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First Time Rough


These stories have been fun to write. Please let me know what you think.


It was a weeknight and I was having a Grey Goose martini at my favorite gay bar. I sat at a corner table, slowly sipping my drink when he walked in.

He entered the room and stood for a moment, looking the room over. Everything about the man was masculine. He was strikingly handsome in a brutish sort of way.

He was dressed differently than most of us wearing faded jeans, flannel shirt, obviously used work boots and a bruised leather coat. He looked like 'the real deal', not like those phony 'leather queens'. Every eye in the room was on him as he strode to the bar. Of course he ordered beer. He propped himself up on his elbows and began to survey the room. His gaze passed over me, causing me a moment of distress, when his gaze slowly returned. He pushed himself away from the bar and strode to my corner table. The room was filled with envy.

He set the beer down and said, "Care if I join you?"

"Not at all, please sit down."

His masculinity was even stronger up close; this was in direct contrast to my lack of masculinity. When people met me, they automatically assumed I was gay; they were right.

"You can't be from around here," I said.

"Nope, Montana," he answered. His voice had a deep, rich timber to it. It actually rumbled when he spoke those two words.

"You do know you're in a gay bar."

"Yep, lookin' to get laid tonight. You'll do," he said. The arrogance of this man! He continued, "I like to get rough too."

This was too much for me, I answered, "Look 'Montana', you're in a gay bar, in a gay neighborhood; 'rough sex' is already a part of the scene here, so don't think you're so special. How rough can you really be?"

He grinned, and then suddenly spat right into my face. He reached out with one paw and grabbed me by the neck, pulling my face to his. He crushed his lips to mine, kissing me deeply. He leaned forward and whispered into my ear, "Pretty rough 'pussy boy'."

I gasped.

He stood up and downed his beer. He reached into his pants and withdrew a crumpled twenty that he threw on the table. "Wipe your face, then pay the tabs. Meet me out back, I'm gonna' go have a smoke."

I stammered, "You can't smoke in here, or even outside, it's against the law."

He pulled out a pack of Camels and a stainless Zippo; snapped the lighter open, lit the smoke and inhaled deeply. He blew out a plume of blue smoke and said, "Stupid law," and walked out.

I honestly didn't know what to do, well, the first thing I did was wipe my face. All of the patrons were staring at me; I thought 'fuck it' and got up and paid the bills.

I left through the back door; he was there, finishing his cigarette. "Knew you'd come. Where's your car?" he asked.

I pointed to the lone BMW in the corner of the lot. He grabbed me by the wrist and said, "Let's get to your place."

We entered my car and I drove to my home. Who was this guy? I was very excited, but a little scared. Would he rape me? Was he here to hurt me?

It was about a fifteen-minute drive to my private house, silence prevailed in the car. I opened the front door and let him in.

"I need a shower; been buying machinery all day to ship back home," he said. This was his longest sentence so far.

I got him a towel and showed him the way. He undressed then grabbed me by the back of the neck and said, "Get in with me."

I quickly undressed and joined him. "Wash me," he commanded. I got a washcloth and soaped him down, cleaning him from top to bottom. The man was an animal; much of his body was covered with straight, dark hair; very sexy. He had those muscles that were acquired from hard work, not the gym. His thighs were huge, with 'glutes' to match. He had a huge barrel chest, his arms powerful looking.

We left the shower, and then dried himself. "Come on," he said and dragged me to my bedroom. He put one big arm around me and kissed me deeply. He broke the kiss and said, "Look, you've got an 'out'. I like to get rough, but if I get too rough, you can tell me and I'll stop. But, if you tell me to stop, I'm out the door. Up to you how far we go."

He picked me up and tossed me to the bed. "Get over here and suck my cock."

I wormed my way over and gave him some head. If its one thing I know how to do, its suck cock. I licked and sucked, stopping to lap his balls.

He grabbed my hair and said, "Not too bad, 'pussy boy'. He laced his fingers through my hair and began to fuck my face, his cock going deep into my throat. He pulled out and slapped me hard, once, twice. He encircled my throat with his great paws, half choking me. He raped my mouth, my throat gagging when he went too deep. I pushed him away and bent down to hack up some bile. He didn't seem to care and pulled my face back to his cock; again slamming into my throat.

"Time for some ass, get some lube," he demanded.

I found some and handed the tube to him. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled me a crossed his lap. He opened the tube and squirted a dollop between my cheeks. He massaged the lube into my hole then began to ram first one then two of his huge fingers up my hole. It hurt at first, then my hole began to relax. He grabbed my hair at its base with one hand, and used the other to fuck me.

He pulled his fingers from my hole and then hit me hard; his cement hand hitting both ass cheeks at once. He slapped my ass hard, using multiple blows. My ass was on fire.

"Get back on the bed, on your stomach and 'spread em'."

I did as was told. He got behind me and lined up his monster cock. With one lunge he entered me, pushing his entire length into my hole. I cried out causing him to bark out a short laugh.

He put his hands at my sides and slammed into me; almost raping me. He wrapped one of his huge forearms around my throat and continued his pounding. I was trapped, a little scared, but loving it. No man had ever treated me like this before. I felt some inner need to let him continue, to please him.

He roughly pulled out, my hole collapsing. He said, "Go to the door and put your hands against the jamb."

I did as he directed, sliding down, arching my back. He got behind me and again entered my ass. He really pounded me, grabbing my hips for more leverage. I couldn't believe I was doing this with this wild crazy stranger. He shoved his full length into me and pulled me vertical. He wrapped one arm around my neck then reached the other arm around and grabbed my stiff cock. He roughly stroked me and said, "Old trick I learned at 'the farm', like it?"

"Yes," I choked.

He pulled out and spun me around. "Get on your knees and clean the 'ass' off of me."

I pulled his hard cock to my mouth and licked it clean. "Good boy," he said and actually patted my head.

He sat in one of my chairs and said, "Get your ass over here, and get on me."

It was hard to do, but I got on top of him and lowered my body onto his cock. When he was deep inside of me, he pushed down on my shoulders, locking me in place. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him, roughly kissing me. I held his face in my hands and kissed him back.

This guy was amazing! What a beast.

I began to squirm on his lap, his cock in my hole, fucking him slowly.

His mouth was in a frown; almost angry when suddenly he grunted and pushed against me. I could feel his hot cum fill my hole. He put his arms around me and hugged me for a moment; our kiss growing deeper. Realizing his momentary weakness, he shoved me onto the floor and said, "Good job, 'pussy boy'."

We returned to the shower where I again washed him. We got dressed and got into my car where he directed me to his hotel. Once there he got out and looked back into the car and simply said, "Thanks."

I answered, 'I've got some vacation time coming up and would love to come visit you in Montana."

His roared with laughter as he walked to the hotel.

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by Anonymous03/16/17

Love it!

Submissive fantasies are highly erotic. I was spanked when I misbehaved as a boy. I would enjoy feeling the firm smack of a hard hand on my bare ass some day. And play with my sensitive nipples!! Thenmore...

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