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First Time With A Dominant


I had long been interested in BDSM, specifically female domination. After downloading a shemale dominatrix video by mistake, I became interested in a dominant shemale. I consulted the internet looking for something, and when my wife was away for the week for business, I finally decided to go ahead and see what it was like. I was nervous as all hell, but the curiousity drove me to actually go through with it. We had corresponded

through email back and forth and she got a rough idea of what I was interested in, and she told me to show up. So here it was, friday night.

Nervously, I approached the doorway. Fighting the urge to run away, I rang the doorbell. The buzzer let me into a small vestibule, where an intercom addressed me.

"now is your last chance to back out. If you continue on, you are mine for the evening. You are to only speak when asked a question, and you are to address me as 'Mistress' at all times. Do you understand?"

I nervously stammered out "yes".

"Good. Now take off your clothes and leave them folded on the bench to your left." With my heart pounding I began unbuttoning my shirt with numb fingers. I folded it and placed it on the bench, my shoes, socks, jeans and boxers soon followed. Standing there naked as the day I was born, I was then instructed to put on a blindfold that had been left on the shelf, and to get down on all fours. I meekly complied, and waited for the next instructions.

The door opened, and I heard someone approach. A husky feminine voice greeted me, saying "welcome, you are now my slave for the night. Let's get you prepped for tonight." She began to remove the blindfold, telling me to keep my eyes shut unless I wanted to be punished. I was happy to obey, but I must have pulled away as she put the leather mask over my face, for I recieved a stinging smack on the ass.

The mask had 2 holes, one for the nose and one for the mouth. I felt her zipper it into place on the back of my head, then a small click as she apparently locked the zipper into place. The mask had a hard handle like object sticking out of the top , as she began leading me, crawling across the room with it.

She led me into a doctor's chair, with stirrups for my feet. After strapping my legs into place, she handcuffed my arms around the headrest. "We have to clean you out for tonight, we can't have a mess later on" she said, as she inserted a tube into my exposed ass. I felt a warm flooding sensation deep in my bowels as she released a mixture of warm soapy water to clean me out. The tube was removed, and a small plug

replaced it. She began to inflate it with a small pump and the pressure was building. As uncomfortable and nervous as I was, I could feel a stirring in my cock as the pressure was applied to my prostate. "I see you are starting to wake up" she said. "That's good, I need you at attention for what's next". I then felt a lather being applied to my shaft, balls, and asscrack. Using a razor, she began to shave my balls, stretching them out and squeezing them more than a bit uncomfortably. She then began to shave my shaft, when the first cramp hit. I writhed in agony, until she warned me "I'll cut the fucking thing off if you move again". She then began to wick the hair away from my asscrack, working the razor (I could tell it was a straight razor) around the plug.

In one swift motion, she deflated the plug and removed it from my now stretched asshole. I expelled a large amount of wase into a bucket, and was untied and thrown into a hot shower. After being rinsed all over, she covered me in a light coating of what smelled like baby oil. I was then told to step into what must have been a latex catsuit. She pulled it up over my legs, threading my cock through a hole in the crotch, and she brought it halfway up my chest. I was then made to lie back on the chair as she positioned something heavy yet flexible on my chest. "These are your tits for tonight" she said. By the weight, they must have been enormous. She clamped something to my nipples, then positioned the fake breasts into place. Pulling the catsuit over the breasts which kept them in place, she then fed my arms into it, and zipped up the back of it, locking the zipper, then attaching a collar over both the hood's lock and the suit's lock, she then fastened a heavy duty lock (I could tell by the weight) around the collar.

She told me to stand up, and she then affixed a heavy corset around my midsection. Taking my arms, now back in cuffs, and attaching them to the ceiling, she then went around the back of me, and plunged her thumb directly into my ass, which had a hole in the back of the cat suit for it.I gasped in pain and surprise, and as I did, she tightened the corset and locked it into place. I could now barely breathe, as she uncuffed my hands and led me to a bench, where she put me in what felt like thigh high boots, lacing them into place over the cat suit legs.

The final step in my bizarre outfit for the evening was a set of latex gloves that were strapped into place. They were sort of like mittens but attached making my hands form a loose fist. There were small hole on either side, I had a feeling I knew what they were for.

She led me to a mirror, then removing the snapped blindfold portion of the mask, allowed me to see what I looked like. The image in front of me looked utterly alien, more like a fertility god than a person. My waist couldn't have been more than 24", yet the enormous black latex breasts I was staring at looked like they wouldn't fit through a hula-hoop. My legs were forced into a tiptoe position by the boots, and my cock was hanging out of the front of the suit, a masculine organ in an exaggerated feminine body. I noticed she was dressed in a similar cat suit, but with a skirt and enormous ebony tits where my fake ones were. Her face, framed by long black hair, had a small latex mask around her eyes, but that sensuous mouth of hers was exposed.

"You may be wondering about the clamps I put on your nipples under these tits", she said, grabbing one of the latex nipples. Incredibly, I felt the pinching, as the pain coursed through my body, my cock twitched again. "There are small motors in these tits, allowing whatever I do out here", she said, still pinching the nipples "to be felt by you all the way in there". I watched her as she crossed in front of me, kissing down my body until I felt her hot breath on my exposed and growing cock. I gasped as she took it into her mouth, almost instantly coming to full hardness. She caressed my smooth scrotum and worked her way up and down the shaft. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment, then I felt a cold ring go around the base, and a click as it was locked into place. She backed away and I could see my cock stuck in a cock ring, fully engorged.

"Lights out" she said as the blindfold was replaced. I was then led over to a strange sort of contraption. I was made to kneel on risers that seemed about 6" off the ground. Straps were placed against the back of my knees to keep them into place, about 16" apart. My heels were then similarly fastened. I was bent over a curved bar which was attached to 3 "d" rings which were on the corset I was wearing.

My bound cock and tits hanging down, my ass exposed, she then locked my shoulders into place, along with my chin. My arms were raised and locked into place with each fist slightly above my head, about 1' away each on a 45 degree angle.

I was slightly uncomfortable, but it wasn't horrible. I heard her move around the back of me and squirt a generous helping of lube onto my exposed asscrack. I heard her lubing something else up, and soon enough had what had to be a 1' long and 3" wide dildo shoved into my ass. I gasped at the intruder, nearly blacking out from the pain. Amazingly enough my ass managed to get used to the new presence, and then she began

inflating it even more. I could feel my asshole being stretched beyond belief as she finished, then setting it to vibrate. She only said "You'll thank me later". She then walked away and left me in that position for what seemed like an eternity.

I began to, amazingly enough, nod off, when I began to hear voices. what seemed to be 10 or more women began coming towards me, commenting on my mistress' work.

I began to be poked and prodded, hands tugging my cock which was begging for release, smacking my ass, driving the enormous dildo even further into my bowels. One was looking at my hands and said "Ooh, I like this new addition". It was then that I realized I was in waaaay over my head.

My mistress then addressed the crowd. "This here slut of mine wanted to experiment with a she male. I figured we would give her baptism by fire!"

She then went around to the back of me and ripped out the dildo. shoving 2, then 3, then 4, then amazingly her whole fist into my asshole, she announced that I was ready. My head was yanked back and the handle on the top of my mask was attached to a "d" ring on the back of my cat suit. This, with my chin being attached to the bar beneath it, made it so that my mouth was wide open, and I was unable to do anything to stop it.

More lube was added to my backside, then some squirted into my hands, and rubbed onto my cock. I could smell a musky scent in front of me, and without warning, a huge rock hard cock was shoved into my ass. At the same time what seemed to be a baseball bat was shoved into my mouth. I instinctively recoiled, driving the cock in my ass even further in. The 2 of them began pistoning in and out of me and I could barely breathe when I felt a warmth against my cock. I realized someone was backing in underneath me, I could feel my tits dragging along their back as she worked my cock into her ass. The relentless pounding at my backside was helping to bury my imprisoned cock into the tight asshole in front of it.

A cock was then worked into my right fist, then one into my left. I tried to fight them by squeezing them, but that served the opposite purpose, the two assaulting my hands going into a frenzy. After what seemed like hours, I felt the cock in my ass stiffen even more, swell up, and then a huge dose of jizz was deposited deep into my bowels. The cock lodged in my throat began to throb, and I prepared for what was coming. I began to swallow, milking the cock with my throat as I heard a feminine grunt and then a load was unleashed that shot straight into my stomach. It kept pumping and began to overflow out of my mouth. I heard a pop, as the one in the rear pulled out of my ass, and was immediately replaced by another, larger cock. The presence from my mouth now gone, I heard a grunt as one of the girls fucking my fists began to come. My hands were apparently aimed perfectly at my mouth, as a large glop of semen hit me in the tongue. The one in my left hand followed suit, and before I could swallow it all down, yet another cock was in my mouth, and 2 more replaced the ones in my fists.

The girl below me apparently had enough as I felt my cock pop loose. My tits were grabbed and played with, I felt a mouth on my cock, and then someone else backing into me.

Every time I thought it would be over, another cock replaced the hole it was attacking. Finally, after what seemed to be about 6 rounds of this furious fucking, I felt hands grasping at the cock ring that had delayed my enjoyment. I felt a mouth envelop my cock, 2 hands playing with my tits, and probably the largest cock yet in my ass. As the cock in my mouth began to spurt, the one in my ass about to cross that threshold, it became a sensory overload, and I finally was able to come, and I did in waves. Just as I came, I clamped down on the cock in my ass with all my strength and that caused yet another load to be spilled into my bowels, and I promptly passed out.

After being out for a few seconds, I was untied and allowed to meet the women who had violated me. I was amazed, every single one of them was absolutely beautiful and completely feminine except for the massive cocks that they were sporting. My jaw was sore, stomach full, and I had a steady stream of jizz running out of my ass. My mistress came up to me and asked how I liked shemales. My response: "I will see you next month, mistress!"

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by cdCindy107/11/17

wish it was me

I would love to have many hot sexy shemales feed me their big cocks and fuck me deep and hard. I'm a closeted sissy CD and dream all the time about going to a mistress. Maybe this will now give me themore...

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