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First Time Watching Sexy Wife


The events described below are 100% true and happened very recently! Please excuse the language and grammar as this is my first attempt at this. Also wrote down events as I recall from memory.

We are a South African couple of indian origin living in Durban.

My wife Layla is 28, curvy with 36C breasts. Her nipples are rather long and thick and stick out when aroused (most of the time). She has the most beautiful plumpish ass and a neat waxed pussy thats constantly dripping sweet nectar when aroused. We have both harboured fantasies of her being with another hung guy whilst I watched them together in action and jerked my average 6 incher.

Part 1

She's been chatting to him and a few other guys for a while now on msn messenger whilst I work from home, and when shes done chatting she's always horny and so wet to my and her vibrator's obvious enjoyment!

Recently she's been chatting more with a particular guy called Mike. She told me that he's the guy she wants to fuck and . I have chatted with him a few times and he was a real gentleman. She told me he really knew how to stimulate her and always said the right things to turn her on and that there was definitely enough chemistry between the two of them to warrant further explorations.

Their conversations were limited to just msn messenger where they had constant cyber sex-and discussed what they would do to each other etc. when they meet.

Eventually Layla decided that she couldn't take it anymore and really wanted to fuck this guy Mike. We made arrangements to meet at a hotel close conveniently situated for Mike and us and wife could not wait much longer.

We arrived very horny and excited. I booked us a room at the hotel and the wife spent the a few minutes online chatting to Mike in anticipation for the meet.

Layla and I went shopping before and I bought her a very sexy black teddy especially for the ocassion.

After checking in to the hotel, Mike and Layla had a steamy cyber session sex before she turned to me telling she had to have his cock now.

At 6:45pm we went for coffee at the restaurant downstairs and we sat close to the entrance so that we could recognise him easily. We spotted him soon after sitting and he looked a little nervous. Layla was somewhat unexcited by his looks and told me that she doesn't think she could be turned on enough to follow through with the fantasies. (Mike is very dark, little tummy and pretty ordinary looking) I ignored her and asked him to join us for coffee which he did. He was a nice guy and we could hold a conversation about general stuff (which was odd since I invited him to fuck my wife).

After 10 minutes or so my wife excused herself(we planned this that if she liked the guy, she would excuse herself and go to the room and dress up for fucking and if she didn't then we would just tell the guy that she is too nervous to carry out the deed).

Mike and I chatted for a while and 15 minutes later Layla called me on my cell saying that she's ready for Mike and that I should send him up to our room. I gave Mike the room number and told him to go on and I would join them in a few minutes.

Those 20 minutes of my life my cock was stiff as a rock, my tummy was in knots, I was so nervous yet so fucking turned on by proceedings.

Part 2

When i entered the room, they were on the king sized bed, he was in his boxers and she was wearing a sexy black teddy with see through matching panties. They were kissing each other full on very passionately and stroking each others bodies. Her fleshy boobs were out and nipples were erect and hard and wet (from his sucking) Her hands were fondling his cock and balls through his boxers and I could tell he was rock hard and hung like a donkey. The sight that greeted me excited me unbelievably. She removed his boxers and Layla and I were both in awe at his thickness more than anything else..and he was not yet fully erect. A quick exchange of lusty glances between Layla and myself followed before she bent over taking him into her married mouth.

Layla dived right in sucking and slurping on his cock and balls like a seasoned professional yet this was only the third cock she's sucked all her life. His dick was huge and black as coal...she played with his balls as she sucked him. Mike moaned his pleasure and ran his hands all over her fat boobs and thick erect nipples.

Mike the manouvered her onto her back so that he could get in between her sexy legs and give her cream wet pussy some attention. He was surprised at her wetness admitting that he has never seen a wife get this wet before.

Layla spread her legs wide as Mike licked her pussy and clit which drove her over the edge for the first time that evening. This lasted for about 10 minutes and she was moaning his name all the time, eventually she got up and positioned herself astride his thick dark cock. Mike's cock dwarfed her tiny hands as she he held it and positioned it at her pussy. She turned, looked me in the eye and mouthed the words -'Thank you' to me as she lowered herself on his pole. I was watching the proceedings and my cock which Layla wanted to see all the time was on display and clearly as hard as its ever been. I almost spurted as she came almost immediately after sitting on his cock. They settled into a nice rhythm and Mike eventually managed to bottom out in my wife's now stretched pussy. They kissed deeply as she rode him. Mike's large black hands groped and fondled her lovely boobs as they fucked.

They changed positions and he had her on her back, her legs naturally entwined on his back as he pummelled her with long deep incessant strokes.

I was amazed at his stamina as they had been going at for more than an hour and showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. I have heard of all night fucking before but always thought it was just pure fantasy...until I watched Mike and Layla that night.

My wife kept on moaning his name as he fucked her, complimenting his technique and how lovely his cock felt in her pussy. At one time she turned to me and asked me "is this what you really wanted?" "To watch me fuck another man?" I was slightly embarassed yet very turned on and found myself nodding at her.... I managed to ask her if Mike was all that she had imagined him to be...she replied. "Oh yes and more!!! He makes my pussy feel so full and his cock is hitting me in just the right places. I never really believed that a bigger thicker cock would feel this good!" Mike just ignored us and carried on thrusting into her sweet married pussy.

AT some stage during their fuck session, Layla got off Mike and started sucking his cock which was covered with her juices. She licked his balls and what happened next really shocked me. She lowered her face and started licking out his ass!! I was in total shock and would never had believed that my wife of 11 years and mother of 3 children would lick out a stranger's ass. I had to control myself before i spurted my load.

I got up and kissed her mouth lovingly for a minute as she toyed with his balls.

Her next position was her favourite as Mike got her on all fours and proceeded to hammer her doggy style. She moaned and tickled his large balls from between her legs as he rammed her hard and deep.

She kep on moaning "Mike, you fucking me so good, don't stop Mike! I love it! I feel soo full, fuck!"

She was riding him and facing away from me..then turned, looked at me..and licked her lips..as she slowly rode him...I went to her and French kissed her deep as she rode the guy...

Mike lasted all of three hours and twenty minutes!!! The guy never came once and Layla came 7 times!!!!!!

I watched them fuck non–stop, she on top, he on top, doggy style. He wanted her ass, but she said hes too big.. She called me once over to suck my hard cock whilst he was fucking her doggy - I felt the full force of his penetrations deep into her as the king sized bed bounced with every thrust.

When he eventually came, he came on her tits and body. We chatted for about 20 minuted after about general stuff before Mike departed.

Layla was very sore but really fucked and stretched good. I could barely feel her pussy when I fucked her, and she was too sore for a proper fucking! This was 3 nights ago and I'm still waiting for her to recover fully before I can have a go.

She admitted 2 things to me:

She loves uncut cock (mine is cut) - she says it was very different to suck and kind of yummy tasting.

She loves being fucked by a bigger thicker cock...that feeling of being full is just too good. My cock is longer but his was much thicker.

Layla also mentioned that she really didn't care much about his looks after chatting over coffee initially as memories of Mike's cock pictures were what spurned her on.

Im so hard writing this. Please write us your comments.

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