tagLoving WivesFirst Time Swingers Ch. 1

First Time Swingers Ch. 1


Betty and I had been married for many years and were now in our 40's. Our sex life has always been good, nothing spectacular but satisfying. We had talked at times about trying to find another couple who might share our sexual interests and join us in some fun.

Both Betty and myself enjoy porn and watching a variety of xxx movies. We frequently engaged in mutual masturabtion and using a variety of sex toys. I enjoy wearing posing thongs, the kind with the full pouch that highlights my erection.

She enjoys watching me model and getting aroused and then masturbate for her, usually ejaculating over her DD tits. She in turn enjoys her large dildos and fucking her lovehole as I watch.

One day while visiting a local adult book store I picked up one of those swingers magazines and a couple of videos to veiw later.

At home we looked through the various ads and came upon a couple who seemed compatibale to us. They too were in their 40's and new to swinging and were seeking a similar couple. As luck would have it they lived in our area. We got up the courage and decided to call them.

As it turned out we were the only people to call. They had never did this before either and were nervous like we were. We set up a place to meet at a local bar they we both knew and agreed to meet the following night. We told them to have us paged when they arrived and we would meet them.

That day Betty and I discussed what we might do and if it was all worth it. We decided to go with it and find out more about them and if it didn't work out we would go no further.

That night we arrived at the bar and waited for them to page us. It wasn't long before we heard out name called and I went to the front to greet them. From the picture in the ad I knew what their faces looked like. When I went to meet them I was somewhat surprised. The man was Bob and nice looking man with slightly greying hair. His wife Sally was the surprise. She was much better looking than her photo. However her picture didn't reveal that she was a very large lady. I found that exciting. Often I viewed a fuck movie that had the more fuller woman in them, especially those big hanging tits. Even the wife commeted about how sexy these plump women looked.

I introduced myself and invited them both to our table. The woman, Sally, was dressed very nicely. She had a dress on that was made to cover her bigness and full hips. She had huge tits and no oversize dress could hide that fact. I was already fantasizing about her big bulky body. This might turn out to be just the couple we were looking for.

We made or way back to our table where I introdced them to Betty. There we found out more about each other and our sexual desires. We felt really at ease with them and they too with us. They had never made it with another couple. They said most couples were not exciting about his wife's rather large size. We told them we felt quite the opposite, we admired her full body.

Feeling very comfortable with them and they with us, we invited them over to our home which was not far away. We finished our drinks and they followed us to our home.

Once there we had one more drink which seemed to help us all lossen up some. We were all hesitant to start anything sexual, nervous mostly. To break the ice and get things going I made the comment that Sally had some very large tits. That made Bob less edgy.

He went on to tell us she was a big DD cup and they were very full. He stated how he loved to cum all over them and would enjoy watching another man sucking and cumming on her tits.

That is when things really opened up. I suggested that we all get off some of our clothes and relax and enjoy just being in our underwear.

"Bob", my wife stated. " I think we would all enjoy seeing each other that way. I know I want to see both you and Sally in your undies. Jim and I both want to see you and I want to see Sally's big tits in her bra."

We watched each other get undressed to our underwear.

Once Sally had her dress off we could see all her folds of flesh and her big panties, no doubt a size 12.

" You look great" I exclaimed as I looked at Sally's matching bra and panty set in a lucious red nylon.

" Those are some huge biefs and so sexy, and that bra can barely contain those tits." I said. She had a very big stomach that sagged some but yet was very sexy. Her ass was large yet sensual.

I looked over at Bob. He had on some very sexy men's bikini much like the kind I wear and his hardness was really showing. They had the contour pouch which enhanced his growing erection. Betty noticed this right away.

"Very nice bikinis Bob", she smiled. " They really make your erection look so good. It looks like the way they are so full you might have a 10 in cock tucked in there. Would you mind pulling them down and let's see that nice cock all sticking up." Bob was more than glad to do just that and pulled his bikinis down and there was his nice big cock all standing up firm and hard.

We were all uninhibited now and I soon had my bikini breifs off and was showing my hard cock to Sally.

"Umm", she said. "I am going to enjoy this. Look at these two nice cocks all hard and ready to suck or masturbate. I think I will take my big briefs off and let you and Betty see what a nice fat pussy looks like. I might as well get this bra off and free my tits too."

When she did, two huge mounds of flesh fell free from their confinement. They hung natural and needed to be sucked. Her cunt was unshaven and very hairy. She sat on the sofa and opened her big legs wide and pulled her thick lips open for all to see. Her slit was very wet and her engorged clit protruding like a small penis.

Betty then sugested we all go up to the bedroom and further explore each other. We had some nice sex toys we knew they would enjoy. I think the evening was going very well........ more to cum.

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