relax. I was on my knees then, arching my back, pressing my chest to the bed. Ron was behind me steadily hand-fucking me with one hand, jacking my cock with the other. He said, "Come if you want, but you'll have to lick it up."

That was all I needed. I shot wad after wad of hot cum onto the sheets, my asshole contracting around his fingers. I fell away from him taking in deep breaths; the room was spinning. He let me rest for a moment then said, "Time to clean up, lick up that cum on the bed."

I wasn't sure if I could do that, but I wanted the night to continue, so I did as he asked. I got to my hands and knees and began to lick up my own cum. It was beginning to cool, so I ate it quickly. He handed me my drink and I took a large swallow, trying to rinse out my mouth. "We're not done yet," he laughed.

"Get me hard again," he said as he stroked himself. I went to his cock and sucked it remembering not to swallow my spit. Soon he was fully erect. "Turn around, on your back" he finished.

I got to my back and pulled up my knees. My hole was fully relaxed from his earlier attack, lube still present. He got to his knees, guiding his cock and plunged into me. It was the first time I'd been fucked. He grabbed my ankles and began to ride me. He was soon pounding into me; sweat from his face and hair dripping onto my chest.

Suddenly he pulled out and moved to my face. He held the back of my head with one hand and furiously jacked himself with the other. He bent forward and shot a massive load onto my face. Jet after jet of very hot cum landed on my face. I'm sure I looked like one of those Japanese girls in the 'bukake' flicks.

He literally covered my face in hot cum. He was shaking with release. That didn't stop him from bending down and licking his up his cum. I could feel his tongue on my face, getting all of it. He pulled my jaw open with both hands, and then opened his mouth, letting the huge cum/spit mixture drop into my awaiting hole. He said, "Swallow it all and then show me."

I took a big swallow, feeling the cum slide down my throat. I snapped my mouth open; showing him that it was now empty.

He said, "You are soooooo nasty."

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