tagIncest/TabooFirst Time Sex with Sister

First Time Sex with Sister


My sister and I were never close to each other. We always used to fight with each other when we were children. Even now fully grown up we still fight over small issues. Even though we fight we care for each other in time of needs. My sister is 19 at present and I am four year elder to her so I am 23. We both study outside of our home town so we rarely meet with each other only during vacation of our respective colleges.

This all started when we were home during our vacation. My house is pretty big for 4 people to stay. It so happened that my parents needed to go for a marriage to other city. They both needed to attend as it was my grandmother's relative and they insisted our whole family to attend. We both declined to attend as we were not in a mood to attend any function and rather decided to stay at home to relax from the recent exams.

My parents leaved in the evening and were going to return after 2 days. I was watching TV when my sister came into living room asking me what we were planning for dinner. I said I would be comfortable with anything so she decided on pizzas. So I went to the pizza outlet to get the pizzas. When I returned my sister was waiting in the living room watching TV. She then set the dishes, poured some soft drink in glasses and we ate our pizzas. After finishing the dinner she went to the bathroom to freshen up as it was very hot climate that day. I sat on the sofa and again started watching a match in the TV.

My sister returned with her clothes changed. My god for the first time in my life I was seeing my sister in other way I should not have. She was looking sexy as hell in the outfit she was wearing. She wore a tight short of pink color with matching pink top. The top was loose fitting with a V cut near the neck. This allowed me to see her cleavage when she bent to sit beside me in the sofa. Her short gave her ass an incredible shape. Now I always have been an ass man and I never have seen my sister's ass that way before. The ass was full round and healthy. You can imagine Kelly brook figure if you want to imagine how my sister had the figure. She had big breast on her rather small chest probably I guess 32D. Then she had a curvy waist with fat on both side of her hips in equal proportion. Then her ass was huge. It was like an inverted apple body type.

I tried to not look at my sister that way. So I shifted my whole concentration on the match. She saw the match for some minutes then asked me to change the channel so that she can see her daily soap which was her favorite. Now I too like watching television series but the one she insisted was a high on drama and romance which I don't like at all. So I said no to her. She pleaded to me but it made no difference in me. So this made her furious and with a swift move she jumped on me to take the TV remote from my hand. I, who was in total consciousness of what she was up to, hide the remote behind me in the sofa. To this she rushed at me and threw her body on me. For the first time I came in contact with her breast when she was upon me. I was in a state where I was enjoying myself feeling her breast on my chest. She was like grinding herself on me to reach up to the remote in my back. I did no move to shift or defend the remote. Finally she got her hands on the remote and got up from my lap cherishing her victory over me.

She said, "See my dear brother I defeated you. Now the remote is in my hand and I am going to watch my favorite program..."

She giggled and then suddenly her gaze shifted to my crotch and she got embarrassed and without saying a word sat there quietly. I looked down to see and was shocked to see a bulge in my pant down there. During the process of her on me grinding herself I got a hard on without my knowledge. I too was quite embarrassed with this.

I looked at her and said, "Look sis it not your fault. I am really sorry for this. I know it's really embarrassing but it's a natural phenomenon and even I can't help it sorry."

She replied, "It's ok bro, I can understand."

I then sat there my legs crossed and shifted my whole attention towards TV. She too was involved in the show watching that I thought she must have taken this lightly and would have forget this. But to my attention I noticed one thing. Every now and then my sister checked my crotch from the corner of her eyes. I thought it was my imagination so I too tried to catch her red handedly. So determined I watched her every move with cross view.

And there she was. Thinking I am lost in the show she entirely shifted her gaze on my crotch and at that very moment I too looked at her catching her seeing my crotch. She got red with blush because of she being caught and shifted her view to the TV. I was tired of all this so I decided to clear ourselves of all this as now we both were adults to handle this topic.

I asked, "Sister is there any problem?"

She replied, "NO."

Then she said, "Actually brother it's just that I saw a men's hard on for the first time in my life so it got my attention of what does it look like so I was just checking it in!"

I said, "Why for the first time? Don't you have any boyfriend in the college?"

She replied, "NO. I am single brother. I never had any boyfriend up till now. And what about you big brother? Don't you have any girlfriend?"

I replied laughing, "I am too single up till now sis. That is why I got a hard on by you on top of me, your breast touching my chest..."

Holy shit. I didn't understand that I actually said that. My sister blushed and looked down embarrassed.

"Sorry." Was all she said.

"Look not you but I am sorry to say things like this in front of you sis. Am really sorry." I said.

"It's ok big brother. But can I ask you something?" she said.

"Of course sis ask whatever you want."

"Actually ummm, can I, can I, can I see your hard on naked?"


"Don't be angry brother. I know it's wrong but I am really excited and want to see a real penis!"

"DO you know what are you saying? Are you mad? I can't imagine you saying like this!!"

"Now brother it is just like this that I have started watching porn movies from few months before and I know you watch a lot of porn movies as boys love to watch them. Now I really get excited on seeing a stud's penis in the movie. It's actually my hormones you know and it's pretty natural."

"But why me? You can have a boyfriend and can see his. I am your brother don't you remember this."

"Oh come on cut this bull shit bro. I know you lust after me. I have checked our laptops browsing history and you are very much into incest especially about little sisters. I know this but even though I knew this from long time I have kept this a secret as I too got excited after seeing or reading all those material you check on the internet."

What the hell! My sister knew everything about me. I didn't expect that I have to face this reality today that too in front of my own sister.

"Ok sweetie am sorry for all this." Was all I could say.

Hearing this, my sister came and sat beside me. Then looking in my eyes she said, "Look bro. Do you love me?"


"Then what's the problem?"

"I don't feel it right that's all."

"What's wrong in this? We both are adults. I love you, you love me. I lust for you and I know you too lust for me. Yes bro I do. I do lust for you since I entered puberty. When I started to masturbate, you were the one whom I fantasized first. I loved you since the first time I came to sense and understand what love is. I know we both fight a lot with each other but deep down in your heart I know you love me a lot and care for me the most. I know that it is only you who would protect me and understand me completely and would never harm me or break my heart..."

Tears were rolling from her eyes when she said all this to me. Even I could not hold back my tears. I hugged her tightly and started to cry. We both hugged each other tightly and were crying like we were two lovers meeting each other after long separation.

"I love you too sis. I too loved when since I was a child. You always were my darling sister whom I always loved the most. I used to fight with you due to the feeling of not able to claim you as mine for the lifetime. I always thought that you didn't love me and would leave me for a better person, even though it's your birth right and you are to do that. But that feeling of losing you and my failure of having you for myself left me with anger and that use to come out on you when we fought."

"Same pinch bro. I too feel the same. This was also the only reason why I use to fight with you over small issues..."

We then left our hugs and looked in each other's eyes. We both smiled and came forward for our first kiss. We both closed our eyes and got lost in the feeling of love for each other through the kiss. First it was a gentle kiss our mouth on each other. Then we kissed deeply with full passion. Our tongues met each other and we played with them in each other's mouth. We kissed for around half an hour completely lost in the senses of love and kiss.

We finally broke our kiss. Then she stood up and asked me to follow her. I followed her. She took me to her room, then to her bathroom. Now my sister owned a very large bathroom almost the size of a normal room with a bath tub in the deep left corner. She then asked me to close the door. After closing the door when I turned around she jumped on me. I could not carry her weight so I sat down on the floor. We again started kissing. Then with a swift motion my sister removed my T-shirt from my body. She inclined to kiss my chest and ultimately my nipples. Oh god that felt so good. She then removed her top and then her bra. She wore a silky loose cup pink bra. I looked at those boobs. Boy they were the prettiest thing I have ever seen in my life. I asked her what the size was. She said 34C. I told her that I guessed 32D. She laughed and said I was pretty close.

She then pulled my head towards her breast and rest my head on her right boob. I sucked the nipples first. It was dark brown in color. The areola was small and also dark brown in color. I sucked and licked every part of her breast. Both breast eventually. Then I also bite the breast making her moan in pleasure. She was lost in the enjoyment she was getting from my work on her breast.

I then told her to get up. She was furious with this as I had denied her from the pleasure she was getting. I unbuttoned am jeans and with one motion removed both my jeans as well as underwear from my body. My penis sprung out and was rock hard. My sister could not believe at this site. She got really excited. She quickly held my penis in her hand and started to stroke it as if worshipping it. I pulled her head and took my penis and put it on her lips. Sensing what I was demanding she opened her mouth and took my penis in her mouth.

She slowly started to lick my penis from top to bottom including my balls. She then started sucking my penis like she sucked any lollypop. I was in heaven by the feeling I was getting by her sucking my penis. When I was on the verge of Cuming I stopped her. She declined and instead sensing my reason to stop stated to suck furiously at my penis. I could not hold any longer and came like I had never in my life. I made her mouth full of my cum which she happily swallowed. Licking and cleaning my cum she stood up and looking in my eyes kissed me. For the first time in my life I tasted my own cum. It was salty and sweaty actually but the taste of her saliva made it good.

"Why did you do that? I didn't want to cum so early. I wanted to have sex with you..."

"Who says we are not having sex tonight brother? We definitely are. Remember we have 2 full days for ourselves. And I know how to make you hard again..."

With this she turned around. Bending over, she thrusted her short clad ass back at my penis. Then she moved her ass up and down on my penis. Repeating this for few more times she straightened up again. With one swift she removed her shorts. She was wearing a silky pink pantie. Again she returned to the same process she did early. This time the silky material felt awesome on my penis. I was already starting to get hard again. She again did this this for some time then got straight and now removed her pantie. Oh my goodness. I thought I am going to die due to over excitement on seeing her ass. Nothing in this world can match the sight of her beautiful ass. Her cheeks were full, slight fatty, round and gave her body a curve worth dying for.

I immediately fell on my knees and started kissing and licking her healthy ass. I thought that if only I could eat this ass then I would definitely eat it raw as it is. Thinking this I started biting her ass. She was moaning heavily. I spread her ass cheeks and started licking her ass hole. I then put my tongue inside her ass hole. She was now moaning loudly.

I then turned her around to see her front. Her pubic region had light hair as she must have trimmed few days before only. I spread her legs and saw a real vagina for the first time in my life. The lips were fuller and dark brown in color. Her clitoris was standing out like a little penis. She was heavily excited which made her wet and her juices were flowing through her legs. I licked her juices from her inner thighs first slowly moving towards the vagina. I then first sucked her outer lips then inner lips then clitoris. She was shaking from the immense pleasure I was giving her. More juice started flowing from her vagina.

She must have cum because when I put my tongue inside of her vagina it was like her vagina was sucking my tongue. She remained motionless and speechless during this. So I stopped and laid her on the floor. I too was exhausted by all this sucking and licking so I sat on the floor with my back supported by the wall.

"Oh brother this is the best orgasm I ever had in my entire life." She said finally.

She then smiled and stood up. She came near me and sat on my lap. She kissed me tasting her own juice from my mouth. Then she lifted herself slightly, picked my penis up, brought her vagina on top of my penis and sat on it with one quick down fall. She cried when I entered her. I too felt some kind of resistance when I entered her. She was crying and sat there as it is. I felt something flowing down from her vagina on my legs. When I looked down I saw blood drops falling on my lap from my vagina. She hugged me tightly as I came to realization that it was her hymen which broke. That means I broke her virginity. From the level of her crying I can conclude that she must be in ultra-pain. She remained still hugging me for quite a few time.

I then felt her slowly sliding up and down on my penis. She then arched her back, holding me by my neck with both hands and started sliding with more speed on me. This continued for some time. Then I asked her to stop. Then I asked her to get on all four. As I said I am as ass man I had a fantasy of fucking a girl in doggy style. She got on all floor and looked back at me. I knelled behind her and first again licked and kissed her ass cheeks. Then with a smack I spanked her right ass cheek. She cried with pain. I didn't stop and again spank her. She started sobbing at the pain she was receiving. I spanked both her ass cheeks till it turned red. But now instead of sobbing she was moaning.

Then with a one thrust I put my penis back again in her vagina. She moaned loudly at this. I then started to stroke in and out at a fast pace. She was moaning badly and was not able to cop up with my thrusts. I increased my pace and leaned on her. With both my free hands I squeezed her breast. Then I pinched her nipples and pulled them down as if milking a cow. All this made her to come like hell. This made her vagina to convulse more and I felt like her vagina is sucking my penis like a baby sucks on her mother's nipple as if draw all my sperm from my balls. I came instantly inside her releasing as much sperm I had in my balls inside her. We both were moaning heavily and with one last slide I fell on her which made her to fall on the floor. We both were heavily exhausted. No one speak a word for almost half an hour.

"Sis you gave me the best fuck of my life."

"Bro I always prayed that it must be you who would be my first and with whom I broke my virginity. You gave me bro a pleasure I won't forget till I die..."

With that we then stood up and holding each other we went to her bedroom. We dosed off to sleep. In the morning I woke up to a wonderful sight of my sister sucking me. She said I came twice in my sleep in the night when she sucked me while I was sleeping.

We fucked each other for 2 days like a newly married couple. Her bedroom, bathroom and even living room smelled of our sex. We didn't leave a place in the house where we didn't have sex. I took Viagra to remain hard so that I could fuck my sister mad as hell. We only stopped to eat and sleep otherwise just sex, sex and sex. We tried every position possible. We even did anal. We played role play where incest was our only theme with her assuming the role of mother, daughter, niece, cousin, etc. and I respective opposite partner. When our parents returned we were hardly in the state to walk as our legs were paining from the exhaustion and our genitals paining from the constant fuck.

That was the best part of my life. If you find it interesting I am hopeful to write a sequel to it.

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