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First Time Shared


For years my hubby has been suggesting that I dress more provocatively, that I show some skin, such as showing a little leg or not wearing a bra. For years I had rebuked him and frankly thought him a perv. Until the night his friend Ted came to visit from out of town.

Prior to this evening I had always been very sexually conservative. Missionary was the only acceptable sexual position and sucking on anything other than each other's face was somehow immoral or inappropriate. Appearing in public in anything that wasn't completely zipped up, buttoned up and fastened was perhaps acting a bit too trampish for a married woman. Even thought I went through a little wild period before we were married, my wild was really quite tame in the scheme of things.

My husband had been working hard to get me to change. He bought me all kinds of sexy lingerie…that mostly stayed in the drawer, but occasionally he would convince me to wear something a bit vampish. While I enjoyed that, and these new sexy clothes made me horny to think of him, and other men, leering at me in them, I always thought that I was doing something wrong.

As time passed, however, I became more and more aware of my body, my effect on my husband and other men when I showed a little skin, and I became more and more intrigued by the thought of being shared, as my husband fantasized.

We had gotten to a point where we didn't have sex without role playing. I was always Sandy his good wife, but he was always Tom the roofer, Scott the shoe salesman, or Dick the pizza delivery boy, or something similar. It seemed with each passing "role play" I became hotter and hotter and more interested in playing out a role.

It helped that my husband was continually commenting on how hot I was/is. He would alert me to when men were staring at my ass and when he knew they wanted to fuck me. Or he would convince me to go sans bra and walk through a store and later comment how all the men noticed me, again how they wanted to bury their faces between my mature but still very pert tits. Or I would garden in short shorts and a t-shirt and he'd "keep me informed" about what he and others could see down my shirt or between my legs and how all men dreamt of having their face in a red bush, in particular my red bush, which he always would say was the prettiest pussy he had ever seen. One time he did actually get me to go shoe shopping wearing a shorter skirt and just a thong as the salesman helped my on with my shoes as he took furtive glances between my legs.

Ted was a long time friend of my husbands whom I had never met before. My hub had talked about him a lot, telling me about his sexual exploits. It was all a curiosity to me and sometimes I found myself wondering about Ted a bit but it never went much beyond that in my mind. As such, when my hub suggested I go shopping so we could all go out on the town in preparation for Ted's arrival, that sounded fine to me. When it was suggested that I limit my picks to sexy things I took that as just more of my hub being my hub. When it was demanded that I buy sexy lingerie and nightgowns I shrugged it off, although I did feel just a twinge of something in me, wondering about Ted and if he would find me attractive.

My shopping experience was successful. I bought some very nice things, a little black skirt that showed off my ass nicely, a couple of nice blouses, some shoes and then I found myself outside of Victoria's Secret and thought "what the hell" and went in. As I was browsing the racks I found myself getting excited, wondering how my hub would react to some of these things, how Ted would react if he saw me. I picked out some things and took them into the dressing room. As I tried various sexy articles on I found myself getting excited, getting wet, getting to the point where I couldn't hang this stuff back on the rack. I decided on my purchases.

Most of the day was uneventful, as we bumped around the house waiting for Ted's plane to arrive. As hub took off for the airport I made dinner. They arrived home; we made our introductions which included a huge hug from Ted. While it wasn't at an inappropriate level, I found myself tingle a little again and I thought I felt something press against me, making me recall some of the Ted stories I had been told over the years.

We had a nice dinner and drinks and the conversation was compelling. Hub has always been proud of his Long Island Ice Teas and by dinners' end we had all had a few…and the conversation turned toward Ted and what he'd been doing lately. Hub steered us toward a retelling of Ted and his exploits. I kind of knew at that point what he was doing, but the Long Islands seemed to be taking a hold of me a bit and so I really didn't care and was, frankly, a bit intrigued. The stories became more and more detailed and I found myself squirming a bit, getting more interested, wondering what about Ted was so appealing, wondering what actually was in his pants.

At that point my hub asked me what I had purchased at the store earlier that day. I provided some sort of response but my hub reacted by asking me to model my new clothing. I pushed him off as being silly but then Ted chimed in wanting me also to model. I felt that tingle in my pussy again and I agreed.

I showed them my little black dress to a round of applause. My hub, however asked me to put some hose and heels on to get the full effect. He asked me to put his favourite hose on (which are crotchless fishnet, very sexy). I giggled a little and went and put them on. A new round of applause. This time much more vociferous; catcalls and whistles, the whole bit. I was very pleased at the reaction and I noticed Ted look me up and down a couple of times and I became excited. My hub asked me to model some more things. So I went and put on a blouse and skirt. The little black dress did not allow for a bra so when I put on the blouse I had not put a bra back on…not noticing until I came back into the room that the blouse was more sheer than I had believed. The boys went wild, making some very nice comments about my body. Ted even offered that he really liked how the blouse showed off my assets and that my hub was very lucky to be able to have such a sexy wife.

I blushed, somewhat embarrassed, somewhat turned on. My hub asked me if I had purchased any lingerie. I said I had but really couldn't model what I purchased. My hub offered that Ted could already see what was under my top so how much different could lingerie be! I said, well, maybe just one and returned to the bedroom. By now I was very excited, almost dripping, but at the same time unsure. I knew where this could head, was nervous about that, but also very hot and getting rapidly hotter. I picked up my new pink, lace teddie and held it up to the mirror, looking at my body and wondering how they would react. I put it and my heels on and back to the mirror. I could clearly see my pert 36 B's and nipples. The teddie was cut so low my bush was almost peeking out. It was a little tight in the crotch and as I walked around a bit more and more of me was exposed as the teddie created a camel toe. Turning around my entire ass was exposed as the strip of cloth disappeared between my cheeks. I liked the look and was pretty sure they would too. I turned around to face the mirror again and one of my nipples was exposed completely which I thought just might be a problem. I pulled the lace back over my breast feeling my growing wetness between my legs, took a breath thinking "now or never", and walked into the room.

My hub's jaw dropped as I walked in. Ted jumped up and applauded…hub's jaw still on the floor. Ted asked me to turn around, which I did. "VERY nice ass" were the first words out of his mouth. "Oh my god, bub, your wife is just sooo fuckable. You are a very lucky man!" At that point my hubby came back to life. "Oh my god Sandy I want to fuck you right now!"

The next few seconds were a blur, but what I recall next is that both men were at my side, both of them feeling the teddie, feeling me. My hub kissed me as he reached for a boob, rubbing me through the fabric. Ted was behind me, pushing his crotch into my ass and rubbing up and down my body. Both of them were making comments about how hot I was and how they both wanted to fuck me. I was in a daze, eyes closing, enjoying the feeling of both men feeling me, both men wanting me. I wanted both of them. I wanted them now.

My inhibitions gone, my longing for them over taking any hesitation I had previously had. I found myself wanting a cock, wanting Ted's cock as I felt the steam rise in my pussy, the wetness growing, the smells becoming strong.

They dropped the straps on my teddie. My hub continuing to play with my tittie, my nipple. Ted turned me slightly and licked my nipple. It sent a shock wave through me. Another man, not my husband, had just licked my nipple and I wanted him to do it again. I grabbed his head and pulled his face back to my breast and breathed…"lick me." He did. My husband was kissing my neck, my ears, my face, slowly dropping his hand down my front and pulling the teddie down with him till he got to my crotch and found another hand already there. Ted was fingering me!

I lost all control. "God, I need a cock in me, I need someone to fuck me, please fuck me". With that, my hub dropped my teddie completely to the floor. I stood there with nothing on by my heels as Ted turned me around, kissing me passionately and reaching down again, rubbing up and down my now hungry slit.

Another blur, but the next thing I recall is being on my back on the couch with my ass up on the arm. Ted was licking my pussy, driving me crazy. I lost track of where my hub was, frankly not caring. I pulled Ted's face into me hard. I came! Hips were bucking, I was screaming, Ted was moaning and licking. My husband showed up from "wherever" and was banging the hell out of his dick and coming on my tits!

Ted stood. He had dropped his pants. He took his shirt off. What a bod! Nice chest, nice abs. And oh my God, look at that monster cock! Pointing at the ceiling I could see the huge angry looking head, the pulsing vein, and the huge shaft. I wanted it. "Fuck me."

As I was saying it I couldn't believe I was saying it. I repeated again

"Fuck me Ted; I want to feel that inside me." He looked at my hub and must have gotten the ok, I don't know, as I didn't take my eyes off that beautiful cock.

"Fuck me Ted."

"You want this, Sandy?"

"God yes"

"You want me to fuck your tight pussy with my big cock, Sandy?"

"God yes Ted, fuck me!"

"You want me to cum in you, Sandy?"

Please Ted, please fuck me" He backed, up and pushed him into me in one try. I had never been so wet, never been so horny, never before wanting a cock so much. I moaned, "Oh God, yes Ted, fuck me with that big rod"

And he did.

He pounded me for all he was worth. Talking to me the whole time, telling me how hot I was and how good a fuck I was. My hips started to raise to meet his thrusts, putting my legs around him, pulling him into me with my feet, pulling his cock into me…"oh god Ted, cum in me, cum with me, I'm going to cum again" He banged me, pounded me, slammed my now raw pussy like a piston. In and out, in and out, oh God, he was touching me in places I had never been touched…

"oh God, oh God, oh God Ted I'm cumming!"

I came as he continued to pound me…he started to moan, I watched his face, his mouth opened, eyes closed, head lifted to the ceiling as he pulled my hips off the couch and he came. Ted, whom I had just met that evening, who was not my husband, came in my hot, horny and wanting cunt. My husband watched, with a smile.

I was absolutely wasted and eventually got up to shower. As I showered I kept wondering if I had done something wrong, even though my hub reassured me that this is what he truly wanted. But at the same time… nothing that felt so good could really be all that wrong!

When I got out, I dressed in a robe and went in to say goodnight to the boys (my hub and Ted). They obviously had other plans. My hub had offered me to Ted for the night!

Ted grabbed my hand and took me off to the guest room, while my husband apparently went upstairs to bed. Once in the guest room Ted was very gentle, kissing me, fondling me and telling me how sexy, beautiful and desirable I was... everything I needed to hear!

He told me how he had never fucked a red haired pussy before, that he had dreamt of fucking me for a long, long time. He admitted that my hub had emailed him sexy photos of me, which he had used as his wallpaper on his computer and every time he turned his computer on he got hard! No wonder he had taken me with such abandon!

He dropped my robe off me and started trailing kisses down my neck, my shoulders, the underside of my breasts, down my belly and, eventually, was again licking my pussy as I began to moan uncontrollably.

And then he stopped.

He said he had already fucked me and now he wanted to make love to me. So he laid me in bed and we cuddled, as he fondled and licked my nipples, which I love, and played with my ass and, from time to time, my pussy lips. This went on for a long time...until we eventually fell asleep.

What I think was a couple hours later, I woke up.

He was again kissing me, this time more fervently. He stuck his tongue in my mouth, kissed my ears, whispering that he was going to fuck me... as he pushed his big cock into me and slowly began pumping me... oh God, it felt good! I felt so full; I was still moist and was getting wetter by the second. He began to pick up speed...telling me how good my pussy felt, how warm, how silky, how tight and how he wanted me to make love to him. I felt my orgasm building.

But I wanted to be in charge this time. I rolled him over while he continued to pump me (now, that's talent!) and I straddled his hips...and took control. I told him to play with my titties while I fucked him. He did. I stopped pumping and started grinding my clitty on him...oh God, it felt good!

Up to now I had usually been quiet in bed, but Ted turned something on in me and I started talking dirty to him.

"Fuck me Ted, give me your spunk, fuck your married slut whore, do me Ted, do me hard, fuck me deeper, deeper, give me your big rod give it to me faster…" as I ground on him faster and faster as my orgasm built. He responded by grabbing my hips and lifting me clear off him and slamming me back down on his cock, not once but again and again and again like I was a rag doll.

I was screaming "oh God, Ted. Fuck me, you are so fucking good Ted, so fucking hot, I want you to fuck me, I want to be your fuck toy, fuck me Ted, make me scream..."I screamed as I began to... not only cum... But I began squirting!

I didn't know how to squirt, had never done that before, but here I was...

I was on fire, all I could think of was Ted's cock in me and how I wanted it, needed it, had to have it and didn't want it to leave my pussy!

I came and came and came, screaming Ted's name, screaming that I loved his cock and had to have it. And then he came...gushers and gushers of cum. I don't know how a man can cum so much!

He let me back down and I slowly stopped moving on top of him. I lay down with my breasts pressing on his chest, his hands on my ass and his semi-hard cock still in my pussy...and I fell asleep.

I fell asleep with Ted's semi-hard cock still in me as I lay on his chest, feeling his warmth, feeling like a woman finally sexually satisfied and knowing that my life would never be the same.

I didn't know how future conversations with my hub would go on the topic, but at that moment I knew that I needed more cock, that I was going to have more cock and that we would just have to work out a way for that to happen regularly. But for now I was tired. I fell asleep with what I'm sure was a HUGE satisfied smile.

My pussy woke me up the next morning. That Ted! He was eating me! All I remember is a sensation as I was waking, I heard my self moaning and my eyes opened to my hands on either side of Ted's head pulling his face into my pussy and the very wet sound of my juices mixing with his.

My first words of the morning were "ohhh Ted!"

I watched him eat me as I looked past my breasts. I somehow became very aware of my body. I looked at my breasts heaving from the bed. My nipples standing out like big pencil erasers, my belly quivering, the curly red hair of my bush encircling Ted's beautiful face, my milky white freckled legs, bent so that my feet were next to his neck, shaking ,and how all of my parts were beginning to blush. I was waking to an orgasm!

"Oh God, Ted! I'm coming!" My hips began to buck. I was shaking all over. I pulled his face into my hot pussy. "Ted! Fuck my cunt with your tongue, fuck me baby, fuck me!" I half whispered/half screamed.

He moved up on his knees, rolling my ass up toward my body with him, he wrapped his hands around my waist and pulled the whole lower part of my body off the bed. There I was, with my pussy 3 feet off the bed, my legs wrapped around his neck, him tonguing me like a mad man and me coming and coming and coming!

"MMMM Ted, God Ted, that was amazing, you are amazing; I've never cum so much, so many times in one night as I have with you! Thank you, thank you... oh God I love your tongue, your cock, your big balls. I need you to fuck me some more!" I said, even though my pussy had been through way more in one night than any one pussy should really go through!

That's when I saw my husband sitting in the corner.

I jolted a little...suddenly aware that I was his wife and had just had multiple sexual adventures with somebody else...that I was now a slut wife.

But then I noticed he was smiling...and then I noticed he was pumping his cock...and then I noticed his cock ejaculate.

And I knew all was going to be right in my new world.

I knew from this point my pussy was going to go out on dates. That I would be wearing short skirts out in public, that I wouldn't be wearing panties, that I would watch men catch glimpses of my pussy, that I would see them see me see them and that I would bring them home…

Ted was my first strange cock in marriage. He hasn't been my last and of course he has come and visited me some more. But chatting about my additional adventures will have to wait for another day…

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